FF Reviews for Ethereal Redemption

Some of my 1000+ reviews salvaged from FF.net before Ethereal Redemption was deleted by site staff.

Started reading your story this morning, unable to stop I finished this evening, just could not stop reading. Love the cliff hanger, cant wait for the next chapter. Stay motivated. – hgbrondo

Now I know Eric and Sookie are in their own room doing their own thing, but when I read this chapter I still kept thinking of Sookie trying to drag Eric back to bed while he is outside the door or Ata’s room giggling like a preteen in his excitement over his Maker finally gettin’ some. I don’t know why, but I just see his boyish excitement in my mind when I think about it here. In a good way, because it means that you have made the characters your own and I truly like and care about them and I have a feel for them. I love the E/S/G fics and always pictured Eric and Godric’s relationship to have a sexual component, but while reading this story they have a completely different dynamic and I love that too! – 

This story is soooooo Awesomeballtastic. I love it i love it. Please update soon. I have got to know what happens. Im Soooo addicted. You are a genius. Sending Naked Viking Vampire Sheriff smothered in nutella to your muse. – 
The Vikings Succubus

What an awesome long update – lovely to read. It was romantic, poetic, wonderful pledging, enjoyed the VRA stuff, all the characters in play, Godric most of all – Ata was great, Eric / Sookie together, Pam at her best, not to be out done with a major dash of violence at the end. Please be inspired to continue. – 

I’ve reread this 3 times now. I find little things I’ve missed each time. I get so excited to read it I seem to jump ahead and miss things in anticipation…I loved the details from the costumes to the party then to the VRA and Godric’s proposal. You are terrific at setting a scene and I just loved every inch of this chapter.
– ILuvBonesNDool

I have been unable to put this down since I found it. Amazing. I love it. Cant wait for the next chapter! 
– imurhuckleberry

Hi you are one clever lady! This story is amazing and your attention to detail brilliant. Look forward to the next chapter. Love Sarah 
– Vampiremum

Wow. A lot happened in such a short time. I love the amount of work you have put into the different languages. And details. Keep up the good work, and update soon! Happy new year! 
– Miss. Sophie – Isabella

It could have been so easy for Alan Ball! ” Lets go home, my Viking.” This was all what we wanted, but no, he fucked it all up! I like YOUR direction! 
– glamouredbyyou

Love it. Can’t wait for the next chapter. I love you for keeping Godric alive I love him 😀 
– lexi rose (Guest)

Now I’m scared! Who the hell is it that Ata is so fearful of, particularly given what Sookie just went through? This chapter built and built the angst and horror and I think that I’ll burst if you wait all month to post agian (as indicated in your AN). Please don’t leave us and the girls hanging so long! I need to know that they’ll be okay! Looking forward to more, as always. Well, I’m off to read something lighter so that I don’t kill something in my PMS-agitated state, lol! 
– Chelle6599

I will not be angry. Nope. I will trust in you to make this right. You have one month to make this right. Ill set an alarm. Again, awesome you have me feeling like this. Not to sure I’m happy about jumping in and reading, but too late now. I’m going off to read something to cheer me up…Love ya! – 

This chapter was just as great as the rest. 🙂 I know it must be hard when you get flames and such, but there are many of us that love your story and will continue to read it. You write very well for you age. What I mean is, to get the emotions and such written the way you do…I feel it can be hard to do and it seems that you have no problem. Have you ever written anything other than fanfiction? I feel that even after this story is over I will continue to read what you write because you do it so well. Keep up the good work. 
– o0.Polly.Anna.0o

Really well done chapter. I’m looking forward to the aftermath, too. I agree that Sookie had to grow up. She needed to put Bill’s abuse behind her, and she did that extremely well, in my opinion. By the way, as a 19 year old college student, you are a very accomplished story teller, and a good writer. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. And anyone who is uncomfortable with Bill raping Sookie has obviously never read the SVM series. Sookie is tortured on a regular basis, y’all. This is your story. You tell it your way. You’re doing fine. 
– violetsdream

I am crazy excited that I just found your story today on another reader’s favorites list. I am so happy to see that you are having Sookie make the only choice that made sense in that moment after she had given both Eric and Bill blood. Walking away from them both like she did in True Blood was nonsense. I like your smart Sookie already and I am looking forward to what you have her and Eric do with their relationship. 
– Chipndalegal

I think that the ever practical Eric Northman should look into buying his own lingerie manufacturing plant if his goal in life is to shred every single pair of Sookie’s panties from her. I like you had both couple exchanging tender “I love you” to each other as the daylight took the vampires from their ladies. 
– Chipndalegal

wow…I am hooked…i wont get anything done. the story is great. its so well written and the characters are intriguing. love it love it love it 
– blathana

HI – I just found this one the other day and have been reading as much as I can. Finally got to a PC where I can post a comment (It’s hard to do on a kindle without a ton of mistakes). Anyway – I like it (hence head’s down reading until Chappy 36). I am a fan of Godric’s as well and I’m happy he found love. Like the Pam and Sookie ‘truce’, though I think it’s funny when she’s a brat. Thanks for writing. 
– Magsmacdonald

Fantastic chapter. I really loved the fact we could all pause and take a breather after the last few action packed, angst ridden chapters. Pam really shone in this chapter for me, i love how caring she is becoming for the family- although she may not say the word ‘love’ she certainly shows it in her actions and sending it, non-verbally, through the various bonds. Eric soothed Sookie in a way i think only the Viking could and it can only add even more depth to their relationship – him telling Sookie about norse mythology was incredibly sweet. Ata has to suffer from PTSD or something after everything she has been through, she will grieve deeply but i think Godric will pull her through and help carry that burden that has been placed upon her shoulders. The chapter, i feel was all about reconnecting as a family, building of familiar relationships. The moment of the chapter, for me at least, was Sookie calling Godric father, i thought it was a big moment and showed that there was a future ahead, one day, this tragedy would be not forgotten but forgiven and they will live 
happily again. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter, i can’t wait for the wordpress to be updated as i think the added pictures really add to the story. Best Wishes! – casper22

More,more I need more this story has me on edge. I love it keep up the good work. 
– Laurie (Guest)

This story just gets better with each chapter… 
– nordiclover

Finally! Some fairy with some common sense! 
– Londa1795

I’m waiting on bent knees for your updates 
– antoinette.grant.94

I was so excited to see a new chapter. It was wonderful of course. I can’t wait for the next chapter please update soon. 
– TBfanenbc

HOLD THE PHONE! HOLD IT! JUST STOP RIGHT THERE! WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! :O ATA IS ALIVE! HOLY MOTHER OF SWEET BABY JESUS! Okay, now that that was said let me go on to the next chapter. 
– Enecs

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