Ethereal Redemption Chapter 21

Caught up in this madness too blind to see, woke animal feelings in me
Took over my sense and I lost control, I’ll taste your blood tonight
You know I make you wanna scream
You know I make you wanna run from me baby, but know it’s too late you’ve wasted all your time
Relax while you’re closing your eyes to me, so warm as I’m setting you free
With your arms by your side there’s no struggling, pleasure’s all mine this time
~ Scream, Avenged Sevenfold

I was worried for my Childe: I had felt his distress during our day rest but had been unable to fight the pull of the sun as it hung high in the sky in order to go and reassure him. Of course, the conversation between my Ata, Miss Stackhouse and my Childe had enlightened me to the cause of his distress. My love was willing to endure my Childe’s fury so that Miss Stackhouse would not be upset. A commendable trait, but I would never let it happen.

Slinking up behind her I knew I wasn’t taller than my Childe, however, I took a protective stance. If it came to it I would not hesitate in issuing a Makers command to stop him from attacking her.

I noted that my Childe weighed up his options before finally settling on a scathing glare. Ata stood tall, though, and I was immensely proud of her.

The moment Eric turned his attention to Miss Stackhouse, Ata grabbed my cool hand with her warm one, tugging me gently out of the room so the pair could settle things themselves. Back in the corridor, Ata shut the door behind us before turning to me. Instinct took over and seconds later I had her pinned to the back of the door, my lips on hers as my hands wandered over her body and under her shirt, exploring every contour. I swallowed her breathy moan before peeling my lips from hers so she could breathe. I dropped my head to her neck, inhaling her sweet scent as I scattered more kisses on her creamy skin. I could scent her arousal too. “Good evening, carissimus.” I rumbled, nuzzling her throat.

Her dainty hands had found their way to the nape of my neck and were playing with the short hairs there. “Good evening, cridio” she whispered in response, and I could almost hear the smile on her lips. If anyone else dared to call me by any pet name I would tear them apart limb by limb, my young looks were deceiving. I wanted her; I wanted to ravage her right in there in the hall. Pressing my crotch to hers, I let my current feelings be known, and the sweet moan that tumbled from her parted lips was music to my ears.

I was about to reconnect our lips and allow my hands to wander into the leggings she had on when she suddenly pushed me back, quickly adjusted her shirt and plastered on her beautiful smile: Ari turned into the corridor. Goddamn it! Just as I was getting to the good part! Containing a growl, I turned to look at the other vampire who had stopped in front of Ata. His nostrils flared slightly and a smirk crossed his lips, “A hallway Ata, really?” he quirked an eyebrow.

“Blame his raging hormones,” she responded nonchalantly, glancing in my direction. I could tell she was trying her hardest to suppress a smile. I could feel her mischief in the bond, and I had a feeling our activities would resume later.

Ata fell silent for a moment and I observed her features, a light scowl in place before she smiled, her eyes taking on a distant look. “She’s ‘chatting’ to someone’ Ari murmured under his breath, just loud enough for a vampire to hear. For a moment we stood in silence, observing her conducting her mental conversation before she laughed lightly, snapping out of the trance like state.

“Sorry about that, that conversation needed my full attention. Now, what’s the matter Ari?” she apologised to us both, glancing at each of us before her blue eyes turned to the Egyptian vampire.

“It’s Monday so we have disputes to settle, and we have a visitor. Creepy Felipe is here. He wants to sit in on the meetings. Oh, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that he’s going to ask you to be his consort,” Ari informed us rather grimly. I was shocked for a moment that Felipe was here. Why? Ata’s disgust, horror and anger came barrelling through our weak bond, and for a moment I was grateful that we were yet to further it: Her emotions would only fuel mine. As it was I found myself growling, fangs down as I took a protective stance at my love’s side, one arm in front of her, holding her just behind me. No one would have her. She was mine!

The Egyptian vampire found my show of protectiveness amusing and laughed, “Ah I can see there is no way Felipe is going to be getting to Ata this evening!”

“He’ll never have her, she’s mine!” I snapped in response, pulling her close to me so I could feel her warm body pressed against mine. It was a physical reassurance that she was safe.

“I refuse to have anything to do with Felipe other than paying him his tribute each month and showing up for the Sherriff’s Ball once a year,” my love interrupted us.

The Egyptian vampire in front of me looked nervous for a split second before he schooled his features. “I don’t wish to snoop, but is there a bond between you two? I can smell his blood in you, Ata, and yours in him.”

“We completed the first exchange last night,” I replied coolly, regarding the male before me. Was he jealous? Did he want my Ata for himself? We were similar in age, so a fight between us wouldn’t be the best way to settle things.

“You might want to bunk that up to two before we deal with the disputes. Felipe will think about his actions if Ata is pretty much off the market. It could prove useful for you both,” the younger vampire informed me and I was mentally thrown off balance for a moment. He wanted me to bond with her? Surely, he didn’t want anyone else to have her? She’d told me there was nothing romantic between them but the affection he held for my love was almost palpable. Of course, I was jealous of the vampire before me, he’d spent over 2000 years with her, protected her, made sure she was warm and fed, clothed her and held her when she was upset, all when I hadn’t been able too. I was grateful for his actions and care, but cautious too. I could see his logic however, it would give her another measure of safety, and Felipe would question if the struggle for her would be worth it. Somehow, I got the impression he would deem it worthy.

I had no objection to bringing the bond to the second level, however, I would not allow the third to occur yet. We had only been back in each other’s presence for a night after 2000 years apart: The last thing I wanted was for our final bonding to be rushed because of a need for protection was the main priority and not the love we so obviously shared. “I’m agreeable,” I declared, looking to my love.

“Agreed. You’re not getting away from me ever again,” She told me firmly, her blue eyes locked on mine. There was determination in them but I could see underlying fear, and I could feel the hurt seeping in through the first bond. It had been foolish of me not to go to her as soon as I had killed my Maker. It seemed, however, that fate had plans for us and managed to bring us back together – older, wiser and stronger.

“I suggest you change into something a little more formal but conservative. You know what Felipe is like. May I also suggest that you let those hormones run loose a little, you know how keen Felipe’s nose is,” the Egyptian smirked, shooting Ata a wink, at which point she blushed in embarrassment at the suggestion.“Ari!” she started to protest but the Egyptian vampire had already started to saunter off, a grin on his lips at having embarrassed my love. Chuckling at the other male’s antics I was on the receiving end of Ata’s glare as she started to move back towards our bedroom

“Ari!” she started to protest but the Egyptian vampire had already started to saunter off, a grin on his lips at having embarrassed my love. Chuckling at the other male’s antics I was on the receiving end of Ata’s glare as she started to move back towards our bedroom.

“I’ll be back in twenty!” He called over his shoulder as he disappeared around the corner. Deciding the mood needed lightening if we were going to complete the second exchange, I vamped up behind Ata and gave her behind a gentle squeeze. She squealed loudly, whipping around, her eyes wide in shock. I gave her my best innocent smile and soon she burst into laughter. Ah, music to my ears.

“That’s going to take some getting used to,” she muttered under her breath as she shook her head, her smile still in place as we entered our room. Stripping her clothes off as she went, she removed her bra and panties as she reached the bathroom door and I watched as her nude form slipped into the shower to stand beneath the warm water. I wanted to bathe with her but I knew we would get far dirtier if I did so, and we didn’t have much time.

Instead, I perused her room, observing the little trinkets that decorated some of the surfaces. She had at least one piece from every continent: I felt saddened by the fact she had experienced the world without me. I would have to change that as soon as possible. Moving to her bookshelf I looked at her collection, a lot of which was written in Arabic and some in hieroglyphics. Ah, my love hasn’t lost touch with her formative years!

I continued a mental inventory of her room: I spotted a medium sized wooden box in one corner. Quickly I listened in on my love and felt her in the bond: She was still under the spray of the hot water. Swiftly I moved to the box and opened the catch, tipping the lid back to reveal the contents.

Abruptly I was hit with the scent of a time long forgotten, beautifully preserved roles of papyrus were scattered inside, each bearing her family’s royal mark, a leather bracelet poked out from between them and I plucked it from the paper. I recognised it, it had been the one piece of my life in Gaul that I had brought with me to Egypt! I remembered taking it off one night and placing it on her bedside table. Obviously, I forgot about it. She kept it, though. Grinning happily, I placed it back in the box exactly where I found it.

Nestled amongst the papyrus was a doll: As I extracted it I grinned like a fool, it was the same doll she’d been carrying the first day I ever met her. Shutting my eyes for a moment I remembered the scene, although she’d only been ten she had exuded power and respect the second she set foot in the room. The way she had taken on her mother too, demanding a new friend. Once again I was grateful that she’d chosen me, allowed me to be a part of her life.

Placing it back where I’d found it, I was about to shut the lid when I caught sight of a book corner poking from between two scrolls and my curiosity got the better of me. Gently removing it, I swept my hand over the aged leather cover and opened it to the last page. I was greeted with the sight of hieroglyphics, beautifully drawn by my love’s hand. During my first few years in Egypt, Ata had taught me how to write, she’d been learning herself and had been keen to show me. I had also picked up classes during my 2000 years. Thankfully it made the translation to English easy.

Season of the Inundation

I have not written for some time I’m afraid, though I have a perfect reason for this. You see, my father passed away last year. I say passed away, he was actually murdered by those he trusted, but I do not wish to dwell upon that.

No, what cuts the most is the loss of my beloved. You probably think I’m silly, loving a slave boy. It’s okay; everyone but me seems to think it’s silly. Khai told me he had died and yet I do not believe he has, I do not believe he has passed on into the Fields of Aaru where I know he should be. I cannot explain it but it’s like a tugging sensation in my chest. I have spoken to Oeri and he has prescribed me a blend of water lily and lotus to cure the pain but to no avail.

Occasionally while resting in my chambers after the sun has set the tugging sensation disappears and I am able to drift off into sleep, but just before the sun rises it is back again. This bothers me considerably…

The sounds of the water shutting off dragged me back to the present and within seconds I’d shut the book and placed it back where it belonged, closing the lid of the wooden cube before stretching out on our bed in a casual manner. My mind wandered to the tugging sensation she had mentioned, I had managed on occasion to slip out of my Maker’s grips to watch Ata from afar as she took her rest. I also recalled that I’d experienced a similar feeling upon entering Caesar’s Palace last night. Ata emerged from the bathroom a moment later, a towel, which was deliciously short, wrapped around her body and my thoughts moved elsewhere. Her blonde locks were damp and beads of water rolled down her smooth skin. My loose-fitting cotton pants were starting to feel a little tight.

“Hmm, don’t you look tasty?” I leered, observing her curvaceous frame as she flitted across her room to her wardrobe. A light blush illuminated her cheeks as her blood rose to the surface and I had to fight to keep my fangs in place. By the Gods, this woman would be the true death of me! I knew full well what the second bonding would do to us and the thought of her wearing clothes during the process didn’t sit right. Vamping over to her as she perused her clothes, I quickly scooped her up, sitting on the loveseat in one corner of her room I soon had her straddling me.

“Naughty!” she chided me gently, playfully swatting my arm. With a deep chuckle, I grasped her hands with my own, raising them up above us, causing her towel to slip to reveal her perfect breasts. Unable to hide my satisfaction and need for her I leant forward, licking the soft skin there before kissing my way upward. A fleeting groan escaped her luscious lips before I silenced her with a kiss, finally letting go of her hands.

Immediately they were in my hair, pulling me impossibly closer as her lips parted for me, allowing me to taste her. Not wasting a second, my tongue delved into her mouth, battling with hers in a fierce kiss. Last night had been all about reacquainting ourselves with one another, but now it was all about claiming each other. With the flick of a wrist, I removed her towel, throwing it to the other side of the room to expose her glorious body. Growling in satisfaction, my hands wandered across the expanse of smooth skin now available to me.

Peeling my lips from hers so my love could breathe, I scattered kisses across her jaw line and down her throat, her moans resounding in my ears. “You’re wearing…too much,” she panted, her hands moving to my shirt, which she unbuttoned and removed with a flourish. Her hands were quick to find my chest, her fingers trailing over the ink marks still present from my human days. I couldn’t stop the groan that escaped me at the sensation of her soft hands on my skin, giving me gentle caresses like she used to.

Her hands dipped down further, grasping the drawstring of my pants. Slowly she pulled the tie loose as if she were unwrapping a present. By now my mouth and hands had moved further down, cupping her breasts. In that moment, I was grateful I’d been an early bloomer. I may have still been young in the face at the time of my turning, but my body was that of an adult. My lips latched onto one puckered dusky nub, my hand working the other. With a roll of her hips my love ground her core against me, my lips left the nub and I moaned at the sensation of her body against mine. I’d missed this. I’d missed her.

“I need you,” Ata breathed, her hands dipping inside my pants to free me from the confines of the material. My need for her was insatiable. As my lips found hers once again I felt her small hand wrap around me, guiding me to her entrance. Slowly she lowered herself onto me; already damp enough for me to enter her painlessly. The moment I breached her entrance we both let out a moan of satisfaction and my love began to embrace my fullness bit by bit until I was fully sheathed. Sighing at the sense of completeness that overwhelmed me, I encouraged her with an upward thrust.

On the down-stroke, I brushed against the sensitive spot inside her and my love threw her head back, groaning at the sensation. Ten minutes had passed since Ata had entered the shower and I was well aware of the fact we only had another ten minutes remaining before Ari would come to collect us. Wanting to bring my beloved to completion and conduct the second exchange I dropped a hand from her breasts, bringing it to the nub at the apex of her legs. Using the speed my immortality had given me I took control of the thrusts, pounding into her as I rubbed the sensitive nodule until I could feel my love quivering around me. Her moans were louder than before and I could feel myself edging towards my own peak. “You. Are. Mine.” I growled out.

“Yes, yes I’m yours!” My love agreed with me, gasping at the sensations I was causing within her. Tipping my head back a little, my fangs slid into place and my beautiful woman bared her throat to me in an offering. Not needing to be told twice, I sank my fangs into her creamy skin, my love’s orgasm ripping through her as I pulled on the wound. Seconds later her own teeth sank into my throat, breaking the skin and allowing my ancient blood to flow into her mouth. The fae have slightly sharper canines than that of their human counterparts. In the past, they had been necessary for defence, but since moving to their own realm they’d had little need for them. She pulled on the wound and quickly experienced her second orgasm of the night. This time her walls clamped firmly down on me, ripping my own orgasm from me.

As my wound healed over, my Ata licked away the remaining blood on my skin before licking her lips clean, not wasting a single drop. I quickly did the same, sealing her wounds yet leaving the faint white marks on her repaired skin. I wanted every vampire in the world to look at her and know that she was mine. I was proud that she was mine.

Ata had slumped against my chest, drawing in huge gulps of air in a desperate attempt to slow her heaving chest and skittering heart. “I can feel you,” she whispered against my skin, pulling her head back to look up at me in awe. “You’re proud,” she continued on quietly, the corners of her lips quirking upwards happily. Wanting to test out the bond I allowed my other emotions to take over. Happiness, possessiveness, contentment, joy, lust and love.

I watched Ata’s face as her eyes widened and she took in the bombardment of new emotions. Finally, I felt a wave of love overcome me in return. Brushing her now dry yet tangled hair back from her face I admired her healthy glow, the brightness of her eyes and the curvature of her plump lips. Her small hands captured my face and she pulled me towards her, pressing her lips to mine in a chaste kiss. “I love you,” she told me quietly, nuzzling her nose against my jaw.

“And I love you, I wish I could spend all night tangled up with you, carissimus, but I do not wish to keep you away from your duties,” I told her gently, rising to my feet. Sliding out of my love, her legs locked around my waist as I carried her into the wardrobe and with a rock of her hips I was ready for round two. “Carissimus, later. I promise,” I whispered in her ear, slowly setting her down on the floor.

Her legs were a little shaky as she moved across to a rail of dresses, and I couldn’t help but smirk at the sight. “It’s not funny,” I heard her mutter under her breath as she felt my amusement through our second bond. It was so different to the bond I shared with Eric and, would no doubt take some getting used to. I watched as my beloved slipped on a pair of white panties and then pulled out a deep turquoise floor-length, one-shoulder cocktail dress from the rail. Sliding it over her head, the silky fabric clung to her curves and was form fitting enough to keep her generous chest firmly in place.

“Why aren’t you getting dressed?” She inquired with a frown as she moved to her jewellery box.

“You want me to come with you?” I asked in surprise, I wasn’t a registered vampire of the area, so I technically wasn’t allowed to sit in on dispute hearings.

“You’re my second bonded now, so yes,” Ata told me firmly, placing a pair of diamond earrings in her lobes and the matching necklace around her neck. She dragged a hairbrush through her tangled hair and smoothed it down before applying a little make-up. Dressing quickly I was pulling my shoes on just as my love finished getting ready.

Offering a hand to her, she took it graciously before we exited her wardrobe. Ari chose that moment to knock on the door and Ata opened it to reveal the Egyptian vampire. His nostrils flared and his eyes dilated. “My, my, there really are no qualms about whom you belong to. You positively reek of one another. Blood, sex, and faery” he gave us a fangy grin.

“Come, de Castro and the others are waiting for you,” the other vampire stated, retracting his fangs before turning on his heels to lead the way.


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