Ethereal Redemption Chapter 14

The sun goes down, the stars come out and all that counts is here and now
My universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came
You cast a spell on me, spell on me
You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me
And I decided you look well on me, well on me
So let’s go somewhere no-one else can see, you and me
~ Glad You Came, The Wanted

When Niall had phoned me, informing me that I was due three guests to protect and that I would be related to one of them, I had no idea what he’d been going on about. As far as I’d been concerned my human family had died over 2000 years prior and my fairy family were in their own realm. It had been quite the shock to see that a relative of mine was mostly human and that she was the girlfriend of a vampire who happened to be the Childe of my childhood sweetheart, the man I had been searching for throughout my long existence.

Niall had told me I would be in for some surprises, he failed to mention just how astronomically large those surprises would be.

Just as the sun set I had felt this tugging sensation in my chest, and over the hours it had only grown stronger, it reached the point where I’d asked Ari to bring me two painkillers and a glass of water but still it wouldn’t shift. Dressed in my favourite outfit I’d greeted my kin with welcome arms and had felt the moment she attempted to breach my mind. I wasn’t all too bothered about her rummaging through my memories or thoughts, and the fact she attempted to made a good first impression. Being cautious is always a very good thing.

The moment I dragged my eyes from my kin they had sought out the shorter male at her side, Godric, and for a moment I feared I would stop breathing and die, or that he was some form of illusion sent to haunt me. For over 2000 years I had been searching for him and then he turned up on my doorstep, looking as young and radiant as he had during his human life. The tugging sensation had ended the moment I’d uttered his name and it was a relief to be free of it, though I started to question what it was in the first place. Although the tugging had ceased, my tears had not, holding him close to me was a miracle in itself, and I sent a silent prayer of thanks to Osiris for not taking Godric from me. After a gentle prompt from one of my boys, I took my childhood sweetheart, my kinswoman and her lover up to the penthouse. I had originally intended for them to stay in our best suites but that wouldn’t do at all now that I knew whom they were.

My new family member had been considerate when she’d encouraged her vampire to go and play in the casino with her and I’d mentally told Ari and Khai to give them black plaques. I’d only ever given them out twice before, both times to the vampire King of Nevada, Felipe.

The moment Godric and I were alone I couldn’t stop the waterworks, nor could I stop myself from confessing how much I’d missed him. He was so pale and a little slower than I knew vampires were usually that I offered him my blood, not wanting any other woman to sustain him and give him nourishment. The fact he’d wanted to start a bond with me meant more than anything in the world. I guess he’d missed me just as much as I’d missed him.

Returning downstairs once my lover had been fed and our bond had been started, I’d witnessed my kinswoman win her first game and I honestly couldn’t have been happier, the way her vampire was all over her and the thoughts coming from his head filled me with happiness. I’d been reading minds my whole life and I’d learned the subtle art of dipping in and rifling through thoughts and memories without the other person knowing I’d been doing it. It wasn’t my favourite thing in the world to do, I always felt rather rude, but I’d dipped into Sookie’s mind and witnessed everything everyone had ever said or thought about her. I’d seen and felt all the heartache she’d gone through with the name-calling and the bullying and the deaths. I felt for her, and I felt we would understand one another well. I was glad her Viking was there to help ease her suffering. He treasured her and was beautifully patient with her: It warmed me.

I skimmed over the memories of them having sex. Somehow, I got the impression we weren’t at the stage where that was acceptable to know about one another yet.

Dinner had been short and sweet, and I’d made a point of reassuring Sookie that all of us at the table loved her. I knew the Viking loved her unconditionally and completely, I’d witnessed inside her head everything he’d said and done during the time when he was cursed. There was a good man under the calculating and cold exterior. I loved her too because we were family and because we were so alike, not just physically but mentally. And of course, I knew Godric loved her for saving this life. I guess he thought I didn’t know about that, but Sookie had let her shields down around the two ancient vampires so I had access to everything.

The thought of my Godric so lost in despair and upset with everything, wanting to take his own life in a hope to repent for his sins tore me apart. The fact he had thought of me when he was up on the roof, had lived on for me, filled me with pride and a sense of hope. In his human life, we’d had no chance to be together properly, as the heir to Egypt I hadn’t been allowed to take a slave as my consort; but in this life, we have nothing between us, and I fully intend to make him mine and be his in return. A memory of his gentle smile as he stroked my cheek flittered through my mind, giving me pause. Never will he be so lost again. If he thinks of himself as the darkness, then I shall be his light.

After our meal, I’d escorted the group back to the elevator and we’d entered the penthouse. Everyone’s luggage had been brought up and placed in their respective rooms. Niall had forewarned me that Eric and Sookie would want to sleep together so I’d had their bags placed in one room and I’d placed Godric’s in another. My boys had been with me from the very start so I had learnt early on that a vampire is at their most vulnerable during the day so disliked having company with them while they rested. I didn’t want to assume Godric would want to sleep beside me.

Having shown Eric and Sookie to their room, I closed the door as I left and I was glad that I had soundproofing installed in all the rooms, the thoughts coming from Sookie’s head were less than Christian at that moment and I didn’t need to hear it. Throwing my shields up to remove mental images, I moved to Godric’s room.

Stepping into his room I gestured around and smiled. “I hope it’s alright, light-tight shutters and a steel-plated locking door with a silver core will make your day rest peaceful, I hope.”

He looked at me with something akin to sadness, “I’m not sleeping with you?”

His question stunned me into silence for a moment before I finally reeled in my mind. “I didn’t want to presume and I know that during the day you’re vulnerable,” I explained quietly, feeling a tiny bit idiotic.

Finding my eyes, a gentle smile crossed Godric’s features and his eyes took on a softness I had once thought I would never see again. In that moment he looked so much like he did in his human days. “I’d like to rest beside you if you’d allow it, please; like I used to when we were younger.”

My heart hammered against my ribcage at his request and he obviously heard it as his eyelids fluttered down, hiding his beautiful pale eyes from the world. A blissful smile crept across his lips. “I thought I would never hear that sound again,” he admitted quietly.

Taking the two steps across the room I stopped before him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing a tender kiss to his lips. “And I never thought I would see you again, or get to hold you once more,” I murmured, pulling back a fraction to watch as his eyelids snapped open. My mother had always told me that eyes were important, and you could learn a lot from the way someone looks at you. I could see the years in Godric’s eyes, I could feel the pain he’d been through during his undead life, I could sense the knowledge he held and I could feel the affection he had for me.

“I can hold you as you sleep now, I don’t have to worry about guards finding me and throwing me out for touching you,” he returned, pulling me closer and resting his forehead on mine, the faint feeling of his love flittering through our weak bond.

“And I can hold you as you rest in return,” I replied, nuzzling my nose affectionately against his, eliciting a gentle laugh from his roughly parted lips.

“Or you could draw me again?” he teased.

My eyes widened as he spoke of my drawings. I’d always double-checked that he’d been sleeping deeply whenever I’d drawn him, I’d sat facing him so I could hide my sketchbook if he woke. How did he know I’d been drawing him?

As if sensing my question, he removed himself from our embrace and crossed to his bag, rummaging through it before finding what he was after and then speaking, “I went to visit a man who had a large collection of Egyptian artefacts: he had this,” he told me, turning to face me and holding out my thick sketchbook, the papyrus pages having deteriorated slightly with age.

My jaw dropped slightly as tears welled up in my eyes once more. With shaky hands I took the book and opened it to the first page, my eyes finding the first drawing of him that I had ever done. “I thought I’d lost this! When I faked my passing I asked my boys to take everything but they missed this. I’ve been searching for it for so long. I looked over it every day after my guards told me you’d gone so that I wouldn’t forget what you looked like,” I confessed, slowly flicking through the pages.

“I think I might buy a new book, I haven’t drawn anything in over 2000 years, I couldn’t find anything of interest to draw. You’re here though now, so I have my muse back,” I smiled.

Godric grabbed his bag, carefully placing it over his shoulder and offering a hand to me. Clutching my old sketchbook to my chest with one hand I took his outstretched one with the other. Leading him through the penthouse we entered my bedroom together.

Placing my old sketchbook on my bedside table, I flicked the lamp on, throwing golden light around the room. The far wall of the room consisted of a curved window overlooking Vegas, thick golden drapes hiding the shutter system. Two plush brown chairs sat in the bay of the window, golden cushions decorating them. I’d kept the carpet and walls neutral in a light cream colour to compliment the gold detail of the crown moulding. Spotlights sat in the ceiling along with a large fan for the nights when Vegas became far too hot. My Queen size bed sat in a small alcove on the right wall of the room, the size had been a joke from my boys, and it was decorated with a golden duvet and throw, the bed frame made of black steel in an intricate design of swirls and leaves. Countless gold and brown cushions decorated the bed. A door sat back in another alcove to the left of the bed and it led to the bathroom while another door sat in another alcove to the right, and this led into my wardrobe: I would need to make some room in there for Godric’s belongings. On the left-hand side of my bedroom sat a large flat screen TV, the perfect distance to watch in bed, and it was surrounded by marble trim, which had been curved to remove sharp edges that would disrupt the flow of the room.

Godric placed his bag down on one of the brown chairs, stealing a glance out over Vegas. “I’ll make some room in my wardrobe for you tomorrow afternoon,” I offered, slipping my golden heels off my feet. Although I had been wearing heels since they had been invented in a primitive form during my human life, I still found them painful if worn for a long period of time.

“I don’t know if you want to shower, but I should be done in a few minutes,” I offered again, moving into the bathroom where I started to pull bobby pins from my curled hair, placing them down on the marble counter. Grabbing a makeup wipe I removed the chemicals from my face, the wipe turning a combination of cream, black and red thanks to my powder, mascara and lipstick. Catching my reflection in the mirror I smiled at the miracle of my lover’s blood, my complexion was wonderful, my make-up would remain unused for a few days.

Removing my jewellery, I left it on the countertop and slid my dress off, folding it and placing it on the counter too. “Can I join you, please?” I jumped, my heart skittering at the sudden sound of my lover’s voice. Looking to the door, I found him standing a little nervously, rocking on his heels. With a warm smile, I nodded and he grinned as he shut the door behind him, crossing to me as his eyes raked over my body, which was clad only in a light blue bra and panties.

I noticed as he approached that he kept his lips closed, yet I could see the ends of his fangs and I couldn’t help but laugh inside. Dipping into his mind for a moment I caught his train of thought. Great, my control is like that of a newborn. I want to take from her again but I took too much earlier. I just have this urge to claim her. Would she want me to claim her? She seemed okay with the bond earlier…look at her in that underwear set. I want her out of it as soon as possible. I want to run my hands over her smooth skin like I used to when I was teaching her how to swim. I don’t think she knows I only offered to teach her so I could touch her and see her naked. She’d probably smack me if she found out…

As he came to a stop before me I pulled out of his mind, excited at the prospect of being claimed. Before the Great Reveal Khai had claimed me in front of others purely to save me and stop others from feeding on me: There was nothing romantic about the claiming, though, no exchange of blood and sex, it was a protective measure. No one had argued with him due to his age.

Reaching for the lapels of his jacket, I slowly slid the fabric down his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Fingers moving to the buttons of his white shirt, I slowly popped each one open, my eyes never breaking from his as I worked. When the last button was undone, I drew the fabric from his strong frame, letting it pool on the floor beside his jacket. Breaking eye contact, I looked down to the markings on his chest, following them as they curved around his neck. Reaching out, my fingers traced over the intricate design, the ink still as fresh looking as it had been in his human days. I’d missed this, missed feeling his skin beneath my fingertips. Moving on, my fingers traced the zigzag design on his left arm, remembering the time when we were younger when he’d told me all about the markings that covered his body. He’d told me that these zigzags represented water and complimented the sea serpent inked down his spine. Without the markings, he would have been radiant, but with them he was beautiful. Moving to the other arm I traced the Elder Futhark, I hadn’t learnt the language so I was unsure what exactly was written there, but that didn’t matter, it was beautiful anyway.

Slipping my hands down his smooth stomach, I knelt at his feet, lifting one foot to remove his shoe and sock before doing the same to the other foot. I had never knelt before any man in my life, I had always thought of myself as dominant and somewhat of a feminist. But I would kneel before Godric any day, regardless of the situation or who was around. I respected him and loved him and knew in the vampire world that kneeling at his feet would be a show of submission, that I was acknowledging the fact that he owned me. Of course, I owned him too, but there would be plenty of vampires who would frown about that in public so I would reserve those comments for the times when we would be in private.

Rising back to my feet at an unhurried pace, I traced the deep V of his muscles with my fingers, which led to the treasure I found myself craving. Popping open the button of his slacks and sliding the zipper down, I helped the fabric along as it slid down his powerful thighs and over his calves, stopping at his feet. He stepped out of them, kicking them aside to join the growing pile of his clothing.

We stood admiring one another for some time, our hands trailing lightly over each other’s skin as we reacquainted ourselves with one another. There was no hurry, dawn was hours away, and I could tell that we both intended to savour this time together. With the lightest of touches, Godric reached around my back, unhooking my bra with one hand and sliding it gently off my arms, letting it fall to the floor.

My hands moved to the waistband of his boxers and playfully I pinged the elastic, a light giggle escaping my lips at the childish gesture. Godric’s own rumble of laughter blended with mine perfectly.

When my guards told me he’d died, I’d vowed to myself that I would never take another man into my heart or my bed. It was another reason that I had decided to fake my passing on the morning of my wedding. I didn’t want to go through the day with everyone telling me how wonderful my wedding night would be. For me, it would have been torture, the biggest betrayal to Godric. I couldn’t do that to him.

I’d never been with a vampire before, but I’d heard from numerous minds, including that of Sookie, that sex with a vampire was extraordinary and completely mind-blowing. If a 1000-year-old Viking was good at it then I knew without the shadow of a doubt, that a 2000-year-old Gaul would be even better. Perhaps Sookie and I could exchange notes later…

Pulling my thoughts back to the present moment, I hooked my fingers over the elastic of Godric’s boxers and dragged the tented fabric down, licking my lips in anticipation. I could remember every inch of his body from our childhood, I’d watched him as he’d worked the fields with the other slaves, watching the flexing of his young strong muscles, and of course I’d admired him when he’d stripped down during our swims in the Nile or when he’d sought solace in my bed. Although young when he’d been turned, he’d thankfully been blessed with a more than generous package. With the gentlest of touches, I took hold of the solid yet soft six-inch gift.

A groan fled from his lips as his eyes closed, his head tipped forward so his forehead rested against my left shoulder. I gave him a few quick strokes, earning another groan from him, and then removed my hand, using it to help the other in pulling down my panties. Kicking them off, I gently grasped his chin, tipping his head back before looking into his beautiful eyes. Leaning forward I gave him a lingering kiss, a promise for later, before turning and sliding into the shower. Switching the water on, I left the door open slightly and it was only seconds later that I felt him slide in behind me, and heard the click as the glass door shut.

His lithe body pressed against mine, his erection pressed against my lower back, I took the soap and turned around, washing his broad chest first, relishing in the feel of him. In a teasing gesture, I let my nails drag across his nipples, moving onto his arms that I washed gently, ignoring his mewl at my earlier ministrations. Tracing the intricate ink designs on his arms, I decided now was the time to ask him my questions. Clearing the lump from my throat I spoke quietly.

“Why did you let the Fellowship take you, and why did you try to meet the sun?” I asked gently, no accusation in my tone, just a terrible curiosity.

He was silent for a moment as I continued to clean him before he spoke up, his voice quiet and full of remorse. “I’ve done terrible things in the past 2000 years, the memories of which haunt me every waking moment. I slaughtered millions for fun and sport, not caring for their gender or age. I was consumed with rage and anger for my mistreatment, for the unfairness of the situation placed on us all those years ago, I wanted everyone to suffer as I had. About five hundred years ago, I reined in that anger, knowing it wasn’t doing me any good; I took on a more peaceful approach as I tried to atone for my sins. I wanted vampires to treat humans as equals, I wanted us to maintain our emotions even though I had drilled it into Eric that emotions were a weakness; I wanted everything to change, for vampires to move forward and evolve. After thousands of years, we haven’t evolved, we’ve only grown more brutal, more predatory. I don’t see the danger of treating humans as equals, the Fellowship arose because we never did so,” he explained, his voice regaining its steady, strong tone towards the end of his speech.

“How did you know?” He asked in turn, no anger in his voice, just the same curiosity I had spoken with.

“Sookie lets her shields down around Eric, it wasn’t hard to find the information,” I responded gently, moving down to wash his supple legs.

“Why did I feel a burst of pride and hope from you earlier?” He quizzed, threading his fingers through my blonde locks as I knelt at his feet once more in order to clean him.

I was silent until I had finished washing his legs and feet and then rose to my full height, locking eyes with him. “Because I found out what made you stay, that I was the reason you decided to live on and it filled me with such pride, knowing you had the courage to set aside how you felt so as not to disappoint me. You will never disappoint me and you must remember that. I felt hopeful because of you, well, you clearly still cared for me after all that time,” I stated, raising a hand to delicately trace his jawline before, “Turn around for me?” I requested.

He turned on the spot, giving me access to his marked back. Lathering up my hands once more, I gently washed the broad surface, tracing the sea serpent design upon his back. Moving to the red disk on his right shoulder blade, I sighed, sadness washing over me.

“Why are you sad?” His calm voice sounded out against the noise of the water beating down on us.

Gently I tapped the raised red mark, “It’s my fault you got this, I should’ve demanded you to be kept in the palace with me. It’s my father’s fault you found yourself so far from home, all alone.”

“Do not blame yourself, my sweet. If none of it had of happened, we wouldn’t be here now.” He chided me gently. Smiling at his gentle scolding I sighed once more before I leant forward and kissed the bumped brand.

Allowing the water to wash the suds from him, I shampooed his hair and washed it all out, dragging my nails across his scalp in a slow but sweet torture, eliciting a moan from his beautiful lips.

Once all the suds were gone, I turned my back to him. “Could you, please? I can’t reach.” I asked quietly, moving my wet blonde hair to the side and out of the way.

Once again pressed up against my back, his erection nestled between us; he grabbed the soap from the dish and lathered up his hands before returning the soap and moving his hands to my shoulders. Slowly he washed me; removing the unwanted tension the day had brought me. He worked his way down, rubbing circles across my back, following the contours of my hourglass shape. Reaching my behind, he gave both globes a gentle squeeze and I had to silence my moan by biting my lower lip. Not enough to draw blood, however, I didn’t want him to lose control and take me just yet.

He worked meticulously, cleaning the back of both of my legs before rising back up to his full height. “Turn around, my sweet.” He commanded quietly in my ear, his authoritative yet gentle tone mixed with his husky voice did unspeakable things to my hoochie. Willingly obliging I turned to face him, his eyes glazed over with lust as he took in my naked and damp form.

While he was cleaning my neck, I was careful not to expose too much flesh to him, knowing that if I bared the smooth skin to him it would be an invitation to feed and I was already feeling a little weak from his earlier meal. His hands worked lower until they were cupping my breasts. His slender fingers worked over the smooth skin, his thumbs dragging across my puckered nipples in tantalising torture. Too soon his fingers were working down my cleavage and onward to my flat stomach.

His forefinger on his left hand dipped into my belly button and I giggled at the sensation, a beautiful smile lighting his face at my reaction, “I’ve missed that sound,” he admitted before falling to his knees before me in a show of submission that mirrored mine. In that moment, I realised we belonged to each other and I couldn’t be happier. He lifted my right foot to wash it, and my fingers found themselves in his short brown hair. Leaning forward, he pressed a kiss to my knee before looking up at me. “I’ll never leave you again, I promise,” he vowed, washing my other foot before rising back up.

His hands worked over my wide hips, moving towards my centre. Finally, he cupped my sex with one hand, both of us groaning at the sensation. His dexterous forefinger found its way through my folds as I took hold of his member, which still stood at attention. Gently he pressed the digit against my entrance: The sensation drew a moan from me and my internal muscles clamped down. My hands took on a mind of their own, one stroking him gently as the other traced the muscles of his back

“There’s only been you,” I told him truthfully.

Removing his finger from within me, I whimpered at the loss, but he captured my face with his hands, forcing me to look up at him. “There has been no one since…?” He started to say, but I shook my head vehemently, denying there had ever been anyone but him. “You have no idea how happy that makes me, that even though you thought I’d truly died you were faithful to me, my memory, all this time.” He smiled warmly, the finger that had been inside me moments before traced my lower lip. Darting my tongue out, I tasted myself on him and we both groaned at the sensation.

“After 2000 years, I can still be surprised. Let me make love to you, please.” He begged.


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