Ethereal Redemption Chapter 15

And it’s not theirs to speculate if it’s wrong and
Your hands are tough but they are where mine belong and
I’ll fight their doubt and give you faith with this song for you
‘Cause I love the gap between your teeth and I love the riddles that you speak
And any snide remarks from my father about your tattoos will be ignored
‘Cause my heart is yours
So don’t you worry your pretty little mind. people throw rocks at things that shine
And life makes love look hard
Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine
But they can’t take what’s ours, they can’t take what’s ours
The stakes are high, the water’s rough, but this love is ours
~ Ours, Taylor Swift

Nodding my head, I allowed Godric to pull me out of the shower, shutting the water off before he towelled both of us dry quickly. His lips soon found mine, though, and I was swept up into his exceptionally strong arms. Still locked together by our lips, he led us into my bedroom and carefully placed me down on the soft duvet. Throwing the scatter cushions out of the way, he moved me up the bed, kneeling over me as his eyes wandered across my naked form.

I felt a little self-conscious as he drank in the sight of me, he’d seen me naked before, but that was when we were much younger and had yet to see the world and its horrors, and the beauty it could provide. I attempted to cross my legs to hide some of my body but he soon stopped me. “Don’t hide from me,” he ordered gently, his authoritative tone back in play, the sound of which increased my arousal: I could feel myself dampening between my legs. He took a deep breath in, scenting my arousal.

Bending down, he peppered light kisses along my collarbone, his hands grasping my breasts firmly yet with a tenderness to them. “Your breasts were made for my hands, my sweet,” he commented quietly, licking along my neck and up to my jawline. He gave my breasts a gentle squeeze, and I couldn’t stop my head from falling back and a moan escaping my lips. His thumbs dragged over my puckered nipples before finally, his mouth came down on my left breast. He offered kisses at first, before moving across the soft skin to my nipple, which he sucked greedily into his waiting mouth. The sensation of his wet lips was incredible. Dragging his tongue across the sensitive nodule, I clawed at his back, pulling his head closer as he continued to suckle and nibble with his blunt teeth. His hand worked my right breast, his forefinger and thumb rolling the hardened peak between them, tugging it gently every now and then, causing me to hiss in both pleasure and pain.

Swapping over, he repeated the process on the other breast. My nails dug into his back as I panted until I felt a dampness seeping onto my fingers. Godric howled in pleasure above me as I broke the skin, drawing his ancient blood to the surface. With an audible click, his beautiful fangs fell into place and he dragged them across my nipple in a teasing gesture, the scraping action drawing blood to the surface. He suckled my skin again for a few moments before pulling back. Looking down I could see the red mark and I knew that by the time I woke in the morning I would be bearing a large purple bruise. I was momentarily disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to mark him in such a way. What I would give to be able to do so.

Shifting above me, he parted my legs wide as he caught my gaze, seeking permission one last time as he settled between them. When I gave a small nod, his left hand let go of my breast and moved down my body, caressing the skin as it went. Finally, he reached my throbbing sex.

His fingers met my wet folds, and he stroked me lovingly, I could feel my juices flowing, and I knew he could too. He moved downwards at a leisurely pace until he was face to face with my lady parts. He watched my face as his finger penetrated me. I threw my head back in pleasure, groaning at the sensation as he gently added another finger, loosening me up so that I would be able to take his engorged organ later. I could feel a tightening sensation start in my lower stomach and it only increased in intensity as his ministrations continued.

I whimpered at the loss when he removed his fingers, but soon his tongue was taking over: Licking my glistening folds in languorous strokes, his fingers found my clitoris and he flicked the exposed nub gently. A shudder ran through my body at the sudden sensation and I groaned out in appreciation, “More please, more,” as his tongue took a more forceful approach. Nestling his face further between my legs, his nose came to rest between my folds and I felt his fangs scrapping the sensitive skin there. I wondered what it would be like to receive a bite in such an intimate area. He breathed unnecessarily, the feel of his cool breath on my sex only increased my arousal and he lapped up everything I gave him.

“Hmm, you taste so good carissimus,” he commented, slipping into Latin momentarily to call me by my childhood pet name, his excursions taking on a more urgent pace as his tongue plunged into my opening. Crying out at the feeling I wanted to clamp my legs around his head to keep him there forever. Sensing this need, Godric’s hand tore away from my clitoris much to my dismay and instead held my legs open. His mouth descended on my mound soon after though, and he sucked the little nub into his mouth, scrapping his sharp fangs over it gently as I felt the build up inside of me increase.

His hands left my legs and travelled up my body: He grabbed my breasts roughly, my hands clutching the sheets, knuckles white as he fondled my rosy nubs, rubbing them vigorously before rolling them gently.

“Come for me,” he demanded sharply as his mouth closed over my folds, and with two hard sucks on the swollen pink flesh I came undone. The coil inside of me snapped and I screamed out at the sensation. My inner walls clamping down as my juices flowed even faster. Panting heavily, I looked down my body at the beautiful man between my thighs, a soft smile on his lips as he crawled back up my body and settled above me.

Stretching up I captured his lips with mine, tasting my juices on him. If I hadn’t heard from someone’s mind how incredibly erotic it was, I may have been disgusted at the action. Reaching down between us as my breathing evened out, I took his rock-hard member into my hands before rubbing the bulbous head against my dripping folds. He groaned above me and for a moment I felt powerful, I could make a 2000-year-old vampire groan in anticipation.

“So wet for me, my sweet. So. Fucking. Wet.” He gritted out, aligning himself with my entrance. Gently he pushed forward, the tip of his penis breaching my entrance and the sensation caused me to cry out. The weak bond allowed him to feel the slight pain caused by the stretching caused by our coupling and he stilled immediately, leaning down to capture my lips in a toe-curling kiss to distract me. It worked.

Easing himself in, my walls clamped down around him as he sheathed himself inside my velvet channel. We both cried out at the sensation: he fitted perfectly inside of me. “So tight. So warm.” He murmured, allowing me a moment to adjust before rocking his hips against mine. The sensations flooding my body were incredible. I could feel his thick steel rod buried to the hilt inside of me, I could feel the head bumping against my g-spot with every thrust and I could feel him pulsing inside of me. His skin was warm from mine, and the hot shower we had shared, and the only thing missing was a heartbeat. It didn’t matter to me, though, in that moment I knew we both felt far more alive than at any other time since we’d parted ways on the veranda all those years ago when he’d given me what turned out to be our final kiss for many, many years.

Pulling his body closer to mine, I relished the feel of his weight above me, and my hips soon found a rhythm that matched his. We were moving together like a well-oiled piece of machinery and I could feel the tightening inside of me building up again. “Gods,” he groaned, “I have missed…this. Missed you…missed the closeness…we shared,” he groaned out: I could sense his control slipping.

Wrapping my legs around him, my heels dug into his perfect ass as I pulled him up with every thrust. “Deeper cridio, please,” I begged, using the Gaulish pet name I had given him when we were children, not caring how wanton I sounded. I needed him more than anything else and I would never get enough of him, of his voice, of his thoughts, all of him. Grabbing my legs, he unhooked them from around him, parted them wider and pinned them in place as he picked up speed, pounding into me, Shouting out at the sensation, my hands found their way into his hair and tugged at it. “So close, so fucking close,” he declared and I could do nothing but moan in agreement.

My inner walls started to flutter around him and I knew my climax was only seconds away. Wanting to be joined to him, not only by our sexes but by his fangs too, I tipped my head sideways, exposing my neck to him. He licked my jugular to make it stand out before he struck, his fangs sinking into my skin as my orgasm hit me. Shouting out his name, my inner walls clamped down around him, milking him as he pulled back from the wound to roar out in completion.

My whole body was shaking, rippling with aftershocks as he lazily sealed over the puncture marks, nicking his tongue with his fangs before brushing blood across the area to remove any scarring. His body was pressed down onto mine, and I found myself stroking his back soothingly, welcoming his weight as I tried to calm the animal inside of him as I brought both my breathing and my heart rate back to a steady rate. His fangs slid back into place as he relaxed against me.

We lay together in post-coital bliss and as I came back to reality I realised my shields were all but shattered and Godric’s thoughts were flowing into my mind freely. I can’t believe she gave me such a gift; does she have any idea how much that means to me? I can’t remember doing anything to warrant such beauty and perfection but I thank the Gods regardless. She looks so incredible as she comes undone beneath me, I could make love to her every night for the rest of my existence and that still wouldn’t be enough. I need more of her. I want more of her. We fit perfectly together. I need her again tonight; I hope she isn’t too sore. I hope she isn’t hurt either; I can’t feel any pain from the bond. Perhaps she can help me atone for my sins; perhaps she’s my chance at redemption. I won’t fail her again, I won’t leave her, and I’ll tell her everything, I’ll tell her every day how much she means to me, how special she is.

“Godric?” I breathed, breaking the silence.

“Yes, carissimus?”

“I love you.”

He raised his head, his pale eyes finding my bright ones and he held my gaze for a minute. “Don’t say that unless you mean it, please,” he asked quietly. I could see the carefully constructed façade crumble. He’d spent the past 2000 years pretending not to care, not daring to show anyone the soft side he’d had as a human. I could see through it, though.

“I love you, I have since we first met in my Mother’s palace and I will continue to love you until the end of time,” I repeated firmly, not expecting for him to say it back. Oddly enough, I would have been hurt earlier if I’d used those three words and he hadn’t said them in return, but I didn’t care now. It was important that he knew how much he meant to me and how much I cared for him.

He was silent for a moment as he watched me and I could feel so many emotions flittering between our bond but none stuck around long enough for me to pinpoint, apart from the last one, I knew the last one well. “I love you too,” he whispered in response, leaning down to brush his lips against mine. A smile broke out on my face as I held him close to me, unashamedly allowing tears to roll down my cheeks.

“I’ve waited 2000 years to hear you say those words again,” I confessed in explanation as he gently licked away my tears.

“You loved me even then when I was nothing but a slave boy. You love me now too, though I’m no longer human?” he murmured, a guarded expression on his features.

“Yes. Remember when we stood together on the veranda when you gave me what turned out to be a final kiss, and I told you to meet me the following night, but you were turned so you never came to me?” I asked gently, raising a hand to trace the tattoo across his chest and neck. He nodded as he remembered the conversation. “I’d just passed my first law. It took me eight months to pass, but it would have allowed me to pick a husband without any input from the High Court. I was going to pay your Master to let you go and then ask you to move into the palace with me before asking you to take the throne with me, as my King. You being a vampire now doesn’t change my feelings,” I told him, only meeting his eyes once I’d confessed.

His eyes started to well up with unshed red tears as he looked into my eyes for what felt like forever. “You spent eight months fighting to pass a law so you could marry me? Y-You wanted to share your empire with me, a lowly slave boy?” He asked, a single red tear rolling down his cheek. Reaching up, I licked the droplet away, kissing his cheek gently. Clearly, he was still upset about the role that had been forced upon him when he’d been human. The first time I’d looked at him, when I’d been ten, I’d known then that he was a proud creature. To be beaten into submission and forced to think of himself as nothing must have been terrible for him.

“Yes, I wanted to share everything with you, I still do. Everything that is mine is yours, be it my businesses, my blood or my bed,” I told him, running a hand through his short brown hair in an encouraging gesture.

“What about your heart and your soul, can I have those too?” he asked shyly, all traces of the sexual prowess he’d shown earlier stripped away.

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at the innocence of his question. “They were yours the moment I stopped in front of you when I was ten,” I assured him, arching up to press my body firmly to his, my heart hammering away against my chest, reverberating into his silent body.

His forehead came to rest against mine and he sighed in contentment, “Everything I have is yours as well, you know. You have my heart, even though it is cold and dead, and I would give you my soul also if it weren’t for the fact it is so corrupt,” he whispered with his eyes shut as his nose nuzzled against mine.

Lifting his head with one hand, I placed the other over his silent heart, his eyes snapping open to look into mine. “Your heart isn’t cold, it might not be beating but that doesn’t make it dead. There’s love in you, a lot of it, and that makes your heart warm and alive,” I reassured gently, kissing his cheek once more to capture another stray red droplet. “And if you believe your soul is corrupt, then let me redeem you,” I whispered, using his own thoughts from earlier to assure him that I wasn’t going anywhere.

He looked down at me in shock for a moment before looking weary. “Can you…” he tapped his temple with one of his slender fingers as if he was frightened to say the words.

“I try not to but you turned my shields, and my insides, to Jell-O earlier,” I answered honestly with a small laugh, knowing sooner or later I would have to come clean. I couldn’t help but bite down on my lower lip, a slight hint of fear creeping through me. What if he didn’t like that? What if it angered him?

Don’t be worried, my sweet, you have nothing to fear. You cannot help it. Besides, I quite enjoy the idea of speaking to you in this manner, no one will know what I’m saying to you, and it can be our little secret. He projected to me and I couldn’t help but grin at the ease with which he picked it up.

I was about to reply verbally, knowing he wouldn’t be able to hear me if I sent a response mentally, the sound of the light-tight shutters clicking into place rang out. I yawned rather abruptly and my whole body stretched which caused me to mewl and for Godric to groan. He was still buried deep inside of me, the thought of which both excited and comforted me. I didn’t want to be parted from him yet. “You must sleep, my darling. The past twenty-four hours have been busy for you and I don’t want you to be tired,” Godric soothed, rolling off me and onto his side, taking me with him as he pulled the duvet up and over our naked bodies.

Closing my eyes, I could feel sleep starting to take over and drag me down, moments before I slipped into slumber I heard Godric speak to me once more. “I love you.”


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