One Shots

Rickyl Banner

Night Watch
Prompt – ‘Rick isn’t a fan of the darkness anymore.’
Set in the time between S3-S4

Google’s Gone
Prompt – ‘I miss the internet’
Whole group interaction, could be taken as implied Rick/Daryl though
Set during S3 (but after Rick has come back from crazy town) or during the very start of S4

Sinful Smoker
Prompt – ‘Rick hates Daryl smoking.’ – also inspired by Sean Patrick Flanery and his concern over the fact that Norman smokes.
Pairing – Rick/Daryl
Set during the break between S3 and S4

Intercourse Interruption
Prompt from Myurra-K – ‘’prank war’. Maybe they almost go too far, or they discover someone’s a ruthless pranker, or they play a prank on Rick and Daryl?
Pairing – Rick/Daryl, mainly porn with a smattering of plot!
Set during the first few episodes of S4 as the pair try to have a moment together during the whole ‘flu outbreak’
18+ NSFW


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