Ethereal Redemption Chapter 34

I’m better, so much better now I see the light, touch the light, we’re together now
I’m better, so much better now, look to the skies, give me life, we’re together now
We’ve only just begun, hypnotised by drums, until forever comes, you’ll find us chasing the sun
They said this day wouldn’t come, we refused to run, we’ve only just begun, you’ll find us chasing the sun
~ Chasing The Sun, The Wanted

My conversation earlier in the evening with the two other Viking vampires had been one of the best in my undead life. I had thought I’d seen them somewhere before, and now that I had been able to get up close to them and hold a conversation with them, I could remember exactly where it was I knew them from.

During my human years, my father had formed a close alliance with the Chieftain of the village in the next valley and I had fought most of my battles alongside Egor. I’d had no idea that both Egor and Agmund had been turned, though. One day they were there and the next they weren’t. I had assumed that the cold had gotten to them as it had been well into winter. I had thought they had perished. Their village crumbled without their rule and was soon overtaken by another clan. It seemed strange how over a thousand years later we have pulled back together again, fighting beside one another once more.

We’d gathered some information from the dog before Godric had allowed his primal instincts to kick in and had ended the creature. While I agreed with Ata that we could have kept him around for more information or as a bargaining chip, I could also see my Maker’s point of view. The longer the creature was around the longer he would be able to taunt us. The thought that someone was after my lover made my blood boil, she was mine, no one could have her but me. I’d fought so long for her, pretended not to care for her in order to save her life, yet I realised now that she was my life. The year she had been gone had been the hardest year I’d ever had to endure, and that was saying something given the thousand plus years I had to choose from for that title.

The argument between my Maker and his mate had thrown me: They seemed so solid and yet one little thing set them off into a shouting match. Godric hardly ever raised his voice, he demanded respect the moment he walked into a room, and most were keen to give it to him for fear of what he could do to them if they did not. I had to admit to myself that Ata’s comment regarding Godric’s appearance had infuriated me; surely, she of all people would know it would be a sore spot for him.

The silence that overtook us after the departure of our women was uncomfortable and my Maker’s silent rage pouring through our bond was doing nothing for my composure. “I feel like that all the time, especially around Compton. The thought of him taking Sookie from me makes angry. Don’t worry about it though as our women are hotheaded. She’ll come back and apologise later. At least we know that one of the Kings after both Ata and Sookie is Felipe, that’s a start.” I tried to reason with him, wanting him to calm down a little. If the words from the wolf turned out to be true we all needed to protect one another, to be on good terms. I had a funny feeling though that even if, Odin forbid, Ata were to kick Godric to the kerb he would still protect her with his life. They loved one another and were twice bonded after all, as were Sookie and me, and I knew for a fact I would defend her with my life, even if we were to part ways. “Respectfully, though, she was right in that he could’ve been a useful bargaining chip.” I pointed out, feeling Godric’s slight hurt that I was taking Ata’s side.

“She doesn’t need to apologise, Eric, I do.” Godric’s quiet declaration stunned me, though he ignored my comment about his mate being right. Did he feel the need to apologise? Why one earth would he do that? Apologising was beneath us. That was one of the first lessons Godric had ever taught me after he had turned me.

“We are vampires, Godric, we do not apologise,” I stated firmly, reminding him of the lesson he had once taught me.

“At times we must push aside our pride, Eric, in order to be better men. If I weren’t to apologise to Ata she would remain angry with me and nothing would be solved, if I were to apologise we would be back on track. I am willing to sacrifice my pride in order to keep my beloved happy, you would do well to remember that for future reference,” my Maker responded quietly, clearly his argument with Ata had affected him considerably. I was dreading my first proper fall out with Sookie; thankfully Ata had helped me avoid a major disaster last night when she had suggested we go out to dinner and then do a spot of shopping.

For a moment I mulled over his words, was he suggesting that I would fall out with Sookie? Surely, we were strong enough to survive any fallout without me having to apologise? I hated apologising. “Perhaps we should go and join them, Ata implied that we might be needed for Sookie’s training?” I offered, understanding that rather than running away from the argument that had just occurred my Maker needed to go and sort it out. If there was one thing being a Viking had taught me, it was to never run from a fight. My beautiful mate had reminded me of that during my amnesia period when I had told her we could run away together and she had told me I was a warrior, and that I’d never forgive myself if I were to run. She knew me so well.

With a small, almost imperceptible nod Godric agreed and we left the cell, not bothering to lock it, as there was no way its occupant would be leaving without the help of a coffin. Travelling back through the throne room I took a moment as we were walking out to admire the décor, the colour scheme reminded me of Fangtasia. Perhaps I would be able to get hold of Ata’s decorators and convince them to come and give Fangtasia a new lick of paint. The walls were starting to look a little tired and it was bad for business.

Egor and Agmund were nowhere to be seen; I could only assume they had travelled back up with the girls to keep watch over them. I was thankful for the other Vikings and their protective nature. Stepping into the elevator, we rode in silence all the way to the penthouse, the ping of the doors informing those in the room of our arrival. Godric was first to emerge and I followed close behind.

Ari and Khai were at the dining room table; papers spread out all over the surface, both were holding a pen and a phone. Khai was talking avidly to the person on the other end of his call about the cost of the repairs, and Ari was just hanging up his own call. “I don’t know what happened, and I don’t really want to know, but I do hope you’ll go and make nice. She shut down our bonds before she got up here and then threw a terrible temper tantrum; it rivalled that of Elizabeth I in 1575. Poor Miss Stackhouse looked like she wanted to run into a corner and hide there for the rest of eternity,” Ari said, scribbling down notes from his call on a piece of paper.

“Where did they go?” I took the reins, not wanting to risk Godric speaking. Although etiquette suggested that I let him speak when both of us were being addressed, I figured if Ata had thrown a temper tantrum, then the last thing needed was for Godric to accidentally say something that could be misinterpreted. I was starting to trust the six vampires that kept her company, however, I wouldn’t put it past them to misunderstand or manipulate and change words in order to achieve their own goals: It was vampiric nature after all.

“They went up to the training room with Egor and Agmund. The bookshelf should be moved aside. Go up the stairs and you’ll find them there,” Ari informed us, throwing a reassuring smile over his shoulder in our direction before knuckling back down into his work.

“I could have handled that, my Childe,” Godric admonished me with a slightly stern tone to his voice as we ascended the staircase, using my relation title in a bid to remind me of my place. It didn’t go unnoticed.

“I know, I was worried that something could’ve been said by either you or Ari that would hinder your reconciliation with Ata though,” I explained gently, not wanting to offend my Maker. The sound of heavy, bass music filled the air and the loud noise was a little harsh on my sensitive hearing. As we reached the top of the staircase the music was considerably louder. Reaching out, I pushed the wooden door open fully, revealing a large open space. The floors were made of wood and the far side of the room was one huge, thick pane of glass giving an incredible view over the whole of Vegas. The wall which housed the door Godric and I had just walked through was covered in floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Ata and Sookie stood in the middle of the room, their backs to us as they trained: They hadn’t yet realised our presence. Egor and Agmund were standing opposite them, around twenty yards away, and although they had noticed us they didn’t mention it to the two fae women. Sookie’s hands were raised in their direction. “Think of something that infuriates you. Cartier just sold the last diamond necklace you wanted or you ruined your favourite pumps,” Ata was instructing Sookie.

My lover sighed and dropped her hands, looking to her cousin. Rolling her eyes, she ruffled Ata’s bangs playfully. “Those are things that would annoy you, try thinking up things that would annoy me,” she pointed out, turning back to face the two male vampires. Raising her hands once again, I watched as Sookie took aim.

“Think about all those fangbangers that throw themselves at your Eric every night,” Ata finally said, her voice low and lethal. Her choice of things that would no doubt annoy my lover was spot on. A small beam of golden light flew from Sookie’s hands, hitting Agmund straight in the chest. I watched as the blonde vampire grimaced, raising a hand to the spot where Sookie had hit him.

“Ouch. I wouldn’t say that’s enough to knock me off my feet or slow me down, but it’s certainly irritating. It’s kind of like lots of little needle prickles,” he explained, rubbing his chest before dropping his hands back to his sides.

“Well done!” Ata praised her cousin, giving her a warm smile. “You need to be in tune with your emotions for your light to be at its strongest, remember that concentration is also key, you cannot let anything distract you. Once you’ve harnessed this light we’ll try to get you to act under pressure,” she continued to explain as Sookie bobbed her head, acknowledging and absorbing everything she was being told. I couldn’t help but feel proud of her.

My pride must have been bubbling through our bond as Sookie’s head turned in my direction and a grin lit up her face. With one hand she gestured for me to join her and in several large strides, I was beside her. However, Godric hung back, remaining near the door. “I think you two need to have a chat. I’ll carry on with her training if you want?” I offered, understanding how possessive Ata might be about being the one to train Sookie. After all, I highly doubted anyone had taken the time to train her. With a tiny sigh and nod of her head, Ata left us, heading over towards my Maker.

“That was wonderful, lover! Now, do think you can do it again?” I praised Sookie. Pam had once informed me that Dear Abby had stated that humans, and therefore I guessed human/fae hybrids too, were in need of compliments in order to build up their confidence. The more confident Sookie was in her abilities, the more likely she would be able to use them under pressure, and therefore she would be more likely to get out of a situation alive. Turning her attention to Egor this time, Sookie raised her hands, aiming them at his chest. As she mentally prepared herself I allowed my sharp hearing to pick up on Godric and Ata’s conversation.

“I’m sorry about my actions, they were rash and I wasn’t thinking properly. Please, will you forgive me?” My Maker was first to speak; the regret and underlying pleading tone lacing his voice were painful to a vampire like myself. I had told myself long ago to never regret anything, that everything happened for a reason and to just let it be, to never beg for anything, including forgiveness.

“You don’t need forgiving, I’d have done the same thing if someone had been saying such things about you,” Ata responded quietly. “I’m the one that needs forgiving. I shouldn’t have said what I did, my brain to mouth filter wasn’t working and the moment the words left my mouth I so wanted to take them back. It wasn’t fair and it was below the belt. I’m sorry.” I heard her apologise in return.

There was silence for a moment before Godric spoke once again. “I-I won’t lie, it hurt. I hate being stuck looking like a teenager, it’s the one thing I wish I could change about myself if I’m honest.” He confessed quietly.

Of course, I couldn’t see their physical actions, so the moment Ata gathered my Maker up in her arms for a tight hug was lost to me but I could feel comfort and affection coming from him through our bond and I could hear Ata’s next words. “This is going to sound terribly cliché but you’re perfect as you are, okay? I regret what I said and I’m so sorry. I promise to never mention that again. Forgive me? You know I love you and I hate that I hurt you.”

Once again, I missed the physical action as my Maker buried his nose in the crook of Ata’s neck, inhaling her sweet scent, which was combined with his thanks to the vast amount of his ancient blood in her system from their bonding. “Of course, carissimus. I could never stay angry with you. Forgiveness is love. Love is all.” My Maker responded quietly. I could hear the sound of his fingers tracing over her face.

“I need to hear you say it, please.” Ata’s voice cracked slightly during her plea. Dear Odin may I never fall out with Sookie! If she would ever need reassuring that she was forgiven and loved I would feel like I had let her down, not to mention the fact that if her voice cracked, I would crack too.

“You know that you’re forgiven and that I love you very much,” Godric declared quietly. Of course, the next sound I heard was of them sharing a tender kiss, though I had a feeling it contained a promise for later. I’d always heard make-up sex was the best. Perhaps I’d have to get Sookie riled up in the near future and then turn on the charm. I wouldn’t want to upset her too much, though; my lover was far more temperamental than her cousin.

Before I had time to come up with a plan on how exactly to rile up my little spitfire, she let a shot of golden light loose, hitting Egor straight in the chest. The blonde vampire crumbled to his knees, grimacing as he clutched at the spot Sookie had just struck. “Okay, ouch. That was clearly much stronger than before.” He hissed through clenched teeth. I laughed at the sight: A thousand-year-old Viking vampire taken down by a young and relatively inexperienced faery!

“I don’t know why you’re laughing, you’re next,” Ata’s voice at my side broke me out of my chuckle and I fell silent. Although I would willingly take any pain if it were to help my lover, I wasn’t completely fond of the idea. I guess it was a natural reaction.

“I don’t want to hurt Eric, though. That hurt Egor, and if my powers are getting stronger with each shot then I don’t want to risk it,” Sookie broke into our conversation, determination lacing her voice.

“Sook, I hate to say this, and for your sake, I hope it never happens, but there may come a day where you have to attack Eric. Bloodlust is a powerful thing and the more time you spend around me, and others of our kind, the stronger your scent will be. Also, the more you practice with your powers, the more the toxicity of your blood will increase and if Eric goes for a long period of time without taking your blood his immunity to it could drop. As I said, I hope it never comes to that but you have to be prepared.” Ata explained. I scowled at her, as my control was impeccable. I would never harm Sookie, not even in the throes of bloodlust.

“She has a point, my Childe. I do believe you would use every ounce of your thousand years of control to try and not hurt Miss Stackhouse in bloodlust, but you forget that our kind is the natural enemies of their kind,” my Maker interjected, my scowl falling as I realised he was correct.

“But you said my light could kill!” Sookie panicked, clearly not on board with the whole idea still.

“Only if that’s your intention, Sookie. For example, if Edgington were coming for you. Then you would, of course, want to kill him and so you shall. If Eric were coming for you, then you would want to stun him for a moment so he can reel in his bloodlust. Oh, and never run from a vampire when they’re in bloodlust because then you start a rather annoying game of cat and mouse, and most of the time they win, and most of the time it ends with fangs in your body when you really didn’t want them to be there,” Ata explained further. I was reassured by her words, Sookie would never want me dead so there was no harm in her practising on me as much as she liked. The comment about being chased, however, piqued my interest, and that of my Makers. Had another vampire chased Ata down in the past during bloodlust? It was a tale for later perhaps.

“Yeah, I’m no stranger to unwanted fangs in my body,” I could hear Sookie mutter under her breath as she turned back to face Egor and Agmund. I grimaced at the memory of fang raping her, as she so lovingly called it, with Russell in Fangtasia. The way she’d looked up at me, her eyes full of fear. I never wanted her to fear me. I’d tried to soothe her, tried to reassure her with a soft caress across her cheek, heck I’d even tried with all my might to glamour her, hoping that I would be able to remove some of the pain she was about to endure. Unfortunately, my actions had failed.

The moment Russell had pulled her wrist across the table and sunk his fangs in I’d wavered; her screams and sobs had been horrible for me to endure. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for me either. I’d made my bite as gentle as possible, stroked her hair, hoping to ease her, but it hadn’t worked. I’d wanted the first time that my fangs were inside of her to be in the throes of passion, with her small body underneath mine, my name tumbling from her lips as she writhed in pleasure, racing towards release.

I’d been surprised when she’d come out to save me from the sun; I’d thought for sure that she was going to leave me there to burn. I guess, in a way, I’d have deserved it. My actions may have saved her life, but I’d been a complete bastard about it and betrayed her trust.

It was no surprise that she was so reluctant at first to take me in during my bout of amnesia, especially considering the last time I’d had a proper conversation with her had been when I’d revealed Compton’s plans.

Taking that as my cue, I vamped across the room, standing between Egor and Agmund, awaiting my lover’s strike. Sookie raised her hands once again, sinking her teeth into her lower lip as she aligned her palms with my chest. She was stalling, wavering, I could tell. “Lover, you won’t have time to waver should someone be attacking you. Strike now,” I ordered in a firm tone and right on cue, beams of golden light left Sookie’s hands, hitting me square in the chest.

With an ‘oomph’ I skidded back across the wooden flooring, gritting my teeth at the sharp pain flooding my system. It only lasted a second or two and I could feel Sookie’s worry flooding our bond yet her cousin held her back, stopping her from coming to my aid. Sookie would have to learn that I’d no doubt end up injured during combat and that trying to come to my aid would most likely get her killed.

“And again,” I ordered, standing up tall and taking a few strides back to my original position. I’d keep this up until the pain was unbearable and long lasting and I was down on my knees. It was the only way Sookie would learn.

Raising her hands once more, I could feel Sookie’s confidence levels already on the increase as she focused her energy on sending another shot of light at me, managing this time to act swiftly and not waver. The beam hit me in the chest once more and this time I crumbled to one knee. It was rather incredible how quickly she was picking it up. Grinding my teeth together I hauled myself up, squaring my shoulders as I prepared myself for another blast. “Keep going,” I again ordered.

This time Sookie shot a glance to her cousin who gave her a nod of encouragement. Putting her hands up, she sent another bolt towards me but this time, even with my stiff posture and squared shoulders, I was forced down onto my knees, hissing in agony. Fucking faery magic was strong stuff. I felt concern, guilt and worry flood my bond with Sookie as I landed on my knees and quickly she was by my side, trying to help me back up onto my feet. “I’m fine, lover, honestly,” I tried to reassure her, keeping my head bent low so she wouldn’t see that my fangs had slid into place with the pain. This time the pain was lasting considerably longer than before, and for a good minute or so I remained on my knees, head bowed, with Sookie fluttering around frantically at my side, rubbing my arm in a soothing gesture.

As the pain subsided I gave a nod, sliding my fangs quietly back into place before rising to my feet. My Sookie looked up to me in complete concern, and I offered her a reassuring smile, leaning down to press a kiss to her forehead. “You’re doing well, beautiful. Once more for me please,” I instructed before giving her a gentle push back in the direction she had come to me from.

“But Eric, this time you were really hurt!” She protested, panic clear in her usually calm eyes.

“I’m fine, I’m over a thousand-years-old. I doubt you could cause me any serious harm. Come, one more for me,” I pushed, knowing it was needed for Sookie to try again. Slowly, so as not to draw attention to what I was doing, I gently closed off as much of our bond as I dared to, not wanting Sookie to feel everything I would during this next shot. It was safe to say the next blast was going to do some serious damage.

Once back in position, Sookie turned to me with a look of determination. Raising her hands, she aimed them towards me before giving me a pointed look. I gave her a nod, assuring her I was ready for what was about to come next. She took a second to gather herself and then screwed her eyes shut, though nothing came from her hands. For around thirty seconds we all stood, waiting until she eventually opened her eyes. “I can’t do it!” she huffed loudly, dropping her hands back to her sides. “I refuse to hurt Eric,” she addressed her cousin, folding her arms across her chest like a little madam.

“Sook, you must,” Ata ordered, flitting over to her cousin. Unfolding her arms, she turned Sookie back to face me, raising Sookie’s hands so her palms were facing me. “Just try again, don’t give up. I know you can do it, and let’s be honest, how many people would get to take down an old man and get away with it?” She teased, using humour to try and encourage Sookie, as well as lighten her mood. I had to suppress my smile though I would be sure to give Ata a gentle scolding later for her words. The last thing I needed was for Sookie, or god forbid Pam, to start referring to me as an old man. Watching as Sookie nodded once more, Ata locked her eyes to mine.

“I don’t know if she’s going to be able to do this by herself Eric, so I’m going to give her an emotional push. I mean no offence by it and once again I’m sorry I had to witness it, but please do not take my words to heart.” Ata’s thought breached my mind. Thankfully my years playing vampire politics had given me a perfectly flawless poker face.

“It’s fine, Ata. Do what you must to get her to learn,” I assured her.

“I still can’t do it…” Sookie started to whine, but her cousin interrupted her.

“Sook, remember everything we saw yesterday, the redhead?” Ata started and I noticed Sookie’s jaw tense. The redhead? Yesterday? My mind was working overtime trying to recall a redhead from yesterday but I was having no luck, unless…

The redhead servant girl! My Sookie was jealous of a servant girl? HA. I wouldn’t have seen that one coming. But then a thought struck me; she’d witnessed my antics with the top-heavy servant during my human years? Oh dear Odin!

“She was looking at your Viking as if he were the tastiest treat on the planet, the centre of her world, and he was looking right back at her with so much uncontrollable lust. Clearly, he wanted her. Perhaps we could dye your hair red so you’d look similar?” Ata purred in Sookie’s ear, twirling a strand of Sookie’s golden hair. Her words may have sounded vicious and cruel, mocking even, but her expression told me it was hurting her far more to bait her cousin and to bring my memories up.

With a ferociousness I hadn’t been expecting, Sookie’s light left both of her hands, hitting me with full force. I could feel the air rushing past my ears before my back connected with the wall and everything went black. I was lost, unable to move, unable to speak. I could still hear, however. My bonds with both Sookie and Godric were still working, and my mental tie to Ata was still firmly in place. She was feeding me a video of everything that was occurring in the room. It was such a strange sight, to see myself quite literally through another’s eyes, and I was horrified with the dent in the wall and my slightly crippled frame on the floor.

Sookie shrieked and I observed through Ata’s eyes as she ran to my side. Her worry and guilt came pouring through our bond, yet I was unable to send any reassuring emotions back to her. “And that, Sookie, is how it’s done. Well done,” I heard Ata inform her cousin proudly, my own pride filling me up.

“Why are you congratulating me? He’s blacked out on the floor with lord knows how many injuries because you pushed me!” Sookie’s snarl at her cousin was impressive yet the Egyptian took it all in her stride.

“Use your healing light, Sookie. I wanted this to happen so you could practice with it. Two birds, one stone.” Ata crouched beside me, raising a tentative hand to push my bangs out of my face.

“Forgive me?” she mentally asked me.

“Forgiving you would mean I was angry with you for something, and I am not angry with you. She needed to learn and this was the best way for her to do so,” I responded softly, something so out of character for me. I had a feeling it was to do with the fact the woman beside me was bonded to my Maker, and that she was related to my lover. If it had been anyone else baiting my love, causing me to get hurt in the process, I would have ripped him or her apart with one fang.

“How do I use my healing light?” Sookie’s voice took on an edge of panic as she started to look for my pulse.

“Miss Stackhouse, while I’m sure Eric would be flattered to know that you treat him as you would a human, vampires don’t have pulses…” Godric gently interrupted, and as Ata looked over to him I could see him trying to suppress a smile.

“Oh, right, yeah. I forgot, sorry,” Sookie blushed, her embarrassment flooding the bond. If I had been fully aware I would have laughed.

“Place your hands on his chest, right here,” Ata guided Sookie’s hands to the spot right above my silent heart, “and clear your mind. Empty out all your worries, your panic, and just focus on the fact you want to heal him. That you want to rid him of his pain and pull him out of his blackout,” she instructed. I watched the little mental video as Sookie closed her eyes, screwing her face up for a moment before her features relaxed. Ata’s eyes dropped down to Sookie’s hands and I could see a light green glow start to radiate from them.

A tickling sensation brushed against my chest and if it weren’t for the fact I was unable to move and speak I would have been laughing. My feet were not the only ticklish parts of my body.

As soon as the tickling sensation started though it stopped, and the green light faded from Sookie’s hand. “It’s not working!” she screamed in frustration, her temper on the rise.

“Calm, Sookie. You need to be calm.” Ata ordered and I felt the strangest sensation flutter through our mental bond. It was like the feeling I usually felt when I was pushing emotions towards Sookie, and suddenly Sookie calmed, her own emotions stifled by this new intrusion of feeling. Was Ata able to send emotions to others without a blood tie?

“Try again, once more,” Ata demanded as Godric knelt beside her, fangs sliding down into place as he rolled his sleeve up, ready to bite and offer me his blood should Sookie be unable to heal me completely. I didn’t expect her to get it perfect the first time.

Once again, the green light came from her hands and the tickling sensation brushed against my skin once more. This time, however, it continued, starting on a journey across my body until I felt it engulfing all of me. I could feel her magic sink into my skin, penetrating through the layers as it sought out my injuries, knitting internal wounds back together, straightening out my spine and slowly clearing the blackness that had overtaken my mind.

I was reminded of the times when I had been human when we had been sailing across the North Sea through the fog. One moment the fog was there and the next it was gone. It had baffled us at the time and we had believed that Freyr had been ridding the sea of the fog for us so we could see where we were going so we would be safe and continue on our travels in the glorious sunshine.

The moment the black veil lifted, my eyes snapped open, the harsh lights of the room were painful at first, but soon I adjusted to them. I was still feeling a little weak, but at least I could see now, I could talk and I could move. My mental tie with Ata shut down.

Without warning, Sookie threw herself at me, wrapping around me and holding me close like I was her favourite teddy bear. “It worked, you’re okay! I’m so sorry!” She babbled, pressing many urgent little kisses all over my face and neck. Still a little fuzzy, I took her face between my hands, effectively stopping her actions. Leaning forward I pressed a firm kiss to her lips as encouragement that I was okay. “Never make me do that again!” Sookie turned on her cousin, giving her a glare that, although serious, also held an element of playfulness to it.

Throwing her hands up in submission, Ata chuckled. “I promise I won’t, but you needed to do that to prove to yourself that you can. I’ll get some of my boys to set up a few targets for you up here that you can use instead. The more you practice the better you’ll become and you might even be able to use only one hand. If you were able to use only one hand, then you could take on two attackers at once,” Ata informed my lover. It would be useful for Sookie to be able to defend herself from more than one person. Usually, vampires worked together when they wanted to achieve a common goal, so there was no guarantee that she would only ever be under threat from one person.

Knowing both women were okay, I turned to my Maker who was still poised to give me some of his blood. “Ata, could you take Sookie downstairs for a moment? I’m going to need some of Godric’s blood, but if I take it in front of her she’ll know that her blast has weakened me,” I thought loudly in her direction, unsure if she would hear me or not.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. “Come on Sook, let’s get some food in you. It’s been a while since we last ate and I think it’s the boys turn to pack everything away up here,” she plastered on a dazzling smile, rising to her petite height before offering a hand to Sookie.

My lover looked over to me with a concerned expression. However, I assured her everything was fine and soon she was making her way out of the room and down the stairs with her cousin.

“I’m proud of you, Eric. Not many would have willingly allowed themselves to be hurt for another,” Godric smiled, biting into his wrist before offering it to me. I latched on, relishing in the taste. It had been several centuries since we’d last exchanged blood in any capacity, and although our Maker-Childe bond was still there, it had been growing weaker over the decades. I could feel it starting to strengthen once again, though. Now that I had the ability to send my emotions properly again, I pushed my affection towards my Maker through our bond and received his love in return.

We sat in companionable silence for a minute as I greedily took my fill of blood, having to gentle pry open the wounds a few times as they closed over. I could feel the fuzziness start to slip away and the moment my head was clear, I released Godric’s wrist, licking the wound instinctively before doing the same to my own lips, not wasting a single drop.

“Thank you,” I gave a boyish grin, earning myself a smile in response and a fatherly kiss on my forehead.

“Come, I feel our evening is only just beginning,” Godric rose to his small yet mighty stature and I followed, neatly rising to my towering height.

“Think I should ring around for a repairman?” I asked sheepishly, grimacing at the Viking-sized dent in the wall.

“And what would you tell him? That you, a thousand-year-old vampire, were beaten by a young faery and sent flying into the wall?” Godric teased as we moved towards the stairs.

“Yeah, you’re right, the fewer who know about this the better. I have a feeling, though, that you’re never going to let me live this down,” I chuckled, following him down the steps.

Grinning over his shoulder at me, my Maker’s eyes shone with mischief. “Never, my son. Never.”


6 thoughts on “Ethereal Redemption Chapter 34

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