Ethereal Redemption Chapter 4

No attorneys, to plead my case, no opiates to send me into outer space
And my fingers are bejewelled with diamonds and gold but that ain’t gonna help me now
I’m trouble, yeah trouble now, I’m trouble y’all, I disturb my own town
I’m trouble, yeah, trouble now, I’m trouble y’all, I got trouble in my town
~ Trouble, P!NK

Rolling over in my bed I stretched out, my eyelids still hiding my blue orbs from the world. Straightaway I felt the empty space next to me, and my eyelids snapped open. Grabbing at the other side of the bed I squinted in the bright sunlight that poured through my bedroom window, suddenly understanding why the space next to me was empty. Glancing at the clock on the bedside table I found it was 11am.

Sitting up, I rubbed lazily at my eyes, wincing at the delicious pain that suddenly flooded my system, reminding me of the night before. Throwing the penknife back in to the drawer of my nightstand, I spotted the note on the pillow next to me and swiped it up, letting my eyes drop to the page where a beautifully elegant script met my gaze. Of course, after 1000 years I had expected my Viking’s handwriting to be a work of art: I wasn’t disappointed.

Mitt Hjärta,

I love you.

Now that the most important thing I have to say has been said I’ll continue.

I hate not being able to die for the day beside your beautiful body, as much as I love you I feel burning alive – or should I say undead? – wouldn’t be a particularly pleasant experience for either of us. I have taken my day rest in the cubby, should you wish to join me later on then please feel free to do so, perhaps you could even come up with a creative way to wake me? 

I understand that you have work today, and while I am not a fan of you working at the shifter’s bar I understand this deep desire you have to be independent and will therefore respect your wishes, for now. 

Please remember to eat something today, I always worry that I take too much blood from you and would hate to see you waste away to nothing and lose the beautiful curves I enjoy holding onto so much during our lovemaking.

I shall see you this evening, darling.

Eternally yours

~ E x

A light blush flooded my features; he could be both sweet and sultry at the same time. At least he was finally accepting the fact that I wanted to work for a living, though his comment of ‘for now’ irked me a little. I was good at my job and Sam needed me there.

The phone ringing pulled me out of my thoughts and with a sigh I dragged myself from my bed, chucking on a light white robe before descending the staircase and into the kitchen. I pulled the phone from the wall.

“Yeah yeah, I’m here,” I grumbled into the receiver, rubbing my temples with my free hand. Eric had kept his promise, my hoochie was wonderfully numb, but the last thing I needed was a headache on top of that before starting work and the telephone’s shrill ring was damn loud.

“Sookie! I’m glad I caught you!” came the unmistakably deep voice and I froze.

“Alcide,” I greeted, the warmth I usually addressed him with was lacking in my tone but I couldn’t exactly be blamed for that. His psycho ex-girlfriend had tried to murder me the night before. Speaking of Debbie, I had no idea what Eric had done with her body, or what we were going to tell Alcide.

His sigh of relief sounded over the phone and I frowned slightly. “I hate to ask this of you, seeing as how I hate him but I need to get in touch with Northman, yet his unbearable progeny won’t tell him to call me. Tell him to call me, it’s urgent, and if he flips out, tell him it’s about the parking lot and its resident,” he explained cryptically. I wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box but his explanation could confuse even a Harvard graduate.

“Alcide, I think you should come over and tell him yourself, it might be better seeing as how I have to go to work in an hour and probably won’t remember.” There was no way I was going to be a delivery person for Alcide’s messages. I just hoped that none of that ridiculous male posturing would occur if Alcide were to come over.

“Northman’s in your house? Are you nuts! After everything that’s happened and you still allow him to stay over? The moment he gets his memory back he’ll drop you Sook!” I could hear the aggression in Alcide’s voice and I was finally done with it. I’d made my choice, I wasn’t going back and it was time everyone knew that.

“Yes, he is. He owns this house, and besides, he has his memories back. All of them. We’re together now Alcide, as in boyfriend and girlfriend and we’ve bonded. Twice,” I retorted. I knew it was below the belt to chuck in how many times we’d bonded, but Alcide needed to get it through his thick skull that I was Eric’s now, and Eric was mine.

Silence filled the line for a minute. “I’ll be over at sunset. Enjoy your day”

The line went dead.

Sighing with frustration I slammed the phone back onto the hook and stomped upstairs to the bathroom. For the first few days that Eric had been living with me during his amnesia ordeal I’d crept around during the day but eventually I’d realised that you literally couldn’t wake the dead no matter how much noise you made.

Sliding the robe from my body I let it drop to the floor, stepped into the shower and turned it on. The hot water rained down on me, and for a moment I contemplated going to the cubby and curling up with Eric until sunset, then I remembered that I’d only just gotten my job back and was in desperate need of money, seeing as how Eric was yet to pay me for looking after him, even though he probably didn’t remember that part and I probably wouldn’t take it anyway, given what had transpired between us during his stay. If he were to give me money for it I’d feel a little immoral .

Grabbing a razor from the side of the shower I quickly went over my legs. The delicious ache between my legs had subsided somewhat now into a low throb. I could see that lasting much longer.

With a towel around my body and one around my hair I emerged, going into my bedroom where I quickly changed into my Merlotte’s uniform. I thought I’d thrown it out the last time Sam fired me, however, it turned out I hadn’t. Slipping on my sneakers I grabbed my purse before heading back downstairs.

I chucked my purse onto the kitchen table and grabbed a bowl and some Lucky Charms, splashing them in milk. Not exactly a nutritionally balanced breakfast but the carbohydrates would help me stay on my feet all afternoon, not to mention the infusion of 1000-year-old vampire blood I’d been given last night.

Once the bowl was empty I placed it in the sink to clean up later before popping back upstairs to brush my teeth, the last thing I wanted was to give a ‘Crazy Sookie’ smile to a customer with bits of Lucky Charm stuck between my teeth. Just as I was about to leave the bathroom I saw a bright red lipstick, clearly Tara’s, and an idea captured my attention.

Applying a heavy coat of it to my lips I smacked them together in satisfaction before ascending the staircase. Grabbing the notepad and pen I kept by the phone, I made sure to close the curtains in the living room, not wanting any stray light to enter. Standing in front of the armoire, I cautiously opened the doors before descending the stairs into the small space.

Automatically the lights came on, flooding the room with light and enabling me to see.

In the middle of the single bed was my beautiful Viking. Mine. Now I could understand why the word held such importance in the vampire world. Leaning against the bedside table I quickly scribbled back a note, resting it against Eric’s chest before leaning over his beautiful body.

Even when he was dead to the world he was still strikingly handsome. However, all form of viciousness he held disappeared, the badass Sherriff left the building during the day and in his place was a sweet and gentle man who’s gel-free hair was perfect for ruffling, his bangs falling over his wrinkle-free face. He’d been turned in his prime and it showed.

Godric had not only picked someone with the perfect temperament for a Vampire, but had waited long enough for him to be at the height of physical perfection. It was times like this that I often wondered if things had been physical between them. I didn’t mind of course, given that I considered Godric a close friend and that I knew a Maker and their Childe tended to be physical at first, but it had always been very apparent to me that Eric was more of a fan of females than males. It was something I would never ask of course, for fear of embarrassment.

Slowly I pressed my ruby red lips to Eric’s, claiming them in a kiss and leaving a mark behind. Unable to help myself I scattered numerous other kisses all over his face and neck, even going so far as to leave a few across his exposed chest, the solid muscles beneath my lips only reaffirming the fact that I wished to skip work and crawl into bed with him.

Allowing a girlish giggle to escape my lips, I made my way out of the cubby, looking over my shoulder one last time at my beautiful Viking. Shutting the doors firmly, I left the curtains closed just in case Eric rose a little earlier than usual. Now that he was mine I was terrified of him being exposed to sunlight.

Locking up my house, I slid into the driver’s seat of my little yellow Honda and headed off to Merlotte’s.

Arriving just as the lunch rush started was always terrible. Pulling up around back, I left my car and entered through the employee entrance, casting my purse aside in Sam’s office before making my way into the dining area.

My six-hour shift dragged on uneventfully, and eventually I scampered off into Sam’s office, grabbed my purse and left out the back door, not stopping for a chat with anyone. I had a Viking to get back home too!

I pulled up outside my newly refurbished home just as the sun was dipping below the horizon and the moment I stepped out of my little yellow car I was scooped up in a hug, crushed against a cold, solid chest. “You were not there when I awoke,” Eric murmured in my ear: I could hear the pout he no doubt wore.

“Human, mostly. Need to breathe,” I gasped out as Eric gently set me back down onto the ground, letting go of me with a sheepish grin. Looking up at his face I had to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from laughing. My lipstick marks were still visible across his alabaster skin.

Quirking an eyebrow, Eric allowed his signature smirk to cross his features and I couldn’t help but suck my cheeks in, in a desperate attempt to quell my impending laughter. “What? Do I have something on my face?” he purred, waggling his eyebrows.

My poker face broke and I couldn’t help but double over with laughter. I felt myself being moved quickly and before I had time to comprehend what was going on I was being shoved up against my living room wall, Eric’s firm body holding me in place, his lips inches away from my ear. “You’ve been a very naughty faery. You think I didn’t know what you were up to earlier? I felt your mirth and mischief; it was enough to pull me from my day rest. Of course, that’s the beauty of being a vampire, we have no heartbeat and no need to breathe, you didn’t even know I was awake. I very much enjoyed you scattering kisses across my torso, though I do wish you’d ventured somewhat lower,” he whispered huskily, giving an upward thrust of his clothed crotch to accentuate his point. He had clearly enjoyed my ministrations and I couldn’t help the groan that slipped from between my lips. He was insatiable!

With a chuckle his lips met mine in a searing kiss, his hands were all over my body, sliding under my work shirt where he grabbed my waist in his large hands, stroking the smooth and tanned skin he found there. Knotting my own hands in his golden mane I pulled him closer, tipping my head sideways and parting my lips in invitation. His tongue slipped into my mouth with ease, swiping my own tongue out of the way as he tasted me, groaning as the taste of the blueberries I’d eaten on my break met his taste buds. His hands wandered upwards as I wrapped my legs around his waist, climbing up him as if he was some sort of tree. Finally, his hands found my breasts, which he palmed expertly.

Losing myself in his kiss and his hands I was oblivious to the sound of a truck coming up the driveway until I heard the tell-tale sound of a car door slamming. Moving my hands to Eric’s shoulders I shoved him backwards, to little avail. However, I was able to remove my lips from his long enough to speak. “Alcide is here, he phoned earlier, something about a car park and its resident?” I repeated with a quirk of an eyebrow, curiosity running through my veins.

The moment the words were out of my mouth Eric’s hands were out from under my shirt and I was back down on the floor. He was frozen to the spot, his eyes wide, yet his face was expressionless. If it weren’t for the second level bond we shared I would’ve never known about the horror and fear running through his veins though of course, he was quick to clamp down on it the moment he sensed that I was monitoring him.

Wiping his face quickly he vamped to the door, opening it just in time to catch Alcide as he was about to knock. “Northman,” The werewolf greeted tersely, sniffing the air audibly. He could sense my blood in Eric and Eric’s in me, along with the scent of my arousal which, embarrassingly, I could also pick up on. Damn vampire blood and heightened sense.

“Herveaux,” Eric responded in like, stepping aside to allow the wolf into the house. It was obvious he didn’t particularly wish for him to be in the house, but I guessed given the nature of the conversation they were about to have it was the wisest choice.

“What happened?” Eric demanded the moment the door was shut, not even giving Alcide a moment to sit or allowing me to offer him any refreshments as my Southern upbringing had taught me to do.

“I got a phone call this morning from one of my guys, said something about a big hole in the parking lot. When I got there all the security tapes from last night had been destroyed and my guy said he couldn’t remember anything.”

Eric’s façade may have worked for Alcide, and he’d dampened the bond enough that I wasn’t bowled over with the feelings radiating from him. However, I could still feel some of his anger and it was enough to make me tense.

“We need to see if there was anyone in the area who can remember anything at all. I’m going to send my best trackers out there to follow the scent. I want you to call me should anything come up,” Eric ordered effortlessly. I couldn’t help but admire him; this was where he shone, when he was leading others. In all honesty, I knew he’d have been a better King than Bill, but I also knew Eric was quite content with his corner of Louisiana.

Although I was sure I didn’t want to know the answer, my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t help but pipe up. “Who was the resident in the car park?” I demanded, folding my arms over my chest in determination. I wasn’t going to have them discuss anything without being involved. If it had something to do with Eric, then it had something to do with me.

Alcide had been about to leave when I’d spoken up, clearly knowing it was better to go along with Eric’s plans than argue with him. Especially given that it was nightfall and Eric was far stronger. Looking over his shoulder he quirked an eyebrow at Eric. “You didn’t tell her?”

I’d never seen Eric nervous before, angry and worried yes, but never nervous. “I was going to but other things happened and I wasn’t myself, you know that,” he shot back with a snarl.

“Told me what?” I interrupted them with an exasperated sigh; I was getting tired of this male posturing.

Alcide opened my front door and just before leaving he spoke.

“Edgington never died, he was buried in cement with silver chains. Now he’s free.”




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