Ethereal Redemption Chapter 70

A/N Turns out this is the last chapter I have that’s already been written, and it was simply in need of some tweaking and cleaning up. This means I’ll have to start writing again! Gonna dedicate an hour or so every night to the next chapter, and hopefully I’ll have it up soon!

I used the English coronation system for Ata and Godric, and Pam and Ari. I’m gonna use the old Swedish system for Eric and Sookie though 😉


There’s a place that I go that nobody knows, where the rivers flow, and I call it home
And there’s no more lies and the darkness is light, and nobody cries, there are only butterflies
Take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape
Take me away; take me away, to better days
Take me away, a hiding place
The sun is on my side take me for a ride
I smile up to the sky; I know I’ll be alright
~ Pocketful of Sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield

The sunlight doesn’t stop me any longer; it doesn’t pull me into day-rest, forcing me away from my wife. My wife. When Ata and I had first ventured into our new home together, after I’d swept her up off her feet and carried her across the threshold, we’d spent a few minutes gapping at the mountains of wedding presents in the living room. We’d spent several minutes after that looking around our home together, enjoying all of the little personal touches our sons had put in the place for us. The final stop on our tour had been our bedroom, and the moment the door was closed we were on each other.

My wife was now sprawled across me, her head on my silent chest, an arm wrapped around me. She was lost in slumber, steady warm breaths fanning over my chest. We’d spent the remainder of the night and well into the morning sating ourselves with the pleasure of each other’s bodies. My wife, with her 2/3 human sides, needed her rest, while I did not. I’d slept for a few hours beside my wife though, just to feel the effects of restfulness.

Turning my head I gazed out of the window of our little home, watching the birds building their nests in the trees, the clouds moving across the sky. The fingers on my left hand found my Ata’s golden tresses, and I caressed them softly. The fingers on my right hand found the wooden pendant around my neck, rubbing over the smooth, carved surface. It was the only item of clothing I had on besides my wedding ring, and the bands around Ata’s fingers were the only things she wore. Making love to my wife while she wore only the bands I had bought her had stirred such primal urges in me.

Round Wooden Pendant

Belle Engagement and Wedding Rings
With a sound much like that of a kitten mewing, the bond with my love flourished back into life as she woke slowly, stretching her lithe body. Bright blue eyes found mine, bathed in the mid-morning light. With her messy, golden locks and carefree smile, she reminded me so much of her younger self, back when we’d been together in Egypt. “Good morning, my love.” I spoke softly, sweeping her hair from her face. “Did you rest well?” I asked, though I already knew the answer to my question. I’d felt how deep her sleep had been through our bond, and could feel her ease and comfort right now.

“Better than well, I feel great.” My Ata nuzzled my chest, sinking into my embrace for a moment. “Did you sleep too?”

Nodding, though I knew my wife couldn’t see the action, I replied. “ Yes, but only for a few hours. I don’t need as much sleep these days.”

A smile wove its way onto my loves lips. “I’m just glad you don’t get the bleeds. No matter how beautiful you are, everyone looks ugly when they’re bleeding.” My wife chuckled, and I couldn’t help but smile at the sound of it.

“We have a mountain of presents to open from our guests.” I reminded her after we’d spent a few moments in silence, simply enjoying each other’s company. Giving my chest a gentle pat, Ata slipped out of bed, stretching upwards to wake her sleepy muscles. I was treated to the view of her naked, curvaceous and stretched out, with her pert rear tempting me. Leaning over I swatted her bottom playfully, not putting much force into the action. Only on occasion had I mixed some pain with pleasure in the past, and that had been with whores that Eric and I had fed from. Pain only factored in when they were willing, and voiced that they were okay with it. Pain would never enter into my relationship with Ata though. I wouldn’t be able to stomach it, even if it did lead to pleasure for her. Playful bottom swipes were something I could see both of us enjoying though.

Ata Laughing
My wife giggled as my hand connected with her butt and she squealed happily before she darted to the chest of drawers where new clothes for her were stored. Our sons had outdone themselves with our home, but our bedroom was my favourite room in our home by far. The floors were wooden and the windows were framed with translucent curtains, thicker drapes framing the windows for the days when we wanted to blot out the sunshine. A floral rug, that looked vintage, was spread in the middle of the room and the end of our bed lay partly on it. Our sons had picked out a sledge bed for us, made of the same wood as my pendant, from my home in modern Belgium. It sat against the back wall of our bedroom, right in the middle. Along the right wall of our bedroom sat a huge wooden dresser, made of the same wood as the bed, and it was composed of 12 different sized drawers. Our sons, who’d packed the drawers with brand new clothes and underwear for us, had given Ata and I half each. There was another set of drawers in the room, once again made from the same wood, but this one was tall and narrow, set back in the alcove in the right hand corner of the room. It was compromised of 11 drawers, split between us with the bottom one housing Ata’s nightgowns, just in case she felt cold one night. On top of the drawers sat a few beautiful boxes, printed with vintage scenes of Paris and Milan. Photographs of our family were dotted around the room, with one of Ata and I standing on the bedside on Ata’s side of the bed. I had another photo of us on my side. The walls were a light cream colour and the ceiling white. It was simple, cozy, and completely us.

Ata and Godric's Bedroom
Ata pulled on a silk nightgown, forgoing underwear. “Come on! Your wife is hungry and wants to open her wedding presents!” A pillow landed on my face and I let out a mock groan of pain. Toying with my wife, I remained motionless, pretending like her pillow-smack had knocked me out. I even managed to calm our bond down enough so she wouldn’t become suspicious.

Her mischief through our bond alerted me that something was up, and I heard her pad out of the room and down the stairs, the steps creaking a little underfoot. It wasn’t until I heard, and felt, that she was in the dining room that she called out. “Oh would you look at that! The dining table is just the right height for me to bend over and polish it! I can even reach the other side when I stretch over!”

Pillow long forgotten, I vamped from the room and down the stairs, stumbling over the last step in my haste.

Wife. Table. Bent over.

You’re so fine and you’re mine, make me strong, yeah you make me bold
Oh your love thawed out, yeah
Your love thawed out what was scared and cold
Like a virgin, touched for the very first time
Like a virgin, when your heart beats next to mine
You’re so fine and you’re mine, I’ll be yours ’till the end of time
‘Cause you made me feel, yeah, you made me feel like I’ve nothing to hide
~ Like a Virgin, Madonna

Ata’s wedding was beautiful, and Eric’s speech had been the highlight of my evening. He was so good at everything, but I found it hard to be angry with that. He was mine after all. When the party died down I stifled a yawn, but my vampire, forever a gentleman, swept me up off my feet and carried me all the way back to our room.

Eric placed me down on the bed and I fell backwards, letting myself sink into the soft sheets. Bending down, my bonded started to unfasten my shoes. “In a few days you’ll be my wife.” The smugness in Eric’s tone was undeniable, but I simply rolled my eyes at him with a smile. There was no way to batter down his ego, or his highhandedness, and in all honesty I didn’t want to. It was part of him, part of what made me love him.

“And you’ll be my husband.” I threw the claim back at him, not afraid to give what I got anymore. As my shoes clattered to the floor, Eric lifted his head, electric blue eyes finding mine.

“That I will be.” My bonded grinned before he used his vamp speed to clamber over me, effectively pinning me to the bed. His grin softened his features so much, made him look so boyish and cute. Eric would have a conniption if he heard me call him cute.

A sly grin crossed his lips. “I did hear you.” He whispered, his lips coming down on mine. Stupid new shared telepathy. My bonded chuckled at my internal pouting, peeling his lips from my own for a moment. “You are beautiful, my lover.” Eric’s fingers moved to play with the fabric of my bridesmaid gown. I blushed at his compliment. No matter how many times he complimented me I still felt a little embarrassed. The only person to have sincerely complimented me in my life, before Eric, had been Gran.

Grans Headstone
There was no protest from me as Eric moved the straps of my dress down, wiggling the fabric aside to free my bra-clad breasts. In a flourish he had my dress off completely, using his vampire speed to have it draped over the back of the nearby dressing chair, his body back over mine before I even had time to blink. “Hmmm, I approve.” My vampire purred, taking in my white lingerie. Although it was not my wedding, Ata had insisted that I wear pretty underwear beneath my dress. I had to admit that wearing the lacy panties and bra I currently had on, especially with the way Eric’s eyes were devouring my body, made me feel sexy.

Eric’s lips descended on mine once more. My hands grasped at the button of his slacks, which I deftly opened. Carefully I undid his zipper, knowing my vampire often went commando. He didn’t disappoint. Kicking off his shoes, Eric shimmied out of his slacks, throwing them over the side of the bed. His hands were all over my body, and though they were cool to the touch, the path they wandered left me feeling like I was on fire. Hands grasping at Eric’s lapels, I removed his jacket, unbuttoning his shirt before that too went over the side of the bed. My Viking was now naked above me. His hands dipped into my bra, pushing the fabric aside, his lips capturing one dusky, rose nub.

Eric Over Sookie

My back arched of its own accord, my hands tangling in my vampire’s golden mane. His tongue laved over my nipples. He licked, suckled and even gently bit down on my tender flesh, but he always soothed his bites with the brush of his tongue. We’d become more adventurous in our sex life recently – well, I’d become more adventurous. My vampire had tried pretty much everything in his 1000 years, and was using that experience and knowledge whenever we became intimate. Bill had been very ‘vanilla’ with our sex life. Eric was everything but vanilla.

Eric’s arms wrapped around me and he turned us quickly, removing my panties and bra in the process, as only a man with 1000 years experience could. At first I had been intimidated by his experience, but his confidence whenever we had sex rubbed off onto me, and I felt perfectly free to just let myself go in his presence. Eric was sat cross-legged, one of his arms reaching behind him to support him, the other was wrapped around me, his hand grabbing onto my exposed ass. I was resting over Eric on my knees, one leg either side of him. Eric’s lust was feeding my own, and already I knew I would be able to accept him easily. It helped that all it took for my Viking to become aroused was the sight of me naked. In a slow motion I lowered myself down onto him, my arms wrapped around his neck, bringing his head close to my chest. The position allowed me to drop kisses to his forehead, and his closed eyes, while letting him continue to lick and kiss my breasts. The position let me determine the speed and depth of Eric’s penetration, and while I loved having this sort of control, I knew I was only granted it because Eric loved me and trusted me. Vampires were not known to give up any control.

Lifting myself up, I sat back down on Eric’s member, eliciting a low growl from my bonded. There was no way I would be able to keep up with Eric’s vampire speed, but I gave as good as I got when my vampire moved his hips, thrusting them upwards. Rising and falling, I kept up with Eric, scattering kisses all over any part of him I could reach, my hands lost in his golden hair. His lips, tongue and teeth never left my skin, his ability to go without breathing coming in useful. He nipped, suckled, laved and kissed my skin, scattering his affection over my collarbones, my throat and my breasts. The delicious coil started to build up inside of me and I rocked against Eric with abandon, throwing my head back. I couldn’t stop myself from panting, muttering Eric’s name like a prayer as he focused his attention on my throat. It was with a click that I heard his fangs drop, and seconds later they were buried in my offered throat. The pleasure from his fangs sinking into my skin, like a knife through warm butter, and the firm, strong thrust of his hips, sent me caterwauling over the edge with little warning. The old Sookie would have been mortified to be making such sounds, especially in someone else’s home, but the new Sookie, the one more in-tune with her faery side, just didn’t give a damn. I was enjoying my vampire, as he was enjoying me. That was all that mattered.

I came down from my high as Eric removed his fangs from my neck, licking and sealing the puncture marks, never breaking pace. With grace that only 1000 years of experience could grant someone he flipped us, moving us down the bed, remaining deep inside of me. I felt the edge of the bed as Eric slid off, standing to his full, glorious height. He pulled me down flush, lifting my legs to place them over his shoulders, his large hands grasping at my butt. My hands sought out the sheets, clutching at the crumpled fabric. With a minor adjustment Eric found the exact spot I knew he was after, and my screams only confirmed it. One of his hands left my butt and came to rest upon my lower belly, his large hand hiding my light dusting of blonde hair from sight. The angle he held his hand at allowed for his thumb to rub against my clit, hard and fast. The extra pressure on both areas added to the stimulus of his member hitting my sensitive little spot over and over again. With a scream that Ginger would have been proud of, I fell over the edge once more, the coil inside of me snapping.

Through our bond I could feel Eric approaching his own release, though he was staving it off to try and give me more pleasure. It touched me how much of a considerate lover he was. The tendons in his neck were strained, his beautiful face contorted with pleasure, his golden mane ruffled and tangled while the fingernails on his hand on my butt were digging in, creating the most delicious pain. Though lost in my own pleasure, I took a moment to really look at my vampire, my Viking, my Eric. He was without his mask, his façade, right here with me. It would have been so easy for me to think of him as amnesia Eric, because in this moment he reminded me so much of him. This was the real Eric though, with all of his memories and experiences. I may have loved amnesia Eric, but I was in love with Eric as a whole. He was right though. Amnesia Eric was still there, but only I ever got to see him. He was both the soft, cuddly, romantic man and the fierce, protective, vampire Viking God.

My musings were stolen from me as Eric parted my legs wide, his hands moving to grip my calves and keep them apart. With a rough shove Eric ended up deeper inside of me than I thought possible. I’d taken all of him inside of me; something that I’d managed to garner from the fangbangers he’d been with in the past was no easy feat. I was a little smug about that. Of course the deeper angle threw me over the edge once more, and with a roar that even the fiercest of lions would never be able to match, my Eric let himself climax, emptying himself into me. His chest heaved with unnecessary breath as he fell forward, his hands resting either side of my head to stop him from crushing me. I welcomed his weight though, the way his forehead came down to mine, how his eyes closed as he inhaled deeply. His cool body soothed my warm one, and his tepid release snuffed out the burning inside my womb.

“Jag älskar dig.” (I love you) My vampire murmured, dropping kisses all over my face. I giggled like a school girl as his lips ghosted over my face.

“Jag älskar dig och jag kommer alltid att.” (I love you and I always will) I breathed once my giggles had subsided. The warm, almost mushy feelings from my bond with Eric made me smile. His eyelids slid back, revealing the beautiful blue eyes that had ensnared me the moment I had first looked in them. My bonded’s smile was beautiful, boyish and carefree. Cradling his face in my hands, I scattered kisses across his cheeks and his lips.

Eric's Eye Roll
“It is going to take some getting used to, hearing you speak my language.” Eric dropped his contractions as he spoke, and I smiled at that simple fact. When he was overtaken with strong emotions such as anger, lust, or love, my vampire forgot he had the ability to shorten his words.

“Well get use to it, oh mighty vampire King.” I teased, popping Eric on the shoulder gently. With a growl that turned me on more than frightened me, Eric had my hands pinned above my head, his comforting weight holding me in place.

“Careful faery princess, or I may have to cuff you to this bed.” Eric’s tone was low, seductive.

Deciding faery Sookie and her sauciness was due a long-awaited return; I batted my eyelashes coyly at my vampire. “Oh you can tie me up alright, my fierce warrior, but only if you promise to tear my clothes off of my body, pull my hair, bite my neck and fuck me hard.” I stroked Eric’s ego a little with my warrior comment, enjoying the way his pupils darkened.

Shock and surprise surged through our bond as Eric’s eyes widened. Quickly they were replaced with hunger and lust though, and his devilishly handsome smirk crossed his perfectly pouty lips. “Well, that was saucy.” He dropped his tone, purring his words as he nuzzled against my ear, his cool breath fanning over my heated skin.

“Oh I got skills you can’t even dream of, cowboy.” I plucked a phrase from one of Eric’s night dream memories. I felt a little odd rummaging through his thoughts, but we were bonded, we were fated, destined, whatever you wanted to call it. I had free access to Eric’s thoughts and memories, and he had free access to mine. Not that I had many in comparison.

The surprise from Eric was amusing, the way his eyes widened a little and his lips parted slightly, but then I felt his amusement and his understanding that I’d stolen that little line from his head. “I used to think you had no sense of humour.” My Viking let go of my hands, moving one of his large ones to prop himself up by my side, still half over me, his semi-erect member slipping out of me. His other hand moved to my throat, tracing down, over my collarbone. I got a flash of déjà vu. My Viking wanted to play this game?

“I used to think you were made of cold, hard stone, and empty inside.” I flexed my hips just a little, pressing against his already rapidly hardening length, putting emphasis on ‘hard.’

“And now?” Eric dutifully played along. I could feel him pulling the memory of my first blood induced dream from me, trying to watch it before I remembered it all so that he would know his lines right away. The hand that had been tracing over my throat and collarbones now trailed over my exposed shoulder.

“You’re a big faker.” I grinned, giving his chest a light prod. “You’re deep, you feel. There’s love in you.” I could see the corner of Eric’s lips quirking upwards.

Eric and Sookie
Dropping the tone of his voice, my bonded purred his response. “Only for Sookie.” Eric’s lips crashed onto mine and quickly he sat up, crossing his legs and pulling me onto his lap. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I sat in the little nook he’d created for me, my butt fitting just right. Lifting me slightly, my vampire slid inside of me, bringing me down until he was buried to the hilt. The moan that slipped through my lips was mirrored with his own sounds of appreciation. Eric’s lips found mine again, demanding entry with the swipe of his tongue across my lower lip. I gave it to him, just like I would give him anything else he wanted. I was powerless to say no to this man, my man, and I knew he was powerless to say no to me too. His large hands, strong and slightly callused from wielding swords in his human days, gripped my hips. Together we found a rhythm that suited us both, and his hands began to wander, touching any and all of my exposed skin that he could reach.

“Min Sookie.” Eric spoke reverently, his lips leaving mine to trail blazing kisses down my throat and across my collarbones, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the pleasure.

Eric and Sookie
“Min Eiríkr.” I stole the Old Norse version of Eric’s name, the snick of his fangs descending and his guttural growl showed his approval.

“Say it again.” He rasped, his hands returning to my hips, helping me rise and fall upon him at a slightly quicker pace. Shifting slightly, Eric’s hips moved, and the new angle caused me to cry out with pleasure, that tightening sensation in my lower stomach already established.

“Min Eiríkr.” I repeated breathlessly, rising and falling faster, throwing my head back with an unladylike grunt. I could feel Eric fighting off his release, trying to keep us going longer. I was nearing completion though, and Eric’s hand snaking around to rub furiously over my hypersensitive nub did nothing to quell my impending release.

“Once more.” He demanded, laving kisses over my breasts, which were the perfect height for him to attend to.

Coherent sentences were something I was struggling with. My release was so close, and I so desperately wanted to topple over the edge. “Min Eiríkr.” I gasped out just as Eric gave my little nub one final, firm swipe. Screaming out his name, in English this time, I found my release, my whole body shaking with the strength of it. I had no time to compose myself before Eric found his moment too, creating a sound somewhere between a howl and a roar. His fangs sank deep into my left breast, his tongue able to lave over my nipple as he sucked from the wounds he created while he gave his hips several more thrusts, emptying himself inside of me. I was caught off guard by another release, seconds later, brought on by the feel of him feeding and the intense pleasure that crashed through our bond from him.

Although I was tired, and in desperate need of a shower to rid myself of the sweat covering my body, I cradled Eric’s head, keeping him closer to my breast, allowing him to feed as much as he wanted to. I didn’t have to worry about losing a little too much blood anymore – Eric would always give me his blood to replace it now our third bond was in place.

My vampire fed for another minute or so, his pulls slow and lazy, a deep purring sound reverberating from his chest. I took the time to run my fingers lightly through his hair and down his shoulders, reflecting on how much my life had changed in the past few years.

I could see now that my life in Bon Temps, surrounded by the small-minded people who only thought cruel things of me, was not something I wanted. I didn’t want to live in Gran’s house again, at least not permanently. I would love that house forever, and I would keep it for just as long, but it was a reminder of the person I used to be – the shy, naïve little girl who fell for pretty words and tried to please everyone, when no one tried to please her.

Sookie Merlotte's Uniform
Eric removed his fangs from my breast, licking the wounds shut before he pricked his tongue on his fangs, rubbing some blood over the area to stop any scars. “You’re thinking hard, lover.” He commented, pulling back to look up at me. His skin now held a healthy pink tint to it, and I smiled at how happy he looked. It reminded me of the time Arlene had gone on holiday to Texas and had tanned. She’d looked so healthy upon her return, like she was glowing. Of course all vampires held a slight glow to them that other supernaturals could see, but Eric’s glow was deeper than that.

“I don’t want to live in Bon Temps anymore. I don’t want to live in Gran’s house anymore. I think I might rent it out to someone with a large family. They can make some memories of their own there.” I decided aloud, feeling confident in my choice. Eric and I hadn’t spoken about living together, and I didn’t assume we would. I would rent my own flat if needs be.

“You could live with me?” Eric offered, moving us so we were snuggled down under the duvet, his soft member slipping out of me as we changed position. “I would enjoy waking to you all the time, smelling you on our sheets, washing our clothes together.” He slung an arm over my waist, pulling me flush against him. Snuggling into his chest, I took a moment to smell him. It was an oddly vampiric thing for me to be doing, but there was no denying he carried a scent.

“Like the ocean in winter.” I mumbled into his chest, only seeing now how right his night dream had been. Eric chuckled at my comment, running his fingers through my slightly sweaty, matted hair. “I wouldn’t want to invade your space.” I liked his offer, I loved it in fact, but I had no doubt Eric had lived alone for so long that it would be difficult for him to live with anyone.

“I want you in my space.” He whispered, dropping a kiss to the top of my head.

Smiling against his broad chest, I dropped a kiss to his skin, right where his heart lay. “Then it’s settled. When we get back to Louisiana I’ll move in with you, wherever you want to live.”

Eric let out a sigh, a very human like gesture. It seemed we were starting to trade characteristics. “Our main residence will unfortunately have to be a large home, one that can accommodate guests. Think Russell’s mansion, but less tacky, a little smaller and with fewer men.” My bonded growled his disapproval of having men around.

Feeling cheeky, I let my teeth sink into my lower lip before I pouted against his chest. “Oh, but I thought I could have a pool boy or maybe even a personal trainer to keep me company in the day.” I whined, channeling my best Housewives of Orange County voice. Gran and I had stayed up to watch the program each week, if only to see how the other half lived. They all seemed to date and marry younger men…I didn’t quite follow that example!

Pool Boy
Eric’s armed tightened around me, and a little growl slipped from between his lips. He’d gotten over the need to roar ‘Sookie is MINE!’ to everyone, but he was still territorial. I guess it came with the vampirism. “There will be no young men running around our home, unless they are confirmed to be gay. Your friend Lafayette, for example.” He gritted out. Feeling a little bad for pushing him, I craned my neck up and pressed a kiss to the underside of his chin.

“I’m joking. Sheath your broadsword Viking, no one needs to be decapitated.” I teased, giving his sides a playful tickle. I made sure to hit one of the ticklish spots on his side, which I’d accidentally discovered during his time as Amnesia Eric. He guffawed loudly but attacked me with tickles too.

I laughed for a long time, trying to escape Eric’s large hands and his infectious smile as he laughed at my giggles. At the point where I thought I was going to pee myself I grabbed one of the white pillows, waving it above me in surrender. My vampire gave me a moment to tend to my human needs in the bathroom, spread out on his back in the middle of the bed, still laughing.

Returning to our bed, I straddled him, shuffling down until I was flat on top of him. Resting my head against his chest, I wrapped my arms around him as best I could, Eric’s arms coming around me to hold me to him.

“When we get back home, we’ll go house shopping.” He declared, running his fingers up and down my back, drawing little patterns. I knew Eric had money, lots of it in fact, but I was still upset about the fact I could contribute little to the funds for our new home. “What is mine is yours, min kära. You are my bonded, and in a few days you will be my wife. Is it not customary for the husband to provide for his woman?” He answered my worries – stupid blood bond and mental connection.

I took a moment to formulate my answer, not wanting to sound ungrateful or cause an argument. “I just don’t feel like I contribute much to our relationship, Eric. I want to be able to buy a house with you, not you buy it for us.”

Eric laughed quietly, his chest rising and falling rapidly beneath my head. “Oh my sweet Sookie, that is where you are wrong. You have given me your unconditional love, and that is worth much more than any number of houses, or diamonds, or whatever else we may buy together.” I tipped my head back to look up at him, finding his bright blue eyes locked on my face.

“Buying this home for us will make me happy, because we’ll choose it together and decorate it however we like. I want it to feel like home to you, min kära, just like your Grandmother’s house felt like home to you for so many years. If you wish to contribute then we’ll work something out, be it a small percentage of whatever rent you gain from the lease of your Grandmother’s property or any money you earn with your gift should you wish to utilise it in such a manner. Know this though,” his hands came up to cup my face, giving me no option but to gaze into his endless eyes, “money is no problem for me, and it won’t be a problem for you any longer. I know you are independent and want to earn your own money, and that just makes me love you even more, if that’s possible. You deserve a home though, you deserve the very best in life, and I will go to hell and back to make sure you get it.” The sincerity in his voice, the passion and love in his eyes, his conviction that I deserved everything through our bond was enough to have tears welling up in my eyes. “I hate it when you cry, even when they are happy tears.” He gave a small, rueful laugh.

“Were all Vikings as sappy as you?” I teased, earning myself a snap of fangs and a playful growl.

“I am not ‘sappy’, lover. Snappy maybe.” He made a show of snapping his fangs up, and then down one more, before he playfully chomped his teeth together in a biting motion.

“So long as I’m the only one being snapped at.” I nuzzled into Eric’s chest, smiling as I felt his approval through our bond. My eyelids were starting to feel heavy and sleep was trying to claim me. Another clicking sound alerted me to the fact my vampire was no longer flashing fang.

“I’ll be your pool boy if you really want one.” Eric compromised, running his fingers through my hair once more to get rid of the tangles.

“Mhmm. I’d prefer all 6’4 of your Scandinavian yumminess over some Cajun any day.” I muttered. The sound of Eric’s deep, rumbling laughter was the last thing I heard as I fell into slumber.

Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I, we’re like diamonds in the sky
You’re a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy
When you hold me I’m alive, we’re like diamonds in the sky
I knew that we’d become one right away, oh, right away
At first sight I felt the energy of sunrays, I saw the life inside your eyes
~ Diamonds, Rihanna

Tonight is the night. Tonight I’ll be crowned and be a Queen. Tonight I will be pledged to Ari and be his wife for at least 100 years, a bond that no one can sever. Ata and Godric’s wedding slowed down once they’d left to fuck until sunrise, and the guests had all disappeared off to their respective hotel rooms to relax before dawn. I was left with the rest of our nest to clean up the mess left behind. Of course humans could have been hired to clean up, but they were slow and wouldn’t have done such a good job. I always did a good job.

Ari and I had retired for the day together, dying in each other’s arms. It was sappy, like that horrendous romance movie The Notebook that Eric had ordered me to watch twenty times in a row, even in the day so I’d been forced to fight the pull of the sun. It had been my punishment once when I’d overstepped my mark in teasing him about Sookie during her yearlong adventure in Faery. Suffice to say I stopped teasing the shit out of him then. Not that vampires shit anyway.

Day death was a strange experience. One moment we were fine, and the next we were out of it, falling into death as the sun started to make its way through the sky. Waking was pretty much the same. The moment the sun dipped below the horizon our eyes snapped open and we were mobile once again, the last thing we could remember was curling up in our beds for the day. It was instant, and felt like no time had passed at all. It was why the older vampires mostly grew tired of their existence. Everything seemed continuous, monotonous.

It was Ari’s chocolate eyes that I woke to, staring intently at me. I could feel his happiness through our bond, his affection and his anticipation for our coronation and pledging. Seeing as neither of us were human there was no need to be joined in a human wedding ceremony, a pledging was the vampire version of marriage. Ari had spoken to Eric during Ata and Godric’s wedding, what about I had no idea, but I’d felt my Maker’s approval and support. That was all that mattered to me. If Eric was happy, then I was happy. Now, if Ari was happy too, then I was even happier.

“Good evening, my Queen.” Ari teased in his Egyptian lilt, tracing his fingers over my exposed shoulder in a gesture very similar to the way Eric had caressed me when we’d been intimate with one another during my first few years as a vampire.

“My King.” I purred, playing along. Ari took some loose tendrils of my hair, twirling them around his fingers.

“I guess we should get ready. Mother and father should be arriving any moment for us to all celebrate Christmas, and then we must dress for our coronation and pledging.” My soon-to-be husband sighed, clearly disliking the idea of getting out of our comfortable bed just as much as me.

Leaning over, I pressed a firm kiss to Ari’s lips, not needing to worry about bad breath. Only humans suffered from such an atrocious thing. “The sooner we get out of this bed, the sooner we’ll be back in it.” I suggested, trailing a perfectly manicured nail lightly down the center of Ari’s chest, through his smattering of brown chest hair. When I’d first been interested in men, before women had captured my attention for a few decades, I’d always liked manly men – chest hair and deep voices, strong muscles and big hands. Ari ticked every box.

A smile danced across Ari’s lips, one of his hands darting out to catch mine, the other moving to grip my hip gently. “Hm, I like how you think.” He pulled me up on top of him, letting me feel just how much he liked my thought process.

Daring to play with fire, I gave my hips a quick roll, grinding down on my Egyptian before I vamped away from him and into the closet, laughing at his frustration through our bond. He was pouting like a teacup human, bless him.

Clipping my bra on and slipping into the matching panties, I donned my Juicy Couture baby pink velour tracksuit. Eric and I enjoyed dressing down when not at Fangtasia. The humans expected us to wear black leather and every other uncomfortable fabric under the moon. I preferred softer fabric and pastels, and Eric enjoyed his tracksuits and flip-flops. Pulling on the matching pants I added a pair of flat pink, leopard print Jeffery Campbells. Eric had bought my tracksuit for me, not only because he thought the colour was very me, but because there was a crown on the back with the word ‘Glamorous’ printed in gold. My Maker knew me so well.




Returning to the bedroom, I sashayed to the bathroom to sort out my hair and make-up. Ari left our bed, going to the wardrobe to dress himself. With my vampire speed I had my hair perfectly coifed and my make-up flawless in a matter of seconds. Ari was waiting by the bedroom door for me, and together we made our way to the living room. I could feel everyone in our nest present.

“We were wondering when you would join us.” Egor teased from his spot on one of the sofas, a little twinkle in his eyes. If it had been any of my other soon-to-be brothers-in-law I would have sassed them, but seeing Egor regaining a little part of himself after his brother’s demise was too good to ruin. I was turning into an emotional bitch.

“Ari needed tending to.” I decided to aim my barb at my bonded. One of his large hands came down firmly on my butt, and I squealed with shock, whirling around to face my companion. He was wearing a fangy grin, but it was Eric’s booming laughter that had me turning back around to face our nest. Folding my arms over my chest I rested my weight on one leg, cocking an eyebrow at my chortling Maker. “Something funny?”

Eric ceased his laughter, letting his trademark smirk settle onto his lips. He was sat on the opposite sofa to Egor, an arm thrown around Sookie who was settled in his side. Ata and Godric were sharing a sofa with Egor, cuddled up together. Bubba had taken the other spot on the sofa with Eric and Sookie. The rest of our nest had opted to sit on huge, colourful cushions on the floor. Floors weren’t uncomfortable for us vampires, not as they were for humans anyway. We didn’t have to worry about pins and needles or any of the other ailments humans could get from prolonged sitting, such as a bad back. Godric’s mother, along with Julius, Cleopatra and Caesarion were all sat on the barstools in the kitchen. I felt a little bad that we didn’t have anything for them, but we’d had little notice of their impending visits. They seemed content to simply watch us though.

Hunter was perched on Eric’s lap, vibrating with excitement over the fact that it was Christmas evening. I had no doubt the young boy had been up much earlier, but that Sookie had made him wait to open presents. My suspicions were confirmed when he turned to look at her. “Can we open presents now?” He beamed, looking over to the Christmas tree that had appeared during the day. It was decorated with an array of beautiful baubles and tinsel, and topped with a figurine of a fairy, much to my amusement. Sookie and Hunter had been busy. There were plenty of presents under the tree, all wrapped in a variety of colours. Eric and I hadn’t celebrated Christmas together in years. For me it was a human tradition, something I didn’t need nor want to do, but of course it was a bit more important for Eric given his heritage. We gave one another gifts throughout the year, so found Christmas a bit pointless. With our family though, especially the mostly human members, I would make an effort to enjoy the day for them. It didn’t hurt that it meant more presents for me now…

Christmas Tree

“I wanna go first!” Hunter exclaimed, shooting off of Eric’s lap and towards the tree. I could only smile at his enthusiasm as I took a seat on another colourful pillow on the floor. Ari picked up his own pillow, placing it behind mine so he could sit behind and hold me. I would have gagged, if my gag reflex worked, only a few weeks ago at such a sweet gesture.

Hunter scrambled for a present, checking the tags as he went along. “I think we should all get a present each.” Sookie suggested in a motherly tone. We were on a timeline and if we all opened our presents one at a time we’d be late for the coronations.

Ata and Sookie, sharing a nod, both left the sofas and came to kneel before the tree. Together they rummaged through the presents, picking out ones for each of us to open first. “Can I open the long one first, sis?” Jason spoke up from his pillow, gesturing towards a long box shaped item that had been wrapped.

“Course Jase.” Sookie smiled brightly, handing the present over to him. Hunter picked up a medium sized square box. Ata handed me a small box, and gave Ari one of a similar size. The first presents were distributed, and we all sat back down together. I picked up the tag on my gift, noting that it was from Ata and Godric. With Ari’s arms around me he was forced to look over my shoulder at his gift, and I noted too that his present was marked up from them.

Hunter looked around, seeking permission. With a nod from Sookie he was tearing into the paper with abandon. Shaking his head and laughing, Eric started to unwrap the box Ata had handed him – the present from me. Everyone tore into their respective presents, including myself.

When all of my paper was gone I was faced with a box that looked suspiciously like it housed jewelry. Grinning, I popped the lid open. An amethyst and grey diamond pendant necklace was encased in the box, surrounded by plush velvet. The amethyst was huge and prism shaped, the grey diamonds forming spikes around the entire edge of the stone. It hung on a white gold chain and was utterly beautiful, if not a little deadly looking thanks to the spikes.

Pam's Present
“It reminded us of you.” Ata smiled from me on the sofa. Unable to stop myself, not that I wanted to, I offered her a warm smile in response.

“It’s gorgeous, thank you.” I slipped it from the box, passing it over my head so it fell around my neck, the prism resting against my breastbone. Ata was clutching a box in her hand, and I knew she’d yet to open it. With another smile at me she returned to her own present, and I turned my attention to Ari’s.

He too had a black jewelry box, but when he popped the lid he was greeted with silver cufflinks in the shape of a crown. “A show of your status, and a little bit of a weapon should anyone try to grab you.” Godric explained as my bonded grinned up at him and Ata. He would need to wear gloves to put the cufflinks on, but anyone would be a fool to try and touch him while he was wearing them. It was the perfect way for him to carry an extra defense mechanism with him.

Ari's Present
“Thank you, father, mother.” He thanked them both, lifting the box a little higher so I could get a better look at the contents. The cufflinks were beautiful and looked to be hand crafted, the attention to detail incredible.

“SO COOL!” Hunter squealed from his perch near the tree as he revealed an iPad. Eric had informed me on the present he and Sookie were buying Hunter so we could coordinate. My Maker had already loaded the iPad up with the basics, including some educational apps at Sookie’s insistence, in order to further the boys’ poor education. Eric and Sookie, and thus Hunter, would probably travel quite a bit with their new titles, and it would give Hunter something to play with on flights or on car journeys. It helped that he could use it to Skype Sookie and Eric whenever they went somewhere he couldn’t accompany them to, such as the yearly vampire summits.

Grinning like the cat that got the cream, Hunter was up off of his butt, scooting over to Sookie and Eric. Keeping a tight hold of his new piece of tech he embraced Sookie first, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you momma.” He scrambled over to Eric, throwing his little arms around him. Eric wrapped him up in his embrace, holding him to his chest. “Thank you daddy.” He mumbled into Eric’s chest. My Maker released his hold on the boy, who shuffled around so he was sat on his lap facing us all. His little hands went to his iPad and he started to play with it, having a look at all the apps that were on it.

“It’s no problem my son, anything for you.” Eric dropped a kiss to the top of his head, ruffling his bangs a little. Eric cracked open his present from Ari and I. With a gentle tug he had the black case open, and then proceeded to grin happily. “Thank you brother, daughter.” He removed the black Persol Steve McQueen Special Edition 714 Sunglasses Ari and I had bought him. They were a limited run, with only 10,000 ever made. With his new adventures in the sunshine he would need to protect his eyes from any damage. After 1000 years of darkness they would be more susceptible to the light. It also hid the red under his eyes from his vampiric state, and they were fucking badass. In a fluid motion he slipped them over his eyes, offering a lopsided grin. Hunter turned around, looking up at his father. Lifting his iPad he snapped a photo and Eric indulged him, even though he wasn’t too keen on having his photo taken. We’d had to confiscate or crush so many phones at Fangtasia because of his aversion to photographs.

Eric's Present

Turning my attention to Ata, I watched as she produced a black jewellery box too. Lifting the lid, her little gasp captured the attention of everyone in the room. From inside she produced a pair of Harry Winston white gold and diamond earrings, the ones that matched her engagement ring and necklace. “You’ve spoilt me rotten.” Ata turned to Godric, capturing his lips for a tender kiss before she swept her hair back, slipping the dangling earrings through her piercings. She was already wearing her engagement ring and the matching necklace. Now she had the full set.

Ata's Earrings

“You deserve everything.” Godric dropped a kiss to her temple, holding him to her. “I was going to save them for our honeymoon, but I couldn’t wait.” He chuckled.

Sookie opened her presents from Eric and Hunter, one of which was an envelope. I knew what was in it as Eric had asked me to contact Desmond Cataliades the demon lawyer, and organise everything. Sookie produced the piece of paper from inside, smiling at the deed to her Grandmothers home. I never understood the sentiment behind a house, but it was important to Sookie and therefore important to all those in our family. “Thank you Eric. This house has been in my family since the 1800’s. One of my great-great granddaddy’s, Jonas Stackhouse, built it himself.” She explained, earning a nod of pride from Ena. I had no doubt Mrs. Nervii had built her own home with her husband too, back when she had been a young woman.

Sookie opened the little box that had been somewhat badly wrapped. It stood to reason that Hunter had wrapped it, which I found endearing rather than nauseating, as I would have done not so long ago. Removing the lid on the golden box inside, Sookie plucked out a car key from inside. “What did you do?” She asked quietly, eyes-wide as she looked to Hunter and Eric, who were both sported identical boyish grins.

“Your little 1980 Honda Civic is on its last legs, momma.” Hunter pointed out, obviously having been told what to say by Eric, who ruffled his hair in approval. “Daddy and I got you an armoured, bulletproof Range Rover Supercharged. Daddy says you end up in a lot of trouble all the time and that you need it to keep the bad men away, and a mangy mutt called Alcide?” Hunter turned to look at Eric to see if he’d gotten his rehearsed words right. I couldn’t stop myself from bursting into a fit of laughter at the expression on Sookie’s face – she was torn between being angry at Eric’s highhandedness and mortified at how Eric was already influencing Hunter. Eric’s booming laughter mixed with mine and he grinned at Sookie, who was sporting a serious pout.

Sookie's Present

Eric sobered quickly though. “I couldn’t stand it if something happened to you or Hunter. At least this way you’ll both be that little bit safer if you go out without me.” He explained, appealing to Sookie’s practical side. She pouted for a moment longer before she smiled, warm and grateful.

“Thank you Eric, Hunter.” She lent over, giving Hunter a kiss on his nose before she planted a kiss to Eric’s lips, being careful to keep it chaste due to present company. I had no doubt Eric would ask her to show him just how thankful she was later on, behind a closed door.

Godric opened his present next; it was rather large and bulky. A light frown crossed his face as he tried to work it out while he was unwrapping it. When the paper fell away though his jaw dropped a little. Sketched and painted, framed in a beautiful golden frame, was an image of a village. The huts were built high, clad in yellow mud with straw roofs. Trees surrounded the village and there seemed to be an animal pen of sort’s fairy central to the village. In the bottom left hand corner of the painting was a small message – ‘For my husband. There’s no place quite like home. With millenniums of love, A xx’

Godric's Present
“You drew this?” Godric asked shakily, taking in the painting once more. It clicked in my mind then that this was his village, his home. Ata stole a glance to Ena, who smiled at her before she turned her attention to her son.

“Ata paid a visit to a Amelia, and I was able to converse with her through the young lady. She asked me what to get you. I recommended that she make something herself. The next day she returned and asked me to show her our village.” Ena explained, tapping her head to clarify what she meant by being shown, even though we all knew of Ata, Hunter, and Sookie’s abilities.

My GrandSire was quick to stand before Ata, pulling her up to press a passionate kiss to her lips. I could see their kiss becoming a little more fevered and, knowing we were on a timeline and they had an audience, I cleared my throat to break them apart. It worked, and they parted, sharing a private smile.

We opened all of our other presents, enjoying one another’s company and laughing, smiling and thanking one another over our gifts. Jason’s long present had been a new hunting rifle from Eric and Sookie. Hunter received a huge accessory kit for his iPad from Ari and I, while Ata and Godric bought him $150 Apple voucher with the provision that Eric and Sookie promised to monitor his app and music purchases. Egor had loved the travel bag I’d bought him for his upcoming adventures around the world. I’d even received a hug from the other Viking vampire, earning a light-hearted growl from Ari. The boys had ended up wrestling one another playfully on the floor. Men, regardless of whether they were 2000, 1000 or 10, were still children at heart. I’d rolled my eyes and smiled at their antics, as had most of our nest.

Riei received numerous beauty related items, for his fashion-savvy and appearance-conscious self. Oeri was treated to two full vials of Ata’s unsuppressed blood – a thank you for every time he had given her his own blood to heal her. Khai received a new tailored suit and we all coordinated to get him things to go with it, ready for his role as King of Mississippi. We each received a variety of gifts from one another, and I think I laughed and smiled more in the hour we spent sat together than I had in my 100 years as a vampire. Godric had even gone out to buy a few gifts for Julius, Cleopatra, and Caesarion, ensuring they weren’t left out. It was a testament to how well suited they were that Ata had planned ahead and bought a present for Ena. No one was left out.

The clock on the mantle struck 10pm and with our coronations starting at midnight we all parted ways to prepare. Ari took my hand, leading me back to our bedroom. “I know you’re going to be given items to wear during the ceremony, but I wanted to treat you.” He explained, leading me into our walk-in wardrobe. Although we vampires had perfect night vision, he flicked the light on for dramatics anyway. The whole space was lit up, and in the middle of the room, on a satin hanger, was the prettiest gown I had ever seen. Growing up in Victorian England had meant an awful lot of gowns, but none were as beautiful as the one Ari had bought me for our coronation.

The dress was multiple shades of purple, composed of multiple layers and fabrics. There was tulle and silk, satin and lace. The bottom of the dress, from my hips downwards, was made of layers of tulle over a satin slip, and the bottom of the dress just brushed the floor. The bodice was made of dark purple silk and lace, which looked like liquid, and it was adorned with hundreds of beautiful gems, which were scattered across the tulle of the dress in little patches and swirls. The silk of the bodice was long on one side though, flowing down and over the tulle in ripples of fabric. The dress was strapless and fitted, and I had no doubts that my Egyptian had bought the perfect size. Beside the dress, on the floor, sat a gorgeous pair of light purple, peep-toe Louboutin heels. “You spoil me so much. Thank you.” I leaned over, pressing my lips to Ari’s. He readily accepted my kiss, but I was forced to break it before we got too carried away, much to our mutual disappointment.

Pam's Dress

Pam's Shoes

I took my time doing my hair and make-up, going at a humans pace to savour every second. I curled my hair into loose curls before I spritzed them with hairspray and then I gently brushed them out a little, creating a wavy effect, to match the ripples of my dress. I kept my make-up light, opting for a simple powder, blusher, lipstick and then mascara combo. Once my make-up was complete, I slipped on a pair of neutral panties and the matching bra. Grabbing my dress, I removed it from the hanger, sliding it over my head. It fitted like a glove. Gliding my matching heels on, I fluffed my hair a little, pouting in the mirror before I decided I was perfect enough for my audience.

Leaving the confines of the wardrobe, I was greeted with the sight of Ari, already dressed in his suit, his tie the exact same shade of purple as my dress. “We match.” I pointed out the obvious, gesturing to my bonded’s tie.

“That was intentional.” He offered me a smug smile before he held out the crook of his arm. “Shall we?”

Nodding, I linked his arm. I’d never attended a vampire coronation before, but I’d seen videos of Queen Victoria’s coronation when I’d been human. It couldn’t be too different, right?

Ata had cleared out her basement for our coronations. Ari had told me that she often held meetings there with other supernaturals. Our coronations would have limited impact on the human world, unless we passed laws concerning them, and we wanted to keep humans as far away from our politics as possible. The coronations were being held in the basement for that very reason. No one would even imagine that it would be happening right below their feet, and there was a lower risk of someone stumbling upon our gathering and having to be glamoured into forgetting everything they witnessed.

We took the elevator down, riding all the way to the basement. As the doors slid back we were greeted with a screen, behind which Ata and Godric stood. Ari and I joined them, and Ari took Ata’s hand, giving it a quick squeeze. The Egyptian faery was dressed in a floor length golden gown and I recognised it immediately as one of the dresses that had been purchased during our shopping spree when Godric had been tasked with finding Ata her dress for the Sheriff’s Ball. Over her dress she wore a beautiful red and gold robe, the trail fanning out behind her and the fur-lined edge was pinned together with a brooch in the shape of Isis’ wings, a ruby sitting in the centre. Godric also had the same robe on, however his was fastened with a fang – Marc’s fang, to be exact. It served as a warning to all of those who would dare to try and harm them.

Golden Dress Front

Ata's Robe

Ata's Brooch

Godric's Brooch
“Nervous?” My GrandSire asked me. Shaking my head, I kept myself from smiling at his concern. I needed to act like a Queen, and look like one. In the supernatural world, the bitchier I was, and looked, the better. Fewer people would fuck with me that way. It helped that I had a 2000-year-old, 220lb vampire on my arm.

I could hear, and smell, all the other guests for the evening’s events. Judging by the slight scraping of chairs, and the rough plans I’d spotted on Ari’s desk one evening, our guests were sat in rows, and we walk down a red-carpeted aisle towards the dais at the far end, where four thrones had been placed, including the two that Ata already owned – hers and Godric’s.

Ari and I would be crowned after Ata and Godric. It was only fair that they get to go first. The organ that had been placed in the basement especially for the occasion struck up. My GrandSire took Ata’s hand in his own and together they walked towards their thrones. The guests were all up on their feet as they headed down the aisle and wouldn’t be allowed to sit until Ata and Godric sat. I could admit they looked good together, and would be a wonderful king and queen. Together they turned to face the congregation of Supes and sat upon their thrones. As the organ cut out the guests all took their seats. The Ancient Pythoness was proceeding over the coronations, another event that the old vampiress was rolled out for.

Though vampire, The Ancient Pythoness walked at a slow yet steady speed. She started in the east of the basement, which had been decorated with the royal fae colours of gold and purple. They would be changed over to silver and purple for Ari and I when it was our turn. “Are you willing to pay homage to your new ruler?” The Ancient Pythoness asked, having no need to raise her voice. She had all the authority in the room. The fae were the only ones able to answer the question, as Ata and Godric would be their rulers on their plane. Those present, who had all been given potions by Amelia to mask their scents, all remained silent. The Ancient Pythoness, pleased, moved on to the south of the basement, then the west and finally the north of the building, asking the same question every time she stopped. Everyone had remained silent. Returning to the dais, The Ancient Pythoness was handed a leather-bound book by one of her handmaidens. Taking it in her hands, she offered it out to Ata and Godric. Together they placed their hands on the surface of the book, the leather having been embossed with ornate detail and a whimsical willow tree in the centre.

“Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the peoples of Faery and any of your possessions and other territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?” The usual coronation speech was adjusted to accommodate Ata and Godric’s new roles.

“I solemnly promise so to do.” They spoke in unison.

“Will you use your power to cause law and justice, including mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?” The Ancient Pythoness asked.

“We will.” Ata and Godric responded together, the room deathly silent, much to my somewhat childish amusement, as they spoke their oath.

“Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in Faery the Faerum Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolable the settlement of the Shrine of Faery, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in Faery? And will you preserve unto the Nobles and other Royals of Faery, and to the Shrines there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?” It was interesting to hear The Ancient Pythoness adjust the usual coronation speech to match the current situation. I’d not been aware of the fae religion, Faerum, but I would not voice my curiosity. Eric would have a field day tormenting me about it.

“All this we promise to do. The things that we have here before promised, we will perform, and keep. So help us God.” Godric and Ata finished together. The Ancient Pythoness gave Ata and Godric the bible.

The Ancient Pythoness cracked a small smile as she finished the oath. “Here is Wisdom; this is the royal Law; these are the lively Oracles of God”

Ata and Godric rose to their feet, Ata’s hands clutching at the bible of her people. Godric moved before her, unpinning her cloak. Taking it from her, Ata in turn unpinned Godric’s cloak, removing it from him too. Holding each other’s cloaks, they took their seats once more. Ata and Godric had asked Khai, Riei, Oeri and Egor to be the four holding up the canopy over their heads to conceal them from everyone else as they were anointed. Though we couldn’t see what was happening, every Supe could hear it.

She keeps Moët et Chandon in her pretty cabinet
‘Let them eat cake,’ she says just like Marie Antoinette
A built-in remedy for Kruschev and Kennedy, at anytime an invitation you can’t decline
Caviar and cigarettes, well versed in etiquette
Extraordinarily nice, she’s a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, guillotine, dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime
Recommended at the price, insatiable an appetite
Wanna try?
~ Killer Queen, Queen

I’d been nervous for our coronation. When I’d had my coronation in Egypt, over 2000 years ago, it hadn’t been such a grand event. Of course my people had gathered to watch the procession through the streets, and for the moment I’d had a crown placed upon my head, but I’d only gone through with it to carry on my mothers legacy. This time I was being coroneted because I wanted to be, because I would get to rule with the love of my life by my side. I’d chosen the golden dress Godric had bought me when he’d been searching for my Sheriff’s Ball dress as my coronation gown. It was simple and flattering, and the colour reminded me of the blazing sunshine back home. I’d sat silent, tall, while Pallas had gone around the room asking all fae present if they agreed with my being their monarch. Godric and I had gone over the basic oath we would have to take when we’d finally paused long enough from our sexual escapades for me to eat something. We’d known that it would be changed a little for our coronation, as we would be ruling over the fae, not the vampires. I had a feeling my husband would still have some sway over the vampires anyway. His age would guarantee that.

With my cloak removed and our sons holding the canopy over us to allow us some privacy, my husband and I ditched our clothing, stripping down to our underwear. Kneeling before Pallas, my old friend poured some light fruit oil onto her fingers from the ampulla I had gifted her many years ago. With her cold, wrinkled fingers she swiped the oil across my hands, head and heart. She did the same to Godric and we both felt the moment the oil seeped into our skin. Mab, as a way to keep faeries in Faery, had modified the light fruit, however this was the pure, fresh fruit. The light fruit contained sunlight, and was tied ever so slightly to the fae realm, embedded in its history and beginning. Godric and I would be able to leave Faery whenever we wanted and spend time in the human realm, but we would always feel a pull to return back to Faery.

Light Fruit

Eric had joined us under the canopy, along with Sookie, and my dear cousin helped dress me in the colobium sindonis – a simple, sleeveless, white linen shift. Sookie picked up the Supertunica next and helped me slip it on. Eric helped Godric get his on. We’d had to pin Godric’s robe a little, as it was made for someone of Eric’s stature instead, and it would be let down again as we made our way to Louisiana. I’d teased my husband for a good thirty minutes about how small he was, but of course he’d felt the need to remind me, for hours, that his height was the only thing short about him. Biting my lower lip, I stopped myself from thinking about my husband and our antics earlier on in the day. The smile tugging at the corner of his lips made a blush sweep across my cheeks, the pale pink contrasting with the rich golden silk of the Supertunica now covering me.

With a flourish the canopy was removed, and our sons carried it away. Eric and Sookie slinked back into the crowd, my son taking Hunter’s hand. He’d been under the watchful gaze of Isabel while Eric and Sookie had been helping Godric and I. Godric and I didn’t sit upon our thrones immediately, instead we re-robed one another. Pallas handed me the Sovereign’s Orb, offering the emerald and gold Sovereign’s Sceptre to my husband. The Orb was a religious artefact of my people, symbolising the never ending sphere of our lives and, encrusted with some of the most beautiful stones that Faery had to offer, was a reminder of our wealth and power. It also represented my role as the defender of our people. The sceptre my husband had been presented with showed the power of Faery, and that he was now in control of it. He would lead our armies, train them and look after them; he would come up with battle plans and decide which enemies to take on and which not too. He was the commander, in charge of keeping our realm safe.


Pallas gave a small nod of her head and I took to my throne, sitting myself comfortably atop the plush velvet seat. Godric took the seat next to me, sitting down with grace, his hands clutching at the blade he had been presented with as I balanced the beautiful orb in my left hand, letting my light flow from my right to remind all those present that though I was small and delicate looking, I was just as lethal as my husband.

Pallas moved behind us and with steady hands that I didn’t think she possessed, as her age had not fared her well, she placed the fae crown upon my head. “By the power vested in me, I crown thee Queen Ata Caesar-Nervii of Faery.” She moved quickly to take the other crown, placing it atop Godric’s head. “By the power vested in me, I crown thee King Godric Caesar-Nervii of Faery.” Pallas declared us Queen and King, moving to stand behind us, but between our thrones. One of her hands came down lightly on my shoulder and she gave it a gentle, comforting squeeze. “You may swear fealty to your Queen and King.” She ordered. Every guest in the room dropped to one knee and dipped their head, include those who were not fae and were therefore not required to swear fealty to us. I guessed my husband and I inspired loyalty in all of those around us regardless.

Gazing out at the sea of people knelt before us I listened in on each of them as they all voiced their fealty, ratting out any who had ulterior motives. I was pleased to find that everyone in the room was loyal, and would follow Godric and I to the ends of the earth if needs be. My years of kindness and fairness were paying off, and my husband’s years of fairness and battle strength were giving him a political boost too. It was a strange sensation; to be looking over a group of people all knelt before me. The last time this had happened had been 2000 years ago, when my mother had died and the crown had been passed on to me. Back then it had felt more like a burden than a blessing, and I had known that it wouldn’t have ended the way I had wanted it to unless I took matters into my own hands. It was why I had chosen to fake my own passing. That wouldn’t happen this time though. I was ruling over my own people, even though I had been ruling over my own people back then too, but amongst the fae I was just like them, not some rare little gem with a quirky ability like I had been in my human years. I also happened to have a King, a man I loved with all of my heart and soul, and that was not something many could say in the supernatural world. Marriage for love was uncommon, with political power and wealth being the main motivators. It was a sad truth.

“You may all rise.” I spoke with strength and authority, with the tone of voice my mother had trained me to use throughout all of my teenage years, right until her death. Every supernatural in the room rose from their position on one knee. With the eyes of everyone on my husband and I, I gave my first royal decree. “I thank you all for swearing your fealty here today. Though not required from those in this room who are not fae, I am touched that you are loyal to my husband and I regardless. As my first act as Queen of Faery, let it be known that from this moment forward any who dare to harm any of my line, be them by blood or by marriage, intentionally or accidentally, will feel the full weight of the fae law brought down upon them. It is my understanding that you are all aware that ones life is a suitable punishment for the more serious of offences. I do not say this to cause alarm, and nor do I like starting my rule with a threat, but I was taught from a very young age that family comes first. Those of you who have sworn fealties to me today are now my family, and therefore my protection is extended to you in return. Should you ever find yourself in need of assistance I will make it my duty to offer whatever resources I can reasonably offer to aid you. Though it may go against what some of you gathered here have been brought up to think, I do believe we can all co-exist peacefully. I mean, I married a vampire for goodness sake…” I tipped my head to my husband and offered him a warm smile, pushing my love through our bond as our audience chuckled at my little icebreaker.

Turning my attention back to those gathered before us, I watched the crowd in silence for a moment as they pulled their laughter under control. “As you have sworn loyalty to me, I vow to protect the worlds we live in as best I can, to aid as many of you as possible as often as needed and to stand tall in the face of adversity, to be your guide through these troubling times. The humans of this world are still apprehensive of vampires, and it will be a long time before the rest of us in this room reveal ourselves, but when the time is right I will be the first to step forward and tell the world exactly what I am, and who I am. There is no shame in showing our true natures and embracing them, regardless of how the humans respond. If needs be we will concur those who oppose us and repress us. There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me. I only hope that every one of you will stand by my side when the need arises.”

The room erupted into applause and, feeling like my message had gone through loud and clear, I rose from my throne. Pallas had two of her handmaiden’s come and collect the orb and the sceptre from my husband and I. They stepped down before us, leading the way out of the room and towards the elevator that would take Godric and I back to the penthouse, where we could change before we boarded the plane for Louisiana with the rest of our nest. As Godric and I stepped down from the dais, the fae in the crowd moved to the sides of the aisle and together raised their hands, using their light to create a beautiful tunnel for us to pass under. At the same time they broke into song, singing the traditional song of our people. “Faery, the land I call my home. From the green clear summers, from blossoming light fruit trees, magnificent her mountains and seas. Faery, Faery, you’re noble, proud, and brave. Faery, Faery, forever will your banner wave!” I was a little emotional, there was no point in denying it, but I felt my sons, and my husband, sending their strength through our bonds, and it was enough to get me to the end of the aisle and behind the privacy screen that had been installed there.

Sliding behind the screen, daddy swept me up into his arms as best he could in my multiple layers of clothing. Ena was behind the screen too, and she clamped her arms around Godric, holding him to her tightly. “You’ve made me so proud.” My mother’s hands grasped my face as daddy put me down, and mother dropped a kiss to my forehead. Caesarion grasped at my hands, holding them tightly and rubbing his fingers over my left palm. When we had been children he had rubbed my hands a lot, hoping that the contact would drown out the bad thoughts with his good ones. I’d once mentioned to him that physical contact made me hear someone clearer, and drowned out the rest, and Caesarion had simply decided to help me one day when everyone’s thoughts had been so loud that I was getting a headache. He’d continued to help me out in such a way right up until our fight when mother had died.

Ena was fussing over Godric, smothering him in kisses, ruffling his hair that wasn’t hidden under his crown. We swapped parents for a minute and my mother and daddy showered their love over Godric. Ena took my hands in hers and pulled us together, wrapping me up in her embrace. “Thank you for looking after my son, Ata, and thank you for taking him as your husband and not only giving him that title, but the title of King too. I could not have wished for more for my boy.” Ena whispered as she held me tightly. I could hear the sound of the orchestra starting up for Ari and Pam’s coronation. Pam had demanded to have new robes made for her, and Ari had obliged. She had him wrapped around her little finger.

“I would do anything for him, Ena. I would give him anything he wants, if only to see him smile.” I responded honestly, pulling back from our embrace to once again hold my mother in laws hands. A pair of cool arms wrapped themselves around my middle, and a strong chest pressed against my back.

“It’s a good job that you make me smile then, and that I get to keep you forever.” My husband teased, giving me a gentle squeeze as he dropped a kiss to my neck. I stopped my shiver, fearing it was inappropriate to be getting turned on by my husband when his mother was stood right in front of me.

“Good. I’m happy you finally found each other, my son.” Ena offered Godric a warm smile, full of her love and care for him. “Please do not rush off once Ari and Pamela have been coroneted. I have important news to share with you.” Ena’s comment was directed at my husband, and he instinctively clung to me a little harder, a small trickle of uncertainty slithering through our bond. I remembered Pallas’ words, how she’d said that the news Ena would give Godric would change everything. I had to admit that I was a little worried about the news Ena would be sharing, but I trusted my husband enough to know he wouldn’t push me away regarding whatever news was to be broken to him. With one last kiss to each of us, Ena drifted back off to the crowd of people who were gathering now to witness Ari and Pam’s coronation.

Pam had been a pain in the ass for Ari, but he’d tolerated her every demand because he knew how important this would be for her. I’d tried to tell him that he should put his foot down or he’ll soon have a diva on his hands for the rest of eternity. Naturally he didn’t listen, not until Pam threw a fit over the off-white tablecloths in their new home, when she said that she demanded pure white tablecloths and not ‘grey tinged scraps of shit.’ I laughed at my eldest son as he admitted to having made a monster. Mother is always right.

Slipping out of most of the heavy, uncomfortable clothing, I handed them over to one of my assistants so they could pack them away for the trip to Louisiana. Sookie and Eric would need the clothes for their own coronations. Two seats had been reserved at the front of the room for Godric and I, and we quickly took them before Pam could turn on us and growled.

As Pam wandered up the aisle with Ari beside her, towards Pallas and their thrones, which had been changed over from the ones Godric and I had used, I felt a sense of peace pass through my eldest. It passed through all of my sons. It had been a long, hard road to get to this point, but we were now being rewarded for all our hard work and effort, for surviving all the abuse and tolerating the idiots. Family had always been important to me, and it always would be. Knowing my family were good though, that they were at peace with their new lives and the lack of dangers at the present moment, made me feel a little redundant. I’d done my duty as a mother, and now my sons were free in the world to do as they pleased, when they pleased. They didn’t need to stick around and fight my battles anymore, they didn’t need to stay and help me run our businesses. After 2000 years of service, I was ready to let go of my boys and let them have eternity doing as they wished. Maybe I would even release them, so they would forever be free of any and all ties.

“NO!” The strength of the protest that assaulted my mind made me sway in my seat for a moment, and as I lifted my eyes I took stock of my boys, all of who were looking at me wide-eyed in panic. Even Ari was looking at me from the corner of his eye as he headed up the aisle towards the dais. I couldn’t stop my small smile. Even after 2000 years by my side, they didn’t want to be released.

Sending them all the love I could muster, I watched somewhat teary-eyed, as only a mother could, as Ari spoke his vows and had a crown placed upon his head. I watched as he took Pam as his Queen and as they exchanged blood in front of an audience in order to bind their marriage. My little family was made up of guards and fashionista’s, aristocrats and slaves, princesses and warriors, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Pam and Ari left the dais in the same fashion Godric and I had after all the vampires of Nevada had sworn fealty to them. Even our family had gotten down on our knees to give them our loyalty, even though they would always have it regardless.

Pam was grinning like the cat that had been given the cream as she approached our family, a crown now adorning her head. “We’ve created a monster.” Eric commented just loud enough for our nest, including Pam and Ari, to hear. Our laughter was uncontrollable, spurred on further when Pam pouted and turned to Ari to stand up for her.

“As my husband you should defend my honour!” She pulled the husband card with Ari, and even though she had my eldest wrapped around her little finger for the most part, he simply chuckled.

Pam Smiling and Laughing
A teasing smile crossed his lips, a look I knew very well. “My beautiful wife,” he played the card right back at her, “I would happily defend your honour…if you had any to begin with.” Pam’s jaw dropped and she gaped like a fish while my family and I laughed at her expression. Things would never be boring between Ari and Pam, they both gave as good as they got.

It was during our laughter that I caught Ena’s eyes through the crowd. She tipped her head sideways a little, silently asking to speak to Godric and I. Taking my husband’s hand with my own, I excused us from our nest.

“Did I forget to mention that I love the fact you’re dragging me away from our family with a clear purpose, one I can only hope involves ending with us naked.” My husband’s hand broke free from mine and landed on my butt. I rolled my eyes at my husband’s sexual appetite.

“As much as I love you, both clothed and naked, I don’t think your mother would approve.” I took a moment to feel smug about my comment as his smile fell, his eyes moving to look at his mother as we drew closer. Ena had her eyes planted firmly on us, and I could plainly see her observing our interactions, seeing if we were so genuine when we weren’t in the spotlight. I could understand her concern. Godric was her son, and she wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing and was tied to the right woman. I couldn’t blame her for it. I’d been the same with Ari and Pam, and Khai with Isabelle.

We stopped before Ena and she took my husband’s free hand with her own, holding it tightly. “Do you have somewhere private where the three of us could talk, please?” She directed her question to me and I could see the worry in her expressive eyes. My love had inherited his mother’s little tell.

“My office is just upstairs.” I offered, knowing that my room was swept for bugs every day and the soundproof walls would stop anyone from listening in. Godric’s anxiety through our bond peaked, and I pushed reassurance towards him. Whatever his mother was going to tell us, I would stand by his side. Ena nodded her head and, still holding onto my husband’s hand, started to lead us towards the elevator that would take us up to the main floor of my hotel. I’d chosen to have my office amongst the hotel offices and rooms, so as to not reveal intimate details of my home to any supernatural guests.

The elevator ride up was silent, and the silence continued as I led the three of us to my office. Placing my thumb onto the keypad I was granted access. It was a little security measure that Ari had insisted upon when we’d been building the room. Deciding to keep this meeting as informal as possible I took a seat on one of the sofas, gesturing for Ena and Godric to do the same. Ena took the sofa opposite me, but my husband sat down at my side, his hands grabbing onto my wrist with his worry. I tried to soothe him through our bond, but his worry was almost crippling. I could only guess he’d never seen his mother act like this before. I knew important news was coming, Pallas had told me so, but I wasn’t aware what news that would be.

“My beautiful boy.” Ena started, unable to suppress her smile as she offered out a hand to Godric. Removing one of his hands from my wrist, he took his mothers outstretched one. “You remember how I told you that I had other children, with the man Ata’s father was kind enough to introduce me to?” Godric had half-siblings? That was news. My husband nodded once, showing he was following. “Well they had children, and their children had children, and they had children, and so on.” Ena cracked a smile. She couldn’t quite remember how many generations had passed in over 2000 years.

“I don’t think I understand.” My husband interrupted, frowning a little.

“Our bloodline is still around today. There is one member of our family left, and you’ve already met him.” Ena dropped the proverbial bomb. I was shocked and surprised, as was my husband. Curiosity burned through our connection and his frown deepened.

“You mean that there is another Nervii walking the earth?” My husband tried to wrap his head around it.

“Not a Nervii, as our family name was lost so long ago, but there is another of our bloodline around, yes. He lives in England.” Ena’s lips curved upwards as my husband’s eyes bugged.

“Mr. Williamson?” I frowned as my husband scooted closer to the edge of his seat. Who was Mr. Williamson?

Elderly Gentleman
Ena nodded happily, her smile widening a little. “The very one.”

Feeling I was missing out on something vitally important as my husband fell back against the sofa, clearly at a loss for words over the new information, I voiced my question. “Who’s Mr. Williamson?” I looked between my love and his mother.

Godric was silent for a moment and Ena simply looked at him, letting him take the reigns. “Mr. Williamson was a man I met in England on my travels. He was in possession of your sketchbook and crown. He had no family left and was selling off his collection. I asked him how much for both and he said he didn’t want a dime; all he wanted was to know why I got so emotional over the pieces. I told him about you I’m afraid, my darling.” Godric’s head tipped sideways as he spoke to me, and I could see that he was worried about my reaction to the fact he spoke of me to a human.

There was no harm in this elderly man knowing though. If he had been in possession of some of my belongings then he had clearly held a vested interest in my people and my home country. He was my husband’s last descendant too. Perhaps it was already time to share my story with the world?

“It doesn’t bother me, uiro. We should make a visit and go and see him?” I suggested. I knew my husband well enough to know he would want to spend more time with the elderly man now, even if his age meant his remaining time was limited. “We could meet him while on our honeymoon.” I offered. I still wasn’t 100% sure on our honeymoon destination, but I knew it was in Europe. I’d managed to get that much out of Sookie.

My husband looked at me with surprise, the emotion crossing our bond. I was a little hurt that he was surprised at my offer. “He’s your family. You should see him.” I covered up my slight hurt with a smile.

My husband knew me well enough to know I was hiding my hurt. His hands grabbed mine swiftly and he pulled me over so I was straddling his lap, my back to Ena. I felt a little awkward being in such an intimate position with her in the room, but Godric didn’t seem to care. His hands came up to cradle my face, our eyes locked together. “I can feel your hurt, my darling.” He pointed out, admonishing me softly.

Sighing, I placed one of my hands over his. “I was hurt that you seemed so surprised that I would suggest you see your relative.” I figured that if we started as we meant to go on in our marriage, telling one another the truth all the time, then we couldn’t go wrong.

“I apologize, my love. I just didn’t think you would want to visit someone else on our honeymoon.” He stroked my cheek and I lent into his touch.

“You said it yourself. This is our honeymoon. We’ll go and visit him. I’m curious as to what dirty secrets of mine you told him.” I teased, smiling at my husband as he gave me a lopsided grin.

Leaning forward, Godric pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. “Minx.” I pulled free and sat back beside him on the couch, but not before I dropped a little kiss to the end of his nose.

Ena gave me a warm smile and a gentle nod, her mind telling me that she was pleased I was so understanding, and happy that Godric would get to be reunited with a member of their family when she could not.

“I’ll write him a letter asking if we can visit.” My husband decided aloud. He reached for one of my hands and took it in his cool one, rubbing his thumb over the back.

“You can tell him anything and everything, my son. He won’t tell a soul.” Ena promised. I wasn’t sure as to how she thought she could vouch for him if she’d never met him, but I would trust her judgment.

A knock at the office door captured our attention. From the bonds I had with our family I knew they were all on the other side of the door, along with my mother, father and baby brother. With the room being soundproof there was no way our family would here us calling them in, so I gave my bonds with Ari and Eric a sharp tug, informing them they could enter. My sons understood and moments later the door swung open and everyone piled into the room, arranging themselves into comfortable positions on whatever furniture they could sit on or lean against.

“We have to leave now, my little warrior.” My father stated sadly, his eyes holding mine. It felt like my heart was being ripped in two, not just with my pain but also with Godric’s. I would get to see my parents when we crossed to Faery after our honeymoon, but he may never see his mother again. Ari led my sons into a low bow, dipping their heads towards my parents, baby brother, and Ena. With their respects paid, and farewells said, my sons all left the room, taking with them their respective partners. It was my family and Godric’s left in the room, though this wasn’t the first time our families had met.

“I wish I could stay longer.” Ena sighed, keeping her eyes on Godric.

I could feel my husband’s pain at the thought of loosing his mother once again. He had only just got her back. “I can leave and say goodbye to my family elsewhere, if you’d like?” I offered my bonded mentally.

His head snapped in my direction, his hand tightening around mine almost painfully. I could see the storm of emotions in his expressive eyes; feel the torrent of emotions sweeping him away. “Stay. Please.” He rasped aloud, giving away the fact we could communicate telepathically. I offered my husband a strong smile though, giving him my love and strength through our connection. I’d stay by his side for however long he’d have me. Ena watched our interaction before she rose to her feet. Godric and I followed and I let go of my husband’s hand, assuming she would want to embrace him. Ena surprised me however when she pulled me into her chest first.

Tucked under the chin of my mother-in-law, she started to whisper to me. “All the love you have showered upon my son, all the things you have given him, all the things you will give him, those are what I thank you for the most. When I couldn’t look after my beautiful boy, you did.” Ena pulled back from our embrace, her hands resting either side of my face, cradling my head. “You are a wonderful woman, a fine wife, and an exceptional mother. I am proud to call you my daughter.” My lower lip wobbled a little. I was speechless thanks to Ena’s kindness. She dropped a kiss to my forehead before she moved on to Godric, pulling him to her chest and tucking him against her in a manner similar to the way she had embraced me.

I moved over to my side of the family, wanting to give Godric and Ena privacy to say their goodbyes.

I’m sitting here , I’m thinking back to a time when I was young
My memory is clear as day, I’m listening to the dishes clink
You were downstairs, you would sing songs of praise
And all the times we laughed with you, and all the times that you stayed true to us
Now we’ll say
I said I thank you; I’ll always thank you, more than you would know, than I could ever show
And I love you; I’ll always love you
There’s nothing I won’t do to say these words to you
~ Thank You Mom, Good Charlotte

Tucked against my mother’s chest, I felt like a little boy once again. I was no longer the 2000-year-old vampire trapped in a teenager’s body. Mother’s small hands stroked my head, her arms wrapped around me to keep me against her. “Shh my little one.” Her words elicited a strangled sob from me. I was never weak, never without my strength, but this was the woman who had brought me into the world, who had taught me everything, the woman I had believed I’d never see again.

Godric and Ena
“I won’t get to see you again, will I.” It came out as more of a statement than a question, and I hated myself for it.

Mother’s lips landed on the top of my head and I felt her smile. “One day you might. Who knows what the future will bring? I can only see so far ahead.” Mother’s voice was soft, just as it had been when she had soothed me as a child. She pulled back a little, forcing me to look up at her. “In the near future you may feel betrayed. Don’t. You won’t have been. Accept what you’ve been given, cherish it.” I frowned lightly at her words but she smoothed my frown lines away with her forgiving hands. “I love you, my messy boy.” Mother cracked a weak smile. I could see the tears lining her eyes as she wiped away the red droplets that had already started rolling down my cheeks.

“I love you too, mother.” I told her fervently. I tightened my grip on her a little though, already feeling the pain of losing her though she was still stood before me. “Please don’t go.” I couldn’t stop myself from begging one last time.

By now mother was crying herself, though she kept her sobs silent. “I have to, my son. You are loved here. You have more family here. Your wife and your children need you. I am so very proud of you and all you have achieved. I won’t be far from you, ever.” Mother held me against her once more; dropping kisses to the top of my head and my forehead. I didn’t want to let her go. No matter how old I was, or would be, I’d always want my mother around.

My mother offered her hand sideways and I turned to watch as Ata placed her hand on my mothers. Mother gently tugged my wife over, taking one of my hands with her other one and then placing my hand with Ata’s. “You have each other. Be good to one another and enjoy what is coming your way.” Mother lent down to press a kiss to Ata’s forehead before she did the same to me, her lips lingering a little longer. “I love you, my beautiful boy.”

Mother took a step back, standing to admire Ata and I together. “I love you too, mother.” I reiterated with just as much emotion as before. With the softest of smiles, dressed in the beautiful gown that Ata had bought for her, my mother blew me one last kiss. Making a catching motion with my free hand I pressed my hand to my cheek, as if I were pressing her kiss there. Glowing golden light started at her feet, slowly working its way up her body, wrapping her up in its warmth. Although a gesture I hadn’t indulged in since I’d been a little boy, I blew a kiss back to her. Mother caught it just in time, pressing the hand she had used to catch it with to her cheek just as the golden light encompassed her completely. With a swooshing sound my mother was gone, the area she had been stood in completely empty. I lunged forward a little, as if I would magically find her.

It hurt. I hurt. My mother was gone once again, and I had no idea when I would ever see her again. I stood for a long moment, still and silent, letting the red tears roll down my cheeks, staring at the spot my mother had just stood in. Warm heat wrapped around me as my wife pulled me into her side, cocooning me in her arms. She didn’t say anything for a long time, simply offering me both her physical and emotional strength. “I love you.” My wife finally spoke, whispering her affections in my ear as she pressed a kiss to my temple. “She’s still with you.” One of her dainty hands moved over my still heart. I couldn’t help but feel a little lost without my mother anymore, even if she had only been back in my life for 24 hours or so. A slight breeze passed through the room at that moment, caressing the skin on my arms with a feather-lite touch.

Smiling at the strange occurrence, for all the windows were shut and I knew my wife’s windows wouldn’t be draughty, I turned my head towards my beloved. “I know she is.” I placed my hand over Ata’s on my chest. “I love you too.”

My wife gave me a reassuring smile before she pulled back; keeping our hands clasped together, and led us over to her side of our family. It would take me a little while to get used to being without my mother again, but if the light breeze I felt was any indication, then she most certainly wasn’t gone.

“You two enjoy your honeymoon together. We’ll be in Faery when you return.” Cleopatra gave Ata a kiss on the forehead and then gave me one. My wife let go of my hand long enough to stoop down and embrace her baby brother, before they each gave one another nose kisses. My wife rose back up to her full height as I stooped down to embrace my little brother-in-law. Julius was the next to say his farewells for now. We would all see one another again once Ata and I returned from our honeymoon in just over three weeks time. We were going away for two weeks, and I’d planned the whole trip with some help from my sons and Sookie.

“Accept the gift that’s coming your way, don’t fight it.” Julius murmured in my ear as he pulled me into a manly hug. Frowning at his words, which somewhat mirrored my mothers, I pondered his comment as he said his goodbyes to my wife, kissing her on her cheeks and her nose, telling her to be good and, even though I was now family, once again asking me to look after Ata. Promising to take care of my wife, though she was perfectly able to take care of herself, I held Ata’s hand once more as she waved goodbye to her parents, the golden light that had engulfed my mother consuming them too, before they too vanished into thin air.

Ata and I stood in silence for a while, letting our emotions comfort one another as our hands held each other strong. I was still confused by the words of wisdom from my mother and my father-in-law, but my wife seemed oblivious to their comments. Was she not meant to know?

The rapping of knuckles against the door broke me out of my thoughts and I mimicked Ata’s earlier action, giving my bonds with Ari and Eric a gentle tug. Our family poured back into the room and my wife snapped out of her thoughts. “The plane is all ready to go.” Egor offered with a grin, clearly excited to get out of Nevada for a while.

“Hmm yes, lets go.” My wife plastered on a smile, ushering our family out of the room. I didn’t miss her look of longing as she closed the office door behind her, the door clicking as it closed, locking behind us. I probably held the same look of longing. That room would be my place of solace until my mother and I could be reunited, whenever that would be.

A/N Okay, so I know there has been a LOT of Ata and Godric these past few chapters, but you’re about to get your Eric/Sookie fix for the next few to balance it out, I promise ^_^

Can’t say when I’m next going to update as I don’t want to make promises that I might break, but I know what needs to be written so I should be able to write a lot more, we’ll see!

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