Additional Reading

Given the vast array of information, history, and mythology discussed in Ethereal Redemption, I have compiled a range of sources, both in print and video form, for those looking for more information and further reading.

This page is a work in progress as Ethereal Redemption is tweaked and beta’d.

For beginners to Ancient Egypt, I recommend reading Ancient Egypt for Dummies. The information provided is clear and concise, and the format easily readable. A PDF of the book can be found here.


Chapter 5
Fields of Aaru and the weighing of the heart ceremony:


Chapter 6
Female Pharaohs


Chapter 8
History of Gaul:

Nervii tribe:

Battle of the Sabis:

Cleopatra’s Palace:

A quick overview of Cleopatra’s rule

Cleopatra and Marc Anthony:

Mummification process:


Chapter 13
Venetian Glass Making:


Chapter 17
Cult of Sekhmet:


Chapter 19
The assassination of Caesar:

The death of Cleopatra:

The death of Caesarion:


Chapter 21
Egyptian hieroglyphs

Season of the Inundation (Akhet)


Chapter 22


Chapter 23
Eiffel Tower Restaurant


Chapter 24
Bellagio Fountains Show


Chapter 27
The Venetian Hotel

Stratosphere Hotel

Coconut Shy


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