Ethereal Redemption Chapter 9

Now let me be real with you about my feeling’s.
The way that I deal with you, I just can’t conceal it.
I don’t really mind all your female friends and all.
Just know that I’m possessive and aggressive when it comes to you.
I’m so jealous.
I can’t help it I’m not the type who cares to share because I’m selfish.
I’m so jealous I cant control it.
Aint no need to lie about it cause I know it.
~ Jealous, Faith Evans

Fucking Sookie. Fucking faery vagina. How could Eric threaten to kill me over that gash in a sundress! I was not about to let him meet the true death in order to save that damn girl.

I’d spent the day at Ginger’s house, she wasn’t exactly the perfect companion but it was better than having to be at Fangtasia and having to face Eric.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t put off seeing him any longer; I’d always been a proud woman, always willing to face my fears and now was one of those times.

He’d threatened me over a human. A HUMAN. She had better have more than her taste going for her because if that’s all Eric sees in her I’ll stake him myself for abandoning me and picking Little Bo Peep.

Stalking into his office I found it empty and was immediately assaulted with three fresh scents. Eric, Godric and fucking Sookie Stackhouse. My fangs snapped down in anger. How dare she think she can waltz in here after everything that happened! Moving to the desk I caught sight of the black Amex left on the desk, I could do some serious damage as revenge. A piece of paper fluttered to the ground when I swiped the card off the desk. Snatching it from the floor, I was met with Eric’s elegant script.


I do not know where to start with an apology other than ‘I’m sorry’ but I fear that won’t be good enough for you.

It was rash of me to decide to meet the true death just to save Sookie, not knowing if she would actually be free or not, thus leaving you without me. I realise that now. I would put my life on the line for her in the future, though, but not that way. If I ever meet the true death, I will go down with a fight, you know, Viking style and all.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little; my Maker had always been one to fight, to never run away from things.

Remember last year when I returned to Fangtasia covered in cement after burying Russell?

Alcide got in contact with me earlier this evening. He’s free, Pam. Russell escaped and you are not safe.

Niall Brigant contacted me as well, and has told me to leave the state; I have taken Godric and Sookie with me but we didn’t have time to come and get you, I regret that.

I have left you my Amex and you have full permission to do however much damage you want to it, I do not care, just so long as you will speak to me again. Once you have taken your anger out on my card then let me know and I will send you our location so you can take your anger out on me. I deserve it. You have stood by my side for over a century and I treated you like you meant nothing to me.

That is not true.

You are my most trusted companion and I love you, you are my greatest creation. Forget all the money and businesses; forget the piece of Louisiana I have gained. You are my single greatest accomplishment.

His words made me feel something I never had before, not even in my human life. If my heart had been beating, I’m sure it would have squeezed at his words. Emotions – the bane of my undead life.

I know you hate Sookie, Pam, but I don’t want you away from me while Russell is free. Once you have made a sufficient dent in my finances send me a message and I will arrange for your transportation to me. I have a feeling you and me, and subsequently, Sookie, have some things to work out.

I love her, Pam, and I love you too. I don’t want my two favourite women in the world to be fighting and hate one another. I have completed a second bond with her, and I hope during this trip to finalise it with the third, but will only do so when you two are at ease with one another. You’re both part of my family and I want you both to be happy. It would mean the absolute world to me if both of you got along, even if you’re just being civil with one another.

 I must go, the plane leaves in twenty-five minutes.

You are very important to me, Pamela, never forget that. 

~ E

I couldn’t stop the red tears streaming down my cheeks. As much as I wanted to hurl abuse at Eric, and call him every name under the sun, I could tell it wouldn’t work; it wouldn’t make me feel better. Before reading his letter, I had been cemented on maxing out his card, but now I felt like that would be cruel. Of course, I would treat myself to those new season Louboutin’s and Jimmy Choo’s: Eric still does still owe me a pair of pumps for tracking that filthy Maenad in the woods over two years ago, but I wouldn’t buy anything else. He knew he’d fucked up and was trying to make it better for me; perhaps he really was becoming a better man, or vampire.

I would even try and be civil to the bitch in a sundress. I’m glad she can’t read my mind; she probably wouldn’t like to witness me thinking of all the ways I to want to kill her. I would do this for Eric, though, not for Sookie.

Nodding to no one in particular, I folded up my Maker’s note and placed it in my handbag, along with his Amex, before trotting into the bathroom where I wiped the blood from my cheeks and reapplied my make-up.

I would do my shopping this evening, and tomorrow I would join my Maker and Grandsire.


A little less conversation, a little more action, please
All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby
~ A little less conversation, Elvis Presley

I don’t know what compelled me to offer comfort to Godric; perhaps it was because in a way he was like a father figure. He took care of Eric and subsequently took care of me. He didn’t have to be here now, he could have rebuffed Niall, he could be back in Europe or wherever else doing what he wanted, yet he chose to be with us. That alone warmed my heart.

Returning to Eric’s lap after my little embrace with his Maker, I remembered the envelope Niall had given us. “Oh Eric, the envelope!” I exclaimed, wiggling on his lap to get to the inside pocket of his leather jacket. Of course, my wiggling drew a moan from my Viking’s lips and his obvious liking of my movements pressed against my backside. Popping him on the arm I glared at him. “Not the time or the place, Mister!”

“Don’t you want to join The Mile-High Club, my lover?” He leered at me, waggling his eyebrows. I contemplated his offer for a second but that second seemed to be all that was needed to confirm that yes; I most definitely wanted to join the club.

Godric’s chuckle reminded me that he was present and I couldn’t help but flush slightly. “Once we’ve gone over the contents of the envelope, I’ll leave the two of you in peace,” he offered with a smile, and without the suggestive eye waggling or smirking. Clearly, those traits were ones Eric had been born with in his human years that had simply been carried over. Speaking of his human years, I decided then and there to ask him about it later: It seemed only fair that I learn his story, given that he found out everything about me.

“Oh! I don’t want you to feel chased away! There’s no need, Eric will just have to wait!” I protested. The last thing I wanted was for Godric to spill his heart out and then feel chased away while his Childe enjoyed my body. I could hear Eric’s grumbling in my ear and had to withhold my laughter.

“It’s fine, Miss Stackhouse. I wouldn’t deprive him of you, nor you of him. It’s wonderful that you can enjoy one another.” He reassured, and I could see now that Eric’s Maker was just as stubborn as his Childe. I felt bad for a moment, knowing Godric couldn’t have the body of his lover beneath him, but I remembered that I was going to do everything I could to try and get them in contact with one another and suddenly I didn’t feel so bad.

Having finally removed the envelope from Eric’s jacket, I carefully opened the seal, pulling out the documents that were inside. Letting my eyes scan over the first page I found the address of our destination. “Looks like we’re going to 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South,” I read aloud, frowning a little at the address. “Isn’t that the Las Vegas strip?” I asked the two ancient vampires.

Godric shrugged at my question, I should’ve known he wouldn’t know much about Las Vegas. He had never struck me as the sort to visit Sin City and gamble anyway. “At least it won’t be far from the airport, I think the strip runs right alongside it,” Eric contributed.

Accepting the location, I flipped to the next page where I was greeted with a photograph and some personal details of the man who would be meeting us, or should I say the vampire who would be meeting us. “Apparently, this man is expecting us and we’re to ask for him,” I informed both vampires, holding up the photograph to get a better look at it while Godric took the information pack from me.

“Ari Seti-Nekht,” Godric read aloud, the words flowing off his tongue like water. “An Egyptian by the sounds of it,” he commented, looking over the rest of the information regarding the man. “Ah, he was turned twenty years after I was, he could be a powerful ally. Niall obviously thought ahead.” Godric added looking up at Eric with a smile. I had a feeling the more people we had on our side the better.

“He’s not bad looking,” I commented quietly, observing the image of the man. The shot was taken from the shoulders up so there was no way to judge his height, however, his broad shoulders and sharp collarbones led me to believe that not only was he tall, but he was built. His eyes were a dark chocolate brown, his hair jet black and cropped close to his head. His nose was a little on the large side but his sharp chin and jaw set that off. Looking at the image a little more closely he bore a slight resemblance to Godric, the contours of their faces similar. Perhaps he had links to Godric’s tribe?

A low growl resounded from deep within Eric’s chest at I admitted that this unknown man was reasonably attractive. “He pales in comparison to you, though, my Viking,” I reassured Eric with a chaste kiss on his lips. Never did I think I would be reassuring Eric that I wouldn’t go off with another man. I thought it would be him reassuring me that he would never go off with another woman. I still hated the fact that he used to sleep with a load of women: the sight of him going at it with Yvette was forever burned into my mind. Of course, I hadn’t minded seeing his butt, it was rather yummy after all. We hadn’t had the conversation regarding monogamy yet, but we were going to the moment we were alone. He would only get to feed and share a bed with me, that much was obvious. If I were his then I’d make sure he’d damn well be mine in return.

“He’s the Sheriff in Las Vegas. Which means those in his area owe him fealty. That could be useful if we find ourselves in need of back up,” Godric added, flicking through the remaining pages of information.

“I’m sure the King of Nevada would love that,” Eric commented dryly, quirking an eyebrow at his Maker.

“Wait, the King of Nevada, do you think he knows about me? About what I am?” I asked, suddenly not entirely comfortable with where we were going. I’d been used enough in Louisiana. The Queen had tried to procure me and turn me into her own little pet. The hell with that. Add in Russell Edgington wanting another taste of me and I don’t think I could handle another monarch after me.

“I doubt Felipe knows about you, and if he does we can fend him off. He’s only 800-years-old. I’m sure, though, with Russell on the loose he’ll be willing to help. Russell is putting our kind back into the dark ages, so it’ll be in every monarch’s interests to find him and end him,” Eric explained to me, plucking the photo from my hand and handing it to Godric, who in turn handed me back the envelope.

“There’s a note from Niall here, it says he’s gotten us formal clothing and placed them in the wardrobe in the bedroom. Wait, there’s a bedroom on this thing!” I asked in shock. I’d never had enough money to go on holiday before I’d met Bill or Eric, and during my time with Bill, I’d only been on a small commercial jet with Anubis Air on the way to Dallas. This plane was so different and the company was no doubt so much better.

“Yes, and I hear the bed is excellent,” Eric purred in my ear. I couldn’t help the shiver that ran down my spine or the tingly feeling in my lady bits. He’d be the death of me.

“Let me grab the clothes Niall left for me, and then I’ll let you two play,” Godric teased, vamping across the plane before returning seconds later with a garment bag in one hand, and a small wash bag and pair of shiny black shoes in the other. “I assume this one is mine, given that the bag is much shorter than the other one,” he teased his progeny, placing the clothes down on the flat surface of the coffee table so they wouldn’t wrinkle.

Laughing at Godric’s jibe about his height, Eric lifted me from his lap and within seconds had us in the bedroom of the plane, locking the door behind us. My clothes lasted all of three seconds, and for the next hour, he made sure I was well initiated into The Mile-High Club.



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