Ethereal Redemption Chapter 7

I’d walk for miles, cry and smile for my Mama and Daddy
I want them, I want them to know how I feel
My love is real for my Mama and Daddy
I want them to know I love them so and in my heart, joy tears start`cause I’m happy
and I pray every day for Ma and Pappy and each night I’d walk for miles
Cry and smile 
for my Mama and Daddy
I want them to know I love them so
~ Mama and Daddy, Boxcar Willie

It felt incredible to see Godric again after so long, last time I had clapped eyes on him had been two years ago. He’d left shortly after I’d convinced him down from the roof. He’d been pale back then, I know vampires are supposed to be pale but he was too pale, his blue eyes had lost any sort of life to them but there was a spark there now. Looks like he found a way to be close to his lost lover.

The popping sound put me on high alert, I was well aware of that noise. It was the sound Claudine had made whenever she’d come to visit me. Clearly, the man who had entered the room was fae as well. Tightening my hold on Eric, it came as no surprise to me that both vampires had their fangs out and were baring them at the elderly man who had entered the room. His words had stunned me into a temporary silence, and Godric’s greeting reminded me of the power of the man before me. Eric had referred to him as the Fae Prince and I suppose as a fae myself he deserved my respect, but I’d make him earn it anyway.

Niall emitted a low laugh, turning to face me with nothing short of complete fondness. “I would love the opportunity to earn your trust, dear one. I do not demand it,” he replied. For a moment I was puzzled until I realized what he’d done.

“Hey, that’s not fair! Stay outta my head!” I instinctively went on the defensive, pulling up my shields to protect myself.

“And yet you have spent your life in other people’s heads have you not?” He inquired with a quirk of a grey eyebrow.

“That’s not the point. You’re a stranger.” I shot back, Eric’s hold on my hand tightening to try and keep me in place on the sofa. Neither vampire had retracted their fangs, nor had they attacked the man before me, I felt somewhat safe even, though I was unaware of who the man was.

A smile broke out across Niall’s face as he took a spare chair from the corner of the room, placing it down before me and sliding elegantly onto it. “That’s where you’re wrong, dear one. We are both fae, and we are both of the same bloodline.”

His confession caused Eric to pale if that were even possible, and I felt his emotions streaming through the bond. Shock, disbelief, curiosity and concern.

“But Eric said you’re the Fae Prince?” I questioned with a frown, not quite sure if I believed the man before me.

“That I am, and you, dear one, are my great-granddaughter.” His comment silenced me and I stared at Niall for a moment, my brain processing what he’d told me. There was no way I was his great-granddaughter, I mean, Gran would have told me if I was a descendant of fae royalty.

“No, I asked your Gran not to tell you, I’m sorry.” He replied gently, an apologetic smile on his handsome yet aged features. Eric and Godric still sat in silence, the eldest of the two vampires simply observed the scene before him but Eric was somewhat in shock.

“You’re Granddaddy Earl’s dad? ‘Cause Gran never mentioned you, so I guess you aren’t from her side of the family?” I inquired, scowling at the situation.

Shaking his head, a sigh slipped between Niall’s lips. “No, I’m not. Before I go on, let it be known that your Gran loved your Granddaddy Earl very much. He couldn’t give her what she wanted, though; he was unable to give her children. My son, Fintan, was half-human and half-fae and one day he travelled to this world. He met your Gran and he fell in love with her instantly. I’m sure you aren’t a stranger to love at first sight, dear one. Even if it does take you longer than we thought it would for you to realize it,” Niall explained, glancing at my Viking for a moment.

Eric couldn’t help but smile smugly at me, seemingly pleased that I’d been attracted to him at first sight. “You might wanna stop there, Mister, or your head won’t fit through the door,” I muttered under my breath, knowing full well he’d hear me. It was Godric’s musical chuckle though which made me smile. I’d never heard him laugh before and it was a rather pleasant sound, not as lovely as Eric’s of course, but still nice to hear.

Turning my attention back to Niall I thought over his words, letting them sink in before I realized what he was suggesting. “Are you calling my Gran a floozy?” I snapped at him, trying to get up onto my feet only to be pulled back down onto the couch by my Viking. How dare this stranger walk in here and start accusing my Gran of being unfaithful.

“I understand you are upset, Sookie. Your Gran was no floozy. However, Earl was well aware of what was going on and consented, knowing it would make your Gran happy to have children, even if they weren’t his,” Niall explained further. I could hardly contain my rage, and if it weren’t for the vast waves of calm Eric was sending through the bond I would have happily ripped the head off the man sitting before me.

“My son and your Gran had two children together, Corbett and Linda, and I think you know the rest from there regarding your family tree. However, Fintan was called back to the fae realm when civil unrest started to rear its ugly head. Unfortunately, he perished during one of the wars that took place. By that time, you had already been born and you carried the essential spark: The gift to become a magnificent faery. His last wish was for me to take care of you and your parents, to protect you from the faeries that wished to hurt you. I was able to protect you but in doing so your parents were unfortunately lost, our enemies got to them before my guards could,” Niall concluded solemnly, avoiding eye contact with me.

“What do you mean my parents were lost? They died in a flash flood…” I murmured quietly, the shock of the night’s revelations seeping into my tired brain. It was information overload.

“A flash flood that was caused by faeries, dear one. There are four bloodlines within our species, those who belong to Fire, those who belong to the Earth, those who belong to the Water, and those who belong to the Sky. We are Sky fae, Sookie, and those who are Water fae have been causing trouble for us for centuries,” he explained, and then it all fell into place.

“The flash flood was no accident,” I stated quietly, my eyes wide at the realisation that my parents had been murdered.

“I’m afraid so dear one, but they loved you very much, you must remember that,” he reminded me gently, leaning across to take my free hand. Eric growled at the physical contact, but his growls subsided as he felt the calm and serenity pouring from me into our bond. The old man was soothing me with touch.

“I never got to tell them how much I love them,” I sobbed, the tears running freely down my cheeks as reality finally hit me. My parents died because of me. They’d never thought warmly of me but I loved them anyway, they’d created me after all.

“No, Sookie. Your parents didn’t die because of you, they died for you.” Niall commented, giving me an affectionate smile.

“I lost Gran too. The only family I have left is Jason and he has his own problems,” I whispered, feeling a fresh round of tears coming on. Eric’s hand tightened around mine and he leant forward, pressing a tender kiss to the side of my head before he started to whisper into my ear. I had no clue what he was saying, the language was long forgotten, but it was soothing nonetheless.

“That’s where you’re wrong, dear one. You also have your Viking, his Maker, his Progeny, and others,” Niall pointed out.

The mention of Pam caused me to snort. “Yeah, ‘cause Pam adores me right now,” I deadpanned.

Leaning back into the chair, Eric took the opportunity to say his piece. “I insisted that she not fire that rocket launcher at you and she disobeyed: I told her to get out of my sight before I killed her for her disrespect of my orders. She is currently doing what I believe humans call ‘throwing her teddy into the corner’ and sulking. Pamela will have to learn to accept that you are part of my life now, and if she does not then I will remove her credit card from her for however long it takes for her to see sense. You are just as important to me as she is and I will not have her harm a hair on your head,” he told me in all seriousness.

Great, now I had to deal with his pissed off Progeny: Pam would hate me even more if he took her credit card from her.

“She will see sense, dear one,” Niall assured me, though of course I was feeling anything but assured.

“Now, back to the main topic for the evening: Russell Edgington is free from his concrete prison and is plotting his revenge against you Viking. Unfortunately, his plan includes my great-granddaughter,” Niall addressed Eric in a clipped tone, clearly laying the blame for this clusterfuck on him. I had to hand it to Eric, though, he took it like a man and acknowledged his mistake with a nod.

Turning to me, my great-grandfather addressed me once again. “You need to learn how to control your fae abilities, great-granddaughter, or you won’t make it out of this alive, or undead,” he added, ruling out the prospect of any chance of me being turned should something go wrong. All that did was strike the fear of God into me. “I would send Claude to help you, he helped you escape Faery when Mab tried to make you take the light fruit, but he is my fiercest warrior and with two vampires around I’m sure you can understand why I would not send another full-blooded to help you.”

I nodded in acceptance; his reasoning’s were perfectly reasonable. “Instead I’m sending you to Nevada, Las Vegas to be exact. Remember when I said there were other members of our family?” He asked and I nodded once again, functioning on autopilot. “Well, it is time for you to meet them. They’ll help you develop your powers and will understand exactly what you’re going through, and what you’ve already been through.” He produced a brown envelope from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed it to me, I passed it on to Eric, not trusting myself with the information that could be inside it.

“You’ll find directions in there to where I want you to go once you reach Las Vegas, I have a plane waiting for you in a hanger on the outskirts of Shreveport. I’m sending the three of you to them because I know you’ll all get on well. The trip will change things for all of you, that I promise.” He beamed at me before turning to Godric and Eric.

Giving them both curt nods, he handed me a card from his pocket, “If you need me, give me a call. It’s 8 pm now, the plane will leave in thirty minutes, you should arrive in Las Vegas in five hours, take the two-hour time difference away and it should be 11:30 pm when you arrive. Plenty of time to meet your new family members.” Rising to my feet as Niall prepared to leave; I felt an urge to give him a hug so I did, feeling safe in his embrace. “Take care of yourself, dear one,” he whispered, letting me go before disappearing with a pop.

I stood in silence for a moment, allowing my body time to catch up with my mind. I was tired and sore from my shift at work; my brain was hurting with all the new information it had been presented with. I resented having to run again, but Niall had told me I’d find help, and without that, I would surely die. Both ancient vampires sat stewing in their own thoughts for a minute or so until I finally broke the silence.

“I guess we go to Las Vegas then.”


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