Ethereal Redemption Chapter 5


Interchanging mind control, come let the revolution takes its toll
If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye, you’d see that, we should never be afraid to die
(So come on)
Rise up and take the power back, it’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
You know that their time’s coming to an end, we have to unify and watch our flag ascend
~ Uprising, Muse

Fuck. I should’ve killed Russell when I had the chance! I was so hell bent on making him suffer for killing my family and stealing my crown that I had unknowingly placed my beloved in danger. I should’ve known that one silver chain and a lump of concrete wasn’t going to keep a 3000-year-old vampire at bay, especially when he’s clearly insane.

I could feel the anger starting to overpower my senses and it took all my control to rein it in as the Were told my Sookie about Russell’s continued existence. This was entirely my fault, I had allowed him to live when I had the chance to kill him and now it was coming back to bite me on the ass. I should’ve known that it was far too easy. I decided there and then that I would do everything in my power to bring an end to the estranged King and protect my lover from him.

The moment the front door closed Sookie turned on me and I could feel the anger rolling off her, swirling and mixing with my own into a potent mix. Instinctively I clamped my end of the bond shut, not wanting her to feel my own anger. Her reaction shocked me, her anger only doubled; clearly, she wasn’t a fan of dealing with a closed bond.

“YOU DIDN’T KILL HIM!” she roared at me, and for a moment I was stunned into silence. Her hands were clenched at her sides, balled into fists, her knuckles white with the pressure she was exerting on them. Her usually gentle blue eyes contained a hard glint to them and they were directed right at me. There was trouble in paradise.

“He killed my whole family, slaughtered them over a couple of goats, and then took my father’s crown. He was undeserving of death.” I shot back coolly, not wanting to fan the flames of her anger by raising my own voice though I was sorely tempted.

Already my overactive mind was working out strategies to get us both out of this alive. We could travel the world, never staying anywhere longer than a week, using cash so we couldn’t be traced, live like I did in my human years. It wasn’t my best plan, I preferred to fight, I was a warrior after all, but my Sookie was in danger and getting her to safety was my first priority. Perhaps I would be able to ask the Fae Prince if he would take care of her for a while for me? He wasn’t exactly the perfect option but he would take care of his own, I was sure of it.

“You didn’t kill him and now he’s going to kill us! Didn’t you think he would get out of the concrete Eric? I know you, you would’ve known about that.” she challenged and I couldn’t help but wince internally at her words, her anger was starting to frustrate me. Of course, I had known about the risks, but I’d been hoping it would be a while before he managed to free himself, I still wasn’t sure what I had wanted to do with him though I would never admit that to my little spitfire.

“Of course I thought about it, woman, I just didn’t think he would get free so soon!” I snapped in response, my thinly veiled anger daring to surface a little.

“Woman? Woman? I have a name, Eric! And your actions not only affect you but subsequently me and every other vampire on this planet! You forget that he’s insane, he went medieval on TV! He fang-raped me, no thanks to you, and then witnessed me tipping Talbot’s remains down the drain in Fangtasia!” She screeched, and finally my anger got the better of me.


Within seconds I had her pinned to the nearest wall, my fangs down in aggression, trapping her in place. She’d hit below the belt with her comment regarding the fang-raping. I’d been trying to protect this infernal woman and save my own ass. “Of course I know you have a name, you forget that you made me howl it several times last night, begging for release! He had to taste you to go out into the sun so I could trap him and get rid of him, I’m sorry you were used as bait but it was the only option I had that involved both of us walking out of Fangtasia alive when the sun went down,” I snarled, my nose pressed tightly to hers as I observed her.

Her heartbeat had quickened considerably in both fear and anticipation, it seemed even when I had her pinned to the wall in anger she was still attracted to me. Her eyes held a determination that I had never seen before, and she’d jutted her chin out defiantly during my little tirade. Opening our bond slightly I scanned it quickly, making a mental note of her emotions. Annoyance, anger, determination, fear and lust.

“If it weren’t for the fact you currently have my arms pinned to the wall I’d have smacked you by now,” she spat at me, a growl emitting from her chest with her words. The noise shook me out of my angry tirade. She truly would be a wonderful vampire one day.

Not allowing her to get another word in edgeways, I crushed my lips to hers, fangs and all. She tried to squirm out of my grasp. However, I tightened my hold on her, not enough to hurt her, but enough to let her know I wasn’t done with her.

It took only seconds for her to relent, kissing me back with equal fervour and aggression, dragging her tongue across the sharp points of my fangs to draw blood. Groaning into her mouth, I sucked the wound she had created, losing myself in her taste for the moment. Pulling back when I sensed her starting to become dizzy I couldn’t help but give her a fangy smirk, earning me a scowl in response.

Sliding my fangs back now that my anger had dissipated, I instead gave my lover a gentle smile, letting go of her arms and bringing my hands to her face, cradling her head. “I will not let him harm you, I promise you. I will meet the true death before he gets his hands on you.” I vowed to her, scaring myself with the honesty of my words. I didn’t care if it killed me, Russell would never have my little warrior.

Her features softened at my touch and she leaned against my left hand slightly, nuzzling against my large palm. “Don’t you dare even think of the true death, I won’t let that happen. I’ll zap him with my microwave fingers before he gets close enough to hurt you,” she vowed with equal sincerity, and I couldn’t help but laugh gently at her words.

“You are truly a force to be reckoned with, my little faery.” I gave her nose a gentle kiss before moving down to her lips, pressing a chaste kiss to them. There was nothing more I wanted right then than to keep her pinned to the wall and engage in primal and passionate make-up sex but we unfortunately had bigger fish to fry.

My cell phone started to ring in my pocket and with regret I stepped back from Sookie, pulling the piece of technology from my pocket and lifting it to my ear.

“Northman.” I greeted in my usual manner.

“Brigant.” The familiar voice responded and my blood ran cold, well, colder than usual.

“What do you want, faery?” I couldn’t keep the venom out of my tone, Niall was known to be a scheming old bastard and I had no time for his games.

“I want you to be in your office in Fangtasia in thirty minutes. Pack a bag; you won’t be going home for a while. Bring Miss Stackhouse with you. I have contacted your Maker and he will meet you there. It is important, vampire.” He responded curtly before hanging up on me. Never in my 1000 years had someone hung up on me, and in all fairness, his lack of respect grated on my nerves.

What irked me more was that he had been in contact with my Maker. Godric had been travelling for the past two years: Since Sookie had talked him out of meeting the sun on the roof of the Hotel Camilla. He hadn’t contacted me during his travels, so I hadn’t contacted him either. He was over 2000 years old; I figured he knew how to take care of himself.

Sliding my phone back into my pocket, Sookie was on me in an instant. “Faery? As in, like me? Will I get to meet them? Are they telepathic too?” She rambled on, and if it weren’t for the excitement I could feel in the bond for her then, I would have asked her to be quiet. She’d grown up alone, pushed aside by the rednecks she’d grown up around and had been forced to listen to them as they’d taunted her and leered at her. I could understand why the prospect of meeting someone like her had such an effect.

“We need to pack a bag, I don’t know how long we’ll be gone but if you don’t have enough clothes I’ll buy you some more. Don’t argue with me, please. We’re going to Fangtasia to meet Niall Brigant, Prince of the Fae and apparently Godric will be there as well, although I cannot sense him through our bond,” I relayed the information to her, hurrying her up the stairs to our bedroom and grabbing a medium-sized suitcase I found on top of her wardrobe.

The mention of Godric caused my lover’s features to light up considerably. Two years ago I had asked her to help me find my Maker in Dallas. I had not anticipated the friendship that would occur between them. Sookie herself had told me on many occasions that upon meeting the 2000-year-old Vampire, who still looked seventeen, the age at which he had been turned, she had known he had a kind soul, regardless of his bloody past. She had also told me that it was for that reason, and to save me from entering a dark place, that she had stayed with him up on the roof moments before sunrise. She pled him to stay, begged him not to meet the sun. She told me she had played upon the emotions she knew he was trying to bring back into his life. She said that she’d had this gut feeling back then that she needed to keep him alive by any means necessary, that he would be needed for a greater purpose, that he was important.

Packing our bag quickly, I took her straight to my red Corvette, placing her in the passenger seat before stowing our luggage in the trunk. When I started up the engine I felt anticipation sweep through me. I longed to see my Maker, I couldn’t understand how I had gone so long without his presence in my life constantly before the events in Dallas and I was grateful I would get to see him again.

As I drove, I allowed my mind to wander back to the morning that my bonded, my beautiful lover, had convinced my Maker, a man she hardly knew, not to take his own life. I don’t think she knew, but I had stayed at the bottom of the stairwell, leaving the door open a crack to hear the conversation between the two of them, not caring about the bleeds.

“It won’t take long, not at my age.”

“Y’know it wasn’t very smart, the Fellowship of the Sun part.”

“I know, I thought it might fix everything somehow. But I don’t think like a vampire anymore. Do you believe in God?”


“If you’re right, how will he punish me?”

“God doesn’t punish, God forgives.”

“I don’t deserve it, but I hope for it.”

“We all do.”

“You will care for him? Eric?”

“I’m not sure, you know how he is.”

“I can take the blame for that too.”

“Maybe not, Eric is pretty much himself.”

Silence had enveloped the pair and for a moment. I had thought that there was nothing else to be said, but my little fairy proved me wrong once again. 

“Are you very afraid?”

“No. No I am full of joy!”

“But the pain…”

“I want to burn”

“Isn’t there something you want more, though? There has to be something you wish to hold onto, some form of hope, some unfinished business?” She’d begged for my Maker to stay.

He’d fallen silent for a moment, as he’d contemplated her words. “Have you ever been in love, Miss Stackhouse?”

“Yes. I’m in love now, with Bill.” She’d responded, her words at the time had eaten away at me, she was mine now though and that was all that mattered.

“I was in love once, in my human years.” He’d confessed to her. His words had taken me by surprise at the time, he’d never divulged information regarding his human life to me and yet he was telling Sookie.

“She was full of life and so very beautiful, both inside and out, you remind me of her. We came from different backgrounds but that never stopped her. She fought against her father and her people for me. Her mother was a Queen, her father was an old Roman general and I was nothing but a slave boy.”

Even from my position at the bottom of the staircase I’d been able to smell the tears rolling down Sookie’s cheeks at my Maker’s confession, the minutes were ticking away however, as the sun threatened to finally show itself.

“What happened?”

“I was turned, and taken from her, commanded to not go near her. Only once my Maker perished was I able to return to her, though I was too late.”

“She was turned too?”

My Maker had laughed lightly at her naïve comment. “No, she had died. I watched from the shadows as they carried her sarcophagus through the city and into her Mother’s tomb so she could be beside her. She’s in what you would call Heaven right now, for her it would be the Fields of Aaru. I found out centuries later that she never took another man and never married, Egypt fell after her passing.”

“What do you think she would say if you met her there, in the Fields of Aaru?”

“I have sinned too much to meet her there. Osiris would deem my heart heavier than Ma’at’s feather, I would not be able to pass on.” He’d sounded so sad at the prospect of never getting to see his love again, at the time I hadn’t been able to understand his emotions but now I could. I would be upset if I were to be parted from my Sookie in the afterlife.

“Then why do this? She fought against those who were supposed to love her so that she could be with you, she didn’t allow anyone to take your place in her heart. I don’t think she would be too happy that you’re throwing away the life you were given, she’d want you to spend the next two-thousand years living, repenting for your sins, not committing suicide.” My beautiful little warrior had argued valiantly, and Godric’s silence had filled me with a sense of hope.

“She would probably gently scold me, she was always so kind and understanding towards me even when I was undeserving of her affection.”

“Don’t do this, Godric. Live for her, live in her memory, find some way to be close to her again and make up for everything you’ve done if you wish, but don’t let the sun take you away from her, from me, from Eric.”

I had felt the pull of the sun properly at that moment in time, and even with my age it had been difficult to ignore. There had been only seconds left before the sun would show itself.

“You’re right, Miss Stackhouse. She would not be best pleased if I took this route and my Childe needs me with him. Thank you for reminding me of her, for making me see sense.”

Pulling myself back to the present I allowed a private smile to cross my lips. My lover had saved my Maker from the sunshine just in time, the first rays of the new day were peaking over the horizon as the door had shut behind them.

The moment he’d descended the staircase I’d grabbed him and didn’t allow him out of my sight.

I’d had no clue as to the identity of the woman he had spoken of, and had spent the following nights researching the monarchy of Egypt only to draw a blank every time. Going by the details Godric had stated she was the child of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, but they only had one son and Caesar’s adopted son Octavianus killed him. It had bothered me for quite some time as to the identity of the woman in question. I not only owed Sookie a great debt but the mystery woman too, for it was her memory that had helped keep my Maker alive.

Pulling into the parking lot at Fangtasia, I ushered Sookie through the employee entrance, holding her hand the whole time, the club was closed as it was a Monday night and Pam was nowhere in sight. I would have to speak to my Childe soon, I’d threatened her life a few nights ago when she had almost blown up Sookie outside the Moon Goddess Emporium, and I owed her an apology.

Moving into my office I could feel the shift in Sookie’s emotions, her happiness nearly bowling me over. “Godric!” she squealed, dropping my hand and darting across the room to my Maker, who sat comfortably on my leather chair, a smile painted onto his face as he quirked an eyebrow at me, clearly having noted the fact I had entered my office with my hand in Sookie’s.



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