Ethereal Redemption Chapter 48

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Some people call them players, but I’m far from terrified
‘Cos somehow I’m drawn to danger, and have been all of my life
It feels my heart’s divided, half way ‘tween wrong and right
I know I’m playing with fire but I don’t know why
Yeah the bad boys are always catching my eye I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind
Even though I know they’re no good for me, it’s the risk I take for the chemistry
With the bad boys always catching my eye, oooooh, bad boys
Some think it’s complicated, but they’re straight up fun for me
I don’t need no explanation, it’s nothing more than what you see here
My heart still feels divided, halfway ‘tween wrong and right
I know I’m playing with fire but I don’t know why
~ Bad Boys, Alexandra Burke

I had been well aware of what was going to occur between my Grandsire and his mate, it would be another method of ensuring that every vampire in the building would know she was claimed and bonded, even if it wasn’t to the vampire whose arm she would be hanging off of. Speaking of the vampire she would be with…

Ari had emerged from his bedroom dressed in a deliciously tailored pair of black pants and a tight white tailored shirt that showcased off his gloriously broad shoulders. I found myself gawking at the Egyptian vampire as he adjusted his collar in the mirror located just to the side of the elevator. It should be illegal for such a man to wear such form fitting clothing.


Shaking my head to knock myself off of my train of thought, I took a moment to think about where my mind had just drifted. Had I just inadvertently thought of Ari as delicious? It was a well-known fact that I preferred women. Of course after my turning Eric and I had partaken in ‘the nasty’ for a short while in order to sate my needs. Only after those needs were sated did I realize that men held no interest to me, that women needed tending to less, they weren’t as sex-driven. For a creature like myself though that wasn’t always a good thing. Perhaps a nice male vampire companion would be a good idea…

My Grandsire and Ata sauntered back into the room together, and I was instantly assaulted with the scent of their coupling. Whatever the hell had been going on in their bedroom had clearly excited the pair of them. It was then the band on Ata’s finger caught my attention and I, along with everyone else in the room, automatically assumed Godric had popped the question. I knew better than that though, he wasn’t one to dive nose first into everything, but then again he seemed to be working on autopilot around Ata, falling back into his human ways with her around. It wasn’t doing him much good in all honesty. While he was happy he was starting to appear weaker to the vampire community. Of course there were very few who were physically more powerful than him, but at the age of 2000 it was important to maintain a sense of power and authority, mainly so the younger generations would learn to respect their elders and have role models to be proud of. There was no point in me denying that both Eric and Godric were my role models.

Eric and Godric

As everyone fawned over the band on Ata’s finger, I kept an eye on Ari as he stood observing the scene. He was watching Godric with a burning curiosity, but also with a sadness that I had never expected to see from the ancient vampire. The only thing I could think of him being sad about was the fact that Ata was now tied to another; he and his brothers were losing exclusive rights to her. They’d mentioned that they fed from her occasionally in order to keep their bonds strong, so it wasn’t the fact they would be losing her blood that had saddened him. Was he worried he wouldn’t be needed by anyone anymore? I could need him. Woah there, Pamela! Hold your horses’ girl!

He disappeared off for a moment and returned with a box, extracting a rather expensive looking tiara from it, which he placed neatly onto Ata’s head. I felt an unexpected bout of jealousy as I took in her appearance and the way Ari looked at her with such utter devotion and adoration. She’d been able to retain her heartbeat and the sunshine and would still live for eternity, with extremely strong powers to boot. Oh I enjoyed being a vampire all right, nothing could compare with it, but every now and then I missed the sunshine, missed having a heartbeat. I traded the sun for the moon and stars the night I allowed Eric to turn me. I would never go back on it though. I was made for this life.

Pam Drops Fang

As Ari and Ata left I turned my attention to my Maker and Grandsire, watching their reactions as they observed their respective mates out and about in the sunshine earlier on in the day. With the sunlight on their features it was far more obvious that they were related, their hair shone the same colour and, although Sookie had her Southern tan, you could tell their complexions would be exactly the same if she weren’t tanned. It was interesting to note how easily they fell into conversation with one another, how Ata tackled serious subjects with a soft approach so as to avoid Sookie’s tendency to run away from situations and discussions that she disliked. She was a strong breather, a loyal one at that, but as with all humans there were a few subjects that harbored strong emotional responses from her. I couldn’t relate as it had been so long since I had been in touch with my human emotions.

Hearing both women discussing the passing of the VRA had been informative. It was interesting to watch my Grandsire’s reaction and I couldn’t help but smirk as he leant forward, closer to the television, in complete anticipation of his mates answer. I must admit I was relieved to hear Ata answer that she would marry him. If she had of stated she wouldn’t I would have been having serious words with the older faery – fae powers or not. It was Sookie’s answer though that had me worried the most, I don’t think she realized she held Eric’s happiness in the palm of her hands. The moment she’d excused herself from the room it was obvious she was going to give an answer that could upset Eric, and I wasn’t wrong. I could feel the immense pain coming from him as Sookie questioned his capability to stay in a monogamous relationship and I had to with strain myself from vamping to her and throttling her. Eric hadn’t fed from, nor fucked, a single human since he acknowledged his feelings for Sookie just before she disappeared off for her year in Faery. If that wasn’t a show of monogamy then I sure as hell didn’t know what was. As Eric disappeared from the room, my Grandsire and I shared a glance at one another, silently judging the others reaction to Eric’s emotional pain. We had no time to discuss it however as my Maker and Sookie were back in the room moments later.

Eric and Sookie

We settled back into our seats as the video from the day came to an end and Riei hooked the laptop up to the computer screen, projecting the image onto the larger screen. Seeing the world as Ata did, watching it through her eyes, was a very strange feeling. She was making a conscious effort to look all around her so we could watch everything happening, and that meant we didn’t miss the leering expression on the Were’s face as he looked over Ata. We watched as his nostrils flared and, from the corner of my eye, I noticed my Grandsire tense in his seat, a very low growl erupting from his chest.

“Ata Caesar, Ari Seti-Nekht and Isabel Beaumont.” Ari replied curtly, the tone of his voice leaving no room for mess. Hearing such a tone coming from him caused a strange feeling inside of me, I wanted to hear him use that tone again, but not on some stranger. I wanted him to talk to me in a no-nonsense voice, preferably mid-fuck.


PAMELA!” I mentally scolded myself, realizing what it was I’d just thought. Ari was a handsome vampire, there was no point in me even denying that, but I didn’t do feelings. I was cold and heartless; exactly the reasons Eric loved me. Then again, Eric had been cold and heartless for centuries and yet the moment Sookie Stackhouse walked through the door of Fangtasia he’d started to change, to soften a little around the edges where she was concerned. I found it curious how one such as my Maker could find happiness with someone like Sookie. I meant no harm with my thoughts now that I was aware of how deeply she felt for him, how much she loved him, but Eric was a man of wealth and prosperity, who changed with the times. Sookie had a small income, lived in a home that had been handed down through the generations and had been falling apart before Eric repaired it, and she still lived in her own little Southern world. They were the complete opposites. Then again, Dear Abby did mention once that opposites tend to attract. So, if they were happy with one another then I would be happy for them. My Maker deserved some happiness after the hardships of 1000 years of an undead life, and especially recently, given the whole Russell and witch fiascos.

Amnesia Eric

I could see, however, why my Grandsire would choose a mate such as Ata. They were practically the same person at times. Both held a fierce edge, both ancient powerhouses and yet both had a tender side to them, a loving and giving side. Of course Ata was far freer with this side than Godric ever had been. That side of him had been reserved for Eric and I. It was odd to think of my Grandsire as ‘domesticated’ – he was willing to settle and marry, he’d probably adopt if it meant making Ata happy, and he was probably going to be living in a quaint little house with her. If someone had of told me, even three years ago, that my Grandsire would be playing house, I would’ve smacked him or her silly.

Simply watching the endless throngs of people talking to Ata, Ari and Isabel was enough to give me a headache, and vampires never got headaches. How on earth they put up with this on a regular basis was beyond me.

After socializing for a while all of the vampires were called for dinner and I had to restrain myself from laughing as Ari pursued Ata up to the top table, demanding to be seated with her. The expression on his face when he was told he could sit at another table could only be surmised as murderous, and looking to my Grandsire it was apparent he was heading down the warpath too. The way Felipe droned on and on about his Sheriff’s, spending a little extra time on Ata’s praise, caused my patience to start wearing thin. Who on earth did this man think he was? Ata was my Grandsire’s, not his. She might be his Sheriff but she is not his lover, or his bonded! Ata’s eyes would drift every now and then to Ari, double-checking he was okay, and I found myself doing the same thing. Watching him speak to those around the table he was sat at. He sat tall, taking charge of the conversation easily. It was obvious he was the leader, and I’d always been a sucker, pun intended, for leaders.

As the dinner plates were cleared away, Felipe rose to his feet. “Would you join me for the first dance, Ata?” we all heard him drop his voice a few octaves and this time my Grandsire couldn’t contain his growl of anger, his hands digging into the fabric of the sofa he was sat upon. Ata seemed to sway for a moment and I realized the poor faery was feeling all of my Grandsire’s emotions due to their bond.


“She can feel you, Godric. Ease up a little, please.” I asked him quietly, keeping my voice flat. I didn’t want them to think I was starting to like the old faery, but at the same time it wasn’t fair for her to be subjected to my Grandsire’s emotions when she was clearly barely hanging on to her own. The fact she gave him her left hand, the one on which her new band sat, didn’t go unnoticed by any of us in the room and I couldn’t help but silently cheer as Felipe’s eyes dropped to it. She knew what she was doing at least, and had the balls to follow through with it. That I could commend.

Felipe all but yanked her up onto her feet, leading her to the dance floor. She passed Ari and Isabel on her way, both of who offered her a sympathetic glance. My Grandsire’s anger was slowly bubbling away under the surface, but I could feel Eric pushing his strength and calm to him. Although linked by blood, my tie to Godric wasn’t as strong as Eric’s was, so instead I pushed those feelings to my Maker, hoping he would get the message and pass them along. The way he turned to look at me, offering me a small nod, told me he understood perfectly.

The moment the music started to play I had to stop myself from gasping. It sounded so much like the music from my human years; the songs we would dance to at the ridiculous parties my mother insisted we attend in order to find me a suitable husband. The beautiful violin and other string instruments were lulling me back into the past, to the days where women were to be seen and not heard, where they were subservient to men. Eric had saved me from that life, he had given me my own life, albeit under the cover of the stars and not the sun, but it was still a vast improvement than the life that I would have led. I’d actually considered, on the few nights where my mother had insisted I become engaged, running away and joining a brothel. All the pleasures of a person’s body without being tied down to them. But of course as a lady of upper class society that would have been seriously frowned upon, I would have been disowned and banished. Although my parents were not that loving, I hadn’t wanted to disappoint them, or mar the names they had made for themselves.

Human Pam and Eric

“I heard a rumor around town you were an Emilie Autumn fan, so I thought you would enjoy the first dance being one of her songs.” Felipe informed Ata, spinning her around before he pulled her flush to her body. Although I had no blood tie to the older faery I could almost feel her discomfort. “I had the band learn it especially for you.” His fingers ghosted over her jawbone. That seemed to be the last straw for my Grandsire, whose strong hold on the sofa caused it to creak and crack under the brute strength he was applying to it. Although he had no need to breathe he was doing so – short angry breaths, mixed with low growl and snarls of displeasure. He was slowly shifting back to the vampire I had once known, the aggressive and ferocious predator who took no prisoners.

The pair of them shifted into a waltz, and it was apparent to those of us back in the penthouse that Ata would rather be anywhere else in the world than in the arms of Felipe. “You look absolutely incredible this evening Ata, everyone here is watching us, you’re breaking many hearts in that dress. Every man is jealous that I am dancing with you, and every woman is envious of the empire you have created, the people you know, the riches you adorn yourself with.” He murmured into her ear. This time my Grandsire allowed himself to growl loudly. Eric’s eyes shot to me, and I knew what he was silently asking me. If things started to get out of hand he would need me, along with Ata’s other children, to hold Godric back, to stop him from rushing to Ata’s aid and potentially making himself a target.

“Thank you for your kind comments, your Majesty. It is very rare for me to receive such compliments these days.” Ata graciously responded, causing me to snort loudly. The vampire was hitting on her and she was being formally polite. She reminded me of another little blonde faery.

“Does your companion not inform you of how beautiful you are?” Felipe quirked an eyebrow, showing disrespect to my Grandsire by suggesting he wasn’t taking care of Ata properly.

Ata laughed lightly at his question, clearly having understood why he had asked. “My bonded pays me such compliments every day. What I meant is that it is rare to receive such kind comments from those outside of my nest.” She corrected her earlier comment, placing emphasis on the fact she was bonded to Godric. The girl gave just as good as she got. She was completely alone with the vampire King on the dance floor and yet she was able to easily fend him off with the uttermost politeness. If that were I, I’d have told him to fuck off and to shove it up his arse by now.

A loud crack signaled that, in his anger, Godric had indeed broken the sofa. “You need to remain calm. Ata needs you to be calm for her. If you’re angry she’ll get angry and then something might happen that she won’t be able to get herself out of, she might end up hurt.” Sookie was up off of Eric’s lap, crouching before my very angry looking Grandsire. Tentatively she placed a hand on his knee, causing his eyes to snap from the TV screen down to the blonde faery before him. “I’m inside Felipe’s head. While his thoughts aren’t pure they aren’t malicious either. But then pretty much every man, and some of the women, in that room are thinking impure thoughts about your Ata. But that’s the important part, she’s yours.” Sookie reassured him, helping him reign in his anger and he realized that, perhaps, being angry was the wisest thing on the planet.


Slowly he pulled his emotions under control. Over his 2000 years on this planet he’d perfected the art of hiding his emotions, giving off a calm exterior. The fact he was so visibly losing it when someone was simply hitting on his bonded filled me with a sense of dread. Would Eric be like this with Sookie? Would any vampire I ended up with bring out a side like this in me? Sookie retook her position on my Maker’s lap, his arms winding around her to keep her in place.

“Ah yes, your fiancé.” The disdain in Felipe’s tone was hilarious, and I couldn’t stop myself from sniggering behind my hand, which earned me a quirked eyebrow from Eric. With a shrug I brushed him off. Although we knew one another incredibly well, as did most Maker’s and their Children, there were some parts of me that Eric knew nothing about. While it was common knowledge I enjoyed laughing at others expenses, it wasn’t just due to any physical harm done. The fact Ata had managed to irritate Felipe emotionally was just priceless. The King was supposed to be fearless, strong and proud, able to charm any woman, or man, into his bed. Yet a little faery was able to turn all of that on its head.

“We are not engaged, it is merely a promise, and after 2000 years on this earth my beloved has learned to never break a promise.” Her wistful sigh didn’t go unnoticed by any of us, though we were smart enough to understand that she was playing the whimsical little girl, making herself seem vulnerable so Felipe would try to protect her and potentially let his guard down long enough for us to get any information out of him.


“Good, now she’s given him some hope of possibly having a chance with her. He’s thinking that it won’t be long until she’s his.” Sookie informed us all, as she was able to break into Felipe’s mind even though Ata couldn’t.

Godric’s low growl of disapproval caused my next comment. “She’s waited over 2000 years for you, Grandsire. I highly doubt she’s going to go skipping off into a field of daisies with Felipe. She’d probably stake him instead.” I reassured him. While it was wonderful to see the angry and aggressive vampiric side to him, this wasn’t who he was anymore. My words seemed to ease him for the time being and he settled back into his now slightly broken chair.

“Have you thought upon my offer some more?” Felipe inquired as he continued to twirl Ata around the dance floor. An offer? What offer has he made her?

“Which offer would that be, your Majesty?” Either Ata was playing dumb and she outright wanted him to say it, or she was senile.

“Why to be my Queen of course, you are already wearing a tiara after all.” He had the audacity to smile afterwards.

Ata's Tiara

With an audible click Godric’s fangs dropped into place as he rose to his feet at vampiric speed in anger. Just as quickly Khai abandoned his paperwork, standing before my Grandsire with a hand on his arm as a deterrent. The low warning growls that had come from Godric moments before was now a full blown vicious snarl, jaws snapping at the prospect of ripping Felipe’s head from his body. Once again I noted that Ata seemed to sway under the intensity of his emotions, and it seemed Khai picked up on it too. “You need to pull your anger under control or Felipe is going to know something is up, that we’re watching and listening to him. Your anger isn’t doing Ata any good and could get her into more trouble.” He tried to reason with my Grandsire but he had already slipped into anger. Breaking free of the slightly younger vampires hold, he started to stalk around the room, his eyes never leaving the TV screen as he paced off his worries, his anger levels slowly decreasing to the point where he could retract his fangs. Khai returned to his paperwork, picking up exactly where he left off.


“I am wearing a tiara because I am royalty from two different families, regardless of whether I am your Queen or not. While I once again thank you for your offer, your Majesty, I am bonded to the man I love completely and do not intend to enter into any form of relationship with anyone else, human or vampire, now or ever.” Ata’s polite ‘fuck off’ amused me. There was nothing quite like being polite about putting someone in their place. Godric stopped pacing as his bonded spoke, and a smile wove its way onto his features at her show of love, loyalty and adoration. Did he really think she was going to abandon him? I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

Felipe’s jaw tensed, causing Eric and I to chuckle, and the song came to a close. Felipe dropped a kiss to the back of Ata’s hand, which even made Sookie shudder from her position on Eric’s lap. “She thinks she just upset him.” Sookie relayed the information from Ata’s mind to Oscar and I. The baby vampire had been sat quietly for the duration of the video and for the live feed so far. I didn’t like the little kid, but there was clearly something bugging him.

“What’s up, short stuff?” I turned my attention the young vampire, whose eyes finally broke away from the TV screen to look at me.

He seemed to contemplate his answer for a moment before he spoke, his voice quiet. “I’m trying to get a read on Felipe, he’s a difficult character. I haven’t been in his presence so I don’t know exactly what he’s like, but I can get a good enough idea using my little gift from a distance. He’s all snarly and possessive, to the point where it becomes an obsession. He doesn’t do losing very well and at the moment he is losing. I don’t like that Ata is with him; I have a bad feeling about it. She should be back here, with all of us, where he can’t get to her and where we can protect her.” The young vampire informed me, and subsequently everyone else in the penthouse. He was young and inexperienced and therefore I paid him no mind, but everyone else seemed to be taking the baby vamps words to heart.


“Do you think we should go in and get her, or call her home?” Sookie voiced quietly, nibbling on her lower lip.

“Guys, she’s over 2000 years old and a faery to boot, she’ll be fine.” I rolled my eyes at their worrying. If she couldn’t take care of herself, especially with her little army of protectors there, then we had something to seriously worry about.

Ata was swept up into the arms of Edgar during our brief conversation, and my Grandsire seemed to relax now that she was out of Felipe’s arms, but it was obvious he was still tense about the fact she was now dancing around with another man. Eric had taught me from the very beginning that although we were incredible at hiding our emotions on our features, we actually felt far more strongly than any other being on the planet. Everything was amplified, all of our senses, all of our skills, all of our emotions. Although he was over 2000 years old, my Grandsire seemed to be struggling to hold onto his emotions where his bonded was concerned. He wasn’t the first vampire to act this way; Eric had been so similar when he had first acknowledged his affections for the little faery currently sat on his lap. His emotions had been all over the place. I’d had to glamour half of the staff and fire the other half. One night it was particularly bad and he ended up kicking a patron all the way across the bar, leaving a human sized dent in the wall and a trip to the hospital on the books. I’d had to glamour the barely conscious man into believing that he’d fallen down the stairs and banged his head on the stone flooring.

“You look very lovely this evening Ata, your vampire must be very proud to be able to call you his.” Edgar offered her a smile, and through the vampires eyes we were able to see Ata’s reaction. A grin settled onto her features, one that matched the grin on my Grandsire’s face.


“Ah, now there is the smile of a woman in love.” The King of California teased her as he continued to dance her around the room.

The moment the song drew to a close, Ari appeared in Ata’s line of sight, and I found myself leaning forward in my seat. The action wasn’t missed by Eric, who quirked an eyebrow in my direction, causing me to quickly sit myself properly in the chair. I plastered on a blank expression, though for Eric it was useless. He was my Maker and could therefore feel my emotions. Great, the last thing I need is for Eric to know whatever the hell I’m feeling whenever the Egyptian vampire is in my line of sight. Heck even I don’t know what on earth these feelings are. I don’t do feelings!

We watched in silence as both Ari and Ata moved around the room together, but of course we could only witness it through Ata’s eyes. It was obvious, from the way their eyes were locked on to one another, that they were silently communicating with one another, but Sookie never spoke aloud. Perhaps they were having a private conversation? Had they shut out all of those that could hear them too?

The picture went blurry for a moment; as if it had been dunked in water, and moments later Ari captured a tear on his finger, bringing it to his mouth to taste it. The little faery was crying? What on earth did she have to cry about? She had a home, a business, a family and a bonded. Heck she had more than most! I certainly wouldn’t be crying if I were in her situation. Sparing a glance to Ata’s other children, they were all sat with their eyes closed, small smiles on their lips as they silently communicated with their Maker. Although I was not part of their bond, the love that was practically pouring off of them was overwhelming. I frowned at the thought of a little faery taking six strong and deadly killers, shaping them into incredible beings and yet somehow managing to retain a tender and gentle side to them. There was no denying that it was a spectacular fate. She had managed to attract and maintain the protection and love of those who had been in constant contact with her from a young age.

Turning to look at the telepath sat on my Maker’s lap, I thought of the people who had discovered her, who had been subjected to prolonged exposure with her, how they were with her now. There was that dweeb, Compton; he was enthralled with her almost to the point of obsession. There was Alcide, the wolf who had protected her in Mississippi and had just somehow ended up living only a stones-throw away from her. There was her boss, the dog, who obviously held her in such high regard and cared for her deeply if the amount of time she spent not working and yet was still able to call herself employed was anything to go by. Then of course there was Tara and Lafayette, the two who had caused my Maker to lose his memories only a few weeks ago. Although I held neither in high regard, and truth be told I wanted them dead for being part of the witch coven that erased Eric’s past, they had stuck with Sookie through it all, even when she’d been acting like a fucking idiot due to the vast quantity of Bill’s blood in her system. That was another thought. Bill’s blood was still in her veins, he would be able to feel her and track her, amplify her emotions to some degree. Was there a way to get his blood out of her system? Perhaps I’d ask Ari about it later. If Sookie was going to complete the third bond with my Maker then I wanted no one else to have his or her blood in her. She was going to be his completely, and I guess, grudgingly, Eric was going to be hers completely too.


Sam Merlotte

Tara and Lafayette

As the song hit the last note, Ari dipped Ata down, her vision filled with that of her eldest Childe’s features and the ornately painted ceiling. In a smooth movement that the pair had clearly practiced over the years, they righted themselves. Ata pulled Ari into an embrace and the screen went black for a moment as she held onto her Childe. None of us panicked over the darkness on the screen, which was strange given my Grandsire’s current mental and emotional state, or lack of if truth be told. The world came back suddenly as Ata’s eyes snapped open, the music shifting once more. The pair seemed to exchange a private smile and once again I was clearly missing out on a mental conversation. This shit would be so much easier if I could hear them too! The image bobbed for a moment as Ata agreed with a nod to whatever it was Ari had suggested.

The pair had obviously decided to dance together, but it was strange to witness it from Ata’s point of view. We couldn’t see anything the faery was doing, only Ari’s part in the dance, and the looks on the crowd as they watched the two move across the floor like it was natural for them. Ari scooped her up in his strong arms, his muscles flexing as he held her in air before he placed her down onto the ground neatly. His suit wasn’t concealing very much, thankfully. I had half expected, judging by the slightly sensual nature of the routine, for Godric to be up on his feet once again, spitting tacks at the screen. But he was the picture of calm as he observed the scene playing out on the other side of the city. The fact Ata and Ari were Maker and Childe had obviously soothed his jealousy issues.

Ata’s eyes drifted around her and I was surprised to find they were the only ones on the floor, and that they had attracted quite a crowd. Although the pair were moving relatively quickly my vampire vision enabled me to see the whole thing as if it were in slow motion, allowing me time to notice Edgar, Isabel and Nora stood at the side of the dance floor, smug smiles on their faces as they looked to Felipe. Ata turned her attention the King of Nevada and I was pleased to find him looking less than happy with the evening’s turn of events. As I managed to cop an eye of the crowd it was obvious that Ata and Ari’s little display was almost enticing an orgy, if the amount of vampires with fallen fangs who were amorously groping one another subtly was anything to go by.

Nora Gainesborough

They weren’t dancing for very long, but they had the attention of everyone in the mansion, as well as everyone back in the penthouse. Khai had put down his pen and had stopped shuffling papers so that he could watch his brother and Maker. Of course given her small stature and slender frame, it was easy for Ata to be so nimble on her feet, especially with her years of fighting. Sookie was still somewhat on the clumsy side, but some training would probably do her the world of good and soon she might even be lighter on her feet. It was one of the first things Eric had taught me when he had been teaching me how to fight – that I would need to remain light on my feet. By staying light on my feet I would be able to dodge many attacks and even attack someone myself before moving to safety. Of course being light on ones feet required balance, and for a vampire we naturally had perfect balance. For humans however it was a little different, which was why it usually took them so long to learn how to fight. They could get the technique right, but they couldn’t polish up the execution enough for each blow to be perfect and on target.

The way they ended their little spectacle, with Ata straddling Ari, made me want to glance towards my Grandsire to see how he was taking it. I restrained myself however. Perhaps Ari would teach me to dance, perhaps even that very routine. I wasn’t much of a dancer anymore unfortunately. In my human years I had danced for fun and exercise simply because there was little else to do and treadmills hadn’t been invented yet, but finding the right partner these days was a drag. Most male vampires disliked dancing unless it was a formal occasion, and humans weren’t quick enough on their feet to keep up with vampires. Of course I had danced with Eric on occasion, most Maker’s and their Children did so at formal occasions, as Ata and Ari had.

Victorian Dance

“Sometimes I wish I could dance, but I don’t have the balance for it.” Sookie muttered, knowing we would all hear her. She even managed to laugh quietly at herself, causing us all to chuckle. Sookie had been a very serious person when she had first entered Fangtasia, and the last few years hadn’t really helped her either. Between her Grandmothers murder, the maenad that ruined her home, Russell coveting her and Eric’s amnesia she hadn’t really had any time to be silly. Serious people were good company, as I wasn’t one for laughter often, but sometimes I would enjoy the company of a comedian or two. At least now I didn’t have to worry about laughter wrinkles.

The pair of them bowed to the crowd as the dance floor slowly started to fill up with the guests once more. Ata remained at Ari’s side and I found myself pleased that he was so old and that he would be able to defend her. It was obvious that Godric was itching to dash over there and steal her away.

“You dance real well Miss Ata.” Bubba bounded over to Ata and Ari as they left the dance floor. The mentally challenged vampire was handed around from state to state rather frequently, but he usually avoided Vegas due to the huge fascination with him there. Not only did it spark ‘Presley Sightings’ as the humans called them but it also made him sad and angry to see people dressed up as him, to see people selling things with his name and face on. I wasn’t a sympathetic person, but the addled vampire had been turned against his will by a vampire fan, and then abandoned to fend for himself when it was apparent he wasn’t mentally all there.

Ever polite, Ata responded. “Thank you Bubba, but we all know you’re the best at the dancing.”

“Aw shucks Miss Ata, we can jive together later if you’d like?” The offer of a dance with The King made me switch my attention to my Grandsire, whose calm and collected exterior was most puzzling. It was clearly obvious the vampire speaking to his bonded was attached to her, and yet he didn’t seem to mind at all. Then again, while Bubba may have been cute to the newly turned and those privy to the vampire world, he wasn’t exactly a major threat. He wasn’t going to be the one stealing your girlfriend from you. Usually that was Eric’s job.

Bubba Dancing

“I’d love that Bubba, very much indeed.” Ata accepted.

Nora moved into focus a moment later, and I took a moment to scrutinize her. She was an Elizabethan, there was no denying it, but her British accent earlier had grated on my nerves. I’d switched my accent for a Southern one, helping me to blend in before the Great Reveal, but at the drop of a hat I could turn back to my British one, though it wasn’t as annoying as Nora’s. I couldn’t see why Eric and Godric had saved her from the mountaintop all those years ago; yes she was a member of the Authority and could therefore pull some strings every now and then, but for me that was all she had going for her.

The little microphone in Ata’s brooch wasn’t able to pick up on Nora’s whisper, however she seemed to mentally repeat it to Ari and to everyone else in the penthouse.

“The Ancient Pythoness is upstairs and wants to see Ata. She’s going up with Nora, leaving Ari and Isabel downstairs to pretend she’s just gone to take care of her human needs.” Sookie dutifully informed Oscar and I. This whole mental communication thing would need to be addressed soon. Heck I’d even take some of the ancient faeries blood if it would enable me to hear everyone! Eric and I could understand one another through our emotions, and the Maker-Childe tie, but to actually hear one another in our minds would be an incredible step up.

“Nora, I haven’t a clue where the ladies room is, could you show me please?” Ata’s quick blinking caused the camera to go black every split second as her eyelids slid over the contacts. The unease was evident on my Grandsire’s features and yet he remained in his seat, trying his hardest to maintain his emotions. He was fidgeting though, a very human sign of nervousness. The Ancient Pythoness was never without her Britlingens, so seeing two of them guarding her door was no surprise to us, but to Sookie it was a completely different tale.

Ladies Room

“What are they?” She turned her head up to look at my Maker, who looked down to capture her eyes.

“Britlingens. They’re Supes, just like us, but they live on another plane similar to Faery. They reside in an ancient city called Spauling and prefer to stay within the walls of the city. The Britlingen Collective is the name of their race, and they choose to stay near the castle that resides at the top most hill of Spauling. There are two divisions of Britlingens – the assassins and the bodyguards. They are extremely expensive either way and the witches associated with them charge an astronomical fee as well. It’s why so few people ever call upon them unless they are in dire circumstances. Of course the Ancient Pythoness has two who do her bidding for a small fee, simply because she is the eldest of our kind to still be around.” Eric explained to her. I could remember the night Eric had told me of the Ancient Pythoness, how she usually stayed in the old world and was over 8000 years old.


“Britlingens grow up in the Collective. They train in a style similar to that of the military, with hardcore drills and training, and there is a military type of hierarchy within this. The men and women seem to be portrayed equal, but violence against women isn’t taboo in their world. They have skills similar to that of ninjas and can disappear into thin air and become invisible should they need to guard something secretly. They have one main rule and that’s one which all of them must follow: never kill another Britlingen, leave that to the rest of the world.” Eric chuckled. Godric and I had to suppress our smiles, there were very few who would be stupid enough to take on a Britlingen, let alone win.

“They wear head-to-toe armor all the time. They have many suits to pick from and there are lots of different types, including some that are used for winter, and some for summer. The most precious one is the Liquid Armor. It isn’t really liquid, but it resembles a wet suit. It’s extremely easy to put on and there is a keypad the size of a credit card on the suit that they wear on their chest. It has a personal sequence programmed into it that allows only one wearer to use the armor. The material toughens when the sequence is pressed, allowing the wearer to be almost invulnerable. Without this procedure the armor is ineffective. Britlingen were murdered for their armor before this protocol was issued, and this helped with that problem.” Eric continued to explain as Sookie looked up in awe, her gaze flickering back to the TV in time to see Ata and Nora granted entry to the Ancient Pythoness.

“They can travel from plane to plane and there have been rumors of them travelling to Hell and back. They travel via a Witchweb; highly powerful witches live in Spauling, conducting the transfers of Britlingens from plane to plane. There are many arcane shops there to accommodate them and their needs, some of the most rare spell-crafting supplies can be found there. It’s an extremely talented Wiccan’s dream.” We all didn’t miss Eric’s shudder at the mention of Wiccan’s, and Sookie offered him a sympathetic look as she placed a hand against his cheek in a soothing gesture. The days where Eric was without his memory were the worst of my undead life. To me Eric was always strong and sure of himself, confident and not afraid of anything. During his amnesia he had been a puppy dog at times, especially when I first entered Sookie’s home to find her cleaning his feet. I’d heard his giggle due him being ticklish from outside her property. Of course I was reminded that while Eric was without his memories, he still possessed 1000 years of strength. I didn’t really enjoy meeting Sookie’s entrance hall rug.

“Britlingens sign contracts. This is done in the Hall of Contracts. There is a wall of shame that resides there where pictures of Britlingens who have failed their clients are placed. It is a reminder, and a motivation, to come back alive and most importantly, to not shame the race. They are extremely stubborn and prideful individuals. Like someone else I know.” Eric’s cheeky grin caused Sookie to pop him playfully on the arm. If anyone else had dared to take a swing at Eric, even jokingly, I would have ripped their head off and gorged myself on their innards.

“The negotiations are done mostly outside of the realm, through the witches and the Witchweb. However, in a rare case the client can travel to the Britlingens plane and do it there. Britlingens prefer to have the witches’ sort everything out for them though and sign when they like what they see. They often prepare their armor with what kind of fighting they predict they will do. Their weapons tend to be swords, knives, and wrist crossbows, throwing stars that are cursed, neotasers and guns. When leaving for a mission they take a waterproof backpack that carries micro thin clean garments, compressed cooked food, a pill or two that provides bursts of energy and some bandages and antibiotics, along with a bottle of water. To forestall other kinds of emergencies all Britlingens are injected with birth control drugs on a monthly basis, both male and female. Those who skip this injection are listed in bright red chalk on a big board across the entrance hall of the Hall of Contracts. Once a contract has been signed, the rule of “The client’s wish is law” goes into effect.” Eric concluded his explanation, maintaining eye contact with Sookie as she processed all of the information he had just given her.

“They’re basically supernatural versions of Lee Harvey Oswald.” Sookie stated quietly, breaking eye contact with Eric to look back at the TV screen. Thankfully, when we had moved to America, Eric and I had learnt all about the history of the country so that it would appear like we had been living there our whole lives. I had taken a particular interest in Lee, not only because he was one of the top assassins in America, but also because his major kill had taken place in Dallas, the city my Grandsire had presided over for many, many years. I’d learnt that, on November 22, 1963 he’d murdered American president John F. Kennedy. Lee had been a former marine who had immigrated to the Soviet Union in October of 1959. He later returned to the US in 1962, finding life in the Soviet Union to be less than the idyllic existence he expected. After drifting through numerous jobs he’d ended up in Dallas, where he’d killed Kennedy.

Lee Harvey Oswald

I didn’t care about the room Nora and Ata were now in, my eyes were firmly planted on the Ancient Pythoness. I had never met her before, I’d never seen pictures either, and so to see her through Ata’s eyes was a very humbling experience. Of course I had heard about her from word of mouth, but seeing her and hearing about her were two completely different things. Her well-known handmaidens were dotted around her, tending to her every need. Although it was dark in the room, the blood in Ata’s veins meant that she almost had vampire vision, enabling me to see as if all of the lights were on.

“It has been so long, Ata.” Her soft voice floated through the microphone into the penthouse. She turned to face Ata and her blind eyes captivated me. She couldn’t see anything and yet she was a seer. Had her vision disappeared with her age, or had she always been blind? If it went with her age then I had no intention of reaching 8000. How on earth would I be able to watch the latest Chanel fashion show without my vision?

“It has been, Your Grace.” Ata dipped her head in respect, giving us a view of the floor for a moment.

“Oh dear girl, there is no need for you to bow your head to me, if anything it is I who should be bowing to you.” She murmured softly as Ata lifted her head, her gaze settling on the Ancient Pythoness once again. The Ancient One was smiling at Ata as if they were old friends. “It has been over 1950 years since we last saw one another.” She gave a wistful sigh.

“Ata knew The Ancient One all those years ago?” I found myself quirking an eyebrow is disbelief.

“Oh Pamela, you need to learn your history beyond the Viking era.” Godric playfully chastised me, shaking his head with a smile on his lips. Eric’s proud feeling came sauntering through the bond at the fact I knew all about his people. “The Ancient Pythoness was the original oracle that Alexander the Great consulted on numerous occasions, Ata’s family are direct descendants of Alexander’s right hand man, Ptolemy I Soter, also known as Ptolemy Lagides. He was the founder of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, the dynasty of which Ata’s family belong to – the last dynasty of Egypt.” My Grandsire explained. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the faery a descendent of fae royalty and Egyptian royalty, but also she had made many connections and friends in high places over the years.

Ptolemy Lagides

“Very little is actually known of the personal life of The Ancient one, but she usually resides in the old world, in Europe. Due to her age she is an immensely powerful vampire but because of her blindness she is kept by other vampires and her handmaidens, and is only “brought out” on special events. She also acts as a vampire judge because of her ability as a seer, which is probably why she is here for the summit.” I heard Eric explaining to Sookie, so that she would be able to keep up with the conversation that was about to take place.

“Am I free to speak in front of your companions?” The Ancient One asked. Ata glanced to Nora and gave a nod of response; the Elizabethan vampire smiling in thanks for the trust that Ata was placing upon her.

“I meant the companions watching and listening in on us, little princess.” The Ancient One gave a knowing smile as Ata turned back to look at her. The technology guys had told us that no one would know that Ata was wearing camera contact lenses and that her brooch had a microphone in it, but obviously the Ancient Pythoness knew everything.

“My children, my bonded and his family, and my cousin are all trustworthy.” Ata responded confidently. The fact that Ata was stating she could trust me was a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t given her much reason to trust me these past few days but I’d hoped my little gift would help her this evening, it was certainly ensuring no one grabbed her wrist.

Silver Cartier Bracelet

“Your nest is growing, and it will continue to do so if you carry on down this path. You already have quiet the eclectic family.” She smiled across at Ata. It was no joke that she had an eclectic family, between her vampire children, her faery cousin and her Were guards she had most of the well known Supe community covered.

“I’ll need to buy a bigger house then.” Ata muttered under her breath. I spared a glance to my Grandsire, who was giving the screen his full attention.

“Oh my darling bonded, you’ll have the best home you could ever wish for.” He whispered quietly, as if he were unaware we were in the room and could hear him, as if Ata was there to hear him. It sounded like he was making a promise though, and as Ata had so aptly pointed out earlier, my Grandsire kept every single one of his promises.

Cute House

“I wouldn’t worry about a house just yet my dear, that’ll be taken care of in time.” The Ancient Pythoness answered with a knowing smile, though of course the smile was not intended for Ata, but for my Grandsire.

“She already knows you’ll buy Ata a home?” Sookie frowned lightly, her attention flickering to Godric.

“The Ancient Pythoness knows everything, she knows everyone’s decisions the moment they make them, and I have already decided to buy Ata her dream home, regardless of the cost.” Godric responded in a murmur, his attention moving to Sookie, whom he offered a warm smile to. His eyes drifted to the TV screen once again to watch his bonded. Godric seemed to shift in his seat however, and if I didn’t know better I would say he was worried about Ata finding out about his plans for her dream home. That would certainly ruin the surprise, and I could only guess that after 2000 years there was little that could surprise her. Heck, after around 100 years it was difficult to surprise me. Then again, I wasn’t a fan of surprises.

“Challenges are coming your way though dear child, and they won’t be easy. They’ll affect not just you but your nest too – your children, your bonded, your cousin. I have seen so many different paths for you; I have kept an eye on you over the years. It is no coincidence you were reunited with your bonded, no coincidence that your cousin has fallen for his Childe.” The Ancient One informed us. Both Eric and Godric’s eyes widened at that revelation, and I too was surprised. Was she saying they were both fated pairs? Fated pairs were exceptionally rare; the few fated pairs that were known of had been brought together in order to deal with major issues in the world, to defeat strong opponents and to make a mark on the lives of those in the Supernatural community.

“Are you saying that we’re fated?” Ata whispered as she came to the same conclusion as all of us back in the penthouse had.

“Fated, destined, whatever you wish to call it little one. You and Godric were supposed to meet in your human years, you were supposed to be parted, so that Godric could create Eric, who in turn would meet your cousin and draw you two back together again.” The Ancient Pythoness revealed to us all.

“Only together can you beat the obstacles facing you. You and your bonded have had 2000 years each to perfect yourselves, to become the best you can be. Your children have helped you survive without your bonded by your side and have encouraged you to be a gentle woman, the antithesis of the fierceness of your vampire.” Her blind eyes were full of mirth, as if she enjoyed the fact they were parted for so long, forced to grow up without one another.

“Your cousin is the antithesis of Eric too, balancing one another out to create a formidable duo, and as a foursome there is little that can part you, and few who can beat you.” She continued before her face dropped a little. “The path you are walking now is the only one I have seen where the chance of all four of you making it out alive is over 50%, there is still the risk that some of you may not make it if you’re not properly prepared.”

There was silence as her words settled in. My Grandsire or Maker might die, and if their mates died they would no doubt follow them. That didn’t sit right with me; there was no way I would allow them to die! “We might not all make it.” Sookie whispered in disbelief, sadness and concern lacing her tone. I had a feeling no matter what that Sookie would make it; the girl was like a fucking cockroach. She survived everything.

“None of us can die though, I won’t let it happen.” The determination in Sookie’s voice was cute, but if the fates were against them then there was nothing they could do, though I would be damned if I didn’t try to keep them all alive, even if it was by force. I would do anything for Eric and Godric, and subsequently their mates. No one else was going to die.

“I promise to take care of you Sookie, no one will get to you.” Eric took her chin in his hands, raising her head so he could press a reassuring kiss to her lips. The conviction in his voice was perfect, but I knew that he was like a duck – calm and collected on the surface, yet paddling madly under the surface.


Ata’s contact lenses picked up movement to her side as Nora approached her to comfort her. “What do I do? How do we all survive this?” Ata asked The Ancient One the question on the tip of my tongue.

The Ancient Pythoness gave a small sigh, licking her lips to moisten them. “You know I favor you, little princess, but if I tell you then the path will change and there is a higher chance of all of you perishing. I can however give you a riddle.” She offered as a substitute.

The screen went black for a moment as Ata closed her eyes, her exasperated sigh informing us she wasn’t that keen on the idea of another riddle that needed solving. Slowly she opened her eyes, giving us the picture back. “My mother and father gave me riddles to figure out, but I’m yet to do so.” She complained quietly.

“The answers will come to you soon, the first when you wake tomorrow.” The Ancient One offered her a starting point. I’d memorized the riddles for Ata and, deciding to write them down for her, vamped to Khai, borrowing a pen and a piece of paper from him. Quickly I scribbled them all down, signing the piece of paper with a ‘P’ before I placed it down on the kitchen counter ready for her to look over in the morning.

Returning to my seat seconds later, I settled myself in. “I’ll take another riddle then, Pallas.” Ata sighed. Pallas? Was that the true name of The Ancient Pythoness? So few knew of her real name that it was actually quite exciting to now know it. I could feel Eric’s sense of honor at now knowing The Ancient Ones real name.

“Three houses bound together, all four of immortal blood. Two sets of two that share a tie, combining all around together. One is ancient, majestic, full of joyful cheer. Two has much to learn. Three is wise beyond his years, And Four once tried to burn. Now four people, all of power, try to part the four. With thousands of years between them all, this riddle they will solve. One of them has used you, one of them has abused you, one of them wants to watch you fall. Deception and lies go hand in hand, but brutal truths can really hurt. Do not lash out at those you love, but seek revenge for those you lost. When the moon waxes all of this will end, new powers will be used and promised gifts will make amends. A sacrifice must be made, a selfless one at that. Time will heal the marks remaining, but only love will heal thy heart. In the house of royalty four will fight, yet only two will leave.”

I used my trusted vault to lock the words away for a moment before I dashed back to Khai, taking another piece of paper to scribble down the riddle before I placed it with the other sheet on the kitchen counter. I could feel Eric’s confusion, and that of Godric’s. All of Ata’s boys had abandoned their posts to mull over The Ancient Ones words, and even Sookie looked to be deep in contemplation.

Paper and Pen

“Remember, little princess, that there are plenty who would willingly lay their lives on the line for you. You may need to call upon them in the future. Your father led armies across the world, and now you may have to follow his footsteps, a true little Caesar.” Pallas smiled, holding her hand out to Ata. The picture went blurry for a moment, once again as if the camera was underwater, and it was apparent that tears were welling up in her eyes at the mention of her father.

Ata took Pallas’s outstretched hand, and instantly the screen went black. Godric’s low growl reverberated around the room seconds later and he was up on his feet, back to pacing. “What’s the matter?” I sighed, not entirely sure why he was throwing a hissy fit.

“I cannot feel her! I know she is alive but she’s shut down our bond to the point where I cannot fathom her emotions!” He gritted out, moving to the large windows overlooking Vegas.

“Has she blocked her connections to you guys also?” I turned my attention to her children, who were all frowning. Nodding their heads they gave me an answer.

“Blood bonds can be closed?” Sookie’s curious tone caused me to look over to her, her face angled up to my Maker, who was looking rather nervous all of a sudden. I couldn’t hide my smirk, obviously he hadn’t told her everything about their connection.


“Yes and no.” Eric seemed to settle on the truth. “Yes it can be closed, but no it cannot be shut all the way. It’s similar to leaving a door ajar; you can feel the life force of your bonded but not their emotions. It enables you to know the other is alive but allows them privacy, to feel things for themselves without sharing it with you, without having to worry about your reaction.” He told her honestly, pursing his lips together.

Sookie was silent for a moment, watching as Godric continued to pace the living area. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she finally asked gently, locking eyes with my Maker. I was starting to like this new side to Sookie, she wasn’t jumping to conclusions or instantly becoming angry with Eric over the smallest things. Now she was allowing him time to explain.

“You may think it high-handed of me, lover, but I don’t wish for you to close our bond down at all. While I would still be able to feel your life force I find myself wanting to feel all of you, every emotion that courses through your body, I want to experience it with you, reacquaint myself with human emotions. I want to share emotions with you, carry and ease your pain and revel in your happiness. It’s that simple.” The honesty in his tone spooked me a little. Eric had always been an honest man, he might omit a few details on occasion, but he was always truthful when asked point blank about anything. It had been some time though since I had heard him include everything in his explanation, especially such a tender explanation. Sookie was most certainly changing my Maker, and I was started to see a soft side to the usually cold and brutal vampire who had turned me all those years ago.

The connection to Ata’s contact lenses suddenly snapped back, the image of what she was seeing thrown up onto the screen. Using his vampire speed Godric resumed his seat on the sofa, the poor thing creaking as he placed himself upon it. He’d done some serious damage to it in his anger earlier on and it would probably need replacing. I couldn’t count the number of times Eric and I had broken things in anger. It was easier, and better, to destroy furniture than people when angry. People were too messy.

“Try not to think of it, little princess.” Pallas laughed gently, letting go of Ata’s hand. All of us in the penthouse frowned. What was it that the ancient one had just told her?

“She’s confused.” Godric stated, clearly checking their bond thoroughly now that it was fully open once again. We watched as Nora returned to Ata’s side, taking her hand.

“Bubba is waiting for his dance downstairs, Ata. Thank you for coming to see me, I have a feeling we will be seeing one another more over the coming weeks.” The Ancient Pythoness dismissed the Egyptian faery. With a bow of her head Ata started to head towards the door with Nora in tow. “Miss Gainsborough, a moment please?” Pallas interrupted their departure.

My Grandsire visibly tensed at the realization that Ata would be leaving the room alone, without any form of protection. “This is Felipe’s home. Ari, Isabel and Bubba are downstairs. I’ll be fine.” Ata reassured Nora, and all of us back in the penthouse. Slowly the Elizabethan vampire let go of her hand and Ata turned to the door.

We watched as she left the room, her eyes narrowed slightly as she so obviously fell into thought. A blur from the corner of her eye caught our attention before the screen went black.

Closed Door

The most terrifying sound I had ever heard filled the space of the penthouse as Ata’s children, along with Godric, all screamed out in pain, howling as they fell to their knees. Eric, Oscar, and I were instantly up on our feet, as was Sookie, but she knew better than to approach any vampire in pain, no matter how much she trusted them. She’d made that mistake the night she’d met Compton. Eric was at Godric’s side instantly and I moved to Ata’s children, unsure as to what the hell was going on. “Ata.” My Grandsire rasped, trying his hardest to make his way to the elevator doors, as if he could swoop in and help her out of whatever mess she was in even though he wasn’t in the best state at the moment.

“Our bond, it’s gone, our mental connection too.” Khai managed to explain between gritted teeth. If the bond was gone then surely that meant she was dead…

The TV screen suddenly flared to life once more and the collective gasps from the male vampires on the floor was enough confirmation that their connections to her were back, but that she was suffering greatly. Rather than cries of pain the room was filled with roars of anger as we all took in the sight on the screen. Even I couldn’t stop myself from growling. Ata was flat on her back, her vision filled with the textured ceiling and, looming over her, the figure of Felipe.


“She needs help!” Sookie choked on a sob as she held a hand up to her mouth, tears welling up in her eyes. “She’s mentally sobbing, oh my goodness.” The young telepath looked like she was about to pass out with the weight of her cousins’ despair and anguish settling on her mind. Vamping to her I placed her back down on the sofa, raising a warning finger at her so that she wouldn’t move.

We watched as Ata raised her hand, managing to clip Felipe with the silver bracelet, causing him to hiss out in pain. The moment he dropped fang however, and went to bite into his wrist, Godric seemed to lose it completely. The male vampires had found their strength again now that they were over the initial shock of Ata’s pain, and my Grandsire looked murderous.

Fangs down, he took off in the direction of the elevator, only to be rugby tackled into the wall by Khai. “You can’t go to her!” the Egyptian shouted at him, trying to get through to him. There was no point in him trying; my Grandsire was on the warpath.

“SHE’S MINE!” Godric snapped in Khai’s face, struggling against his hold. “I’LL KILL HIM! RIP OUT HIS FANGS AND HAVE THEM TURNED INTO EARRINGS!” he spat just as backup stepped in. Riei and Oeri were helping to contain my Grandsire as he thrashed against them, trying his hardest to get to the elevator doors so he could run to her aid. Eric had Sookie shielded behind him, knowing that Godric’s current mental state was unbalanced. His bonded was wounded, a devious vampire trying to get his blood into her system, his whole body was screaming out at him to kill and maim.

I continued to watch the screen as Ari raced in to the rescue, hauling the young King up by the scruff of his neck before he threw him like a ragdoll over his shoulder. I had to stop myself from fist pumping.

“Ari wants you to try and keep Godric here.” Sookie offered timidly as she stepped out from around Eric, slowly approaching Godric, whose struggling was starting to slow down as he realized there was no way he was going to escape from the vice like hold of three 2000 year old vampires.

As we could only see from Ata’s point of view, and she was still flat on her back staring up at the ceiling, we were unable to see what was going on with Ari. We could see Isabel, Edgar and Bubba coming into Ata’s line of sight though, trying to help her up, but she was unable to move herself. I was very rarely worried, however the sight of the 2000-year-old faery unable to move herself had me on edge. If she could be taken down so easily then it would be fair to say the rest of us would be a piece of cake to bring down.

We were unable to witness Bubba sniffing the used needle, however we could hear his verdict as clear as day. “Iron.” He stated solemnly. Godric, who had only just recently settled, was instantly angry again, flailing around, struggling against the male vampires keeping him pinned in place, jaws snapping, fangs descended. I had a feeling if they weren’t holding him down he’d be massacring everyone on his way to Felipe’s mansion, with Felipe being his main target.

Iron Particles

“IT’LL KILL HER. LET ME GET TO HER!” he demanded sharply, exerting enough pressure on Khai’s wrist, which he’d managed to grab hold of, to make the bone creak.

“YOU DARE TO HARM ME?” Felipe’s angered scream could be heard through the TV. Ata had managed to tip her head sideways to watch the fight occurring between Ari and Felipe. Leaving Sookie on the sofa, Eric vamped to Godric’s side, helping to calm his Maker as I took over soothing Sookie, who was still being subjected to Ata’s anguished thoughts and mental sobs. The little faery was a shaky, teary wreck. I never knew how to deal with humans when they leaked. Deciding to attempt our interactions the other day, I placed a cautious arm around the girls’ shoulders, hoping to soothe her. Instantly she lunged at me, wrapping her arms around my middle, holding me tightly as she screwed her eyes shut, trying to block out her cousin. For a moment I was unsure what to do, but slowly I allowed myself to embrace the little fae, even going so far as to rub her back a little awkwardly in a hope to soothe her. I’d watched Eric perform such an action towards her before today.

Although I was comforting Sookie, and my Maker was restraining my Grandsire, my eyes were glued to the TV screen as Ari took on Felipe, grabbing him around the throat with little to no effort. He lifted the Monarch off the ground, his fangs down in anger and a look of pure hatred pasted onto his usually calm and collected features. Obscenities spewed from Felipe’s mouth and yet Ari paid no mind to them. He stood tall and strong, his arm muscles flexing as he tightened his hold on Felipe’s throat. I couldn’t help but admire his strength. He was a beautiful force of nature. “You were about to feed my Mistress your blood, to tamper with the sacred blood bond she has created with my Master! I should end you regardless of your status!” He hissed. I was unsure if he was aware that he had just referred to Godric as his Master, but it seemed like the term had brought my Grandsire out of his angered state. He went deathly still, his eyes locked on the screen as he processed the fact that Ari had so readily accepted him as his new Master. Even I was shocked. The role of Master or Mistress was exceptionally important, and an honor, so for Ari to declare Godric his Master was an ultimate show of his commitment to Ata’s bonded.

Oscar had ensured he was well away from Godric; he was far too young to try and restrain my Grandsire, so instead he moved himself to sit beside Sookie, offering her a tissue he’d procured from somewhere before he rubbed her arm soothingly. Looking up from the little faery, he offered me a tiny smile. He wasn’t bad for a baby vamp, at least he could still understand humans enough to know what the needed.


“I will have your fangs for this! I will take away your area and your business!” He spat in response, earning himself an eye roll from Ari. Hey, that’s my thing. I pouted. Throwing the bratty Monarch at the far wall Ari’s impressive force rendered him unconscious. He knelt down beside Ata, taking one of her hands in his own before he raised it to his lips to kiss reassuringly.

Sookie’s sobbed started all over again and she clung to me even tighter. I suppose it was a good thing I didn’t need to breathe. Ari scooped her up in his arms, her head tipping sideways uncontrollably, giving us a glimpse of a still very unconscious Felipe.

As Ari took off down the stairs, Oeri managed to wiggle himself out of the vampire pile up that was keeping my Grandsire in place. Bloody tracks were evident down Godric’s cheeks from the tears he had shed at the pain his bonded had been experiencing, pain he wasn’t able to take from her. Grabbing his phone, Oeri started to bark ordered into it after hitting the number 8 button as he obviously kept whomever it was he was speaking to on speed dial. “I don’t care if you’re busy, I will pay you hundreds of thousands if I have to. GET HERE. NOW.” He slammed his phone closed. Ah Ludwig, the old troll.

As Ari took off out of Felipe’s mansion, the male vampires slowly withheld their hold on Godric, knowing he would soon have his bonded back with him and he could care for her. It would be foolish for him to run out of the penthouse now; she was with Ari and was therefore safe. Eric came over to Sookie, Oscar, and I and quirked an eyebrow at the affectionate display currently occurring between the little blonde telepath and myself. Giving a shrug of my shoulders I continued to rub circles on her back, suddenly feeling rather protective of the relatively naive girl. Gently prying Sookie from me, Eric picked her up effortlessly, seating himself on the sofa as he soothed her while we waited for Ata, Ari, Isabel, Bubba and Edgar to arrive. Godric was back to his pacing. “I could hear her mental cries for help, they were so anguished Eric, she’s in so much pain.” Sookie mumbled into his chest as she buried her face there. Slowly my Maker stroked her hair, making little hushing sounds similar to those parents made to their young children.

The sound of footsteps coming up the emergency stairs dragged us all out of our little waiting game, and the moment Ari burst through the door, stepping foot into the room, my Grandsire had ripped Ata from his hands, encasing her in his arms before he vamped to the other side of the room, clutching her close to his chest, his fangs bared as he snarled at us all. I had never seen him this angry before. Yes I had watched him kill, yes I had seen him lose his temper once or twice, but I had never seen him so vicious, so maddened over the thought of someone being hurt. I prayed to the God that I had refused to acknowledge as a human that Eric would not turn out to be the same with Sookie.

A pop sounded out in the room and Ludwig appeared, taking a quick moment to assess everyone in the room before her eyes landed on Ata. “Oh dear little princess, what have you gotten yourself into?” she tutted quietly as she took in Ata’s appearance. It was obvious that the iron was causing havoc within her as her skin was pale, almost translucent, and her usually bright blue eyes were pale and dull. “Bring her to me, Nervii.” Ludwig ordered as she removed everything from the coffee table, throwing a blanket over it so Ata wouldn’t be exposed to the cold metal. Godric let out a low warning growl, clutching Ata tighter to him. “She’ll die if you don’t let me treat her, vampire.” I could hear Ludwig’s patience running thin.

Dr Ludwig

“Godric let Ludwig help her.” Sookie gently encouraged him, unfurling herself from Eric’s chest, though she was smart enough to keep a distance. He was angry and volatile right now. He seemed to fight internally with himself, but one look down at Ata, whose eyes were now screwed shut in pain, caused him to relent. Vamping to the coffee table he made short work of her dress, removing it so it wouldn’t be damaged before he placed it on the sofa, leaving Ata in her underwear on the table. Usually I would have made some sort of crude comment by now about her state of undress, but it was apparent just how serious Ata’s current condition was.

“I picked these up from the scene.” Bubba offered, handing Ludwig two needles. I moved to sit beside the coffee table, as did everyone else in the room. Godric’s hold on Ata never wavered as he locked eyes with her. Moments later his gaze joined ours as we all curiously looked at the needles Bubba was holding.

Taking the needles from Bubba, Ludwig sniffed them before spluttering and wrinkling her nose in disgust. “Whoever it was has it in for you Miss Caesar. This needle contained a high concentration of iron, suxamethonium chloride and a trace of Hep D.”

Ari gave a small gasp at the revelation, as did his brothers. Eric and I shared a worried glance while Sookie’s eyes widened in horror. At least Compton had bothered to tell her about Hep D. Whoever had injected Ata would have known Godric was only feeding from her. I was about to open my mouth to speak when Godric’s roar silenced us all. “FIX HER. NOW.” He shouted at Ludwig, demanding her to do something.

“I can’t do anything until the suxamethonium chloride has worn off. Whoever injected her wanted her to watch whatever they were going to do to her. It relaxes the muscles, effectively causing temporary paralysis but it does not lead to unconsciousness and it doesn’t act as an anesthetic either. Its effects may cause considerable psychological distress while simultaneously making it impossible for a patient to communicate.” Ludwig explained as she took the other needle from Bubba. While that would be one thing down, Ata’s blood would still contain high levels of iron and Hep D. If the iron didn’t kill her, the Hep D would, given that she would be unable to feed Godric and he would therefore need nourishment elsewhere. Everybody suffered from jealousy, it was a natural reaction, no matter how many times people tried to claim they were never jealous, and jealousy was just as deadly as the Hep D and iron concoction circulating through Ata’s system.

“How are we gonna get the iron out?” Sookie spoke quietly, causing us all to focus on the next task at hand.

“You all need to drain her down and replace her blood with yours, it’s the only way we can get the iron out of her system.”

“She’s infected with Hep D, you’ve got to be kidding me?” I stated in exasperation, flicking my hand out towards Ata. Was the troll really suggesting we all allow ourselves to be infected and therefore weakened when Russell, and now Felipe, was out to get us?

Sniffing the other needle, Ludwig removed the cap, giving it a flick before she suddenly jabbed it into Ata’s neck. Her piercing scream rang through the penthouse and I had to cover my ears, she had one heck of a pair of lungs on her, and I wasn’t referring to her ample breasts. “Found our voice now Miss Caesar? The suxamethonium seems to be wearing off.”

Suxamethonium Chloride

“You don’t fucking say so!” Ata yelled at the dwarf doctor who smirked at her patient. I had to hide my own smirk too, the usually serene faery was cursing and screaming and shouting like a sailor.

“What the fuck did you just inject her with?” Godric demanded as Ari grabbed his arm, effectively keeping him in place.

“Seems whoever it was created a cure for Hep D.” She mused, sniffing the needle once again before she threw it into her little bag.

“The fae don’t get sick, why is the Hep D causing such a reaction?” Oeri demanded as he held one of Ata’s feet down, Riei was holding the other. Ata had started to thrash on the table, her screams making it difficult for us all to communicate. Khai was holding down one of her arms while Godric had the other, Ari was holding her shoulders down while Egor and Agmund were stood by the elevator, fangs down, poised ready to attack anyone who dared to enter. Eric, Sookie, Oscar and I were at a loss with what to do. While Sookie was blood related to Ata, and could therefore probably offer some help, there was little Eric, Oscar and I could do for the Egyptian faery.

“It’s not the Hep D in her system, it’s the iron. The Hep D would remain in her blood stream but not cause a reaction. I believe it was the intent of the injector for the Hep D to go undetected so as to weaken anyone who would feed from her.” She gave my Grandsire a pointed look before continuing. “However, they got the ratio wrong of iron, they’ve given her too much. The suxamethonium was obviously used to keep her in place so her injector could heal her himself and appear a hero.”

“Felipe.” Ari ground out, his jaw clenched. I wanted to go and offer him some comfort, but was well aware it was the wrong time and place, plus I didn’t quite fancy an audience. “He was leaning over Ata when I found her, trying to give her his blood.” Ari informed the small doctor whose eyebrows shot up into her hairline.

“A blood offence, you could kill him for it you know?” She offered Godric who only gave a growl in response, his eyes locked onto Ata who’d thrown her head back and was wailing with the pain.

Ata Sobbing

“I need one of you to taste her, to see if the Hep D has been eradicated from her blood or not.” Ludwig instructed, sparing a glance at Ata’s children, to Eric, to me, to Godric, to Isabel, Bubba and Edgar and eventually to Oscar. Unsurprisingly no one really wanted to taste her and risk coming down with Hep D. I’d had it once before, when I’d been a newborn. It was my first time picking my own meal and I’d been oblivious to the infection. By the time Eric became aware of it it was too late, I had already been infected. Due to my age I’d been far too weak to move much, so Eric had tended to my every whim and need. I’d trusted him before, after all I had let him turn me, but after that I grew a deeper sense of respect for him. He could have just staked me and claimed he never had a Childe, no one had known about me then, but instead he spent the time nursing me back to health. It was the worst experience of my life. I was unable to rest well in the day, my appetite was all but gone and my mood swings reminded me of PMS. It got to the point where Eric was giving me his blood through an IV, because I simply couldn’t swallow it.

“I’ll do it.” Oscar offered in a timid tone, Godric’s possessive growl causing him to shrink back for a moment before he stood his ground. “It doesn’t matter if I get sick, I’m too young to defend Ata and Sookie very well anyway, and they need all of you healthy and able to fight.” The young vampire offered. Squirt had just gained my respect for his brave offer. Vamping to Ata’s side, opposite Godric, the young vampire dropped his fangs before he picked up Ata’s wrist. Turning her head to face him, I watched as Ata pleaded with her eyes for him not to. “It’s okay Ata, you saved me so now I can save you.” He grinned at her before he eased his fangs into her wrist, causing her to whimper out in pain. Once again Godric growled lowly as the young vampire took a few pulls on her wrist. Pulling back he coughed violently, wrinkling his nose in disgust. “There’s no Hep D there, but iron tastes horrible!” he blanched. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter with the rest of our nest at the disgust on the young ones face, I so wished I’d invested in a camera.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do faery princess, each vampire is gonna take some of your blood, offering you theirs at the same time in order to create first level bonds. Niall came to me and told me to speak to you about the correct procedure tomorrow but it seems we don’t have time for that.” She lifted her head to look at Godric, whose expression had gone from anger to worry as tears flowed freely down Ata’s cheeks. They smelt incredible and I could only guess what her blood would taste like.

I was unaware as to what was going on silently but Godric’s head snapped in Ari’s direction and he regarded the vampire for a moment before a small smile crossed his lips. “Thank you, my Childe.” He murmured softly. Ari automatically dipped his head in respect. I was glad it wasn’t frowned upon for vampires to have sexual endeavors with those related to them, because related or not, I so wanted to bang the hell out of Ari. Fuck sake Pamela! Get a grip on yourself! I once again mentally scolded myself as Sookie looked in my direction, quirking an eyebrow. FUCK. SHIT. She heard me!


“Nervii, you’ll take from her first but you’ll give to her last. Niall mentioned you have a second level bond and I don’t want the third to be created when Ata is in such a state.” She ordered as Ari and his brothers started to arrange themselves into a line.

“We need as many of you to take and give as possible in order to eliminate the possibility of her being turned. Any other offers?” Ludwig turned her attention to the crowd as Godric knelt beside Ata, nuzzling her wrist with his nose as he pushed her bangs from her face. She whimpered in pain and raised a shaky hand to his cheek.

Eric took a spot at the end of line, surprising me for a moment until I realized that, to him, Ata was keeping Godric around. She was the reason he hadn’t met the sun, he at least owed it to her to save her life because she saved Godric’s. Unless of course Eric was starting to care for the ancient faery, that would be an interesting turn of events. Making up my mind I rose to my feet, joining Eric in the line. Eric’s wide eyes turned to me yet I only graced him with another shrug. We would all need to complete the first ties sooner or later, why not save her life while we were at it? She’d proven herself more than loyal, capable of loving someone like my Grandsire without judgment, and simply by being around her Sookie was becoming a better person, someone I might even be able to like in the future. Isabel, Bubba and Edgar were behind me instantly and even little Oscar joined in.

Sookie stood nervously at the side of the room. “Come here little fae, you have the most important job. I’m going to hook an IV up to you, straight into your cousins’ bloodstream. As soon as Eric has taken and given then I want you to take from him. The fae in you will bolster the fae in your cousin and help her turn the vampire blood into fae blood in order to support her system. I say we get all of the blood ties done this evening, so I want all of you to start exchanging with one another as soon as you’ve given, and fed from, Ata.” The small doctor ordered as she hooked up Sookie and Ata, giving the tube a light squeeze to encourage the blood flow from Sookie.

Instantly Godric sunk his fangs into Ata’s wrist, taking several large pulls. She squirmed on the table, gasping at the feel of his fangs in her. I had to stop myself from smirking at the sight. I was well aware of the fact that their blood bond meant that whenever Godric fed from her it was a pleasant experience, even when they didn’t wish for it to be so. Eric had taught me all about blood ties and bonds, the effect of them on both the humans and the vampires involved.

Once he’d taken his fill he moved to Ata’s other side, sitting himself between Sookie and Ata. Biting into his wrist he offered it up to Sookie who latched on, taking just a few short pulls as he took from her wrist, creating the first bond between them. With that done Godric sat and held onto Ata’s free hand as we all took turns to feed from, and give to, Ata. Biting into my wrist I held it over her mouth as I sank my fangs into an unmarred area of her forearm. While we were all healing over the wounds it wouldn’t be fair to continually bite into the same area over and over again. The moment her blood hit my palate I groaned at the taste, she was abso-fucking-lutely delicious! How on earth Godric could restrain himself was beyond me. Her blood wasn’t as potent as I had expected it to be, but I still found myself craving more. Perhaps I would be able to convince her to ‘donate’ every now and then? “Pam.” Eric’s stern tone settled my hunger and reluctantly I pulled away as the wound on my wrist healed, giving my Maker a sheepish smile.

“You gotta admit, even with iron in her system she tastes fucking incredible.” I rose from my position beside her, taking up a seat on the sofa as I licked my lips clean, offering my wrist out to Godric who gave me his in return. Although we were of the same bloodline our tie wasn’t as strong as a Maker and Childe tie, so it needed bolstering a little. Afterwards I exchanged with Sookie and I was able to detect the little hint of fae blood in her. She was delicious too!

The process took a while, and Eric found himself having to dip into donor blood in order to sustain himself and Sookie as she was contributing quite a fair amount of blood to Ata. With each new bond formed, Ata’s thrashing starting to slow down, her movements slipping into lazy and I could feel that the pain within her was slowly disappearing. Her heart rate slowed considerably, and her eyelids fluttered shut as her breathing fell short and shallow. The rapid extraction and replacement of blood clearly wasn’t doing her system any good, not that it ever did anyone any good mind you. The moment Oscar had finished up his bond with Ata, Godric was on his feet, biting into both of his wrists. He held one over Ata’s lips and she forced herself to stay alert as she took pulls from him. Oscar had latched on to his other wrist and Godric was taking pulls from the young vampire himself.

Bagged Blood

“She needs to rest, her body has undergone extreme stress.” Ludwig explained in a surprisingly soft tone as unconsciousness finally claimed Ata. It was strange to feel everything but her life force slip out of me, the bond becoming a small hum in the background, signaling that she was still alive. “She’ll be out for a while, her body needs to heal itself. When she wakes she’ll be incredibly thirsty and hungry, so I recommend you keeping a chef or something from downstairs on call. She needs to be kept warm too, and tomorrow she’ll probably suffer as the bonds between you all start to settle within her.” Ludwig explained. “I’ll expect payment by the end of the week.” She murmured, gathering up her things before she popped out of the room, leaving us all to stand there in silence.

“I’m taking her to bed.” Godric whispered, moving slowly to scoop Ata up in his arms. Although unconscious she seemed to instinctively curl into him. “Thank you for helping us evening, I appreciate it, I owe you all.” He vowed quietly as he walked at a humans pace out of the living area, carrying both Ata and her dress in his hands.

“Would that ever happen to me?” Sookie asked in a low whisper, clearly shaken by the evening’s events.

“If you were exposed to an extremely high concentration of iron, more than likely. You’re not as much of a fae as Ata is in terms of blood purity, so it would take more to get such a reaction from you.” Oeri answered quietly, running a hand through his hair. It was apparent that, while our focus had been on Godric and his reaction to Ata’s state, it had impacted her vampire children just as badly.

“We can offer you a safe space for the day if you’d like?” Khai offered Edgar and Bubba, knowing Isabel already had a room of her own.

“We’d appreciate it, Khai, thank you.” Edgar was still watching the door that Godric had taken Ata through. I found it curious how the King of California was so attached to the old telepath. Sure she had discovered the plan that had gotten his gold-digging, scheming whore of an ex-girlfriend killed, but surely that wasn’t the only reason. Pausing for a moment I remembered how the fae seemed to naturally pull all of those around them towards them, they seemed to be able to make friends quickly. Snorting quietly at the idea that the two faery women were collecting a little nest of vampires without even knowing it, I shook my head.

“I don’t want to leave Miss Ata’s side until I know she’s okay, do you think Mr. Godric would let me sleep on the floor of their room?” Bubba asked, blinking twice. I had a feeling that, although the sentiment of his offer would be well received, my Grandsire would be doing some serious coddling of his bonded for the remainder of the evening, and probably even some serious claiming tomorrow night.


“Go and ask him, I’m sure he won’t mind.” Riei encouraged tiredly. Sunrise wasn’t far off; I could feel the start of the warning to find shelter creeping into my blood.

“I’ll go and take you to your rooms.” Khai spoke to Isabel and Edgar, leading them to the lifts. Egor and Agmund went with them as more backup. I had a feeling that we were going to be receiving a few threats over the next few days as Felipe tried to extract punishment for the way he was tossed aside like an old candy wrapper.

Riei and Oeri bid us all goodnight before disappearing off to their room, leaving Eric, Ari, Sookie and I in the living area. “Thank you for helping her this evening.” Ari offered is all quietly. I was at a loss with what to say, so as my mother had once told me, I kept my mouth shut so as not to embarrass myself.

“Anything for family.” Sookie offered just as quietly, taking a step forward before she pulled Ari into her embrace. Cautiously he returned her hug, keeping an eye on Eric to make sure he was okay with his actions. My Maker gave a small nod, giving the Egyptian vampire the go-ahead.

“You need to rest Sookie, you gave Ata a lot of your blood.” Ari slowly let her go, allowing her to pop her hand to her mouth as she yawned, nodding her head in agreement. Eric lazily scooped her up in his arms, nodding his goodnights to Ari and I before he left the room.

The moment he was gone, and out of earshot, I was up on m feet, vamping before Ari. I’d tried to keep my feelings in check all night, tried not to give any outwards signs of my concern for the Egyptian vampire, and I couldn’t take it anymore. It was like all of these stupid feelings were begging to be let out, kicking and screaming at me until I confessed everything. “You weren’t hurt were you?” I asked in a hushed tone, letting my eyes drift over his beautiful physique to inspect him for any damage. I would more than happily play nurse with his piece of beautiful Egyptian meat.


A smile worked its way onto Ari’s lips and he laughed lightly, causing me to try and hide my own smile. His laughter was rich and deep, and even a little warm. Feelings, Pamela. You don’t do feelings. I reminded myself mentally, giving myself a small shake to clear my thoughts, just in case Sookie was listening in.

“I’m fine, honestly.” He reassured me. His beautiful features suddenly creased as a light frown etched its way onto his face. “We didn’t complete an exchange.” he commented quietly.

For some reason my vault had failed me and I couldn’t remember if we had exchanged blood or not so I went and checked each one of my newly formed bonds, unable to find Ari’s. Although calm on the surface I was, as Eric usually was, paddling like a madman under the surface. I had no tie to Ari! Without a second thought I dropped fang, biting into my wrist before offering it to the older vampire. His own wrist was presented to me as he latched onto my wound and I was careful to be gentle with my bite. Causing him pain was not the way to win him over. His blood was thick and rich, just like cocoa use to taste back when I was human, but it held a vanilla undertone to it that blended perfectly with the richer flavors. Finding his dark chocolate eyes, I kept my eye contact with him and the whole experience was ten times hotter than anything I had ever partaken in before. I had never much cared for eye contact. I fed, I fucked, I glamoured. There was no care involved. Now however, I found myself caring, wanting to show my care, so I kept hold of the Egyptian’s dark eyes, refusing to blink as I embedded the beautiful colour into my mind. As his wound healed beneath my lips, I slowly extracted my fangs, giving the skin a small lick for good measure.

“Thank you.” Ari offered as he licked his lips clean, watching as I did the same.

“It’s not problem.” I offered with a shrug, unsure how to play it off now. Should I tell him about all these emotions inside of me, or let them sit there for a while longer? I wasn’t entirely sure where Ari sat at the moment, he hadn’t shown any obvious signs of attraction and I’d be damned if I were going to make the first move. Finally I made my decision and started to move towards the doorway leading to my bedroom. “Night Ari.” I murmured softly, turning to look over my shoulder at him.

“Sweet dreams Pam.” he offered in response with a warm smile. That smile was my undoing. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it move I was before him once again, up on my tiptoes, pulling his head down to mine. My lips met his in a soft and tender kiss, the slight moisture from the fact he had just licked his lips meant mine could slide smoothly over his. His strong arms wound themselves around my middle, pulling me closer to him. I could feel his strong and muscular physique against my slender frame and I knew, if I didn’t stop this now, I would be asking him to join me in my room. For the first time in my life I didn’t want to simply fuck, I wanted to enjoy it properly, have a partner who cared for my needs as much as I cared for theirs. I wanted something more.

Breaking away a moment later, I captured his eyes with my own. “I’m glad you weren’t hurt.” I confessed before I even realized I had said it. Pressing a quick chaste kiss to his lips I vamped from the room, feeling like young teenager after her first kiss. Shutting the door to my room quickly, I grabbed my nightie from the wardrobe before I removed my day clothes. I was still giddy but Eric’s curiosity brought me back to earth as I slipped into bed. I’d kissed Ari. ARI! The 2000-year-old Ancient Egyptian vampire and I’d only known him for a few nights! Whatever was in the air in Vegas was certainly making me do completely out of character things. I hoped I wasn’t too forward, would he be mad at me tomorrow? Dear God please don’t let him be mad at me tomorrow!

I spent the remainder of the evening in downtime, working through every possible scenario for tomorrow night. No one else had witnessed our little kiss, and I could always lie to Eric about being giddy over new shoes or something should he ask, so if the worse case scenario played out and Ari acted like an ass, then I would be able to carry on like normal. Only, I found myself not wanting to carry on as normal, I found myself wanting him to reciprocate tomorrow night. It was with these thoughts that the sun rose, and finally claimed me for the day.

3 thoughts on “Ethereal Redemption Chapter 48

  1. Yay! Love Pam
    Poor Godric, he suffered so much watching Ata.
    Love the Ari/Pam kiss, super sweet and now that i was expecting from the cold hearted blonde!
    Best Wishes

  2. Pam’s POV is always appreciated. She shows a lot of growth and maturity in this chapter; I’m proud of her! I can’t believe she made a move on Ari. That’s a relationship I’d like to see go somewhere

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