Ethereal Redemption Chapter 3

A/N I’ve decided Sookie’s eyes are gonna be blue, like they are in SVM, purely because then her and Eric match.


Tomorrow’s getting harder make no mistake
Luck ain’t even lucky, got to make your own breaks
It’s my life and it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive
My heart is like an open highway, like Frankie said I did it my way
I just want to live while I’m alive ’cause it’s my life
~ It’s my life, Bon Jovi

It seemed to be a common occurrence these days, killing to defend myself. First, there was René who tried to kill me because I was in a relationship with Bill. Never in my life did I think I’d have the courage to kill someone, let alone with a shovel.

Secondly Gabe, okay so he didn’t die by my hand: Godric was there to save me, but he still died because of me. That overweight oaf tried to have his way with me in the basement of the Fellowship church, and if Godric hadn’t shown up and snapped his neck I would have had to suffer knowing I was taken against my will.

And of course, there was Lorena. That bitch totally deserved it, though, so I felt justified in ending her even though it wasn’t the most pleasant of moments. I ruined another outfit thanks to her.

Now, add in Debbie Pelt and it was clear to me that I would forever have to kill in order to survive. I believe Herbert Spencer coined the phrase ‘survival of the fittest.’

Eric’s promise rang clearly in my ears, and I couldn’t help but smile against his broad chest as another bullet entered my mouth. Tossing it to the floor with the others I watched as the hole sealed itself. Eric had put himself in danger for me so many times over the past two years, and now more than ever I felt the need to learn how to use my powers, how to defend myself so that I wouldn’t have to rely so heavily on him. I had started a bond with a 1000-year-old Viking vampire who was the Sheriff of Area 5; it’s time he started to worry less about me.

Examining his chest, I found no more bullets lodged into his firm flesh and gave a nod of approval. “All gone,” I declared happily, lifting my head to look up at the beautiful man before me. It still shocked me how someone as old and powerful, as handsome and wealthy as him could ever love someone like me. I was a barmaid from a backwater town, of average appearance, little money, and only a high school education. I was rather humbled.

Casting my eyes over my shoulder, I finally caught sight of my living room and sighed. My living room was a mess again; if Gran were still around she would be so frustrated. Taking in Debbie’s naked and still form, my eyes followed to the pool of blood and a shudder ran through me as mental images started to bombard my mind of my Gran, laying alone on the cold kitchen floor as blood seeped out of her and onto the linoleum.

I remembered staying up all night cleaning it away. A strangled sob escaped my lips at the memory, yet two firm hands came to rest on my waist, reassurance pouring through the weak bond.

“I’m sorry about your Gran, truly. I wish I could have met her,” he informed me, sincerity pouring out with his words.

Turning to look at the man who had taken such good care of me in the past I forced a smile. “She would’ve loved you. Not at first, mind. But you would’ve grown on her, I can tell.”

Amusement flickered across Eric’s face, and for a moment I saw him straining to keep his mouth in a firm line until eventually, he gave up, his laughter echoing around the room. Confused, I frowned a little, my eyebrows drawing together. “Perhaps I’ll grow on you,” he stated, pausing for a split second before continuing. ‘I’d prefer cancer,” he added in an awful imitation of my voice. I couldn’t help it; I doubled over in laughter with him.

All of the tension in the room, and my sadness vanished and I couldn’t help but smile, my Viking knew how to make me feel better. Giving his chest a playful thump as our laughter subsided I wriggled off his lap, rising to my tiny 5’4” height. “Go and get rid of the body, I think they had a funeral yesterday so there should be a new grave. I’ll clean up the blood on the floor,” I dictated, suddenly feeling rather empowered.

My Viking rose off the couch to his full 6’4” height, pulling the dressing gown back around his torso. “You are not to clean up the blood, I will take care of that. Go shower, and I shall join you shortly,” he dictated in response, earning him a scowl.

“I can clean blood off the floor you know, I cleaned up my Gran’s.” I crossed my arms over my ample chest, he was not getting away with doing all the work. For far too long I have allowed him to do everything: It was time I started to reduce his workload.

For a moment he was stunned into silence and I felt victorious inside, however that soon disappeared as he spoke again, “Compton left you to clean up your Grandmother’s blood, alone? He didn’t clean it up himself or hire someone to do it for you?” he inquired, the angry fire building in his eyes.

Shaking my head in response, my arms fell to my sides before I shrugged. “It wasn’t his job to clean it up, and besides, I didn’t really want anyone but myself to do it. She was my Grandmother, and if anyone else would have done it I’d have felt like they were violating her,” I explained quietly, scuffing my left foot along the wooden flooring.In two quick strides, Eric was before me, his hands holding my face as his cerulean orbs gazed into my own light blue ones. “It is because of him your Grandmother was taken from you, I would have protected her right along with you, I promise you now that I will protect your brother as I would you as he is all you have left of your bloodline. I understand that you felt the need to clean up her blood; after all, it runs through your veins too. This is not a family member however, this is a Were who would have killed you without a second thought and I will not have you near her disgusting blood. I will take care of it while you shower. Go, I’ll join you shortly.” he spoke softly, caressing my face.

In two quick strides, Eric was before me, his hands holding my face as his cerulean orbs gazed into my own light blue ones. “It is because of him your Grandmother was taken from you, I would have protected her right along with you, I promise you now that I will protect your brother as I would you as he is all you have left of your bloodline. I understand that you felt the need to clean up her blood; after all, it runs through your veins too. This is not a family member however, this is a Were who would have killed you without a second thought and I will not have you near her disgusting blood. I will take care of it while you shower. Go, I’ll join you shortly.” he spoke softly, caressing my face.

All the resolve I had disappeared after his little speech, he always knew the exact thing to say. Wrapping my arms around his waist I buried my face in his freshly healed chest, inhaling his scent of pinewood, fresh air and the stormy sea he grew up by. He dropped a kiss on the top of my head before sending me in the direction of the stairs. As I started to climb them I heard him open the back door and head out to the cemetery.

Entering my bathroom, I stripped out of my clothing, abandoning it on the floor before stepping into the shower, and with a flick of my wrist I turned the hot water on. Standing directly underneath the spray a sigh escaped my roughly parted lips as my eyelids fluttered to a close. At least I had one less enemy now.

I must have been stood under the spray for a few minutes before I heard the shower curtain being pulled back when I felt the cool body pressed against my back. With a smile, my eyelids snapped open. “That took you longer than I expected,” I mumbled as Eric’s lips came into contact with my shoulder, moving up to the junction where my neck started.

A light chuckle slipped from him as he nuzzled my damp skin, “I wanted to make sure all evidence was removed. I contacted a builder also to fix the dent I made in your wall,” he explained quietly, dropping a tender kiss to my heated flesh.

“High-handed vampire,” I grumbled under my breath. True, I would have never thought to bother with a builder, I couldn’t have afforded one on my Merlotte’s salary even with my tips, but it still frustrated me slightly that Eric spent money on me even if he did have a huge amount stashed all over the place.

Reaching around me, he grabbed the bar of soap, sliding it between his hands to create a rich lather. “You love it,” he whispered in my ear, gently nipping at the lobe. I let out a low whimper: I had this beautiful man completely naked in my shower and I fully intended to ravage him.

He washed me silently, his eyes never leaving mine even as he crouched down to wash my feet. There was something I thought I would never see, the mighty Eric Northman washing the feet of his girlfriend. Wait, girlfriend, that’s what I am isn’t it? I don’t know, seeing as how we didn’t really label ourselves. Rising back up to his full height I took the bar of soap from him and washed him in return, even going so far as to use a neutral scented shampoo for him. I highly doubted he would be pleased to smell like lavender or strawberries. I relished the feel of his firm muscles beneath my fingers, the way they tensed when I reached a ticklish spot, and the way he purposefully showed them off. His broad shoulders were my favourite thing about him, though, no scrap that, it had to be his beautiful butt. If there were an international butt competition, Eric would win, hands down—or cheeks up.

It was quite a task to wash him, and more often than not my Viking had to bend or crouch so I could reach all of him. It was amusing and frustrating at the same time. Obviously, he caught on to my emotions as he chuckled, rinsing off his hair before shampooing mine. His fingernails dragged lightly across my scalp, eliciting a moan from me. “Let me take care of you, Lover, as you took care of me when I forgot who I was.” His husky voice dragged across my eardrums and I was powerless to say no to him. Nodding in acquiescence, my hair was soon free from the shampoo, and no sooner had the last of the suds disappeared down the drain than I found myself lifted off the floor and pressed against the cold tiles.

Yipping in surprise, I instinctively wrapped my legs around Eric’s waist, his hands resting under my thighs for support. His head dipped down as his mouth latched onto my collarbone, sucking the skin there before I felt two sharp points drag across it. His fangs only came out to play for a select few reasons, either when he was angry, hungry or turned on. I settled for the latter being the reason right now.

He pulled back for a moment, smiling at the sound of my erratic heartbeat. Soon, however, a serious expression crossed his features as he pressed himself closer, his gracious plenty making itself known. I couldn’t help but groan, remembering what it felt like to have him buried to the hilt inside of me, moving in sync with me as we made love. I craved it.

“I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t chosen me.” His statement brought me out of my lust filled haze and I found myself lost in his eyes, so much emotion was swirling in them. “I cannot live without you, Sookie. I love life, but without you, life has no meaning, no purpose. You are the reason I rise when the sun falls, and the reason I smile as the sun rises. Anything you want in the world I will give to you, I will do anything to see you smile and I will do anything to keep you safe. I am the darkness, and you are my light. There’s a light in you, it’s beautiful, but I couldn’t bear if I snuffed it out.” Red rimmed his eyes as he spoke until finally, a single tear slipped down his cheek.

Without thinking I leaned forward, capturing the droplet with my lips, kissing it away. There were no words I could find to help me convey how I felt, and that was saying something given the word-a-day calendar Arlene always bought me at Christmas. Instead, I focused on the weak bond we shared and pushed all of the love and affection I held for my Viking into it, not really knowing if it would work. The moment he exhaled quickly and his chest collapsed inwards slightly I knew it had worked, and without saying a word I felt him push all his own love for me back.

“I love you,” I told him firmly, not wanting him to doubt those words at all. I meant it with every fibre of my being. It may have taken me much longer than it should have to realize it, but I was completely certain. Moving my hands from his shoulders, I cupped his face, brushing our noses together in a gentle Eskimo kiss. “Make love to me,” I whispered demandingly.

Using one hand, my Viking aligned himself to my folds and with a gentle thrust, he buried himself inside of me, both of us groaning at the sensation. “This is best,” he breathed against my damp skin, burying his nose in my cleavage for a moment to allow me to adjust to his size. “This is right,” he added quietly, starting to thrust his hips as I rocked mine. There was never any pain when we made love; he fit inside me like he was made to be there. I didn’t believe in soul mates, not at all, but I could see now why some people did.

His tongue flickered out at that moment, sliding across the surface of my breast before finally, he drew my nipple into his mouth, his tongue lapped across the hard pebble in time with his slow yet determined thrusts. His fangs scraped the surface of my skin and with one hand I gently pushed his head closer to my chest, willing him to bite.

It took little encouragement as he gently sank his fangs into my flesh, a gasp escaping my lips. One hand held onto his shoulder firmly, my nails sinking into his skin brutally, while the other hand knotted itself in his wheat coloured hair, drawing him impossibly closer. Rocking my hips in time with his we found a rhythm that suited us both perfectly, the sensations zipping through my body causing me to cry out in bliss. Releasing my nipple, he licked at the puncture wound, sealing it shut before attacking my other breast, giving it the exact same treatment, his fangs piercing my skin once more.

My nails dug into his back, breaking the skin there and drawing blood, eliciting a loud moan from my Viking lover. Pain and pleasure seemed to be closely linked for him. “Faster Eric, please,” I begged breathlessly as he looked up at me, his eyes smouldering with lust. Letting go of my breast, he once again sealed my wounds before kissing a trail up and over my collarbone, up my throat, across my jaw line and eventually to my lips. Our lips crushed together in a fierce battle for dominance as he shifted his body slightly, and with a sharp thrust, he hit the wonderful little nub inside of me. I cried out as he sped up, repeatedly hitting my g-spot. He swallowed my cries and I felt him smirk against my lips. Smug bastard.

My body felt like it was on fire, my insides coiled impossibly tight both, thanks to the stimulation and the anticipation. Using his hands, Eric spread my legs further apart, burying himself to the hilt inside me, and that’s when I snapped. Shouting out his name like a mantra, my head fell back against the bathroom tiles as wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through my body. My walls clamped down tightly onto Eric’s thick member and with two final strokes, his own orgasm hit him, grunts falling from his perfect lips along with my name as his cool seed flooded my insides.

If Eric hadn’t had me pinned to the wall I knew I would’ve fallen, my legs were like jelly and I could hardly come up with a coherent thought. If I believed sex with amnesic Eric was excellent then sex with the old Eric was mind-blowing. Both of us were shaking slightly as we stood there in post-coital happiness, our eyes locked on one another. Nothing else mattered. No words were needed to describe our feelings at that exact moment; our weak bond and our body language made it abundantly clear how much we cared for one another.

Still buried deep inside of me, Eric turned the shower off, scattering adoring kisses across my damp skin before stepping out of the shower, my legs wrapping themselves back around his waist once more. In no time he vamped us to my bedroom, my back hitting the soft duvet as he lay above me, his arms holding his weight off my much smaller form.

“Bond with me?” he asked quietly, his eyes and voice full of honesty and a hint of fear. Did he really think I would reject him or his offer?

“There is nothing I would love more,” I returned with complete sincerity. A beautiful smile whipped its way onto his face, and he raised a wrist to his mouth ready to bite. I don’t know what overcame me but I stopped him by grabbing his wrist, hurt flared in his eyes for a second until my other hand came to rest upon his jugular, “I want to take from here,” I voiced, knowing just how much Eric loved it when I nipped at his neck. I guess it was a vampire thing.

The happiness that shone in his eyes was enough to knock the breath out of me, and I sent a quick and silent prayer of thanks to God for giving me Eric Northman, for letting me see the side of him no-one else got to.

Losing myself in my Viking’s eyes, his head soon dipped down to my neck where he scattered gentle kisses, my vein standing up thanks to the attention. Mirroring his actions, I soon found his vein, nipping at it with my blunt teeth. With that he started to rock his hips against mine, a fleeting groan cascading from his mouth, muffled against my skin.

Flinging my hand out to the nightstand I grabbed the penknife I kept in the top drawer for protection. Though I didn’t want to hurt Eric, it would be less painful than biting him. With a quick flick of my wrist, I opened up a small wound on his knife, throwing the knife to the floor before I latched on to the wound, not allowing it to heal. With my first pull, my mouth was flooded with his sweet blood, thick and rich with a hint of cinnamon and dark chocolate: It was intoxicating. I took pulls in time with his thrusts, matching him every time and it wasn’t long until my insides coiled again for my second orgasm of the night.

Reaching between us, one of Eric’s hands found my nub, and as he rubbed and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger I found myself coming undone. Pulling back from the wound on his neck I screamed out as I went hurtling over the edge, Eric’s own loud groan sounding out seconds later as he toppled over the edge with me. Lazily he licked his fang marks and I watched as my own bite disappeared from his alabaster skin. Panting wildly, I started to feel everything Eric could and I was bowled over by the love he felt for me, the lust that took over his eyes and his deep need to protect me. “I can feel you, everything you feel I can feel. I love it. I love you,” I voiced, my breath coming out raggedly as I tried to control my breathing.

A smile played across his lips as he basked in the love I felt for him in return. “I love you too, my Sookie. I feel so alive feeling everything you do. By the time I’m done with you, though, you won’t be able to feel anything but deliciously numb tomorrow,” he promised with his signature smirk before spending the rest of the night keeping his promise.


4 thoughts on “Ethereal Redemption Chapter 3

  1. Yes, I am going back through here so I can see all the pics you have added. They do add to the story! AS you know very well, I love your story. How hard to believe it being where it is today starting from here, but your writing is intense!!! =o)

  2. “I ruined another outfit thanks to her.” Shades of Pam? Really? *grin*

    I’m not a huge fan of TB Tara either. Actually I can’t stand her; she’s so full of hate it’s almost infectious. SVM Tara, while sometimes annoying (as is Sookie), shows that you can make something of yourself no matter how bad your background really is or even what your skin color is; she helped Sookie, IMO, learn that no matter how bad your life is, it could always be worse AND, she was always there with the couture when it was needed :D.

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