Ethereal Redemption Chapter 51

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Every now and then, soft as breath upon my skin, I feel you come back again
And it’s like you haven’t been gone a moment from my side
Like the tears were never cried
Like the hands of time are holding you and me
And with all my heart I’m sure, we’re closer than we ever were
I don’t have to hear or see, I’ve got all the proof I need
There are more than angels watching over me I believe, oh, I believe
Now when you die, your life goes on, it doesn’t end here when you’re gone
Every soul is filled with light; it never ends if I’m right
Our love can even reach across eternity I believe, oh, I believe
Forever, you’re a part of me
Forever, in the heart of me
I will hold you even longer if I can
~ I Believe, Diamond Rio

The room lapsed into silence as everyone tried to figure out the possibility of who the third person, and the fourth, in the riddle could be. I was tired from all the fighting the past 24 hours had brought me, hungry from the cure for my iron poisoning, and I was angry. Actually, pissed beyond fucking belief was more like it.

He killed my mother. Russell Edgington killed my mother. The thought alone still rendered me speechless. Why on earth would he kill her? Sure she had Egypt under her rule, and with her ties to my father and Anthony she had quite the hold over Rome, but surely that wasn’t enough to kill someone over? Then again, men have murdered for much less, and he was a vampire after all. One thing was for certain though and that was that I would avenge her death. I had avenged my father and brothers deaths, murdering the idiots who had dared to kill them. I would draw out Russell’s death for all the suffering he’s caused my cousin, for the suffering he’s caused Eric too. I would make it painful for him, emotionally and physically. I would tie him to the table down in the basement and weaken him with silver, taunt him over the death of Talbot, remind him of how Sookie poured his remains down the drain.

Cleopatra's Death

“Dark path you’re wandering down, mother.” Egor’s chaste comment broke me out of my thoughts and I turned to smile at my boy, silently thanking him for bringing me back to reality.

“I know who the third person is.” Eric spoke up as everyone turned to look at him expectantly. He glanced down to my cousin, stroking her hair in a reassuring manner. “The one vampire who doesn’t want Sookie and I together, who has tried to kill me numerous times in order to get me out of the way, to take Sookie as his own.” I had already worked out the answer, the moment Eric stated that it was a vampire who didn’t want them together, and Sookie confirmed my thoughts seconds later.


Bill Compton

Everyone fell into silence once again as we processed this information. I had already come to the conclusion that Bill would try and break them apart, try and break Godric and I apart too in the hope it would cause friction between Sookie and Eric. Vampires like Compton were a nightmare. They were weak, more concerned with political power than honour and loyalty. It was one of the reasons I was growing fond of Eric. He played the political game to give him a slight upper hand, but he knew being Sheriff was enough, and it still meant he got to retain his honour and his loyalty. They were key Viking traits after all, traits my two blonde haired, Scandinavian children lived by.

Viking Ship

“That dweeb is really starting to piss me off.” Pam supplied with a sigh and her signature eye roll, breaking the tension in the room.

“There’s nothing we can do about him yet though, he hasn’t made a move to part either of you that we know of, so we can’t lash out at him.” Agmund pointed out, pursing his lips together.

“Hi Miss Ata! Miss Sookie!” Bubba’s cheerful voice rang out through the penthouse as he returned to the room, scampering over to take a seat on a vacant piece of floor. I couldn’t help but smile at the sweet vampire.


“Hey Bubba, did you feed well?” I asked politely, knowing his tastes in blood were a little different than that of usual vampires. I had always guessed it had something to do with the lateness of his turning, that he was only just hanging on to life when he was turned and that was why he had some strange ideas, some odd tastes so to speak.

“I did, thank you Miss Ata, there are lots of feral cats around the streets of Las Vegas.” He licked his lips, smacking them together. I had to stop myself from cringing, though I could see Sookie doing so from the corner of my eye. “What have you been doing in my absence?” He observed the room, taking note of everyone’s positions and the piece of paper before Pam that was covered in her scribbles.

“We were just working through the riddle the Ancient Pythoness gave us. We’re going to send Oscar into Felipe’s mansion to do some spying for us over the next few days.” Riei answered for me, saving me from having to explain to the challenged vampire.

“I could go with him Miss Ata? Felipe won’t think nothing of me, he thinks I’m crazy and stupid. A lot of people think I’m crazy and stupid.” Bubba shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t care, but I knew full well that he did. Rising from my spot on the sofa I crouched down before him, pulling him into my embrace.

“Don’t be silly Bubba, you’re not crazy and you’re not stupid either. You might not understand some things but everyone has something they don’t understand.” I reassured him as he wrapped his arms around me. Bubba had been very independent in his human years; he’d only ever relied on himself. He’d been a sex symbol, someone everyone either wanted to be or wanted to be with, but after his turning he had felt sick with himself and the fact he was, on occasion, a little challenged. Sookie too was up off the sofa, crossing over to join us in an embrace, and Bubba held onto her just as tightly as he held onto me. Looking over the top of Bubba’s head, I smiled at my cousin who was looking down at the relatively young vampire with a combination of sympathy, adoration and awe. It was indeed heartwarming. I couldn’t feel any negative emotions coming from Godric, and I couldn’t feel any coming from Eric too via our weak bond, so I kept my hold on Bubba, as did Sookie, until he eventually pulled away from us.

“Thank you Miss Sookie, Miss Ata. You both make me feel real better.” He thanked us both as we pulled away from him, offering him warm smiles before we returned to the sofas, to our respective mates. “I want to go and keep an eye on Oscar, Felipe won’t think anything of me being there and I could act as another pair of eyes and ears for ya.” Bubba decided with a firm nod, having already made the choice for us. Casting my eyes around the room I caught the gaze of everyone else, and they all nodded in agreement that it would be a good idea. Relenting, I too nodded, giving in to Bubba’s wish. Even when he had been human I’d given in to his every wish. It was hard to say no to him. Both when he was known as Elvis and now that he was known as Bubba.

“Thank you Bubba.” Oscar spoke up, grinning to the other vampire happily. I should have known Oscar would need someone to keep an eye on him. He was so naive in the vampire world, but hopefully that would work to our advantage.

“I’m sorry to move the subject on, but can we just think for a moment about the final part of the riddle, the whole ‘In the house of royalty four will fight, yet only two will leave’ shit? Apparently we need to think outside of the box.” Pam interrupted, vamping to the other side of the room where she grabbed another piece of paper from the desk, vamping back to her previous spot. Pen poised, she waited for us all to throw ideas at her. None of us seemed to have any ideas though, and we all fell into silence, trying to come up with anything plausible.

Pam's Quirked Eyebrow

“Four will fight, yet only two will leave. Leave to go where? Leave the building? Leave the room? Leave this world? Two of you might have to stay in the room for some reason.” Oeri started off the ideas as Pam scribbled down his thoughts. It seemed we would be writing down everything no matter how obscure or absurd.

“Maybe you’re looking at it wrong. This sounds horrible but maybe the four of you will enter; yet none of you will leave. Who’s saying that the two who leave are any of you? It might be Russell and someone else?” Khai suggested with a grim expression.

I mulled over his words for a moment in the silence as Pam scribbled his thoughts down. Although it was an idea that didn’t sit right with me, it did match the old woman’s words.

“But then if The Ancient Pythoness knew we were about to die, why would she send us in in the first place?” Eric questioned, striking up a discussion.

“Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be, you’re all suppose to go, much to our dismay.” Egor murmured under his breath, knowing none of us would like that idea. We all fell silent as we thought about that. The thought of all of us dying didn’t sit right with me, and through the weak bonds I had with all the vampires in the room I could tell it didn’t sit right with any of them either.

“But then why would Niall say one of us would rule in this world and the other in Faery? If we were suppose to die then that wouldn’t happen.” Godric offered as an explanation. All of this talk of two of us potentially dying, of all of us even dying, was making me uncomfortable. I had lived my life surrounded by death, literally and figuratively.


My whole family had been murdered, the friends I had made over the years were all dead and buried, I’d killed hundreds, maybe even thousands, over the years and I lived with six vampires who were, or all intents and purposes, dead too. I couldn’t cope with any more deaths, especially not the ones of those I held closest to me. Rising from my spot on Godric’s lap, I crossed to the kitchen, in need of a glass of water. “Where are you going?” Pam enquired as I padded away from the group.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m going to get a glass of water and then we’re going to change the topic. Sook, you want anything?” I mumbled back in response, reaching the kitchen. Up on my tiptoes I grabbed a glass from one of the cupboards.

“No thank you.” I heard Sookie respond softly as I filled my glass up halfway, consuming the cold liquid in a few mouthfuls.

Glass of Water

“Ata, you can’t run from the conversation. We all have to discuss this as some point, it might as well be now.” Ari tried to make me see it his way, but just the thought of losing my cousin, losing her mate – who was becoming more and more like a Childe of mine every night – of losing Godric too after I’d only just gotten him back, it was enough to make me shake. Twice in the past 24 hours I’d been attacked, drugged even. My home had been bombed and now I was told I would face even more disaster, that we all would.

“I’m not running Ari. I just don’t want to talk about this now.” I placed my glass in the sink for Flo to wash in the morning, taking a moment to calm my thoughts, my worries. I could feel a small flow of calm and reassurance through my bond with Godric, and surprisingly through my bond with Eric too.

“Ata,” Ari started.

“ENOUGH.” I snapped, turning to face my eldest Childe with a serious expression. “I do not wish to talk about this any longer, so the conversation is being moved on.” I ordered. I hadn’t snapped at any of my children in over 200 years, I loved them all so much that I felt guilty whenever I opened my mouth to tell them off, or when I raised my voice at them. Of course now I felt guilty for snapping at Ari, but he’d been pushing me.


Silence filled the room, and I was grateful that my shields were holding up. The last thing I wanted was to know what everyone was thinking about my little outburst. All of my children were looking down to the floor, knowing I would need a moment to cool down. Pam had her eyebrow quirked in my direction, and Eric was looking to Sookie who was in turn looking to me with a mixture of understanding and sorrow. Bubba, Isabel and Oscar were looking elsewhere, not that I could blame them, and my Godric was looking at me with a mixture of sympathy and care. I could feel him slowly pushing calm through our bond, though I raised a finger at him, “Stop.” I ordered, not wanting to be made to feel anything other than my own emotions at that very moment. I wanted to be at the mercy of my emotions, I wanted to feel the pain that the thought of being parted from any of my nest would bring me. I wanted the reminder of how much I had to lose. I didn’t want to be wrapped up in a cocoon, thinking nothing bad would happen to any of us. That would only get us all killed. Godric’s shock at my order was clear as day, but I ignored it. The ding of the elevator broke the awkward silence, and Amelia entered with her usual grin on her lips, though it soon faded when she entered the room and took in the scene before her.

“Oh dear, someone die? Haha.” She laughed at her own joke, but when she realised none of us were laughing too she stopped, pursing her lips together.


Weaving her way through the vampires and fairies in the room, she placed her small suitcase onto the coffee table. “Okay, so I brought enough goodies with me to create a handful of charms, and to ward this place from nasties.” She informed us as she unzipped the bag. Feeling a little more in control of my emotions, I left the safety of the kitchen, making my way back to the sitting area.

“Ego sum paenitet, mea Childe” I brushed my fingers across Ari’s cheekbone as I stopped before him. His arms came out as he wrapped them around my middle, pulling me close. His head rested against my stomach and his eyelids fluttered shut as he listened to my heartbeat.

“Ego sum paenitet impulit in materia, mater” he murmured softly, nuzzling into me for a moment before he pulled away, looking up to me with such a warm and tender smile that I could almost feel my heart breaking. This was what I was fighting for, the happiness of my children, for their love, for the love and life of my bonded.

“Je suis désolé d’avoir aboyé sur toi et repoussé tes sentiments’ I turned to Godric and asked for his forgiveness. I felt his love pouring into our bond and I swayed under the intensity of it as he held his hand out to me. Taking it, I was pulled down onto his lap, his lips meeting mine in a soft kiss that was far too short for my liking.

“Ne t’excuse pas mon ange. Ce n’est pas grave” He whispered in my ear, dropping a kiss to the sensitive spot just below my ear. Biting my lower lip to stop myself from jumping him, I turned my attention to Amelia.

“Sorry Amelia, a slight misunderstanding occurred just before you arrived. Thanks for coming out here at such short notice.” I remembered that the young witch was in the room, and my apology seemed to snap everyone else out of their little funk, enough for them to lift their gazes and move them to the petite brunette woman who had joined us. I had always thought of Amelia as pretty, with her pale skin, green eyes, sharp cheekbones and brunette locks. Just looking at her you wouldn’t have expected her to be a witch.

Amelia Broadway

“This is my newest Childe, Oscar.” I introduced them, not bothering with Bubba, as they already knew one another. “This is my cousin, Sookie, and her bonded, Eric.” I knew Amelia would need names for some of her incantations, not to mention that we would probably be seeing a lot more of her, and having her know their names would be a bonus. “This is Pam, Eric’s Childe.” I gestured to the blonde vampire who was sat on the sofa next to Ari. “Isabel has come over from Dallas to assist us.” I introduced the brunette vampiress sat opposite us. “And this,” I gave Godric’s hand a light squeeze, “is my bonded, Godric. Who also happens to be Eric’s Maker.” I added in their family connection for protection purposes, to let Amelia know they were of the same bloodline in case that was needed for any spells.

Amelia gave a collective wave to the group, before turning her attention back to me. “Who am I creating protection charms for today?” She asked with her usual bright smile, observing us all.

“Sookie and I are in need of something, but if you have the resources then I’d like for everyone present to have something.” I answered on behalf of the group, sitting up a little taller in order to see what was in her trunk of goodies.

“Okay, well in that case I’m going to need something deeply personal from all of you. It has to hold value to you, and it must be worn at all times. ” Amelia ordered, glancing around the room.

“You can use my Chanel earrings, I never go anywhere without them. They were a present from Eric on my first birthday.” Pam purred, removing the diamonds from her earlobes before she passed them to Amelia, who placed them down on the coffee table after she moved her trunk out of the way.

Chanel Earrings

Ari handed her the small handmade doll on a keychain that I had crafted for him at a hippy festival twenty years ago. He’d always been losing his keys so I’d made the happy little chap so he would always be able to find them in his pockets or in the bottom of his bags.

Vampire Doll

Oeri offered up his blackberry, which caused my boys and I to roll our eyes. Trying to separate him from that piece of technology was like trying to take a credit card off of Paris Hilton. I’d met her once, she was pretty, but a few slices short of a loaf.


Riei offered up his lucky dime that he kept in his wallet at all times.

Lucky Dime

Khai handed over the hair tie he used to keep his hair in place on occasion, because whenever it wasn’t holding his hair up it was around his wrist, just in case. I’d made it for when we’d been travelling through Dubai. The heat had made it unbearable for him, which was ironic given that he was Egyptian, so I suggested tying his hair up to try and get cold air to the nape of his neck. Vampires weren’t susceptible to extreme temperatures usually, but Khai had been suffering from a small case of silver poisoning at the time. We’d gotten into a fight with a local Were pack.

Hair Tie

Egor offered up the small blade he kept strapped to his thigh all the time, at which point Eric made a comment about forever being a Viking, to which my two Scandinavian children had merely grinned at.

Viking Blade

Agmund offered up the Mjölnir pendant that always hung around his neck, once again receiving a comment about his heritage from the group.

Mjölnir Pendant

Isabel handed over her gold bracelet.

Gold Bracelet

Bubba offered up the gold rams head pendant he’d always worn in his human years and instead kept his pocket now.

Golden Ram's Head

Sookie handed over her grandmothers pearl bracelet, causing Pam to raise her eyebrows and comment on how pearls should only be worn to church. I was amused to see Sookie sass her, asking her how she would know when she was as far from Christian as they could get.

Pearl Bracelet

Oscar handed over the gold ring that had been his human mothers wedding band.

Wedding Band

Eric gave Amelia the eagle’s claw pendant that hung around his neck, telling us in the process that it was the claw from his first ever kill when he’d been a human boy of around five. His father had taken him out hunting for the first time and he’d managed to kill a golden eagle. His father had been so proud of him that he’d plucked one of the claws from the critter and turned it into a good luck charm for his only son.

Eagle Claw Pendant

I handed over my promise ring, knowing it would never leave my finger again for the rest of eternity, but when it came to Godric’s turn he seemed to stall for a moment. “I don’t have anything.” He told me with a mental sigh. I could feel his slight embarrassment that everyone had something near and dear to them that they wore all the time.

Ata's Promise Ring

“I have an idea.” I wiggled off of his lap. “Be right back guys!” I chirped, dashing from the living area to my bedroom, down to my little wooden box. Opening it I inhaled the ancient scent of my people before I started to rummage through all the scrolls and trinkets, moving my old doll aside to get to the bottom of the box.

Finding what I was after, I closed the box back up again before returning to the living area, where I presented Amelia with the leather bracelet that Godric had worn in his human years, but had accidentally left on my bedside table one night. I hadn’t given it back to him purely for selfish reasons; I’d wanted a little part of him with me all the time. When I’d been out and about during the day I’d worn it around my ankle, under my long gowns so no one would see it and question where it had come from. The fact it wasn’t coated in gold or silver, dripping with diamonds and other precious stones, would have sent my parents into a fit. After he had ‘died’ I’d kept ahold of it, slept with it under my pillow in a hope he would come back to me. When we’d left Egypt I’d tied it to my wrist, and it had stayed there until we’d built Caesar’s Palace, at which point I’d placed it into my little box for safekeeping.

Leather Bracelet

“I’m still so surprised you kept that, my darling.” He murmured in my ear as I sat back down on the sofa beside him, instantly pulled against his side, tucked in safely.

“That bracelet didn’t leave her wrist for the best part of 2000 years. When we eventually built this place we finally convinced her to take it off.” Riei rolled his eyes, causing us all to laugh quietly. I could remember how frustrated he had always been when dressing me, having to find things that would either cover it up or work well with it. I could feel Godric’s happiness pouring into our bond.

“Okay, what deities are we working with? We need both a God and Goddess.” Amelia looked around the room, having sat on her knees in front of the coffee table so she could work easily as she placed a few red candles on the table, lighting them slowly in a clockwork motion.

“Ari, Khai, Riei, Oeri and I would like to work with our Egyptian Gods. Egor and Agmund will most likely wish to work with their Norse ones.” I shot my two Viking children an amused smile as they nodded. Even after all this time, surrounded by those who believed in completely different Gods and Goddesses, they still stuck to their old religion. It was a true testament to their devotion.

“I too would like to work with my Norse Gods.” Eric chipped in. His choice was no surprise to any of us in the group.

“My religion has long since been wiped out, I don’t think any of my Gods actually remain, so I will go with my beloved and ask to work with the Egyptian Gods too.” Godric spoke up from beside me, giving my hand a gentle squeeze. I had, on occasion during our human years, heard Godric muttering prayers under his breath to his Gods, but they were all in his ancient language. Although I had learnt many languages over the years, Gaulish was not one of them.

“We don’t have a Goddess in Christianity, do you think your Gods would look out for me too?” Sookie turned her head to look up at Eric, who chuckled lightly, running his fingers through her hair.

“I think they would love to.” He answered her softly, dropping a kiss to the top of her head.

“I’ve never followed a religion, but I think I’ll go with Eric’s choice on this one.” Pam threw in her choice, giving Eric a large grin.

“Spain is a little bit closer to Scandinavia than Egypt, so I’ll go with Eric too.” Isabel crossed her legs, offering Eric a smile similar to Pam’s.

“I’m gonna go with Miss Ata. I find her religion mighty interesting.” Bubba turned to me, as if seeking approval. I gave him a nod to show that it was fine by me. The more the merrier!

“If it’s not too much trouble, I’m going to go with Ata too.” Oscar glanced around the room, but received nothing but smiles from everyone, and I could feel him relax. The poor boy had no need to be worried or nervous, or scared. Everyone here would protect him, I would make sure of it.

“Okay, which God and Goddess are you going to use?” Amelia turned to me, and my response was immediate.

“Isis, as she is the patron of nature and magic, and we are all children of nature and magic. I also wish for us to use Anubis, as he is the protector of the dead.” I replied, stealing quick glances to my four eldest children, who all silently agreed that I’d made the right choices.



“And you’ll be using?” Amelia turned to Eric, who seemed to mull it over for a moment.

“Thor, for he is the protector, and Skaði, as she is the Goddess of the hunt, justice and vengeance” Eric made his choice.



Amelia separated the two piles of personal belongings. On the left she placed the items belonging to those who wished to use the Egyptian Gods, and on the right she placed the items belonging to those who wished to use the Norse Gods. Gathering together the pile on the left, she placed all of the items in a small, velvet bag, lifting it up into the sky a moment later, extending her index finger and thumb with the tips pointing upward. Her other fingers were holding onto the little bag. “By the grace of the Goddess Isis.” She moved the little bag to her right hand, again raising it skyward with her index and middle fingers pointing upwards, her other fingers holding onto the bag. “By the grace of the God Anubis, and by their own will, I now don this sacred symbol to protect them from all types of harm – and to illuminate the Path of Power before them. So mote it be!” She traced a pentagram over the front of the velvet bag, using her index finger on her other hand to create an unbroken line covering all of the points of the pentagram. I could see in her mind that she was visualising blue-white fire illuminating the path she had just traced, and I could hear from her head that blue-white was a protective colour, and that fire was the element that ruled protective magick.

Blue-White Fire

As she finished her drawing, she placed the bag back down on the table, slowly opening it to remove each item one by one, handing them back to their respective owners. “They must be kept on you at all times for them to work, if they are taken off, or taken away from you, then you won’t be protected.” She explained as I slipped my promise ring back on. I could practically feel the magick radiating off of it. It was reassuring to know that Anu, and my mother, were now watching over us a lot more closely than before. I took Godric’s leather bracelet from Amelia, tying it to his wrist myself, remembering the last time he had worn it. He’d taken it off as he’d had deep cuts on his arms that needed bathing in poppy water, and we hadn’t wanted to risk damaging the leather. It had survived for 2000 years on my wrist though, so I felt there was little that could do it any damage.


Amelia gathered together the pile on the right as those of us who had just asked the Egyptian Gods for protection put our personal items back on. She placed all of the remaining items in the same velvet bag and repeated the procedure. Lifting the bag up into the sky a moment later, she extended her index finger and thumb with the tips pointing upwards. Her other fingers were holding onto the little bag. “By the grace of the Goddess Skaði.” She moved the little bag to her right hand, again raising it skyward with her index and middle fingers pointing upwards, her other fingers holding onto the bag. “By the grace of the God Thor, and by their own will, I now don this sacred symbol to protect them from all types of harm – and to illuminate the Path of Power before them. So mote it be!” She traced a pentagram again over the front of the velvet bag, using her index finger on her other hand to create an unbroken line once more, covering all of the points of the pentagram. She was once again visualising blue-white fire illuminating the path she had just traced.

Blue-White Fire

As she finished her drawing, she placed the bag back down on the table, retrieving the items inside which she returned to their owners. “The protection each item offers will last for eternity unless you get someone to break them, but I have a feeling that will be difficult, especially for those whose have sought protection from the Egyptian’s.” Amelia grinned at me, not bothering to hide the fact that she was well aware of my connections. When she had first tried to use her magick on me she had been stunned by the deities she had found protecting me. Over the years I had slowly filled her in on everything, making sure Ari glamoured her to not outright tell anyone. I could trust her, of that I was sure, but it didn’t hurt to have a safety net in place. Amelia worked for Felipe from time to time, and I couldn’t trust the King as far as I could throw him.

Felipe. That reminded me. “Can we not mention this to the King?” I batted my eyelashes at her, hoping she would understand. For a moment she frowned before she seemed to catch on.

“Your secret is safe with me.” She declared, making a zipping motion across her lips. Over the years I had picked up on the odd little things humans did, and I’d even taken some of them on myself, but that little action had always been my favourite for its entertainment value.

“I can feel a warmth from these, is that right?” Sookie asked as she placed the pearls back around her wrist, her fingers moving over them.

“Yes, its there as a comfort reminder that you’re being protected. When you stop feeling the warmth on your wrist you’ll be reminded that you aren’t wearing your protection charm and that you need to go and get it. It’s also the magick seeping into your body too, settling itself inside of you to watch over you.” Amelia explained as she packed away her little velvet bag, though she kept the candles burning.

Velvet Bag

“You want this penthouse warded now, yes?” Amelia rose to her feet, grumbling as her hips and knees clicked. Nodding my head, I removed myself from Godric’s lap to join her, and together we moved to the elevator. It was a known fact that vampires had to be invited into private homes, and that their invitation could be removed at any given moment and they would be forced out. But as my building was a public one, and my home was within said public building, that little trick didn’t work. I had no Were guards for the day yet, more would have to be hired, but I did have my boys in the evening.

“Can we place a ward around the whole penthouse, but also one on the private elevator? I’d like for the house to be secure enough for Sookie and I to leave in the day, and for the elevator to kick out any who intend us harm before they can get up here.” I suggested, knowing such protection charms were easy to create, but a nightmare to get through and bring down.

“Sure, do you have any runes?” Amelia asked as she nipped back to her trunk, removing a small jar of clove oil.

“Oeri,” I started, but my boy was up off his feet a moment later, disappearing from the room with vampire speed before he returned within seconds, holding in his hand the wooden box that held our runes. We’d had them made using bloodstone while we’d been in Russia, where we had stayed for over 100 years. The stones were spiritually used to fend off undesirable influences and in ancient Babylon bloodstone had been carried to overcome enemies. It was said the magical properties of the stone were to halt bleeding, healing, victory, courage, legal matters, wealth, strength, power, business, invisibility, and agriculture. Victory, courage, strength and power were things I could see us needing right now. I found it rather curious that my boys and had chosen such a stone that fitted in so perfectly with our current situation. There was of course the added bonus of the element attached to it being fire, which had been used to create our protective charms, and that the deities attached to it were Isis and Horus – my mother and brother.

Bloodstone Runes

Showing the box to Amelia, Oeri lifted the lid so she would be able to have a look at them. “I’m going to need to draw these symbols on the elevator doors. It’s the only way in and out of the penthouse yes?” Amelia turned to me. Shaking my head, I sighed, gesturing to the door just around the corner that led to a private staircase. Damn health and safety.

“Okay, well we’ll split them. How many people know about the stairs, and how many know about the lift?” She started plucking the runes from the box, separating them into two different piles.

“Only the ones in this room know of the stairs. Everyone else assumes we use the lift all the time, it’s the main way in and out of here.” I explained as Amelia pursed her lips together, selecting the stones. I could feel Godric’s curiosity and soon he was up on his feet, stood behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist, watching Amelia over my shoulder. Pam and the others were silently going over the riddles once more, obviously not wanting to alert me to it incase I blew a fuse again. I grimaced as I remembered the way I had snapped at Ari, and scolded Godric.

“Don’t dwell on that, my darling. No one is angry with you for it, we understand.” I heard Godric’s mental reassurance as he dropped a kiss to the soft spot just below my ear, causing me to sigh in bliss. He would be the death of me

With one pile in her hand, Amelia moved to the staircase door and, placing some of the clove oil on her finger, began drawing the symbols on the wood. Drawing each rune onto the wood with the clove oil as she spoke, she explained to us all what they were for, making everyone cease solving the riddles to listen. “Fehu, for achieving a goal and closing the door on this chapter. Ansuz for wise decisions, should you be attacked by lift, then you should use the stairs. Kenaz to dispel anxiety and fear, you have another means of escape. Wunjo to motivate you, it’s a long way to get up to the very top. Jera for change, as these stairs are not usually used and Eihwaz, for life transition, going from your usual methods, to something else entirely.” She placed the runes she’d used back in the wooden box before picking up the other pile, moving to the elevator doors.

Once again she started to draw the runes on the doors with the clove oil as she spoke. “Uruz for energy, passion and instinct, as it is instinctual to come home. Raido to bring about change, as the rising and falling of the elevator is like change. Gyfu to bring you luck, as to have rise up in the elevator in order to get here, as you do in life. Isa for patience, as you will need to wait for the elevator to come to you. Ehwaz to aid communication, this space will be private for you all, somewhere you can talk without others hearing. Thurisaz will clear out bad situations, to remove unwanted visitors from the elevator. Hagal to remove unwanted influences, only you can influence your futures. Algiz and Tiwaz, for protection.” She finished up, placing the runes back in the box.  Shutting the lid she handed them to Oeri. “You may want to place them somewhere where everyone can touch them as they enter, and leave, the penthouse.” She explained. Oeri was quick to pop the box down on the small table beside the elevator doors.

“Now Ata is this building in your name?” Amelia turned to me as I padded back towards the sofa with Godric, who sat before he pulled me onto his lap. My boys and Bubba were confident in Amelia’s work, and so was Eric judging by the look on his face, but I could see that Isabel, Oscar, Sookie and Pam were not convinced.

“It is, but when the VRA passes I wish to gift it to my children.” I informed her honestly, suddenly bombarded with love from every direction as all six of my boys showered me in their adoration. Happily sending it back to them, I offered them all a warm smile.

“I suggest you don’t hand it over until whatever threats you’re under are gone. Now, come sit here.” She knelt on the ground in front of the coffee table, patting the space before her. “You too Sookie.” She grinned, holding her hand out for my cousin. Sookie wavered for a moment before I pushed reassurance to her, feeling Eric and Godric doing the same. With a sigh she took Amelia’s hand, kneeling with us. “Now, seeing as you’re both the only humans in this home, well, mostly humans,” she laughed, “you’ll both be able to do this. I need you to being a picture of this place into your mind, including all the bedrooms and the other rooms. Think of it like a floor plan if you must. Now, focus on it for a moment or two before seeing a protective pyramid encircle the area around it.” Sookie and I closed our eyes, holding hands so we could exchange mental pictures as we followed Amelia’s words.

I was keeping a sort of mental video feed open with Godric, watching what Sookie and I looked like through his eyes. “Now, see the light grow upwards, forming a protective pyramid around your home and watch as it comes together over the roof, enveloping your entire penthouse with its protection.” Amelia fell silent as Sookie and I worked, and through Godric I could see all of the vampires turn to look through the large windows, out into the night. “Repeat the words I project to you.” Amelia murmured, and my mind was hit with her loud thoughts, as was Sookie. Together we chanted the little spell she had sent us.

Pyramid Shape

“All acts of negativity will now return threefold to thee. All bad you try to send my way, upon your own self will hold sway. All actions, thoughts and words of hate become your own decided fate. By all up high, the worlds and wise, by oceans wide and deep blue skies, by day and night, and powers three, this is my will, so mote it be.” We murmured, my mind still embedded in Godric’s as I watched from his viewpoint. A light shimmer could be seen in the air around the penthouse and soon it turned solid, moving upwards into a pyramid shape just as Amelia had told Sookie and I to imagine it as. When both of us felt the light come together at a point at the top, we slowly opened our eyes, capturing Amelia’s gaze.

“Well done! Now, whenever you leave the penthouse in the day, no matter for how long, bring to mind the picture of this place surrounded by the shining shell you just created and then you can relax, as it’ll be protected.” She surmised, rising to her feet as I did the same, offering my hand down to Sookie who took it, helping her up.

“Did it work?” She asked the vampires in the room, looking at each of them in turn. If Pam, Isabel and Oscar weren’t convinced before, they certainly were now.

“Take a look.” Eric grabbed her hand, and we could all feel through the bonds we all shared with him that he was showing her what he had witnessed. She gasped as she watched on, eyes wide before she dashed to the window, looking up as if she would see something.

“You won’t see anything, it’s invisible to the naked eye. Only a witch would be able to see it. It’ll be extra strong though given how deeply religion is buried in you, Ata.” Amelia informed us as she packed away her things into her little trunk. “Anyway, I have to dash, I have another client whose home is infested with gnomes with right, see you later!” She grinned, giving us all a wave before she disappeared off in the elevator.

“Fucking Wiccan’s.” Pam muttered under her breath as she continued to scribble down ideas. Passing behind her, I gave her a light smack across the back of head, which caused her growl playfully. I couldn’t help but laugh at the vampiress who reminded me so much of Alice in Wonderland, especially given the fact she was dressed in a pastel pink tracksuit with a matching Alice band on.

“We need to discuss how we’re going to get Oscar and Bubba into Felipe’s mansion.” I started the important topic, placing myself neatly back onto Godric’s lap. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me flush to him.

“I was just thinking I could walk on in and tell him that I’m yet to find someone to take care of me, and that I was wondering if he has an opening in his palace that I could take, so that I could start earning some money in order to rent my own place and to provide myself with a safe resting place” Oscar shrugged his shoulders.

“That sounds a little simple doesn’t it?” Sookie voiced, having been pulled down onto Eric’s lap. She sat curled up against him, his strong arms holding her close, her face half buried in his chest. Just watching them was utterly adorable. The fierce and mighty warrior was like a little kitten with Sookie around – a protective kitten at that.

Eric Northman

Feeling my eyes on him, Eric’s head turned to me, and he quirked an eyebrow. “Sorry, you’re too adorable together.” I gave him a sheepish grin. He responded by pushing affection through our weak bond and I allowed myself to close my eyes, relishing the feeling of it before I pushed it back to him.

“The simpler the plan, the easier it’ll be for Mr. Felipe to believe us. If we come up with some elaborate plan then he might be suspicious. I can get in because he knows I’m in the area, and as King it’s his job to look after me.” Bubba explained to Sookie as I opened my eyes, sinking back into Godric’s chest. Eric was still watching me, but he averted his gaze a moment later, glancing down to Sookie before he looked around the room at the collection of vampires and fairies.

“Felipe is old, not incredibly so, but he’s still old. He hasn’t reached 800 years by being a tool, even if he is one now. He’ll know something is up if you feed him huge lies. A small white lie should be enough though to get you into the palace. He probably won’t allow you to be privy to all of his secrets, but if you can get information out of his employees, or if you can overhear them talking about things, then at least we’ll have a slight advantage.” Isabel summarised.

“You’ll have even more of an advantage soon.” The old voice flooded the room as a loud pop sounded out, signaling the arrival of Niall, who had brought Claude with him. Both were thankfully masking their scents or else a bloodbath would have most likely occurred.


“Great-grandfather, cousin.” I greeted them both with a smile, trying to get up off of Godric’s lap but he wouldn’t allow me to do so. Sookie took over instead, wiggling away from Eric long enough to embrace them both before she was snatched back, dragged to the sofa and placed firmly on Eric’s lap.

“Are we feeling possessive this evening?” Claude teased both Godric and Eric, who both levelled him a glare.

“Ata nearly died last night, and again today. Now Russell has found Sookie and Eric and is after Sookie’s human family.” My Godric responded in a clipped tone.

“That’s why Claude and I are here, Pallas told us all about the events of the past 24 hours.” Niall explained as two of my boys removed themselves from the sofa so our guests could sit down. Claude took a seat beside Niall, removing two tubes and four needles from the small bag he had brought with him.

“I hope they aren’t going in me, there’s only one kind of sharp pointy thing I allow into my body.” I quirked an eyebrow, referencing my bonded’s fangs which dropped at the mention of him feeding from me.


“Correction, two.” Pam chipped in with a smirk, causing us all to frown at her. I soon caught on though.

“I don’t know what kind of guys you’ve been fucking for the past 100 years, but that part of their anatomy is certainly not pointy. Blunt, if anything.” I answered, the whole room falling into a fit of laughter as Pam’s face fell.

“You need to sort her out.” Eric wheezed between laughter, looking over at Ari who was chuckling.

“Yes, perhaps it’s been too long.” He teased, moving a strand of Pam’s blonde hair from her face. “I’m sure, with 2000 years of experience, she’ll remember that part of anatomy well.” He continued as Pam’s eyes widened. If it were possible for her to blush I had a funny feeling she would have been as red as blood.

“Okay,” I gasped between laughter, “I don’t need to hear anymore about my Childe banging the undead life out of Pam.” I wafted my hand through the air to silence the room, and soon we all had our laughter under control.

“Honestly, you have got to come out to Hooligans again one night Ata, you too Sookie. The clientele are missing you.” Claude teased me, causing me to instantly stop laughing. The last time I had been at Hooligans, the little strip club Claude called his pride and joy. I’d been forced to dance around a stage in my underwear. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’d had to act flirtatious with fat, bald, sweaty human men. It had been a rough night, but the tips had been good and I’d felt incredible in the pretty lingerie Claude had picked out for me. One guy had given me stripper singles though, so I’d purposefully ignored him for the rest of the night.


“Because clearly Sookie is the kind to shake her bottom for horrible, slimy human men.” Niall rolled his eyes. The mortification came rolling off of Sookie as she realised what Hooligans was.

“You worked at a strip club, gyrating for human men?” I could feel Godric’s disgust through the bond but I simply shrugged. We’d been parted for 2000 years; I wasn’t going to be completely innocent and naive the whole time. He was lucky I’d saved myself in all honesty; I’d had more than a few generous offers over the years from numerous rich and powerful men.

“It made me feel appreciated, they were all captivated by me and would do whatever I asked of them. See it as female empowerment if you will.” I responded nonchalantly as Claude set about placing one needle in each end of each tube. I could still feel Godric’s disgust through the bond, but I pushed the feeling aside, not wanting to worry about it. I didn’t feel disgusted about it, so he had no right to either. Besides, I’d given it up years ago and I was his now. No one would see my body but him, just like no one would see his apart from me.

“What are you gonna do?” Sookie interrupted, looking to Niall for answers.

He gave her a kind smile before explaining. “You’re very close to gaining your first fae maturity gift, Sookie, which I know Ata has explained to you. I’m going to give you a little of my blood to give it a kick-start, as I have a feeling you’ll be in need of this gift in the future. However, I ask both you and the Northman to not ‘freak out’, as the young ones say, when you do develop this gift. It’s an exceptionally rare one, however I think it will do you well” He explained to her as Claude handed him one end of the needle. Slowly he embedded the other end into the crook of Sookie’s elbow, watching Eric all the time just to be sure he wasn’t going to eat him. Sookie flinched for a moment in discomfort as the needle entered her skin and Eric’s fangs snapped down, a low warning growl sounding out around the crowded room. Thankfully there was no free flowing blood around to entice a feeding frenzy, or an orgy.

Claude rigged up the second set of tubing and needles as the blood from Niall made its way through his tube to Sookie, entering her bloodstream with no problems at all. Claude jabbed the needle into my arm, making me scowl at him, and causing Godric to growl lowly. I knew he was only playing though as he winked a moment later. Placing his needle into the crook of his own arm he gave the tube a gentle squeeze, his blood started to flow into me. “Remind me again why I’m having a mini transfusion?” I asked my male cousin and great-grandfather, not really seeing the point.

Blood Bags

“You were badly injured last night, and although you’ve had the blood of all vampires present you’re still a little weak. Claude’s blood will just give you a little bit of a boost.” Niall explained as I felt Claude’s blood entering my system. As we were of the same royal fae house my body accepted his blood happily, and I could feel the warmth of his fae magic mixing with mine in my bloodstream. I would have to remember to not allow Godric to bite for a while. The toxicity of my blood would increase considerably after this, and it would be harder to suppress. Maybe one day I would draw some blood and let him taste it, without me holding back the toxicity of it. A drunk Godric sounded hilarious.

The room fell into a comfortable silence as everyone became lost in their own thoughts. Pam was working away at the riddles some more, and my boys, along with Isabel, Oscar and Bubba, were quietly helping her. They were taking it in turns to write things down so as not to utter anything aloud. I had a feeling that was for my benefit. Godric and Eric were like statues, holding Sookie and I so that we wouldn’t be able to free ourselves. Although they looked lost in their own worlds I was well aware that they were completely alert, constantly checking the area around us all for any signs of danger, or for any unwanted guests.

I felt a light tapping against my shields, so I dropped them, allowing Niall and Claude access. I felt them draw Sookie into the conversation too.


“The next two weeks or so will be busy for the both of you. You won’t have much free time, but what little free time you do have I suggest you use sitting in the sunshine during the day, absorbing the power it can give you, and then coupling with your mates in the evening to strengthen your ties. You’ll both need to continue training with your powers. Sookie, you will need to master as many of them as you can, and Ata, you will have to fight longer and harder with your children. I also want the pair of you to spend one day, and a whole night, every three days with one another. No interruptions. The pair of you must ready your minds for what’s coming.” Niall’s soft and authoritative tone drifted into my mind. I kept an eye on Sookie, noting that she shifted her gaze to our great-grandfather as he spoke.

“What is coming great-grandfather?” Sookie asked softly, and I could hear the fear in her voice. It was hard for me to control my own fear too.

“I wish I could tell you, my girls, I wish I could. Pallas has forbidden me to do so though with the threat of draining me dry.” I could feel him mentally rolling his eyes, as could Sookie, and it caused both of us to smile a little. “Just know this, you need to be able to mentally protect one another and be able to send strength and other helpful emotions to one another over distances with obstacles in the way. Sookie, I need you tomorrow to try and determine if you have a reaction to lemon, lime and iron. Try all three in different quantities and see what your limit is. It might also be useful if you take a few day trips out and about with Ata, not only to get the sunshine but also to put distance between yourself and the Northman. You need to know how far, and for how long, you can be parted before the bonding sickness starts. You need to know what it feels like.” Niall continued on, giving us instructions for the coming few days.

“If the Viking agrees, I will take some of his blood this evening and place it in a vial so that you can take a few drops should you have a reaction to any of the substances that are our weaknesses, it would also be useful to have incase you find yourself in serious pain as the bonds are pulled.” Claude added. I could agree that it would be a wise move to make, I’d heard from other humans who were bonded to vampires – of which was a rare occurrence – that bonding sickness was incredibly painful.

“Will you do the same for Godric and I?” I aimed my question at Claude, but it was Niall who answered.

“You will not suffer from bonding sickness, Ata. You and the Gaul were parted for 2000 years, on different continents at different times, with thousands and thousands of miles between you. You are bound so tightly together, as your feelings for one another have had 2000 years to grow and mature where as Sookie and Eric’s have only had a few years, that you are practically the same person, making separation bearable. Neither of you will like it, I can tell that much, but it won’t pain either of you.” Our grey haired great-grandfather informed us. “Sookie and Eric haven’t had that time to connect properly as they have always both been under extreme stress. Perhaps spending a few nights alone with Eric would do you some good, Sookie? You could ask him all the questions you want answers or simply ‘jump his bones’ as Claude would put it.” I had to stop myself from laughing out loud at his mental comment, especially when the rosy red colour of embarrassment flooded her cheeks.

Eric, sensing her sudden embarrassment, broke out of his protective posture, looking at Sookie with curiosity. “Just something Niall told me.” She mumbled under her breath as she dipped her head, trying to hide her smile. Slowly Niall withdrew the needle from the crook of Sookie’s arm, and Eric was quick to lick the wound shut, not wanting anyone to smell Sookie. Of course all of the vampires did, and their heads tipped backwards as they inhaled, though they were all able to control themselves enough that Eric had no need to drop fang and growl menacingly.

Claude removed the needle from the crook of my arm and Godric licked the wound shut, groaning at the taste of my blood. I hadn’t bothered to suppress the toxicity of it yet, as Claude’s pure fae blood was still working its way through my system, patching up any damage left behind by Felipe or the Were’s he had sent out to get us this morning. Both Claude and Niall quickly removed the needles from their own arms, stuffing the tubes and such back into the bag before they sealed it to stop any vampires getting at it. Thankfully they were able to suppress their scent so the only smell in the air was that of usual human blood.

“One more thing girls, I suggest you both exchange blood to form your own bond.” Niall suddenly invaded our thoughts as Claude explained to Eric about taking his blood for Sookie. I could see how hesitant Eric was but the moment he was told it would relieve Sookie should she be in any pain he relented, and Claude set to work extracting his blood.

“But we’re not like vampires, we can’t form blood bonds.” Sookie voiced both of our current thoughts. It wasn’t like we could exchange emotions or find one another. I could send Sookie feelings because I had spent so long in the company of vampires that I had picked up their traits, and with my mental tie to Sookie being so strong due to our shared heritage it made sense.

“You’re right, you can’t. But blood is thicker than water. When the pair of you exchange you will be privy to each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. Together you must overcome them, in order to be stronger women and to overcome your enemies.” Niall rose from his seat on the sofa as Claude handed Sookie the small vial of Eric’s blood. Niall’s words had done nothing but confuse Sookie and I.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

There were very few secrets I had left, given how easy it was for my children to access my thoughts and memories, considering they had been with me most of the time too. There was one secret, my worst one, but I would never tell a soul. Not even Godric would get to know. I was so utterly ashamed of myself for it that I had spent years and years covering it up, hiding the trail. There was no way I was telling it, no way at all.

“You must.” I heard Niall inform me as he dropped a kiss to the top of my head.

“Niall, may I speak to you alone for a moment?” Godric’s requested caused me to frown, and my curiosity must have been strong through our bond as I was suddenly flooded with reassurance and love. Moving from his lap I shuffled over to the group working away on the riddles, crouching down beside Pam.

“What do we have so far?” I asked her softly, wanting her and the others to know I wasn’t about to blow a fuse again. Pam took the time to explain to me the answers the group had come up with, but although I looked like I was paying attention my mind was elsewhere. I was respectful enough not to snoop into Godric’s mind to try and find out what it was he was discussing with Niall, but I did try to overhear them.

Unfortunately they were conversing in a hushed tone out in one of the corridors leading to the bedrooms so I was unable to pull anything from the conversation. They were only gone a few minutes before they both returned, their faces perfectly void of expression, and I found my bond with Godric was filled with nothing but love and adoration. Niall approached me, bending down to drop a kiss to the top of my head, doing the same to Sookie before he bid us all farewell, popping away with Claude.

I found myself yawning a moment later, unable to hold back the very human action. “You are tired my darling. Come, to bed.” Godric’s hand was before me a moment later. Assessing my level of tiredness I realised that perhaps simply curling up in bed with him would be the best thing right now. Hugging all of my children, I pressed kisses to their foreheads, doing the same for little Oscar too. Tomorrow night he would be entering Felipe’s mansion for us. Giving Isabel a hug goodnight, as well as Bubba, I even offered one to Pam, who was stunned at the action but welcomed it nonetheless. I had a feeling we were slowly building bridges. I gave Sookie a hug goodnight, offering her an understanding smile in regards to the information Niall had given us. I couldn’t see Sookie having much in the way of deep, dark secrets. She was too young, too innocent, but apparently there would be something she would need to tell me, or that I would see, anyway. Embracing Eric, I dropped a kiss to the top of his head too, classing him as another of my children. His purr informed me that the action was well taken.

I had a feeling he would be discussing the information Niall had given us with Sookie until dawn. If there was one thing I had learnt about Sookie it was that she liked to have a soundboard of sorts, someone she could bounce ideas off of. All those years feeling like an outcast, being called stupid and crazy, must have made it difficult for her to have anyone to talk to. I was pleased she had Eric now though; he was exceptionally patient and understanding with her.

Taking Godric’s hand, the pair of us wandered back to our bedroom. I took care of my human needs quickly, pulling on my nightie as I wandered back into the bedroom. My vampire was already in bed, propped up by numerous pillows, shirt off to showcase the beautiful, ancient ink marking his body. “You’re going to sleep in that?” He questioned softly as I approached.

Pausing in my step, I looked down at my Victoria’s Secret nightie, not really seeing the problem. “Would you prefer it if I slept naked?” I sassed, though I hadn’t bothered to put much effort into it. I couldn’t be bothered. I was still feeling the effects of Felipe’s drugged needle last night and the Were attack this morning. Claude’s blood was helping me, but I would need to sleep before I would be any better.

VS Nightie

“That would be nice.” His immediate response didn’t surprise me, what did though was his tone. It was soft, wistful, not demanding or condescending. It didn’t even have a sexual undertone to it. Relenting, I rolled my eyes before I threw the offending garment onto the pile of clothes on one of the chairs in the room, sliding myself under the sheets a moment later. He too moved down, pulling the sheets up and around us, cocooning us from the outside world. I snuggled against his cool, firm body, nuzzling my nose into the crease in the centre of his chest. “What were you discussing with Niall, Claude and Sookie, my darling? I could feel your brain working overtime through our mental connection though I was unable to hear what you were discussing.” He asked me gently, brushing my hair from my face.

“Niall was just telling Sookie and I about some things we have to do over the coming days, it’s nothing majorly important. We just have to spend some more time together, get to know one another better.” I paraphrased, pressing my lips to his alabaster skin for a moment in a feather light kiss.

We lapsed into silence for a moment, his strong arms wrapped around my slender frame, holding me close to him. “I nearly lost you last night, and again this morning.” He murmured, his arms tightening around me as he tucked me into his chest, under his chin.

“I’m here. I’m fine.” I reassured him softly.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight ever again, I can’t lose you. If something were to happen to you, I would go and meet the sun.” His confession spooked me. The thought of him meeting the sun if anything were to happen to me, of him meeting the true death at all, it frightened me to the core. “If we were thrice bonded though that would be a fucking nightmare. My ability to day-walk would make it difficult, I’d have to find another way to leave this earth.” His mental ramblings caused me to stiffen in his arms. If we were thrice bonded he could day-walk? Why hadn’t he mentioned this before?

“Completing our third bond would allow you to day-walk?” I voiced in a whisper, pulling back from his body enough to look up at him now that my limbs were cooperating. His eyes widened at the realisation that I had heard him. I hadn’t been trying to, but tiredness had suddenly consumed me and had destroyed my shields. Thankfully the soundproofing of the room made the thoughts of everyone else in the penthouse harder to pick up on, either that or the fact we were twice bonded had turned Godric into a loud broadcaster.

“Shit, fuck, shit.” He continued to mentally cuss for a moment before he seemed to remember that I had asked him a question. “Our boys seem to think it might, not that it matters anyway.” He shrugged to the best of his ability given our current position on our sides, wrapped up in the sheets.

“Then why are we waiting? Complete the third bond with me.” I tried to wiggle out of his grip, wanting to expose my neck to him. I wanted him to have the sunshine so much. He’d lived for 2000 years in darkness because of me, and if I could give him the sunshine then I would happily do so.

Las Vegas Sunshine

“No my darling.” He rebuffed me. It was like a knife had been slammed into my heart. He’d never denied my blood ever since we had found one another again, even when I had been exceptionally weak earlier on in the evening, when we’d had to strengthen our bond back up to the second level. Renewing my efforts with newfound energy, I tried to wiggle out of his arms, pushing at his chest and arms to get away, but my actions only caused him to tighten his hold on me.

“My blood not good enough for you?” I spat, suddenly feeling angry with myself. I’d offered him the sunshine and he’d thrown it back at me. He didn’t wish to bond thrice with me.

“Do not lash out at me, my sweet. I don’t wish to bond thrice with you just yet because I want our third bond to be created out of our love for one another, when all dangers have been eliminated, when it’s just you and me, when I can spend hours and hours worshipping you. I don’t want our third bond to be created out of a need for protection, or because you want to give me the sunshine. I have spent 2000 years in darkness, what are another few nights, or weeks even?” I ceased wiggling at his tender words, remembering one of the lines of Pallas’s riddle:

‘Do not lash out at those you love.’

“I’m sorry.” I apologised for the second time this evening, sighing at how much of a common occurrence it was becoming. I hardly ever use to apologise.

“Your blood is the best there is, I will never take from another other so long as I am walking this earth, I just don’t wish to rush all of this. We have plenty of time to work out what we want.” He reassured me softly, pressing kisses to my forehead, the bridge of my nose, each of my eyelids, my cheeks, the end of my nose and finally my lips. “I love you.” He reminded me in that soft tone of voice of his that almost had me sobbing.

“I know and I love you too, only you.” I raised a hand, resting it against his cheek, relishing in the feel of his cool skin against my warm flesh. His eyelids fluttered shut, hiding his blue eyes from the world. In a slow movement he flipped us, my back resting against the soft mattress with his weight comfortably situated above me. Our hands were joined at our sides, resting on the pillow either side of my head.


Tipping my head sideways, I gazed at our joined hands, the leather bracelet around his wrist, the symbol of our human years together, and the promise ring around my own finger, the symbol of the eternity we would now have together as immortals. Dropping his head, he placed a kiss to my temple, causing me to turn to look up at him as he slipped inside of me, the pair of us groaning at the sensation. “Home.” He breathed happily, his forehead coming to rest against mine, his pale blue eyes locked onto my own. Raising my arms, I wrapped them around his neck, holding him close, feeling his body against my own.

Bringing his lips down to meet mine for an unhurried kiss, filled with love and adoration. I allowed myself the reassurance that we had a strong nest backing us. He was here, he was mine, and I was going to fight for him, for us, for Sookie and Eric, and for my children.


 A/N translations

“Ego sum paenitet, mea Childe” (Latin) = I am sorry, my Childe.
“Ego sum paenitet impulit in materia, mater” (Latin) = I am sorry that I pushed the matter, mother.
“Je suis désolé d’avoir aboyé sur toi et repoussé tes sentiments” (French) = I’m sorry I snapped at you, and pushed your feelings away
“Ne t’excuse pas mon ange. Ce n’est pas grave” (French) = Do not apologise my angel. It does not matter.

I love having a fluent French speaking flatmate 😉

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