Ethereal Redemption Chapter 16

I never thought that I was so blind, I can finally see the truth, it’s me for you
Tonight you can’t imagine that I’m by your side cuz it’s never gonna be the truth
So far for you but can you hear me say? Don’t throw me away
There’s no way out, I gotta hold you somehow
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too everyday,
but all I have is time, our love’s the perfect crime
~ I Wanna, All American Rejects

I had once thought I would never approve of my Maker taking a lover, that they would always be unworthy of his affections. However, my opinion changed the moment Ata took my Sookie’s hand across the dinner table and reassured her that she was loved and cared for. It had been above and beyond what was expected. If she showed such affection for someone who was, in essence, a total stranger then I could only imagine the amount of affection she held for my Maker.

The moment Ata shut the door behind her, leaving Sookie and me alone, I gave the room a once over. I didn’t suspect Ata of being the sort to leave listening devices in rooms and spy on her guests. However, I was wary of ‘the boys’ as she liked to call them. I was yet to meet them all and determine for myself how much of a threat they were. It also happened to be an old habit.

Stopping my search, I finally took a step back to observe the room. The walls were a warm cream colour and the carpets matched, the ceiling was covered in wooden slats and a beautiful chandelier hung pride of place, the golden light it emitted covering the room in a warm glow. There were two windows in the room and cream curtains concealed the mechanism for the light-tight shutters. I would get to sleep beside my lover. Between the two windows sat a king size bed, the perfect size for someone with my height. The bed frame was made of Scandinavian Pine; Ata’s choice of wood was impeccable in my books. Each corner of the bed frame had been carved into square posts, ornate detail hand carved into the wood. Clearly, someone had spent hours making this piece. The duvet was a golden colour to match the warm feeling of the room and numerous gold and red scatter cushions decorated the bed too. In the middle of the floor sat an antique rug, red in colour and in mint condition. Over the years, Ata had clearly collected many pieces.

A carved marble fireplace sat to the left of the bed, a glass cover hiding the flames. Vampires and fire most certainly do not mix – I know from experience. On the mantle sat a few potted plants and small trinkets from around the world. On the left side of the room, on either side of the fireplace, were two wooden doors made of the same pine as the bed. One door was open and led into a large bathroom while the other door was closed. I gave the door a gentle tug and it swung open, lights clicking on in the space to reveal a walk-in wardrobe.

“Will you stop being paranoid? I trust her,” Sookie declared, moving across the room to her suitcase that sat neatly on a luggage rack as I continued my exploration.

“I trust her too, it’s the other vampires in her nest that I don’t trust,” I pointed out, moving over to my own suitcase, which sat on another, matching, luggage rack beside Sookie’s. The sound of the zips rang out through the still air and soon Sookie was plucking her clothes out, dashing into the wardrobe and hanging them up before returning to repeat the process. Chuckling at her antics I watched as she took her underwear from the bag, moving to the wardrobe to put them away. As she passed me, however, I plucked a pair of red lacy boy shorts from the pile in her arms. Appraising them slowly I shot her my signature smirk.

“How did you know red is my favourite colour, lover?” I purred, waggling my eyebrows at her. A light blush swept across her features and she scampered from my sight, depositing her underwear in an empty drawer within the wardrobe. Lifting her lacy underwear to my nose I inhaled the sweet scent. She hadn’t worn them so they were clean but my keen sense of smell picked up her subtle scent underneath the harsh smell of laundry soap.

“I think I’ll keep these,” I declared, tucking the scrap of red fabric into the back pocket of my jeans, allowing some of the material to hang out so others would be able to see that Sookie was mine.

“Eric, I need those. I plan on wearing the matching bra tomorrow so I’m gonna have to wear those panties,” she informed me, not realising what her words were doing to my ‘gracious plenty’ as she held out her hand. As if I would give them to her!

“Oh now, Miss Stackhouse, you’re giving me wonderfully wicked mental images! Perhaps I’ll hold onto these a little longer so you’ll be forced to spend tomorrow with no panties on, at least then I’ll have easy access to you,” I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the thought. Rising to find Sookie going commando would be by far the best thing in the world. I could see it now, she would move towards me in one of her little virginal sundresses, she’d crawl across the large bed towards me and straddle my hips, her core resting against my straining member.

Suddenly I was blindsided by an extortionately large amount of lust, and it wasn’t all mine. Coupled with mine, however, it was difficult to control. Within seconds I had my Sookie pinned to the nearest wall, my heavy frame keeping her in place as she squirmed against me. “Eric, gerroff!” she scolded, still wiggling against me. There was no fear coursing through her veins, she’d learnt by now that I would never hurt her, however, I could feel her confusion and her slight panic at being pinned in place, though both feelings only registered a little in my mind. I was too consumed by my lust for her.

Groaning at the sensation of her small body moving against mine as she attempted to free herself, I growled out a warning, tangling one of my hands in her natural blonde curls, the other going to her wide hip, keeping her firmly in place as I crushed my lips to hers in a searing kiss. She melted into my touch, the confusion and slight panic evaporating as I claimed her mouth with my own.

Breaking apart so she could breathe, I moved to her neck, scattering kisses across the smooth skin I found there. Her breath ripped out raggedly, her hands clung to my shoulders as I continued my assault down her throat to her jugular notch where I laved the supple skin with licks and kisses.

A sweet moan fled from her lips at my ministrations and I used the knee of my left leg to part her legs, resting it between her glorious thighs. Her hands moved from my shoulders to the buttons of my shirt eagerly and she fumbled with the buttons before letting out a strangled groan of frustration. Releasing her for a second I whipped my shirt off, my hands returning to her glorious body as I pushed her red dress up. Not only was the dress beautiful but also it was my favourite colour. Hooking my fingers over the scrap of fabric that currently attempted to conceal her sex, I divested her of the garment with a simple flourish of my wrist, the material falling to the floor.

“Hey! I liked those!” She finally formed a coherent sentence, smacking me gently on the arm.

Pulling away from her throat I looked up at her, my eyes reflecting in hers were glazed over with lust and adoration for the little faery who had enchanted me. “I’ll buy you another pair, I’ll buy you the whole fucking store, so long as I get to rip them from your body every night and fuck you senseless,” I breathed, moving up to her ear as she gasped. Capturing her earlobe with my blunt teeth I tugged it slightly, causing my lover to groan out in appreciation.

Making quick work of her dress, I tugged the fabric over her head, not wanting to ruin it. Underwear was easy to replace but that dress was beautiful and of course had the sentimental attachment to it due to it being a gift from Niall. It was one thing for my lover to be mad at me for ruining a pair of $20 panties and another entirely for ruining a priceless gown.

Casting the garment aside, I leant backwards to observe my beautiful woman. She was still panting, drawing air rapidly into her lungs, causing her breasts to heave and her face was flushed from our antics. The only other time she was even more radiant was when she was coming undone beneath me.

Capturing her lips again in a heated kiss, her hands moved to my suit pants, her nimble fingers making light work of the zipper and button combination and she slowly extracted me from them. I was, as always, going commando. You never know when an opportunity might arise and I have always prided myself on being an opportunist.

Kicking off my shoes, my trousers finally hit the floor and I kicked them off too, never having to break away from my lover’s lips, my hands working over her small body, tracing every curve and contour.

Pulling back from her lips, I returned to her neck, kissing my way down her throat, across her collarbones and to her breasts, which were concealed by her lacy red bra. Grabbing the fabric with my teeth I savagely pulled the offending item from her body, letting it fall to the pile of material that was growing on the floor.

With her whole body now exposed I was free to roam, my lips, teeth and tongue laving across her luscious breasts, moving to one dusky pebble. Sucking the nodule into my mouth, I smothered it with licks and nibbles. Sookie threw her head back, arching into me as she moaned out my name, her nails scraping along my shoulders and down my back as my right hand moved to her other breast, tugging and rolling the hardened pebble there.

Satisfied that I had spent enough time for now with her left breast, I swapped over, taking the other pebble into my mouth with equal fervour. “Eric,” she panted, her hands having moved up to my head, and her fingers were running through my hair, tugging every now and then in her desperate need.

The sound of her breathing out my name, her words smothered in desire, fuelled my need for her. The smell of her arousal was hypnotic, pushing me into a frenzy as lust bounced between Sookie and me in the bond, the extra lust from the bond I shared with my Maker was pouring into the mix. It seems I wasn’t the only one getting lucky. Supporting her with one hand, the other moved to her core where I tested her readiness. Usually, I would spend some time working her up, pushing her to the brink and then hauling her back, yet the urge to fuck her fast and hard was overwhelming.

Knowing she was ready to accommodate me, I aligned our hips and with one sharp thrust buried myself to the hilt inside of her tight, wet passage. We both groaned at the contact: I had been inside of her only a few hours ago, yet it felt like an eternity. Giving her a moment to adjust to my size – I had been well endowed during my human years, as had my Maker – I began to rock my hips against hers, pulling myself nearly all the way before slamming back home, brushing against her g-spot as I pulled out.

Her slick channel clamped down around me, squeezing and pulsing around me as I continued to relentlessly pound into her. I had no idea what the coming nights would hold, but I wanted to savour every moment with Sookie. Still supporting her small weight with my hands, my lips reconnected to hers, nibbling on her lower lip as my tongue pried her mouth open.

Her lips parted for me, my fangs sliding down as she groaned into my mouth and my tongue rolled into her, tasting every crevice, and relishing in the feel of her own tongue causing friction against mine. She smelt and tasted like fae and it was an intoxicating concoction. I had always been proud of my control; I had mastered it perfectly, and yet with my little faery it always broke, always shattered. She’d taken me, a strong and feared Viking vampire in public, and turned me into an emotional and caring man in private. My lost humanity was starting to return to me, and while I didn’t necessarily welcome the change, I wasn’t put off by the idea either. I had survived 1000 years by using my head, by burying my emotions, and then this little blonde bombshell waltzed into my bar and thought herself in Disney world. She turned my twisted world upside down and brought light back into my darkness.

I could feel her channel as it started to flutter around my solid member, and I knew then that she was moments away from her peak. Her hands moved to the back of my head and she pulled me down to her right breast. Her own head had tipped back in ecstasy, her eyes shut tight as she focused on the sensations I was giving her body. “Bite me Eric, oh god, please!” She begged, practically hyperventilating with her need.

Not needing to be told twice, I sank my fangs into her breast, right above her dusky pebble, sucking on both the wound and her sensitive flesh as her walls clamped down around me one final time, her climax rolling through her body, sweetening her already potent blood. “Eric!” She screamed my name, a triumphant smile plastering itself on my face before I slammed into her once, twice more before finally feeling my own climax claim me. Letting go of her wound I called out her name in return.

She slumped against the wall and I held her up, my stamina was far superior to hers but that was to be expected. Still buried inside of her for the moment, I licked at the pinprick wounds on her breast, my saliva healing the marks before I nicked my tongue on my fang, lazily coating the area with my blood to heal her completely.

Her chest was still heaving, a thin sheen of sweat covering her voluptuous body as she tried to pull her breathing and heart rate back to a more suitable pattern. She was truly beautiful all the time, but even more so when she was floating in post-coital bliss.

Pulling her from the wall, removing my member from her in the process, I walked us over to the bed, slowly laying her down on the golden duvet, her head resting against the numerous scatter cushions. Her eyes were still shut, a dreamy smile on her wonderfully defiant lips. She was a work of art, and she was all mine.

Her eyelids opened lazily, revealing her blue eyes, which shone with love and mirth, the same emotions I could feel pulsing through our bond. My bond with Godric was wide open on his side, a strange occurrence given that for the last century he had all but closed it off completely, and it had quite clearly been his lust I had felt earlier that had pushed me into making such a rash move, it had been worth it, though, to take my Sookie up against the wall.

Now I could feel his love coming through, though Godric’s love was not aimed at me, but for the kinswoman of my beloved whom, I hoped lay underneath my Maker at this very moment. My own love for Sookie flowed into my bond with her and she returned it eagerly. Reaching up, she cradled my face with her hands, rubbing her thumbs over my cheekbones and down to my jaw line.

“Make love to me again, Eric, before the dawn takes you from me. Go gently, and slowly,” she demanded in a whisper, her lips ghosting over my cheek before finding my lips.

I happily obliged, making love to the one woman in the world who could tame me, who could change my view on the world and make me a better vampire. The sound of the light-tight shutters sliding into place just before dawn drew us to a stop and I rolled off her, bringing her with me and tucking her into my side. Holding her close, I caressed her lower back, her arm was slung over my chest and her legs tangled with mine. Her eyes were closed in peaceful bliss and her heart rate had slowed to a steady beat.

“I love you, Eric,” she breathed, pressing a feather-light kiss to my chest.

“And I love you too, Sookie,” I responded quietly, just before the rise of the sun pulled me under into my dreamless slumber.


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