Intercourse Interruption

I have a few prank ideas written down actually, so expect a few more based on pranks in this little series! I have a prank idea for Daryl’s revenge on Rick for Rick’s antics in ‘Sinful Smoker’ that I’m pretty excited to work on!

Please throw prompts at me if ya have any guys, ’cause I love them :3

I hope this and the other prank one-shots I write in the future are okay for ya Myurra-K! 🙂

Carl sniggered as he pried the screws loose from the ‘gentlemen’ sign adorning the door, using the screwdriver he’d stolen out of Daryl’s tool kit. The ‘ladies’ sign was wedged between his knees, the screws in the pocket of his jacket. He’d placed a sign on their usual toilets saying that they were clogged, and that he would unblock them later, but that in the meantime everyone should use these toilets. Giving one last tug the sign was freed from the door, and Carl grinned triumphantly. Swapping the sign between his knees, he held the ‘ladies’ sign up to the door, making quick work of the screws as he reattached it. Pivoting on the spot he faced the ladies bathroom and, biting his lower lip to stop his smile, he lifted the other sign, screwing it in place. Carl took a moment to admire his handiwork but the sound of his dad and Daryl stumbling down the corridor together had the younger Grimes sprinting around the corner to hide. Every night after dinner they would disappear for an hour and come back happier, a little lighter. Carl had followed them a few days back to see where they went, and that was when his little plan had come to mind.

Rick and Daryl clattered down the darkened corridor together, lips feverishly attached, hands grasping at one another’s clothes, hair, ass – anything they could find in the darkness. “Fuck, Rick.” Daryl gasped as the older man shoved him roughly against the wall. Rick’s hands slipped under the hunter’s shirt, tracing the strong muscles of his abdomen before he set about removing the offending item stopping them from feeling one another skin. Rick’s fingers fumbled with the buttons of Daryl’s shirt as his lips bruised the hunters, walking the younger man along the wall. They only ever used this corridor, and these toilets, when they wanted some time together. It usually meant they found themselves here every day just before dinner. The bathroom wasn’t exactly the most romantic place in the world for their impromptu fucks, but these days there was no real such thing as romance, not when the world had gone to shit.

Peeling his lips from Daryl’s, Rick freed the younger man from the confines of his shirt, tucking it in the back pocket of his jeans so it wouldn’t get dirty. Laundry day was only once a week and the redneck had limited clothing. Turning his head, Rick gave his lover a chance to catch his breath as he glanced to the male sign on the door, but Daryl only saw it as more of an opportunity. His lips sought purchase on Rick’s jaw; pressing kisses over his scratchy beard. Daryl didn’t know any different, not with Rick being his first and more than likely his last. His rough childhood and abusive father, marking his back and screaming at him at every opportunity that he was a worthless bastard, mixed with his homophobic and racist brother, had ensured that the younger Dixon had never been able to get a partner, let alone get laid. That had all changed though when he’d first become close to Rick, close enough to test out something as simple as a kiss. The deputy hadn’t reacted like Daryl had expected. He’d expected him to lash out, to tell him he wasn’t gay, that he wasn’t interested. Instead Rick had surprised him once again when he’d kissed him back, pushing him against the counter in the house they’d been raiding and stealing every last bit of air from his lungs with his crippling, passionate kiss before he’d bent Daryl over the aforementioned counter and taken him with surprising gentleness. Maybe his brother was right, maybe Daryl was Rick’s bitch now, but the redneck didn’t give a fuck so long as it meant he’d be on the receiving end of the deputy’s talented mouth, kind caresses, and sharp thrusts. Daryl had no idea what it would be like to kiss the smooth, hair-free jawline of a lady, but he had no desire to try it out. Rick was everything he wanted

“In there.” The deputy breathed out through a moan as Daryl’s hands wandered lower, one grabbing onto his ass while the other cupped his hard-on, stroking him through the thin layer of his pants. Rick didn’t want them to be so exposed and at least in the bathroom they would be safe from any walkers that might stray their way, even though they’d cleared out this area before and had ensured it was secure. Yanking on the younger man, Rick kept them close as he manoeuvred them through the door, kicking it shut behind them.

Daryl, sensing an opportunity, took the chance to flip them, pushing Rick against the wall to see how he liked it. Kicking the mans legs apart Daryl settled against him, working Rick through his pants still, though his fingers swept across his own hard-on too. “Fuck, me, Daryl.” Rick groaned as the man attacked his throat, sucking, nipping, and licking away in a desperate hope to mark the man as his. Rick’s head tipped back and exposed more of his throat to the hunter, who greedily laved the newly exposed skin with his tongue.

“That’s wha’ I intend ta do.” Daryl murmured against the leaders skin with a smile, pulling back just far enough to undo the buttons on Rick’s service shirt. Removing the item he threw it behind him where it landed on one of the sinks, thankfully dry as the taps had yet to start leaking. With a shove Rick pushed Daryl towards the sinks, one hand lost in Daryl’s dark hair while the other removed the shirt from his own back pocket, adding it to his own on the sink beside them. Tongues dancing and hands grabbing, Daryl pushed the older man back to the sink, the cold surface hitting Rick’s lower back. Daryl’s dexterous fingers grabbed at the buttons of Rick’s pants which he undid with a flick of his wrist, now well practiced in getting the man in front of him undressed at the drop of a hat. Rick’s pants slid off his narrow hips, hitting the floor with a resounding thud. Daryl wasted no time in grabbing the mans throbbing erection, pumping him twice before Rick was sliding the hunters pants off, grabbing Daryl’s erection too.

Daryl panted, his lips moving down to suckle at Rick’s collarbone. “Keep that up an’ we ain’t gonna get very far.” He mumbled against the other mans skin. With a breathy chuckle Rick’s hand went instead to Daryl’s rounded butt, which he grabbed with enough force that Daryl was sure he would have Rick shaped fingerprints bruised into his skin come morning. “Bend ova for me, Rick. Lemme see that gorgeous arse of yours as you spread your legs for me.” Daryl ordered, his voice stern but low in the other mans ear, enticing him. Daryl had discovered not long ago that Rick enjoyed a bit of dirty talk when he was being fucked. Lori had never felt comfortable enough to give it a try, even though Rick knew it would drive him wild. Daryl had only found out that dirty, nasty mutterings in Rick’s ear made him painfully hard when they’d gotten drunk together one night up in the guard tower. Daryl had found a bottle of whiskey when they’d been searching a house a few miles from the prison and he’d brought it back to share with the leader. Excessive drinking and the husky voice Rick gained when drunk had led to the pair of them fucking on the guard tower floor, and once the liquor started flowing the Dixon potty-mouth had come out to play with surprising results.

Obeying his younger counterpart, Rick let go of all contact with the other man, whimpering lowly as Daryl let go of his cock, letting it spring up and slap him in the belly. Turning on the spot Rick’s hands grasped onto the ceramic sink and he did as he was told, bending over to present himself to the dark-haired man behind him, spreading his legs wide. Slick was hard to find and was used for so many varying purposes these days that when it was found it was virtually impossible to keep it a secret. Rick and Daryl made do instead, spitting on their palms and fingers, working one another open properly to try and minimise the pain. This evening though there would be little prep work. Rick had been tormenting Daryl at dinner, sucking on his fingers like they were damn popsicles, that smug smile on his lips as he noticed Daryl shuffling in his seat, hand going to his crotch to subtly rearrange his quickly hardening cock. Rick had been asking for it and now he was about to get it.

Spitting onto his palm Daryl wrapped his hand around his cock, slicking himself up before he spat on his hand once again, this time pressing his fingers against the deputy’s hole. He was met with little resistance as Rick surrendered to him, moaning low in his throat as Daryl slipped two fingers into him, scissoring them. “Please, Daryl.” Rick begged from beneath him, unable to take any more. He wanted his hunter inside of him, now.

Feeling proud that the deputy had begged, Daryl removed his fingers, lining up his throbbing cock. With one fluid thrust he buried himself in the leader, Rick’s hands scrabbling at the sinks smooth surface as he groaned in a delicious mixture of both pleasure and pain. Daryl set a bruising pace, his hips slamming forward before he would draw all the way out until only the very tip of him was left inside his lover, then the process would start all over again. In. Out. In. Out.

Carl remained hidden outside, tucked around the corner and out of sight. He’d witnessed his dad and Daryl enter the bathroom and though he cringed at the thought of his dad having sex, he held nothing against him for taking to someone new, especially someone like Daryl. Carl enjoyed being around the hunter and found the few stories he was happy to tell utterly entertaining. If anyone in the little group of survivors at the prison were worthy of his dads affection it was Daryl. They’d saved each other’s lives countless times. Carl didn’t enjoy hearing them going at it, given that the wall between him and them wasn’t particularly thick, but he knew that if he were to move right now he would miss the main reason for his earlier antics. Screwdriver secure in his hand he glanced over his shoulder, as he had been doing every 15 seconds to check for any stray walkers. Knowing he had to keep quiet, Carl tiptoed back to the bathroom doors and, with silence that he’d only gained thanks to the end of the world, he took off the signs, switching them back again.

Low whistling rattled through the corridor just as Carl put the last screw back in place and he moved swiftly to hide around the corner as Maggie came into view.  He knew she would come to the bathroom soon. An hour after dinner she always went to the bathroom, like clockwork. Lost in her own little tune she glanced to the ‘ladies’ door sign before she gave it a shove, taking a step inside.

Daryl continued to pound into Rick, enjoying the grunts from the older man, the way his fingers scrabbled at the ceramic sinks around them. Wrapping one hand in Rick’s thick mane, Daryl pulled him upright, forcing him to arch his back. Reaching around he placed his free hand on Rick’s cock, giving it a firm squeeze before he started to pump in time with his thrusts. A strangled cry left Rick’s parted lips as the new angle afforded Daryl the opportunity to hit Rick’s prostate on every thrust. “Daryl. Fuck.” Rick whimpered, feeling himself teetering on that golden ledge. With a few more well timed pumps of both Daryl’s hand and his hips, Rick was thrown into his orgasm, the clenching of his muscles pulling Daryl’s release from him, eliciting a roar from the younger man and a deep, reverberating groan from the deputy.

Maggie screamed in shock as soon as she set foot in the door, just in time to see both Rick and Daryl lost in the middle of their orgasms. Her scream abruptly ended as she clapped a hand over her mouth, both sets of wide-eyes turning to look at the source of the scream that had interrupted their orgasms. Daryl sprang back from Rick, hands going to cover himself, forgetting that he’d been balls-deep in the man right in the middle of cuming. “Shit. Fuck. I’m sorry!” Maggie babbled as she moved to cover her eyes, not wanting to see the two men so exposed. Whimpering, she made a hasty escape from the bathroom. Rick and Daryl were perfectly fine with letting the others see their soft, affectionate touches, even the occasional chaste kiss, but they tried not to expose the rest of the group to their fucking, especially not with children around.

Carl’s hands locked over his mouth as Maggie fled the bathroom, running back to the cellblock to hide in utter mortification. Try as he might he couldn’t stop himself from laughing, and even with his hands over his mouth he knew he was still being loud. That would teach his dad for walking in on him and interrupting him when he’d been about to have his first ever kiss with Beth! It didn’t matter that she was 4 years older than him. She was pretty and kind, and she looked out for him and Judith. He was looking forward to giving her a small, shy kiss, but his dad had walked in and ruined his plans just as he was about to lean in and close the gap between them. Carl could hear his dad and Daryl swearing up a storm inside the bathroom, and could hear the sound of them hastily getting dressed, along with the running of one of the taps. Deciding now was the time to quickly return to the cellblock and pretend he’d been outside in the yard; Carl made a run for it. He nearly made it around the corner at the other end of the hallway before his dads voice bounced off of the walls, loud and imposing. It was his deputy voice. “CARL.”

Wincing, Carl turned quickly to face his dad and Daryl, hiding the screwdriver behind him, tucking it into the back pocket of his jeans. An innocent smile danced on his lips as he tipped his head sideways, like a curious puppy. “Yes dad?” A deep blush was colouring Rick’s face as he moved towards his son, flowing down his throat and disappearing down his shirt. Only Daryl knew how far down that beautiful blush went.

“What are you doing down here, son?” Rick asked, taking a few steps closer to his boy. Daryl was lingering behind him, watching father and son interact. With one eyebrow quirked Daryl focused on Carl’s body language. Both men had redressed and cleaned up after Maggie had interrupted them, but not before hearing the young boy laugh.

“The main toilets weren’t working, so I came down here to use these ones, but I just heard Maggie scream so I was heading back to see if she was okay.” Carl lied, shrugging his shoulders.

“That right Pinocchio?” Daryl piped up, challenging the young Grimes. Daryl glanced to the bathroom signs, noting that they’d changed since he and Rick had entered the bathroom.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Carl shuffled towards the wall and Daryl knew he had him. Each member of their group had a tell, and the young boys involved shuffling to the nearest wall so that he could press himself against it, a subconscious gesture that he wanted to get away, to disappear.

“How did you know it was Maggie, Carl?” Rick questioned further, using his training from the force to interrogate his son. He had no doubt that his boy had something to do with Maggie interrupting his tryst with the hunter. Carl had always fought a little dirty, and Lori had always insisted that trait was from Rick, even though the man worked in law enforcement and always played by the rules.

“Everyone screams differently. I gotta go and make sure she’s okay!” Carl turned on his heels, walking away at a quickened pace. He needed to get away from his dad and Daryl right now, or else he would end up laughing again and give it away. His dads’ shoes were still untied and Daryl had buttoned his shirt wrong, a testament to how quickly they’d dressed. Carl hated lying to his dad, but this was worthy of his lies.

“Hey Carl!” Daryl called out, making the younger Grimes sigh, turning on the spot to look at the hunter. He wanted to get back to the cell block and see how Maggie was. He also wanted to be there to witness his dad and Daryl returning, if only to see how Maggie interacted with them now. “Ya might wanna hide the screwdriver betta next time, or at least be a bit quieter, ya lil’ shit.” Daryl exposed the boys’ involvement in the embarrassing bathroom episode, Carl’s eyes widening.



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