Ethereal Redemption Chapter 57

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I’m not strong enough to stay away.
Can’t run from you, I just run back to you.
Like a moth I’m drawn in to your flame,
Say my name, but it’s not the same, you look in my eyes, I’m stripped of my pride.
And my soul surrenders, and you bring my heart to it’s knees.
And it’s killin’ me when you’re away, I wanna leave and I wanna stay.
And I’m so confused, So hard to choose.
Between the pleasure and the pain.
And I know it’s wrong, and I know it’s right.
Even if I try to win the fight, my heart would overrule my mind.
And I’m not strong enough to stay away
~ Not Strong Enough, Apocalyptica

It had been a long night, which was the easiest way to put it. I’d shared my secret with Ata and she hadn’t run away screaming. Although my secret was bad, as ones relative shouldn’t think such thoughts about someone else from their bloodline, Ata’s had been far worse. I couldn’t imagine living with the guilt of killing momma for 2000 years, only to have all of that guilt shattered, and to realise that it was in fact a vampire who had killed her.

We’d once again been attacked by Were’s, and I’d been able to defend myself reasonable well, until I’d depleted of course. I’d been so frightened the moment I’d hit the floor. It was as if the world had turned black, however it hadn’t stopped me from hearing snippets of conversations that were occurring around me. Although blacked out, I’d been able to hear Eric asking Ata if he could be her Childe too, and although I was unable to respond I was smiling internally. I could see Eric as Ata’s Childe – as a Childe of both Godric and Ata.

Eric Northman
We’d all sat together and chatted quietly for a while about the VRA passing party after Ata had ended her phone call with Bubba and Oscar, after we’d watched the recording and after Ata had voiced her secret. I was proud of her for it, and now I could understand how she felt about me whenever my powers became that little bit stronger, whenever I managed to develop one of my new faery skills a little further.

Ata had sent Oeri and Riei out to a costume store to procure outfits for the males of the group for the following nights event, even going so far as to buy little Hunter a top hat.

Padding back towards the bedroom I shared with Eric, my Viking refused to let go of my hand. He’d been rather protective this evening, holding me closely and refusing to let me leave his side. I couldn’t say I could blame him, especially not after hearing about Bill’s connection to Russell, and Felipe’s for that matter. I didn’t wish to leave Eric’s side, but unfortunately he wouldn’t be there for me in the day and I couldn’t just sit around and wait for him to wake up for all the time that the sun was in the sky! Once we were stowed away in our room together I stripped down to my bra and panties, not really feeling in the mood for anything frisky.

Sookie's Pretty Panties
Sensing this, Eric stripped down too, though my vampire was far more comfortable with his physique and therefore went all the way down to his birthday suit. Clambering in to my side of the bed, Eric slid in on the other side, automatically wrapping his arms around me to position me half over his chest. His deft fingers unhooked my bra and he threw it aside casually, and I was unable to stop my groan of appreciation as my bra was removed. Taking off my bra after a long day was the second best feeling in the world, the first was having my vampire buried deep inside of me. “Can I take off these silly little panties too, lover?” Eric’s husky voice swept over my eardrum, and I sleepily nodded my consent. Seconds later I too was naked, strewn over my vampire as he clutched me to his chest. I was saddened by the fact that although my ear was over his heart I could hear no sound coming from it, but I was use to it by now. Instead I focused on the vast expanse of his perfectly sculpted chest, covered in a light dusting of blonde hairs. With one arm flung over him I felt like a barnacle clinging to a whale, especially given our size differences. The thought caused me to laugh quietly.

One of Eric’s large hands came up to brush through my hair, moving the stray blonde strands from my closed eyes. “Eric, can I ask you something?” I murmured quietly, nuzzling up into the crook of his neck. His stroking actions slowed a little and became far more methodical, his hands sweeping down my back on the down stroke.

“Of course, min kärlek.” His accent slipped through with his words, and I didn’t bother to hide my smile. Eric had perfected a neutral accent, making it difficult to trace him back to any one country, but when he was angry, excited, turned on or content he would on occasion slip back into his home accent effortlessly.

“Why did you ask Ata if you could be her Childe too?” I questioned, moving my fingers to trace patterns on the exposed skin over his ribs.


“You could hear us?” He avoided my question for a moment, and I wasn’t surprised by it in the least. If there was one thing I knew for certain about my vampire it was that he would steer the conversation off on a tangent for a moment while he collected his thoughts regarding the initial topic, so that he would be able to give a more accurate answer.

Nodding my head, I hummed my answer, but Eric didn’t ask any more of me. It wasn’t uncommon for those who had blacked out, or for those in comas and such, to still be able to hear the things around them. Gran had once told me that ones hearing was the last thing to go before they passed into the afterlife. Eric fell silent for a moment longer, and through our strong second bond I could feel him working through the answer in his mind.

“She loves Godric.” He stated, knowing full well I already knew that too. His hands continued to brush through my hair, but he shifted us a little so one of my short legs ended up sprawled over his long ones. “I have never in the 1000 years I have been a vampire seen him so taken with someone, I’ve never seen him act the way he has been. The thought of her pulled him back from the edge of suicide around two years ago, and after 2000 years she still loves him and welcomed him back into her life with open arms. I figured that people like her do not come around very often, and I understand that she has not chosen to have any true children of her own through natural conception and birth. She’ll never be able to have children with my Maker, but perhaps I might be able to fill that gap, if only a little.” He explained in a soft tone, his accent continuing to lace his words as he spoke to me.

“I admit it is slightly selfish on my half. For 1000 years I have only had a father, and though I love Godric with all of my being I miss having the love of a mother. I’ve seen how she dotes upon her boys, and upon Oscar, and though it may make me sound weak I wish to be doted on in such a manner too.” He confessed quietly, sighing unnecessarily at the end of his sentence.

“It doesn’t make you sound weak, Eric.” I shifted to look up at him, capturing his cerulean orbs with my own. “It makes you sound human, normal even, and though you may think that being more like your human self is a weakness I can tell you now that it isn’t. You need to be in touch with your emotions, because people without emotions don’t always make the best decisions, and they aren’t really living.” I pointed out, maintaining his gaze.

“You forget, lover,” the corner of his lips quirked upwards a little, “that I’m not technically alive and therefore am not living anyway.” He tried to outsmart me, but I raised a hand to cover his lips. Finding a burst of energy from within me I used my new little popping trick to straddle him properly. Using the speed my popping gave me I grasped his hands and pinned them above his head before he even had time to comprehend my move. I could see, within the space of a few milliseconds, the confusion on his beautiful features, and then the anger, before he relaxed completely. “I thought you’d left me again.” He murmured as he more than likely felt my curiosity through our bond as to why such emotions had crossed his features.

Sookie and Eric in Bed
“I never left you before, Eric. I was taken from you. I’m never going to leave you.” I promised him quietly, giving his wrists a gentle squeeze to remind him that I still had him pinned down. His head tipped back as he observed my small hands wrapped around his thick wrists, and I could feel the lust starting to build up inside of him. It didn’t help that my stretched position gave him a perfectly clear view of my breasts. I waited patiently for the sexual comment that was bubbling up inside of him to leave his perfectly plump lips.

“Your hands should be wrapped around something else, my love.” Ah there it was.

Eric and Sookie Sex on the Floor
Shaking my head, I restrained myself from laughing, though I was unable to hide my smile. I remembered then why I had used my new ability, and why I was currently straddling him. Quickly I let go of one of his wrists to land a hard smack on his chest. Of course the blow was hard for me, but it barely scratched the surface of his alabaster skin. I didn’t have time to think before I was flipped over, with a very amorous vampire covering my entire body as I sank into the plush mattress. “You should never hit a vampire.” He murmured playfully, dropping fang as he offered me his trademark smirk. I was no longer frightened of his fangs, especially when I could feel his mirth through our bond.

“That was for saying that you aren’t alive, that you’re not living. You’re here with me right now, talking to me, smothering me with your heavy-ass body. I can feel you in our bond and I can feel the contrast between your cool skin and my warm skin.” I explained my actions as he supported his weight with one hand, the other finding its way to my body, tracing along the contours of my exposed frame. I shuddered at his touch, and I wanted to smack the small, triumphant smile off of his beautiful face.

“I’m still a vampire, Sookie. I’m technically undead.” He reminded me in a whisper, brushing my hair from my face for the umpteenth time this evening.

Grasping gently at his chin, I tipped his head so that my eyes could find his once more, and I refused to let go of the beautiful blue orbs as I spoke. “I don’t care what the government, you, or anyone else for that matter, classes you as. To me you are alive and living, every single night. You can do everything a human can do, apart from sunbathe of course, but you’re not radically different to them. So what you can’t go out in the sunshine, so what that you need my blood to survive. It doesn’t make you any less of a person. You only see yourself as a vampire, Eric. You need to start seeing yourself as a man first. The man I’m very much in love with.”

I couldn’t remember what time it was exactly that Eric and I had eventually decided to call it a night at. After my little speech, my Viking had all but pounced on me, and had ravaged me until he’d started to feel tired as the sun made itself known to our side of the world. I waited until he’d slipped into his day rest before I’d allowed myself to slip into slumber.

With my body sufficiently rested my eyes slowly opened and I was met with the usual darkness that accompanied the sleeping quarters of a vampire. Bringing one of my hands up to my eyes I rubbed the sleep from them, yawning a little as I stretched. I couldn’t stretch too far though as I was met with the large, cool frame of my beautiful vampire wrapped around me. I smiled as I remembered the better parts of the night before – when Eric had taken care of me, when he had asked to be Ata and Godric’s Childe, when he had spoken so openly with me and, of course, when he had reminded me why no other man would ever enter my bed for the rest of eternity.

Eric in Sookie's Home
Turning over I lay facing my sleeping vampire. Bringing one of my hands up, I caressed the side of his face, taking in every little detail of his features that my human eyes could make out in the darkness of the room. There were times when vampire senses would be useful, and now was one of them. Lost in the beauty of the man before me, I missed the brain signals from the other side of the bedroom door until I heard a light knocking noise. Throwing my mental net out, I captured the excited, bubbly internal chatter of the young boy outside my door. “Give me one second Hunt.” I mentally informed him, pulling myself out of bed. Dressing quickly, I pulled the sheets up to hide Eric’s nude form, though I did allow myself some pleasure by leaving his chest bare.

Knowing the hallway was windowless I had no problem in opening the door, my eyes instantly dropping down to the young boy stood in front of me. “Auntie Sookie!” Hunter grinned, not bothering to keep his voice down. I was about to hush him before I remembered that nothing would wake Eric or the other vampires in the penthouse during the day, unless I disappeared off to Faery and suddenly came back again. The memories of Faery started to play in my mind, but upon looking down at Hunter who wore a confused expression I threw my shields up, not wanting to expose the boy to the cruel power play going on within our race. “Is Uncle Eric sleeping for the day?” Hunter asked innocently, looking around my body to the bed.

The light from the hallway light had thrown a golden glow over my vampire, highlighting his already bright blonde locks and the soft dusting of hairs across his chest. “Wow! Is that how vampires look when they sleep?” Hunter exclaimed, and before I had time to stop him he’d whizzed past me and was clambering onto the bed to get a closer look at Eric.

I panicked suddenly, unsure as to how Eric would feel with Hunter seeing him in his day rest with him being so vulnerable. There was little Hunter would be able to do to Eric, and he was a good kid, but I had a feeling it was ingrained in Eric not to trust humans to be around him during his day rest, which was why I always felt honoured to be allowed to sleep beside him. The moment the panic took me over the sheets shuffled slightly, and I watched in a combination of shock and curiosity as Eric’s eyes opened slowly. “Good morning Uncle Eric!” Hunter cheerfully greeted him, grinning from ear to ear. He’d placed himself on the sheets next to Eric, facing him, cuddling a spare pillow.

“Sookie. Panic.” His husky, sleepy voice cut through the air, and I could see him struggling to get out of bed, as if he were about to come to my aid.

“No no, I’m fine!” I quickly quelled his protective nature, dashing to the bed where I all but forced him into laying back down. “I just wasn’t sure if you were okay with Hunter in here.” I explained in a murmur as I lent down to place a kiss to his exposed temple.

“Family is fine.” Eric muttered as he struggled to keep his eyes open. Hunter’s face lit up as he was grated permission to be in Eric’s presence during the day, and I was a little stunned. Eric had always struck me as a sort of lone wolf, preferring only the company of Godric and Pam, so for him to accept my human family so readily and embrace them as if they were his own was completely endearing, and I found myself adding another point to my list of reasons why I was completely and utterly in love with the man before me.

Sookie's First Declaration of Love to Eric
“See Auntie Sookie, Uncle Eric doesn’t mind me being here.” I was half expecting my young nephew to stick his tongue out at me, but I should have known better.

I could tell that staying awake in the day was a struggle for Eric, especially considering the fact that he refused to feed from me the night before, deeming me far too weak from my depletion blackout. I could feel him through our bond mustering his energy. Raising one of his large arms he grabbed Hunter, hauling him down onto the bed beside him before he threw his arm around the brunette boys frame. “Uncle Eric! I don’t sleep in the day!” Hunter giggled, but that didn’t stop him from snuggling in against my vampire, who was sporting a humorous smile. I could feel Eric’s affection for Hunter through our bond and, looking at the pair of them curled up in bed together, I couldn’t help my small sense of melancholy.

Hunter was as close to a biological child as I would ever get, and the way he interacted with Eric without an ounce of fear or worry made me imagine what it would be like if I were to have a child that was half of me, and half of my Viking. “Growing boys need naps though.” Eric yawned, and I could feel him starting to slip back into his day rest. Hunter snuggled closer to Eric, closing his eyes as he curled up against my Viking’s cool, motionless chest.

“I’m going to sleep here with Uncle Eric for a while Aunt Sookie. I’ll protect him.” Hunter mumbled, and I could feel his mind starting to tire. Hunter’s statement caused Eric’s emotions to flare to life, and the amount of care that he had for the little boy under his arm caused me to gasp as I grabbed onto the nearest steady surface. I felt Eric’s love for me fill the bond too and then suddenly his emotions cut off as he slipped into his day rest once more. It was only a matter of seconds before Hunter fell asleep too, his brain becoming silent as he drifted into his nap.

I smiled fondly at the pair of boys asleep on the bed and without making a sound I left the room, ensuring the door was firmly shut behind me and that no light would get to my snoozing vampire.

Padding down the corridor, I entered into the living area where Ata and Jason were sat together having breakfast. Flo was cooking up more food, piling up the plates. There was enough food spread over the table to feed an army, and I found myself salivating at the prospect of getting to eat it all. “Morning Sook.” Ata called out to me, not even bothering to turn around as she picked up on my mental signature.

“Hey sis!” Jason greeted me through a mouthful of pancake. Momma had always told him off for his bad table manners, and Gran had told him on numerous occasions that he would never find a suitable wife if he was always so rude. The thought of Jason marrying was as far fetched as seeing a pig in a Sunday dress dancing around the front yard. Taking a seat at the kitchen table, I smiled at my brother and my cousin, taking a moment to note their appearances. I hadn’t bothered to look in the mirror before I’d come out of the bedroom, so I had no idea what state I was currently in after the rough love making session Eric and I had engaged in.

Ata was in a cream dressing gown, the initials A.C embroidered on the pocket in beautiful golden lettering, and her blonde hair tumbled in natural waves around her face. Her face was makeup free, as the vast amounts of vampire blood in her system stopped her from having to use any. Turning to look at Jason, I took in his battered sweatpants and tatty t-shirt. Although Jason didn’t have lots of spare money kicking around I frowned at the thought that he hadn’t even gone out and bothered to buy new clothes when his old ones had pretty much fallen apart.

Ata's Dressing Gown
The moment my butt touched the seat, Flo placed a huge plate of breakfast down in front of me. The pancakes and fresh berries smelt incredible, and the freshly baked softness of the croissants was enough to make me almost drool. I was famished. Tucking in I remembered my manners, unlike my brother. “What’s the plan for today?” I asked Ata and Jason as I finished my mouthful. I was able to feel Ata throwing her mental net out, and could feel her mind as she located Hunter snoozing with Eric before she checked on all of her boys, until she finally landed on Godric. Her mind stayed with his as she finished her mouthful.

Baked Curved Croissant
“Well the VRA party is this evening, but I was thinking before that we could go and soak up some sunshine for a while before we go up into the training room and work on your skills a little more. After the attack last night and your blackout, I don’t think it’s safe for us to leave the penthouse until our bonded’s are awake. That goes for Jason and Hunter too.” Ata informed me, sparing a glance to my brother who was too busy 
shovelling in his food like a pig to realise he had been mentioned.

At the mention of Hunter I too threw out my mental net, capturing Hunter’s sleepy brain in the bedroom. For curiosity value I moved from each sleeping vampire to the next, and simply through his or her brain patterns I was able to tell which vampire was which. I enjoyed the fact that each vampire now had a brain pattern. Voids were pleasant but daunting at the best of times with their vast nothingness. I found Pam sleeping beside Ari, with Khai in the same room. Riei and Oeri were sharing a room together, as were Egor and Agmund. Isabel was with Egor and Agmund, and of course Eric was back in our room with Hunter. Godric’s brain pattern threw me for a moment, as I sensed another beside his, but after a brief second I was able to determine that it was Ata simply from the feel of it, but I could also feel Ata’s mental signature in the kitchen – she had two!

“How on earth are you doing that?” I directed the mental question to her, allowing her into my mind to see what I had come across.

Ata’s mental laughter was girlish in response. “He’s my bonded, and it’s my subconscious you felt. My subconscious can latch onto his and stay with it thanks to the bonds we have, both vampire and fae. Think of it as our subconscious minds snuggling” She explained as she popped a fresh strawberry into her mouth, an impish smile on her lips.

Taking a bite of the croissant that Flo had placed before me, I pursed my lips in contemplation as I chewed. “Can I do that with Eric? And does Godric’s subconscious have a form like yours?” I asked as I swallowed, taking a sip of the orange juice that had appeared in front of me.

“You and Eric are bonded so you should be able too, though it may take a little bit of practice. Yes, every subconscious has a form. Godric’s is a polar bear.” She mentally smiled, and I had to stifle a laugh at how much it tickled.

Polar Bear
“Why is it a polar bear?” I requested. Although I would have just accepted Ata’s explanation I found myself wanting to know more, purely because it was fascinating, something I had never come across or known about before.

“As you know mine is a cat, and a persons subconscious is a reflection of their conscious self. For example, my subconscious says that I’m independent, I see the unseen, I protect and love others, I have the ability to fight when cornered and I can allow others to dream my dreams. They are all factors about myself that, to some degree, are true. Godric’s, being a polar bear, shows that he prefers solitude and is an expert swimmer through emotional waters. It shows that he’s found his way back from the brink and has strength in the face of adversity. The polar bear represents death and rebirth, transformation even, and shows he is fiercely protective.” I could hear Ata respond. I was fascinated with the explanation, and Ata’s insight into the subconscious of those around us.

“What are mine and Eric’s?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Yours is a crow, and Eric’s is an owl. The crow is the guardian of the place before existence; they honour their ancestors and act in an ethical behaviour  Crows are the carrier of souls, they take them from the darkness to the light, and they work without fear in the darkness. They can move freely in the void and shift shape to blend in. Owls on the other hand are known for their stealth and secrecy, they move silently and swiftly with keen senses. They can see behind people’s masks and are the link between the dark, unseen world and the world of the light. Owls are comfortable with their shadow selves, bearers of moon magick and are known for their freedom.” Ata answered my question, smiling at me over the breakfast table.

“What’s the plan for today then guys?” Jason broke through our mental conversation with his loud voice as he chewed on his food, his mouth open, giving us a horrendous view of his mashed up food. Trying to hide my disgust, I rounded my eyes to Ata, searching for an answer to Jason’s question.

Finishing her mouthful, Ata dabbed the corners of her mouth with a napkin that was placed beside her. “I was thinking today that we would work on a few of your new powers Sookie. We’ll try knocking a few things over and try the teleporting trick you’ve acquired. We’ll even teleport ourselves to somewhere hot and sunny so you can tan quickly and rejuvenate yourself. You can come too Jason. Any requests on where you would like to go?” Ata offered as Flo took her plate away.

I was nervous about leaving Eric alone in the day, especially considering the fact that the Were’s had tried to get Ata and I only yesterday. I was also worried about Hunter. I didn’t want to wake him and force him to teleport with us but at the same time I was afraid to leave the young boy alone. “We hired guards for the party this evening, they’re already in the building right now and there are hundreds of them. I called in all of the Were packs from this half of Nevada, so everyone up here will be safe. Not to mention the protective charms around the place.” Ata eased my worries with her practical thinking. I figured that because I couldn’t physically see the protection around our vampires and Hunter that it wouldn’t be enough, but Ata hadn’t let me down and she’d always been honest with me, so I allowed her words to wash away my worry.

“Can we go somewhere near Europe? Momma and daddy were saving to take us there but they died before we could go.” Jason requested as he finished his plate, smiling gratefully at Flo as she took it away to clean it. His eyes turned to me and caught mine for a second before he looked to Ata. I remembered the little jar momma and daddy had kept in the sideboard. It had been filled with all the extra money we had – savings for our first family holiday outside of America. We’d only been $100 short when they’d died.

Europe Map
“Can we go to Egypt, please?” I picked up the slack from Jason, making a decision. I wanted to go and visit Paris, Rome and London – all of the big cities – however I wanted to see them with my vampire, I wanted to spend time there with him as my guide in the night. I watched my cousin’s face as a sense of melancholy passed over her features, and I felt Godric’s void spike into alertness at Ata’s strong emotions.


Keeping my shields down I paid attention as Ata soothed Godric from afar. She used their bond to send him her reassurance and love, a vast quantity of it that even I could feel through our tie, and used her mind to stroke his, to calm him like he were some kind of wild animal. It only took a few seconds before his brain pattern straightened out, and I could tell he had slipped back into his day rest.

“Of course we can. I’ve not been home in a while. I would take you to Alexandria, the place I called home 2000 years ago, but I feel like it’s something I must do with my Godric.” Her eyes took on an apologetic expression, so I used the tie we had created a few days ago to soothe her pain.

“We don’t mind none Ata, we understand that there are some things ya’ll need to do as a couple.” Jason’s sudden sympathy was unexpected, but not unwelcome  I couldn’t help but be proud of my brother for his shift in attitude. Jason hadn’t always been the brightest crayon in the colouring box, but his heart had always been in the right place, and Gran had always told us that was all that mattered.

“We could go to Luxor instead if you’d like? It’s in the south of my homeland, right on the coast of the Nile.” Ata offered as a substitute. Jason and I nodded in agreement. “Go change into clothing appropriate for the sunshine and heat then, and meet back here in five minutes.” Ata grinned, sliding off her stool. She was off like a whippet, racing through the apartment towards the bedroom she shared with Godric. I could feel her excitement to go back home, but also her nervousness about returning after so long.

Heading back towards the bedroom where my vampire and nephew lay sleeping I was careful to enter quietly, to move around quietly so as not to disturb them. Going to the wardrobe I pulled out my white and red polka dot bikini, slipping it on while keeping my mind locked on Hunter’s so I could monitor him. Looking through the rails of clothing I grabbed a pair of yellow shorts too. “Ata, can I borrow a pair of sunglasses please?” I mentally threw the question to my cousin, keeping my mental voice to a whisper just incase Hunter could hear us. I’d never had the problem of listening to people who were awake when I was asleep, as I’d perfected my shields so they would hold in my slumber. I was unsure if it was the same for Hunter though.

“That’s fine. I’ll bring all the essentials so you just change and bring yourself.” Ata responded in a mental whisper too. Leaving the wardrobe I moved to the bed, where I perched on the edge closest to my Eric.

“I’m going to get some sunshine today. Ata and I are going to teleport, with Jason, to Luxor, in Egypt. I kind of wanted to stay here to watch over you and Hunter during the day, but I won’t get any sunshine then. I’m useless to you if I deplete again, not to mention the fact my skin will smell like sunshine, and I know how much you like that.” I murmured to my Viking, brushing the stubborn stray strands of blonde hair out of his eyes. I felt our bond spark with sudden lust, and watched as Eric’s eyes cracked open ever so slightly. Confusion was painted on his face, and I had a feeling it was on mine too. That was twice he’d woken in the day, either by my feelings or my words, and I had an inkling it wouldn’t be the last time either. I’d never seen him awake in the day before, and he’d only mentioned it once to me as our bond had flared so suddenly back into life when I had returned from my yearlong trip to Faery.

“We’ll be fine. The house is warded. Eagle claw.” I heard Eric mentally reassure me. I was unused to him being awake in the day, especially more than once, but I could tell it was taking a lot of energy from him to stay awake and talk to me. Looking to his bedside table I found his eagle claw necklace and I slipped it over his head so it rested against his chest, protecting him from potential harm. Although I was unsure if it would work I removed Gran’s pearls and placed them on Hunter.

Eagle Claw Pendant
The spell had been created for me but Hunter was my nephew, he was of my blood and he was an extension of me. I had no need for it with Ata by my side. I had no doubt that she would be able to take care of everything. “Have fun, be safe.” I heard Eric mentally whisper before he fell back into his day rest. Biting on my lower lip to stop my smile, I poked around in his mind for a minute, trying to figure out how to latch my subconscious onto his in a similar manner to Ata.

Closing my eyes, I slipped into his mind. Although I hadn’t witnessed either of our subconscious like I had Ata’s, I still had a rough idea of what they would look like. After all, crows and owls all looked very similar. Burying myself deeper and deeper into his mind I stumbled upon numerous parts of his mind I had never come across before. I skirted around his deepest, darkest secrets, unsure I would like what I would probably find there, and I avoided his wants and hopes too, as I didn’t wish to ruin any surprises. I took a quick peak at his emotional response range and was pleasantly surprised to find it overflowing. Vampires were not known for their kinder emotions, they were conditioned out of them by their Maker’s, but of course Eric and Godric were no ordinary Maker and Childe, and both were fighting to regain their lost humanity, including their emotions.

While I searched these deeper parts of his mind I came across a white feather, and as my curiosity got the better of me I followed it through his mind. The trail took me deeper into his mind. I hadn’t even dared to venture this far into someone’s thoughts and memories in my entire life, for fear of what I would find or what would happen by being there. The trail started to thin out the deeper I went, until I eventually ran out of feathers altogether. Looking from the floor, where the feathers had been I caught sight of a beautiful snowy owl sat before me. The tips of every feather were jet black, contrasting the beautiful clean white of the other ¾ of each feather. The creatures’ eyes were bright and alert, a beautiful shade of deep yellow. The bird sat tall and straight, and dare I even say majestically, and watched me with what I could only describe as an amused expression.

Snowy Owl

“I don’t believe we’ve met, fair maiden.” The heavy Nordic accent came from the birds mouth, and I was thrown through the loop for a moment as I expected some form of owl hoot instead. I remembered quickly however that Ata’s subconscious had spoken out loud too; in a language I could perfectly understand. I couldn’t stop my smile this time as I realised the heavy accent was Eric’s usual voice, and that he forced an American accent on himself to blend in with the rest of the people and vampires he was surrounded by.

“What a terrible shame that is, my dear knight.” I responded in my southern drawl, knowing that my Viking was a sucker for it. It was very strange to be conversing with his subconscious, and I had to force myself to keep my physical eyes closed so that I would remain submerged in this world. I was aware that I was a part of the outside world, but I felt like I was in my own little bubble, a safe haven away from the rest of the world. The owl moved towards me, slowly and surely, until we were millimetres apart. Leaning forward, Eric’s subconscious nuzzled mine and I giggled at the contact, feeling it physically in the real world as well as in the subconscious world Eric and I had created together.

“Why are we birds, min kärlek? How are you here, and where exactly is here?” He asked me with the tone of curiosity he so rarely used in the real world.

“Our subconscious minds are apparently birds. There are deeper meanings to them but I won’t bother you with that now. I’m here because I was doing a mental check of the area and found there was another brain pattern next to Godric. I asked Ata and she told me it was her subconscious, and that it had latched onto his and they were staying together while he rested. I decided to come and give it a go, see if I can latch onto you and stay with you today while Ata and I go and soak up the sun in Egypt. We’re going to use my new ability to teleport. Will you be okay holding Hunter? There will be plenty of guards here and I’m sure Flo will remain here until we get back a little later on, so if he wakes he should be fine.” I filled Eric in with whatever information I could, unsure as to whether or not he would be drifting into his day rest once again, or if his subconscious could remain awake during the day.

“You will be safe, my Sookie. I know that you are strong enough to take care of yourself, and I trust Ata to take care of you should anything happen that you cannot deal with yourself.” Eric eased my worries. “Hunter will be fine with me, I won’t let any harm come to him.” He vowed, before he nuzzled me once again. “You go and enjoy the sunshine, and when I rise for this evening I will enjoy scenting every part of your body, inhaling the smell of the sun.” He started to nudge me with a bit more force, encouraging me to leave him.

“Eric, how do I keep my subconscious here with you?” I asked in a panic, unsure if by simply leaving I would be gone altogether. I wanted to remain in his mind as the distance between us would be great and I would be crossing several time zones.

The owl of Eric’s subconscious wrapped a wing around me, sheltering me underneath the feathery blanket. “Open your eyes, you’ll stay with me.” He whispered in my ear.

“But my eyes are open.” I pointed out quietly, worried about leaving him.

Eric’s gentle chuckle broke through the air, and the smile he gave me was a fond one. “In the real world. Force yourself to open your eyes.” He instructed me gently, tightening his hold on me.

I wasn’t sure if I was going about it correctly, but suddenly I could see again. I was back in the real world. However it felt like a part of me was missing, not in a cliché ‘I was without Eric’ kind of way, but it physically felt like a part of me was missing. “So fucking strange.” I whispered under my breath, scowling in confusion.

It was then I felt a warm sensation in my brain, and seconds later I felt overcome with love. Digging my nails into the bed sheets due to the force with which the feeling hit me I turned my eyes to Eric, trying to piece together if it was him or not sending me such a feeling. Usually the feelings from Eric would appear in our bond, which I had discovered was located quite near to my heart, but this feeling started in my mind and travelled down the rest of my body from there. The experience left me with more questions than answers, and as I gathered up my few belongings I wondered if Ata would have the answers to them for me.

Ensuring the bedroom door was properly shut behind me I made my way back to the living room, aware of the empty feeling in one corner of my mind. Ata and Jason were already in the living room together. Ata was in a black bikini trimmed with golden edges, a large floppy hat on her head and black Chanel’s on her nose, and Jason had donned his old, trustworthy board shorts that Gran had bought for him a few years back. He wore them all the time when he was working on the road crew and they were fixing roads near the lakes. He always liked to go for a swim at lunchtime in order to cool down, even though there were huge gators in the water.

“You ready to go?” Ata offered me a smile, clutching onto a large bag, which I could tell contained numerous goodies used for sunbathing, such as towels, sunscreen and glossy magazines.

Glossy Magazines
Nodding my head I looped my arm through Ata’s, knowing she would be able to take me wherever she wanted to go through touch alone. I didn’t need to have any knowledge of where we were going, though I promised myself mentally that I would ask about it upon our return back to the penthouse. I wanted to go to at least one place where I knew I would be safe, where I knew Ata would be able to find me and tell Eric should something go horribly wrong in the future. Watching observantly, Jason took Ata’s other arm, linking them together in a gesture that made my cousin look like one of those tacky pimps that have an appearance in all of the cringe worthy gangster movies, filmed in black and white.

“Close your eyes.” Ata instructed us, and I screwed my eyes shut, the sensation of teleporting taking over me. I could remember the feeling well from our training session and the moment the spinning, pulling sensation ended I automatically opened my eyes. The sun was blinding and it took my eyes a moment to adjust to the brightness.

Keeping vampire hours meant that I rarely saw the sun, which of course had led to my depletion the night before. With my eyes adjusted I took in my surroundings. The vast planes of golden sand glistened in the sunlight; the warm sand between my toes tickled my feet and the heat! The heat was just incredible. I was use to the Louisiana heat, but here in Egypt it was fierce, unforgiving and powerful. I turned my head, taking in the awe on my brother’s face. Taking a quick dip into Jason’s mind, even though I’d promised that I never would, I was happy to find him shocked by our location, stunned by the ease of our travel, and curious about my powers.

Egypt's Sand and Heat
Turning my head to look at my cousin, I watched her as she tipped her head back, closing her eyes to relish in the sunshine. “Home.” She whispered, her eyes snapping open a moment later as she looked off into the distance.

Following her line of sight I saw a giant pyramid before us, and I frowned at the fact that I hadn’t realised it straight away. I wasn’t stupid, and it most certainly hadn’t been there before. “Concealment spell. I’ve had witches hide this place from the rest of the world for 2000 years. You needed my permission to see it, to enter this space, and I’ve granted it.” Ata answered in a murmur, dropping her bag to the sandy dunes. She extended her hand and brushed her fingers across the ancient, weathered stone.

“What is this place?” Jason asked in awe, now that he had picked his jaw up off of the floor and sorted out his thoughts and questions.

“My family tomb. It’s in the perfect place for sunning all day long. Re wouldn’t have it any other way.” My cousin smiled as she dropped her hand. Turning to her bag she pulled out two towels, handing one to me and keeping the other for herself. Jason removed his towel from his own bag and the three of us spread them out on the sandy floor at the base of the massive monument. Settling onto our towels I covered my eyes with the spare sunglasses Ata had brought with her, not wanting to risk damage to my eyes.

Chanel Sunglasses
“Who’s in there?” I asked quietly as we all fell into a comfortable silence, the suns rays beating down on us. Jason had always tanned well, his work on the road crew had meant that he’d spent nearly every day out and about, sweating away, and I’d always made time for sunning myself. Gran had told me that I should wear sunscreen or else I’d end up with skin cancer, and for a while I’d listened to her, but the light golden tan that took over my body after sun exposure had been too good to give up. I could never, and would never, be as pale as Ata. She was like a china doll, and it would never suit me.

“Mut, Itf and Caesarion. Anubis and Osiris are guarding their souls in Aaru, and I take care of their physical bodies in this world.” My cousin explained as she stifled a yawn.

We fell into a comfortable silence for twenty minutes, and I relished in the feel of the sunshine on my skin. It was a strange sensation as I could almost feel my energy levels rising back up again. I felt stronger, much better than I had before, and I felt more confident in my fae abilities, even though it had been some time since I had last used them properly. “We’ll have to take time out of every day to do this, Ata. I feel so much better already.” I commented quietly as Jason started to snore beside me, having fallen asleep in the Egyptian heat.

“It’s incredible what nature can do for us. I say we create a routine when we get back, start planning our days properly.” Ata responded. She was still with me, her brain signature told me that, but she sounded distant.

“You’re checking in with Godric, aren’t you?” I teased my cousin, tipping my head to the side to look at her profile. A smile ghosted across her lips.

“Of course. I never want to leave his side, just like you don’t want to leave Eric’s. Say, have you checked in with him yet?” Ata’s head tipped towards mine, and her eyelids slid back to reveal her eyes, which looked an even brighter shade of blue in the dazzling sunlight. “I can tell you figured out how to leave your subconscious with him while he rests for the day as there is a piece of your mind missing. You should check in with him, you’d be rather pleasantly surprised.” Ata hid behind a knowing smile before she tipped her head back to its previous position, hiding her eyes behind her eyelids once again.

“How do I check in with him?” I questioned quietly, wincing at how loud Jason’s snores were becoming.

“Let your conscious mind wander down the path you took with your subconscious mind. You’ll still be able to hear things going on around you so don’t worry about that, but they’ll seem miles away and you’ll feel as though you’re in a meditative state.” My cousin explained to me. Putting all of my trust into her I closed my eyes and buried around in my mind for the path I had taken earlier on. I found it with ease and continued down it until I was back in the same room I had been in minutes before. Eric’s subconscious was still there, and turned to look at me as I entered the space.

I gasped in shock at the blood tracks running down his cheeks, and quickly I made my way to him, cradling his head in my hands. Before I could ask him what the matter was he spoke. “It’s beautiful.” His thick accent was back, and if it weren’t for the fact that blood was rolling down his cheeks I would have been turned on by the sound.

Eric with Bloody Tears
“What is, Eric?” I asked softly, soothingly running my fingers over his cheeks, just as he had done moments before he’d been forced to bite me thanks to Russell.

“The sunshine, the pyramids, the vast open space. For 1000 years I’ve been in the dark, and yet with you I’ve been in the sunshine twice, and now I’ve dreamt of it.” His voice contained a tinge of awe, something that sounded so strange from my ancient bonded. “When you were looking at the pyramids, when you opened your eyes in Egypt, I could see everything you were seeing. It’s like a dream, like I’m seeing the world through your eyes. Go back, open your eyes, and show me more!” The excitement glistened in his eyes, and I found myself unable to deny my vampire anything, let alone the chance to see the world shrouded in sunshine.

Not bothering to try and hide my smile, I lent forward to kiss away the tear tracks down his cheeks, as I had done during one of the many blood-induced dreams I’d had about the mighty Viking before me. “I love you.” The excitement on Eric’s features vanished, and in its place sat only a look of love and adoration.

“As I love you, my Sookie. Now go back and play in the sunshine, relax and rejuvenate, and explore this new part of the world.” He took my hands from his face, cradling them in his own before he lent in to give me a tender kiss, eventually letting me go so that I could return back to my conscious state.

My entry back into the conscious world wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked, and with a gasp I opened my eyes, blinking back the suns rays as I orientated myself. “Welcome back!” Ata’s cheerful voice caused me to look at her, and I was captivated with her beauty in the sunlight. If only Godric could see her, back in her homeland, her blonde hair loose, tumbling over her shoulders and down her back, her blue eyes sparkling brightly in the sunlight. I could see now why the fae were sun-seeking creatures. The sunshine definitely enhanced their beauty.

Sookie Stackhouse In The Sunshine

“Why didn’t you tell me that Eric could see everything I could?” I spluttered, reaching for the bottle of water that Ata was holding out to me.

Her grin could’ve rivalled even that of a fat cat getting the cream. “Surprise! It’s the best thing about being bonded to someone. Your mind filters your surroundings to your subconscious, which is of course nestled with Eric’s and therefore the images are filtered through to him, thus becoming dreams as he’s in his day rest.” Ata explained as I took a sip of water. The sip wasn’t enough however and I found myself downing ¾ of it. “Remind me never to take you out on the town for the night. You’ll be an expensive date.” My cousin teased me as she watched me nearly finish the bottle.

Bottled Water
Grinning sheepishly I screwed the lid back on, popping the bottle into my bag for later. “Eric wanted to know if we could explore a little please? He wants to see more of the world in the sunshine.” I asked, unsure exactly what the plan would be for the day.

“Tell you what, we’ll sunbathe here for an hour then go down and play in the Nile for a while. If we finish up at about 9pm here we can go back to Vegas and train until our vampires wake for the night. How does that sound?” Ata suggested and I was more than happy to go along with her suggestions. “I have the camcorder to record our day, and we could even swap our subconscious? You can be with Godric and I’ll be with Eric, that way our vampires will be able to see us in the day through the eyes of the other.” Ata’s suggestion caused my bond with Eric to suddenly ignite into life, and I was bowled over by the excitement and happiness gushing into our bond. As soon as the feelings took over though they were suddenly shut off, leaving me gasping for breath.

“Eric. He agrees.” I coughed, regaining my breath. Grabbing the bottle of water I finished it off, chucking the empty back into my bag. Ata chuckled, rummaging in her bag before she produced another bottle, which she handed to me. Gratefully taking it I cracked it open and took another swig.

“You’ll get use to that, I promise. It took me a while to get use to feeling my boys so strongly, and now that I can feel Godric too it can be a little overwhelming at times. You’ll soon discover how easy it is to filter through emotions and block the stronger ones so they don’t affect you so much though.” Ata shrugged her shoulders, gracefully falling back onto her towel. Her eyelids slid shut and I noted her brain signature start to haze a little. Following suit, I too collapsed onto the towel, closing my eyes. The sunshine was glorious, blissfully warm on my skin and rejuvenating at the same time. I fell into a dreamless slumber, and at some point in time I felt myself being rolled over to even out my tan. I was asleep moments later though.

Sometime later I woke to the sound of laughter. Rubbing sleep from the corners of my eyes I rolled back over onto my back, opening my eyes a crack to give them a moment to adjust. Slowly sitting up I was greeted with the sight of Jason and Ata. In Jason’s hands was the camcorder we used to record our days, and Ata was sat opposite him laughing at something. I had no idea what was funny, but judging by Jason’s smile he had told one of his many jokes.

“Hey sleepy head!” Jason turned to me, whipping the camera around.

Instinctively I buried my head in my hands. “No Jase! I just woke up, I look terrible!” I squealed, trying to ensure that none of my face would be on show.

Ata laughed again, shaking her head. “You look lovely, cousin. Besides, we’ve all seen you covered in blood and gore, at least you’re clean.” She teased me, poking her tongue out a little. Unable to restrain myself, I returned the childish gesture, forgetting that Jason was filming our whole exchange.

Ata was up on her feet in record speed, racing off into the distance, and I found myself pausing for a moment as to how she was able to move so quickly. Was it a fae trait or a combination of the fae and vampire blood in her system? Or was she taking some of Godric’s vampire traits from him via their connection? Unsure as to the answer I hauled myself up; deciding the best course of action would be to follow her. The moment I was up on my feet though I felt queasy, and a tugging sensation inside of me caused me to double over, my body aching with the pain. “Ata!” Jason screamed out for our cousin, dropping the camera to rush to my side. Gently grabbing hold of me, he helped me as I sank down into the sand, clutching at my chest.

Ata was before me seconds later, removing my hands from my chest. “Bonding sickness.” She stated quietly, placing one of her hands over my chest. The pain was slowly ebbing away and then Ata’s hand started to glow a soft green colour, and the tugging sensation in my chest disappeared at a quicker rate. “Looks like you can’t be away from Eric for more than a few hours, especially at such a distance as this.” She commented.

Eric and Sookie
“How come you’re not suffering?” I croaked as the pain started to subside.

“I was, while you and Jason were asleep. My boys and Godric rose from their day rest due to my pain and sent me their healing magic through our bonds, along with their comfort and assurance. Your bonds to the other vampires in our nest aren’t as strong as mine are, so the only one who can help you is Eric. He woke and was sending you some of his healing magic a moment ago.” Ata explained to me as the pain disappeared completely.

“How do you know Eric woke an’ helped Sook? Jason questioned, moving my hair from my slightly sweaty shoulders.

“I could feel the magic in his blood helping her.” Ata responded somewhat cryptically. “How are you feeling? You need to cool down, come to the river.” Doing a mental check of my body I found myself fine and no longer in pain.

“I’m good.” I answered, using both Ata and Jason as leverage to get up onto my feet, having sank into the sand a considerable amount. A playful smile crossed Ata’s lips before she ran off in the direction of the Nile once again.

Feeling back to my strength, I sprinted after Ata and I could hear Jason running behind me, his days as a track star making the run effortless for him. Of course ever since I had been submerged in the supernatural world I’d found myself doing more and more running, and therefore I found the trek effortless too. We climbed up a sandy bank and the moment we reached the peak I found myself gazing at what could only be described as paradise.

There were bright white sailing boats on the deep blue, crystal clear water, families and couples enjoying the day on the water. Young children were playing in the water on the other side of the river, squealing and shrieking with happiness.

River Nile
Ruins from a time long forgotten lay on the other side of the vast expanse of water. They stood tall and proud, an everlasting testament to the power of Ata’s people. The sunshine bounced off of the smooth glasslike surface of the water and threw beautiful colours across the white sails of the boats. The sand was warm underfoot and the sky clear of any clouds.

Glancing down to the bank of the river on the side I was stood on, I caught sight of Ata diving straight into the water. The feelings coming through our bond were nothing short of happy, if not a little nostalgic. “It’s beautiful Sook.” Jason commented from beside me, and I turned to look at my big brother. He’d abandoned filming and was simply holding the camera in his hand, allowing it to capture the world before us. His features were relaxed, as was his posture, and his mind was full of nothing but positivity and awe. “There’s so much of this world we’ve never seen before.” He murmured, turning to look at me. His free hand sought out mine and they locked together easily. “I promise Sook, when all of this is over we’ll take all our savin’s and go travellin’. I know I ain’t always been the best brother in the world to ya, but we’s all that’s left now, an’ I won’t let ya go.” Jason looked on the verge of tears, and without caring about anything else around us I pulled my big brother in for a cuddle.

Jason and Sookie Hug

“We have Hunter, and Ata, and Eric and Godric. There’s Pam, Ari, Khai, Riei, Oeri, Egor, Agmund, Oscar and Isabel too. Our family has never been bigger Jason.” I reminded him gently, pulling back to offer him a reassuring smile.

Jason studied me for a moment, and I purposefully stayed out of his mind to allow him some privacy. “Most of our family are vampires, Sook.” He murmured sadly, turning to look out over the river.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, Jase.” I pointed out, removing all traces of annoyance from my tone. When Jason had joined the Fellowship I’d wanted nothing more than to batter him with Gran’s old broom to try and get some sense into him.

“I know that sis.” He turned back to me for a brief moment, before he looked out over the Nile again. “We just don’t get to share moments like this with them.” Jason’s words saddened me, and I was reminded of the cruel truth that Eric would never get to walk in the sunlight with me, unless of course our third bond enabled him to day walk. The sudden remembrance of that tiny nugget of information caused me to grin like an idiot, and I sprinted off in the direction of Ata and the Nile. The amount of Eric’s blood in my system meant that I never missed my footing as I headed down the sandy bank, and Jason never missed his either as he tailed me with the camcorder. Ata was lounging in the water, floating on her back, eyes shut as the sunlight shone down on her. Unsure if she could hear my approach I flung myself into the water, creating ripples that threw her off balance.

Squeaking, Ata was submerged in the water for a moment, but she popped up seconds later, grabbing me and pulling me down with her. I had enough time to take a deep breath though. Ata’s relaxed state meant that her shields were down, and I was privy to every little aspect of her life. I’d respected her privacy though and not snooped, but some thoughts were stronger than others and came through against my will. I took the opportunity while underwater to open my eyes and capture the sights. The water was crystal clear, and swimming in the depths was a multitude of fish, ranging in colours and sizes. I could name the tiger fish, lungfish, catfish, mudfish, the globefish and the eels. It was an underwater tropical paradise, which rivalled that of the world above.

African Lungfish
Popping up to the surface as Ata did I wiped the water from eyes, grinning happily towards Jason who was filming us from the shore, his feet submerged in the cool water. “Swap subconscious with me?” Ata begged, treading water. She grabbed my wrist and without knowing what was about to happen I felt a tugging sensation in my mind, and then a ripping feeling spread across my whole body. I wanted to cry out with the pain but found myself unable to do so as seconds later it had stopped completely, and I felt whole again.

“We’ve just swapped over, so your subconscious is with Godric and mine is with Eric. I recommend you don’t go to check however while we’re treading water.” Ata chuckled as I drew in deep breaths, having been caught off-guard.

“You could warn me next time.” I scolded under my breath, unsure as to whether my cousin had heard me or not. The smile on her lips told me however that she had.

I was unsure as to how long we played in the water for, but as the sun started to dip behind the horizon in Egypt, we exited the cool river. Jason had paddled for a while with us, but had remained dry in order to film our day. Neither Ata nor I had bothered to tell him that our vampires could see our day through their dreams. I assumed it was a secret between vampires and their bonded’s so Jason found himself with a camera in his hand for most of the day, but his mental thoughts informed me that he enjoyed being a cameraman, and that a small part of him relished in the fact that our vampires would get to watch our daily antics when they rose for the night.

We were silent as we returned to the hidden pyramid, and the silence continued as we all dried ourselves off and packed our bags for the quick trip home. The silence between the three of us was far from uncomfortable though, and even though I was miles away from home, in a foreign country with only my brother and cousin for companionship while my bonded and nephew lay sleeping in what was fast becoming a danger zone, I felt strangely at ease. “It’s mother.” Ata murmured as she shoved her towel into her bag. “My mother always had this calming, relaxing energy around her. When she passed it moved into the pyramid structure itself. There are so many tales about the power of the deceased being passed into their tombs upon their death, waiting for the next worthy person to come along. I come here to think, reflect on things. Keep a mental picture of this place, or a proper photo in your pocket at all times, as this has got to be the safest place in the world, what with all of its protection and concealment charms.” Ata’s voice softened as she spoke of her mother, and her eyes glazed over a little as she ran her fingers across the ancient stone one last time.

Feeling a pull to copy my cousin’s actions, I slid a hand over the rough surface. A stinging sensation in the palm of my hand caused me to hiss in a manner that I was sure Eric would have proud of, and I instinctively yanked my hand back into my body, palm up so I could inspect it. Right down the middle of my palm sat a perfectly straight cut, bleeding steadily. “Fuck.” I cussed under my breath, raising my hand to my mouth to lick the wound clean. Before I had time to place my lips upon the cut however I felt my hand being tugged downwards. Looking up I captured my cousins gaze, her eyes wide with an emotion I couldn’t quite pinpoint despite our relatively new bond.

“Don’t clean it! Wait until we get back to the penthouse. Not only do we not know what has been on that rock over the years, and therefore we have no idea what germs are on your hand, but that’s a sacrifice, the cutting of your hand upon a holy resting place.” She explained quickly, her tone a mixture of concern and awe, and I found myself confused as to which emotion I should be concentrating on.

“Jeez Sook, it’s a good thing you have a vampire on tap, what with the number of times you end up hurt!” Jason shook his head, having come over to inspect the damage. Ata had disappeared off, and now returned with a tissue that she pressed to the wound, placing my other hand on top of it in order to help stop of the blood flow.

“Thanks Jase, but it ain’t always my fault I end up getting hurt.” I rolled my eyes, holding the tissue to my new cut. I’d lost track over the past few years of the number of injuries I’d sustained. I’d been clumsy before, but I’d never been to a hospital or needed to see a doctor. Heck the worst that end ever happened physically to me was a paper cut! Ata gathered our belongings together, slinging bags over her shoulders as she went. Jason helped her out and left me to hold the tissue to my hand. I felt useless and wished I could help out, but the moment I went to grab a bag my brother shot me a stern look, one he hadn’t used on me since before Gran died. Sighing in resignation, I resigned myself to doing nothing for the time being.

Sookie in Hospital
It was then that a rush of nausea flooded my system. It felt like my lungs were being crushed and I gasped, trying to pull as much air as possible into my lungs. Ata’s head lifted up, the panic etched onto her features, and before either Jason or I could question what was going on we were teleported back to the penthouse. The three of us landed on the ground with a thud, and I instinctively felt the need to get to Eric. He would know what to do. He would look after me.

Crawling along the floor I clenched my jaw together to try and take some of the pain away. It was useless. It was then I felt a pair of cool hands haul me up off of the floor, and I felt the gust of wind that signalled a moving vampire before I felt the softness of a duvet beneath me. I felt the need to curl into the foetal position, which is exactly what I proceeded to do. A pounding sensation had taken over in my mind, and my bones felt like they were aching, breaking. Crying out in pain, I tried to force my eyes to open but to no avail. It was then I felt the snap of my subconscious connection to Godric, and I was half expecting my one with Eric to return, however it didn’t.

In pain and feeling alone, I didn’t even acknowledge Ata’s hand on my forehead, or the cool hand on my cheek. I didn’t acknowledge the two sets of soothing words of comfort as the darkness swirled in my mind. I tried to fight it for as long as I could but I was tired, afraid and in pain. So much pain.

The cool hand on my cheek disappeared, along with the words spoken by the owner of the hand, and yet Ata continued to soothe me. After what felt like an eternity I gave in, I accepted my fate, and I allowed the darkness to consume me.


4 thoughts on “Ethereal Redemption Chapter 57

  1. Thank,you for posting another so quickly. I’m still furious with FF for what they did to you but I enjoy the anticipation while waiting to catch up to where I left off over there! I love your story!!😃

  2. Geez ! just what’s going on with Sook ? Your imagination rocks , can’t wait for more , love this tale .

  3. This chapter is really exciting. First the subconscious owl and raven communicating, playing in Luxor while giving their mates sunshine dreams, and then… WTF? An evil big giant cliffie! I’m so glad the story’s already written so I can read the next chapter right now. Love it!

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