Ethereal Redemption Chapter 2

One look in her lusting eyes, savage fears in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in, the bite of the she-wolf
My desires of flesh obey me, the lioness will enslave me
Another heart beat than my own, the sound of claws on cobblestone, I’m stoned
Beware what stalks you in the night, beware the she-wolf and her bite
Her mystic lips tell only lies, her hidden will to kill in disguise
~ She-Wolf, Megadeth

The moment those words left my lover’s lips I had her scooped up in my arms, vamping us out of Compton’s house and across the cemetery to the home I assumed I now shared with the telepath clutched to my chest. Technically, it was my house on paper but as her idiotic brother had so kindly pointed out before we were about to blow up Moon Goddess Emporium, it was her home.

If she wanted me to leave it then I would, no questions asked. I knew she wouldn’t be able to rescind my invitation; we’d crossed that bridge shortly after she’d arrived back from the Fae Realm. I would honour her wishes, though, silently praying that she wouldn’t kick me out. She did pick me, after all.

She picked me. Me.

Swooping up the creaky porch steps at the front of her home, I placed her down gently: She held onto me for a moment to regain her centre of balance. It had been a while since I’d run with a human, and I gave her a sheepish smile by way of an apology for making her dizzy.

Removing her keys from her pocket, I watched as she unlocked the door, “You should smile more ya know. Makes you look younger, old man,” she teased as she stepped over the threshold. I couldn’t help but laugh at her; only my Sookie would think it would insult me by calling upon my age.

Following her across the threshold I was quick to shut the door behind me, dropping my gaze to the rug on the floor where two half prints from my muddy feet remained, serving as a reminder of the night Sookie brought me into her home and cared for me.

A part of myself was angry that I had allowed someone to see me weak, vulnerable and scared. I’m a 1000-year-old Viking; I do not do vulnerable and weak.

When I dared to dwell upon the feeling further I soon found my anger replaced with relief. At least it was my little spitfire who stumbled upon me and took me home rather than some redneck V addict. The last thing I’d have needed during my amnesic state would have been being stuck dealing with the emotions of some unstable inbred.

I’d only been looking at the rug upon the floor for a split second but when I looked back up Sookie had already divested herself of her brown jacket, allowing her lithe and tanned arms to fall into my sight. “Ah yes lover, but with age comes experience,” I couldn’t help but purr, waggling my eyebrows at her suggestively.

The laughter that escaped her lips was charmingly melodic and I broke out into an appreciative smile at how naturally beautiful everything about her was. “Pray tell, Mr. Northman, what experiences are you referring to?” She challenged with a quirk of her eyebrow.

Instinct took over and within seconds I had her pinned against the nearest wall, towering over her. One hand rested against the wall beside her head, the other sat comfortably upon her hip, kneading the firm flesh there.

My Sookie was meant to carry children, her hips were wide and unyielding, her chest ample and close to her forgiving heart, her gentle nature would make motherhood so rewarding for her. Yet it was the one thing I couldn’t give her. I could give her a new house, a shiny car, a wardrobe fit for royalty and a diamond ring to match but my Sookie had never been materialistic.

It was one of the many reasons I loved her, she didn’t care about how much wealth I’d accumulated in my 1000 years, she didn’t care for designer clothing and fast cars. All she wanted was to be loved and accepted, and I could give her that, bucket loads of it.

I claimed her lips with my own. There was no haste to our actions, my little faery had nearly been burnt alive inside the Moon Goddess last night and this evening I, too, was nearly burnt alive. Well, undead, if one was being pedantic.

Instead, I savoured her, her warm body pinned beneath my cold one, her heartbeat skittering, the smell of sunshine upon her unmarred skin. It was then I picked up on another heartbeat and I couldn’t help but frown, it didn’t belong to my lover.

The sound drew closer and instinctively I tore my lips from my lovers, spinning on my heels to stand protectively before her, pushing her further behind me. “Eric, what the hell?” she demanded, attempting to pass me. A low growl reverberated from within me, my fangs snapping down, as the owner of the heartbeat emerged from the shadows, shotgun in hand aimed directly at my lover, her eyes glazed over with hatred.

“Debbie Pelt. Hasn’t someone managed to kill this Werebitch yet?” I mentally sighed. In a second she’d pulled the trigger several times and without even having to think about it I moved into its path, taking the shots so my Sookie wouldn’t be hit. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was the silver bullets.

Collapsing to my knees as the silver embedded itself within me I groaned at the burning sensation and the vile smell of sizzling flesh. This really wasn’t how I had wanted this evening to go. Sookie’s scream pierced my sensitive eardrums, the fear and anger rolling off her through our bond was enough to make me force myself back up onto my feet to protect her. I would deal with the silver later.

Back up on my feet, I was knocked down again only seconds later by a white wolf, grabbing a chunk of fur I sank my fangs in to rip open the creature’s neck before I yanked it backwards, catapulting Debbie across the room, and with a thud she smacked against the living room wall before falling to the floor.

If there was one thing my 1000 years had taught me, it was to never turn your back to an enemy. Debbie rose to her feet once more, blood from the impact and wound smeared across her snout and neck, a large chunk of fur missing from her hide, snapping her jaws at me: I crouched, waiting for her to pounce.

She didn’t disappoint. Moments later she launched herself at me, and before I could even move the sound of another gunshot rang out around the old farmhouse, and with nothing short of pride I watched as the bullet from the gun Sookie clutched in her hands sailed through the air, striking Debbie in the side of the head, the sound of metal meeting bone echoing in the darkness.

Debbie hit the floor quickly, her blood pooling out of the wound in the side of her head, spreading across Sookie’s freshly cleaned floor: I could tell she wouldn’t be too pleased about that. Without a second thought, she raised the gun again, firing another shot into Debbie’s head.

Righting myself, I hissed as the silver bullets continued to weaken me further, though the pain didn’t stop me from quirking an eyebrow in Sookie’s direction as I took in her uncharacteristic nature. She’d always stated that she hated killing.

“Double-tap, Jason taught me,” she explained quietly as the gun clattered to the ground at her feet. Immediately her head was buried in her hands, her breathing was laboured as her emotions finally caught up with her. Horror, guilt, relief and worry.

“I’d like to go one night without someone or something trying to kill me, or you,” she muttered quietly, raising her head from her hands. I’d expected to see tears rolling down her tanned cheeks but instead, I saw only her smudged makeup.

Glancing to the now human form of Debbie Pelt I sighed, a human characteristic I’d taken on during my amnesia period. “She deserved it, you know. She would’ve killed you, knowing that either myself or Bill would’ve been the first to get here and that we would both be unable to get the silver out of you.” I winced, trying to will the silver bullets out. Clearly, Debbie had planned this for some time, who else would carry solid silver 45 calibre bullets with them just in case?

For a moment there was silence before Sookie came to stand before me, pulling her beautiful blonde locks up into a ponytail. “Sit down,” she demanded, giving me a gentle shove onto the couch, “I can feel your pain, so it looks like I’m sucking bullets out of you once again.”

Unable to keep the grim expression from my features, I allowed her to straddle my lap, moving the horrendous dressing gown that Compton had given me before we had left his house, out of the way in order to give her better access.

As her mouth latched onto the space just below my collarbone, where the first bullet had embedded itself, I lazily stroked her arm. “I’m sorry about that, by the way. It was cruel of me to trick you, to betray your trust like that. I know you probably don’t want to hear it but I thought at the time that having my blood in your system would make other vampires less interested in you, that it would keep you safe. I’ll admit, I did want to take you from Bill but at the same time I wanted you to start to see the truth about him,” I explained as delicately as I could.

Usually, I went in with guns blazing during an explanation, pun intended, however as my Sookie was currently doing me a favour and in control of how much pain I would have to endure I figured being as eloquent as possible would earn me some trust back. Finally, I felt the bullet free itself from the wound and watched as Sookie extracted it from her mouth, chucking it onto the floor, no longer caring that my blood was entering her system.

“I won’t lie, it was a very underhanded thing to do, Eric. I’ll admit I was furious with you for a while but I guess I owe you for it; I started to question Bill from that moment on,” she confessed, shock running through my system at her announcement, though I didn’t allow the emotion to flicker across my face.

Never did I think she’d actually started to question him, given that she’d stormed into my basement at Fangtasia while I was mid-fuck with that Estonian whore, accusing me of taking Compton. Couple that with the ghastly diamond he’d thrown on her finger and no one would question her loyalty.

I was glad it was no longer there if I was being perfectly honest with myself, the stone had been of poor quality and he hadn’t even bothered to get the right size for her. My ring would decorate her finger in the future, of that I was certain, and it would be ten times the quality, twice the size and the band would fit perfectly around her slender finger. I’d do it right; she deserved the very best.

“You started to remove the rose-tinted glasses for me, so thank you, and thank you for taking those bullets for me.” The sincerity in her voice silenced me further and she took the opportunity to continue her ministrations, working on a bullet that had lodged itself in my sternum.

“I won’t let any harm come to you, I promise,” I vowed quietly, slipping my arms around her waist to hold her close, feeling her smile against my chest as she pulled another bullet out of my body.


4 thoughts on “Ethereal Redemption Chapter 2

  1. Bad bad Robin *add to notes list Add Buttons for the chapters* well I could do that now or wait and review some more….Yea Eric’s POV. Is it Viking Eric or Wussy Eric….PLEASE be Viking Eric. Ahhh flashback to Eric invading bedrooms…sorry easily distracted. Like there was any doubt she was going to pick you Eric *quickly shoves the shovel into the hall closet, it’s okay I had your back, promise.* YEA!! *jumps up and down* It’s Viking Eric. Experience is a very good thing!! Oh you have my attention, pinning against a wall. Man Eric you were a wham bam thank you ma’am…let them drop and wham bam again…7 children…ouch!!! Bucket list? No Bucket loads…sorry was distracted again by a naked Eric chest. Back to reading. Boy you love to do this to me…last chapter I was planning Bill’s burial now I got another to do this one…are we going to run out of bad guys by the end of this? Debbie Pelt…druggie….werebitch! Sigh “My Sookie” *cries why can’t I find a “My Eric”* Now Druggie Pelt what would a silver bullet have done to Sookie? *runs back to closet to get the shovel, swinging toward a white werebitch* Yeah never turn your back and someone else taught me to Kick them when they are down just to make sure! *wait, holding the shovel over my shoulder like a bat, how’d Sookie get the gun* I gotta pay more attention. Just for blood on the floor, man girl it don’t take much for you to finally flip huh. Oh see you were smarter than me…silver bullets to poison her rescuers…nice and evil of Ms. Pelt. Yes sir Mr. Eric you are a one fairy manpire now! Accept it with age, grace and dignity…don’t make me call Godric!!! Ring shopping!!! Wait that is the end…no…there must be ring shopping. I want to see Eric have a jeweler trying to work on his bench as Eric hovers over his shoulder watching him work…snicker. Anyway since you stopped it there…I guess. I must go take care of my childrens they are hollering at something.
    Wait there are buttons….I must have missed chapter 1…I will fix.


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